Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 398

Chapter 398 Shao Xue Showed Friendliness

Chapter 398 Shao Xue Showed Friendliness

Song Yunxuan couldn’t figure out what was in Shao Tianze’s mind recently.

She felt a bit gloomy while having breakfast.

After breakfast, Shao Xue’s call came.

Judging by her tired voice, it seemed that she had stayed up all night.

After Shao Xue had said good morning, she came straight to the point, “I’m going to cooperate with Song Yunjia.”

Shao Xue used the indicative mood.

Song Yunxuan kept silent for a moment, and then she asked Shao Xue, “Have you made up your mind?”

“Mhm.” Shao Xue uttered a word.

Song Yunxuan continued saying, “If Song Yunjia’s plan is not foolproof, Shao Tianze may know the real reason that you reunite with him. You have to know what kind of person Shao Tianze is. He would rather kill all just for one. If he finds out that you approach him with a purpose, he will definitely turn against you at once.”

Shao Xue nodded, “I’ve already taken it into account. But if I don’t chance my arm, then there may never be a great opportunity like this in the future. I rarely have such an opportunity to eradicate the helper, Song Yunjia, from Shao Tianze.”

Shao Xue was right.

This was a great chance.

If Shao Xue had eradicated Song Yunjia from Shao Tianze, then Shao Tianze’s days would have been numbered.

The reason that Shao Tianze could murder Gu Changge was that Song Yunjia made a crucial contribution to it.

Song Yunxuan ran through quite a lot of things in her mind.

“So can you make it by yourself?”

She asked Shao Xue.

Shao Xue slightly curled up her lips, replying in a gentle voice, “Don’t worry. I can manage these.”

Shao Xue didn’t talk with Song Yunxuan for too long on the phone.

But Song Yunxuan knew that Shao Xue would have become a crucial part in her plan even if Shao Xue hadn’t talked much with her.

After having put down her phone, Song Yunxuan joined her hands together and slightly gripped her fingers.

Nurse Wang, who was waiting for orders, asked Song Yunxuan worriedly on seeing her hands’ little movements, “Miss Yunxuan, did the breakfast not agree with you?”

Song Yunxuan waved her hand, “No. It’s just that I’d like to have something mild for breakfast today.”

Looking at the chicken porridge on the table, Nurse Wang felt a bit helpless, asking, “Miss Yunxuan, what would you like to have?”

As for breakfast, Nurse Wang assumed that chicken soup was mild enough for such an unmarried young lady like Song Yunxuan. But judging from Song Yunxuan’s reaction, she definitely felt that such breakfast didn’t agree with her.

Nurse Wang had no choice but to ask Song Yunxuan what she would like to have for breakfast.

Song Yunxuan pressed her lips, "Make me some plain porridge.”

“Plain porridge?” Nurse Wang looked at Song Yunxuan, feeling a bit surprised.

Song Yunxuan nodded with a smile, “Yes, just plain porridge.”

Seeing that Song Yunxuan had made up her mind, Nurse Wang had to raise and go to the kitchen to tell the servant to make another kind of porridge.

As the servant was preparing the plain porridge, she began to chitchat with Nurse Wang, “Miss Yunxuan’s taste has become lighter and lighter recently.”

“Yeah. And she ate much less recently.” Nurse Wang felt quite worried.

The servant in the kitchen turned to look at Nurse Wang and found that the worry between her eyebrows was quite real.

Then she sighed involuntarily.

Nurse Wang had come all the way from a small town to this large Song Family with the illegitimate daughter Song Yunxuan and accompanied her to go through obstacles, during which she had also suffered a lot.

Now seeing that Song Yunxuan had a bad appetite, Nurse Wang naturally worried about her very much like a mother.

However, as Song Yunxuan now took charge of the Song Family which was such a great property, Nurse Wang could live in peace for the rest of her life.

After all, Song Yunxuan was not a young lady who treated others shabbily.

After having met Shao Xue, Song Yunjia waited in the hospital anxiously.

If Shao Xue had trusted her and begun to hate Gu Changle because of those materials, then she would surely have contacted her.

But a day and a night had already passed, and Song Yunjia still didn’t receive a call from Shao Xue.

She began to feel uneasy.

After having had her breakfast, someone who dispatched by Shao Tianze brought fruit over and told her that she needed to stay in bed and rest for two more days before leaving the hospital.

She wore a plastic smile.

Yet she felt quite anxious inside.

The longer she waited, the worse results she would get.

Gu Changle was now in a fit of anger, and the public opinion of Yuncheng worked to Song Yunjia’s benefit.

As rumor had it that Gu Changle had an abortion, Shao Tianze used Song Yunjia as a shield and gave her meticulous care in order to dodge the thing that he had an affair with Gu Changle.

And Shao Tianze would tell the media every single thing that he did for Song Yunjia to let them know how much he cared about Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia found it difficult to make out Shao Tianze’s real purpose. She felt both clear and confused about it.

The reason why she felt confused was that Shao Tianze had been treating her quite nicely.

Yet Song Yunjia was quite clear that the reason why Shao Tianze treated her nicely was that he wanted to put on a show to scotch the rumor that he had an affair with Gu Changle.

Her fingers held the phone, and she didn’t even pay attention to the doctor’s ward rounds.

Seeing that Song Yunjia was in good condition, the doctor went to check on patients in other wards after having asked the nurse something about Song Yunjia.

After the doctor who came forward rounds had left, Song Yunjia turned on the phone to see if there were any calls.

