Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 400

Chapter 400 Exclusion And Suppression

Chapter 400 Exclusion and Suppression

At night.

Song Yunxuan met Shao Xue.

Shao Xue held her forehead, with the face somewhat pale.

Song Yunxuan came to Shao Xue with coffee, then put a cup of coffee in front of Shao Xue and asked her, “Are you not in the good mental state?”

Shao Xue smiled, “I think this time, it may be a big show.”

Song Yunxuan smiled and did not deny what she had said, “The fight between Gu Changle and Song Yunjia is originally a large chess game, and they have fought secretly for so many years. Now, they can use any means since they have torn their faces on the surface.”

Shao Xue nodded.

Song Yunxuan took a sip of coffee and looked at her, “Next, you can just follow the plan that Song Yunjia made for you. Song Yunjia hates me, so you can’t contact me recently. I’ll transfer you into a small branch of the magazine to pretend to suppress you. Only when Song Yunjia feels that your relationship with me is estranged and broken will she give you her best hope.”

Shao Xue replied softly, but her fingers clasped together, looking a little nervous.

Song Yunxuan reached out and put her finger on her hand, gently comforting, “Don’t worry. No matter Gu Changle or Song Yunjia who wins the final, I can guarantee that you will be absolutely fine.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Shao Xue raised her head and explained worriedly, “I am not afraid of being hurt. I am anxious when it is Shao Tianze’s turn.”

“You are too impatient,” Song Yunxuan looked at her with deep and calm eyes, “Shao Tianze will pay for what he did sooner or later, but not now.”

“How long will I wait to revenge for my parents?!” Shao Xue’s shoulders trembled slightly and she seemed pretty excited.

Looking at her urgent eyesight, Song Yunxuan calmly said, “When all the people around him are gone, he will be helpless and will not hold on for any longer.”

Shao Xue nodded, showing dazed eyesight again, “Song Yunjia and Gu Changle, who will win this time?”

Hearing this sentence from Shao Xue, Song Yunxuan slightly narrowed eyes and looked at her, “It is up to you.”

Shao Xue opened her mouth in surprise and looked at Song Yunxuan.

Seeing Shao Xue looking at her with this surprised expression, Song Yunxuan said with a smile, “Whoever you let win will win.”


Song Yunxuan asked Shao Xue before she finished asking, “So, who do you want to make her the hostess of the Shao Family?”

Asked by Song Yunxuan, Shao Xue blinked and looked down. She said slowly, “I want to ruin the Shao Family.”

The answer was chock-full of gloomy and cold senses.

Hearing the answer, Song Yunxuan could not help raising the corner of her mouth.

Yes, she liked the answer.

The Shao Family, Shao Tianze, Song Yunjia, and Gu Changle, all of them must be ruined and no one could stay.

All of them must be ruined.

However, it would be more interesting to divide them and ruin them one by one.

The sudden inaction of Song Yunxuan made Shao Xue have a short time of confusion, but she knew that the next plan must be done by herself.

Song Yunjia cared for her after receiving her kindness.

But Song Yunjia was not stupid enough to openly engage with Shao Xue.

But when Shao Xue claimed that she was suppressed and excluded from the magazine, Song Yunjia asked her to come out, go shopping, have a meal, and strengthen the friendship between them by the way.

Since Shao Xue lived in the Shao Family, Song Yunjia inevitably asked Shao Xue in detail about Gu Changle’s state during this period.

Shao Xue said to Song Yunjia without reservation, “Sister Changle seems to be in a bad mood these days.”

Song Yunjia raised the corner of her mouth, with pride smile in the eyes which almost could not be hidden.

Gu Changle was certainly not in a good mood for the public opinion outside that she had an affair with her brother-in-law, although there was no definite evidence.

The slanderous gossip was enough for her to suffer.

Shao Tianze cherished his reputation. Naturally, he would never let rumors ruin the sound foundation of himself and the Shao enterprise.

Therefore, he had been refuting rumors recently.

Of course, he made efforts to clarify his unblemished relationship with Gu Changle, including distancing himself from Gu Changle.

The action was done so fast, and the distance between them was so far, which worried Gu Changle a lot.

She snatched Shao Tianze from Gu Changge’s hand before, which relatively made her feel a sense of crisis, let alone Shao Tianze did not stay around her all day long and hold her on top of his heart since then.

Moreover, this sense of crisis would multiply with the time when Shao Tianze alienated her.

Maybe, in the end, Gu Changle would be locked in a fight with Shao Tianze because of this sense of crisis before her, Song Yunjia, took action.

Song Yunjia knew all these things in her mind, but she didn’t say it directly.

After Shao Xue finished speaking, she still showed the appearance of being extremely depressed for being suppressed and excluded during work.

Song Yunjia comforted her with generosity and kindness, “Yunxuan valued you very much before, and this time, maybe the reason why she transferred you to another position was to train you.”

Song Yunjia originally thought that Shao Xue would be in a better mood after she said according to the relationship between Shao Xue and Song Yunxuan.

But what beyond her expectation was that Shao Xue immediately opened her mouth with a sneer in the eyes, “She tries to train me? I think she just simply tries to suppress me since Xiao Hong, who is like a hired thug, has been around her all the time recently. Song Yunxuan promoted me to that kind of bad position for she had been flattered well by Xiao Hong.”

Song Yunjia had been on guard against Shao Xue due to her previous relationship with Song Yunxuan.

Now hearing Shao Xue say so rudely of her dissatisfaction with being transferred, Song Yunjia was even more curious, “Didn’t Yunxuan always value you?”

“The present can not compare with the past. Xiao Hong has been in the workplace for a long time, who usually gets along with people well. However, when there is a real interest dispute, she starts to play tricks behind. Yunxuan is unexpectedly influenced and persuaded by the old woman, Xiao Hong, so easily that she transferred me out.”

Shao Xue was in a bad mood and became angrier and angrier.

However, seeing her angry appearance, Song Yunjia was pleased in mind.

Song Yunjia believed that the worse the relationship between Shao Xue and Song Yunxuan, the better for her.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunxuan were originally hostile, and Shao Xue would provide particularly important assistance for her.

If Shao Xue’s relationship with Song Yunxuan had been indestructible, Song Yunjia would have had many worries, including one that Song Yunxuan would have learned about her plan from Shao Xue and ruined her life.

Shao Xue was in a bad mood and ordered wine in the bar to relieve her worries.

Song Yunjia had been urging her to go easy on the alcohol.

But Shao Xue turned a deaf ear and looked really upset.

Seeing that Shao Xue didn’t seem to be acting, Song Yunjia let her vigilance and precaution down gradually and relaxed in mind.

She couldn’t persuade Shao Xue not to drink, and the two had not returned their respective home by eleven o’clock at night.

Shao Tianze was a model elder brother who cared about his sister. When calling Gu Changle, he asked, by the way, if Shao Xue was at home.

Gu Changle said to him perfunctorily that Shao Xue had not come back yet.

As soon as Shao Tianze finished the phone call, he immediately called Shao Xue.

Shao Xue was drunk, and her cell phone was nearby.

Seeing that the screen of Shao Xue’s mobile phone was bright, Song Yunjia took one look at the caller ID on it and found it was from Shao Tianze.

She was supposed to reach out and answer the phone call, but she thought twice. It was not good to let Shao Tianze know that she had such a good relationship with Shao Xue, so she handed the phone to the bartender in the bar.

She motioned the bartender to answer the phone call and then gave an address here to facilitate the family to pick up Shao Xue.

The bartender spoke to Shao Tianze fluently and said the address.

Song Yunjia took out an extra 200 yuan from her wallet and gave it to the bartender, “This is a tip. Just tell the person who will come to pick her up that she drank alone, understand?”

Her eyesight was fixed on the bartender.

The bartender was also a smart man who had been used to handling all kinds of situations. He took 200 yuan tip from Song Yunjia’s hand and smiled, “Don’t worry, Miss. I know what to say.”

After receiving the bartender’s promise, Song Yunjia took one look at Shao Xue and turned to leave.

After Song Yunjia left, Shao Xue opened her eyes slightly.

She was not that easy to get drunk as Song Yunjia imagined, and she just wanted to see Song Yunjia’s reaction after seeing her drunk.

Her capacity for liquor, not to say thousands of cups, but it was definitely not the average man could compare and get her drunk.

After her parents were killed, she once lost in intemperance for a long time because of her stress.

It was also during that period of time that she increased her capacity for liquor to this extent.

Seeing Song Yunjia left, Shao Xue closed her eyes again without expression.

After waiting for a while, she heard the sound from Shao Tianze ringing in her ear. He gently said, “Xue?”

Of course, Shao Xue would not open her eyes.

The bartender said in a timely manner, “This young lady seems not to be in a good mood. She drank alone and has not settled her account.”

Shao Tianze swiped his card to check out and took Shao Xue home.

After getting drunk, Shao Xue behaved very quietly and did not go insane.

Shao Tianze returned her to the Shao Family.

Seeing Shao Tianze bring back Shao Xue and smelling the pungent smell of alcohol on Shao Xue, Gu Changle wrinkled her eyebrows, waved the air in front of her and said, “Where did she go? How did she get so drunk?”

Shao Tianze did not answer.

He just asked the servants in the house to take Shao Xue to the room.

Seeing Shao Tianze handed over Shao Xue to the servant, Gu Changle looked a little better. She went over to him and asked, “When do you plan to come back?”

“When the rumors outside subside.”

“Hasn’t the public relations department of the Shao enterprise already pursued those rumors? Why haven’t they been pressed yet? What are they so useless?”

Gu Changle was aggressive, expressing dissatisfaction not only with the public relations department of the Shao enterprise but also with the Shao Tianze’s negligence to her to a greater extent.

Knowing it was not easy to see Shao Tianze come back, she calmed down and felt that she should not quarrel with Shao Tianze.

After taking a deep breath and adjusting the expression, she walked over to Shao Tianze and snuggled into his arms, “I miss you so much since you haven’t been home for so long. Don’t leave tonight, okay?”

She looked at Shao Tianze, with tenderness in her eyes.

Seeing Gu Changle like this, Shao Tianze’s heart slightly shook.

However, after considering the current situation, he immediately refused, “I will move back after a period of time. You go to bed early tonight.”

Worried that he could not help staying after hearing a few more pleas from Gu Changle, he quietly pushed Gu Changle out of his arms.

Gu Changle, who was pushed out, looked stormy.

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