Song Yunjia hoped to receive a call from Shao Xue.

As long as Shao Xue had been willing to support her, it would have been possible that she could succeed through the efforts she made.

However, if Shao Xue hadn’t supported her, then all her efforts would have been in vain.

Shao Xue was an important person in the fight between her and Gu Changle, and Shao Xue’s attitude played a curial part in deciding who could stay with Shao Tianze permanently.

As the nurse was peeling an apple for Song Yunjia, she glanced at the horrible expression Song Yunjia had when she stared at her phone.

She was wondering whose call Song Yunjia was waiting for.

The nurse had been accompanying her from eight o’clock, which was time for the ward rounds, to twelve o’clock, the lunchtime, without stepping out of the room even once.

And Song Yunjia had been staring at her phone for the whole morning.

After lunchtime, Song Yunjia tossed her phone onto the bed with anger.

She felt quite frustrated in her heart.

Shao Xue hadn’t called her so far. It meant that she probably didn’t want to help her.

But it would have been fine if Shao Xue hadn’t wanted to help her as long as she hadn’t been on Gu Changle’s side.

Song Yunjia felt quite uneasy.

The nurse asked her cautiously, “Miss Yunjia, what do you like for lunch?”

“Get out! Leave me alone!”

She sounded annoyed, and her attitude was quite appalling.

The nurse, with a smile in the beginning, felt quite embarrassed on hearing Song Yunjia’s cold words.

Then she became silent, turned around, and left.

After the nurse had left, Song Yunjia lay on the bed after sitting straight on the bed for the whole morning, looking at the ceiling and feeling somewhat puzzled.

Shao Xue was unwilling to support her. Besides, the thing that Gu Changle had aborted would have been dug out sooner or later even if Shao Tianze now hadn’t had time to investigate it.

If she hadn’t been in hospital now and delayed that thing, the truth might have probably been dug out, and she might have been driven out by Shao Tianze.

The expression in her eyes changed a bit, and Song Yunjia felt that she could never be laughed at by others no matter what.

However, after pondering for a while, Song Yunjia could not think of a person that could save her.

She turned over in bed.

She was about to toss her phone which had held for the whole morning after getting up on the bed.

Just then the phone rang.

She was slightly taken aback.

Then Song Yunjia reached out to take back the phone on the bed.

Then she looked sharply at the caller ID.

She saw the name which she felt both familiar with and strange to.

Then she was almost raring to answer the call.

Then the voice which she had been waiting for the whole night and the whole morning came through the phone.

“Miss Song, this is Shao Xue.”

Song Yunjia held back her excitement and tried hard to calm herself down, “I know, Shao Xue.”

Shao Xue remained silent for a moment and then spoke, sounding quite down, “I’ve finished reading all the materials you gave me.”

Song Yunjia gently said “great” in her heart.

Yet she still showed her sympathy, “I hope that you won’t be too upset.”

This was a sentence to console Shao Xue.

However, Shao Xue got a lot more excited on hearing this.

“How could I not be upset?” Shao Xue sneered, and her words were full of hatred, “My elder brother liked her so much, and I treated her as my future sister-in-law. But what has she done?! She actually murdered my parents, who were my elder brother’s adopted parents!”

“At that time, maybe Miss Gu had a reason….” Song Yunjia said something nice for Gu Changle on the surface.

Yet she understood that Shao Xue wouldn’t forgive Gu Changle so easily as she had shown such intense hatred of Gu Changle.

Song Yunjia’s forged evidence was just enough to make Shao Xue believe that Gu Changle murdered her parents.

And it completely overturned the fact and made the ringleader Shao Tianze stay out of all these.

Song Yunjia deliberately brought shame on Gu Changle and was sure that Shao Xue, who looked just like an innocent young girl, would surely believe such “conclusive” evidence carefully prepared by her.

“Shao Xue….”

“I want revenge!”

Shao Xue said what her purpose was before Song Yunjia finished the next part of her sentence.

Song Yunjia was keen to hear Shao Xue say this. Now that Shao Xue said it, Song Yunjia burst with joy.

She needed to hear this, and she wanted Shao Xue to hate Gu Changle’s guts.

Song Yunjia needed Shao Xue to be on her side and make Gu Changle fail completely with Shao Xue.

Yet she couldn’t show her expectation at once.

Thus she said to Shao Xue with embarrassment, “You’d better discuss with your elder brother about the thing.”

Shao Xue said, “If my elder brother had believed such things so easily, Miss Song wouldn’t have shown me the materials in the first place. Is that right?”

Song Yunjia was speechless.

Indeed, Shao Tianze would not believe such things.

Besides, he would definitely not believe them.

Shao Xue spoke to her on the other end, “My elder brother has a deep affection for Gu Changle and will never expect that Gu Changle did such a thing. If we tell him about it, my elder brother will not believe us. Besides, he will probably protect her.”

“So what are you going to do?” Song Yunjia’s heart beat fast, and she began to feel excited inside.

She knew that Shao Xue’s next sentence was something she was eager to hear.

After pondering for a while, Shao Xue said, “Hide the thing from my elder brother. I will wreak vengeance on Gu Changle and make her pay the price for murdering my parents!”

Song Yunjia quietly curled up her lips.

Yes, she wanted to hear Shao Xue say that she would hide the thing from Shao Tianze.

As long as Shao Tianze had known nothing about it, the plan would have gone smoothly.

Till they could make Gu Changle fail completely.

Shao Xue’s friendliness and cooperation this time was really a help from heaven.

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