Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 405

Chapter 405 Give The Pension

Chapter 405 Give the Pension

Gu Changle had already had Shuang find out the exact time when Nurse Li would leave.

Besides, she had specially told the driver to wait for Nurse Li on the way that she must pass.

Though Nurse Li was not too old, yet she had been in the Gu Family for so many years.

When she was stopped by Gu Changle’s servant Shuang, she could almost guess what would happen soon.

She was taken by Shuang to stand in front of the advanced Bentley which Gu Changle was sitting in.

After Shuang had had a few words with Gu Changle, who was sitting in the car, Gu Changle motioned Shuang to invite Nurse Li into the car.

Actually, Nurse Li was hustled into the car.

And it was not because Shuang wanted to hustle her.

The reason was that Nurse Li was unwilling to get into the car at all.

After having been hustled into the car, Nurse Li saw Gu Changle who looked off-color.

Gu Changle wore a plain white dress, which made her look extremely weak as she already looked off-color.

Nurse Li looked at Gu Changle and remained silent.

Seeing that Nurse Li was hustled into the car by Shuang, Gu Changle threw a reproving look at Shuang.

Then she helped Nurse Li get in and said politely, “Shuang was quite ill-mannered. I want to have a few words with you and she actually pushed you in.”

Being helped by Gu Changle, Nurse Li instantly felt as if she had been grasped by a ghost, and a bit of fear appeared in her eyes.

Nurse Li was a nobody in the Gu Family, but she was quite clear about the things happening in the Gu Family which could be called inside stories.

Gu Changge died in mysterious circumstances.

And Gu Changle had had an ambiguous relationship with Shao Tianze for a long time.

Now Song Yunjia also joined in the battle. It was really one good show after another.

Gu Changle knew that the mid-aged woman in front of her was clear about everything though she appeared to be quite useless.

Gu Changle coughed gently, saying, “Nurse Li, how is Yunjia doing in the Champs-Elysea lately?”

Nurse Li felt that she did not know how to answer this question.

Because the question was actually a trap. If she had said that Song Yunjia enjoyed her life in the Champs-Elysea, then Gu Changle would surely have hit the ceiling.

Yet if she had said that Song Yunjia hadn’t led a good life in the Champs-Elysea, then Gu Changle might have probably asked her ironically that how Song Yunjia could lead a rough life as Shao Tianze went to the Champs-Elysea every day.

Actually, Song Yunjia did enjoy her life.

Shao Tianze now kept Gu Changle at a distance because of the rumor.

But he was using Song Yunjia to scotch the rumor.

He deliberately turned to be tight with Song Yunjia and intended to make the outsiders pay attention to him and Song Yunjia instead of letting them focus on Gu Changle, criticize and scold her.

But the media in Yuncheng did not report the news as Shao Tianze expected. They still kept on digging the dribs and drabs about Shao Tianze and Gu Changle to prove that they had such an unusual relationship.

And the media had all decided to avoid reporting the thing that Shao Tianze often went to the Champs-Elysea.

This made Shao Tianze feel helpless. But in order to draw the attention of the media, he had no choice but to continue visiting Song Yunija.

And Song Yunjia was not angry though she knew clearly that Shao Tianze was using her to protect Gu Changle.

Moreover, she felt that it was an opportunity.

As long as Shao Tianze came to the Champ-Elysea, Song Yunjia would feel that she got a chance to leave an impressive impression in Shao Tianze’s heart and make their love deeper.

Nurse Li felt that these were all Song Yunjia’s daydreams.

Because Shao Tianze was such a cold-blood man that even betrayed his wife Gu Changge for Gu Changle. How could he give anyone his true heart?

Gu Changle did not press Nurse Li though she didn’t get an answer from her.

She just gave a smile, “Nurse Li, don’t think too much. I simply want to ask how Song Yunjia is doing lately. If you are unwilling to tell me, then I will ask no further.”

Nurse Li knew well that Gu Changle definitely saw her about something.

She did not ask and waited for Gu Changle to say it first.

Anyway, Gu Changle barely guarded against her.

As expected, Gu Changle did have no patience.

Seeing that Nurse Li kept remaining silent for a while, Gu Changle gradually stopped being weak and gentle.

She looked at Nurse Li, “I know that you have always been working in the Gu Family and must have deep feelings for my elder sister.”

The servants staying in the Shao Family all knew that the second daughter adopted by the Gu Family didn’t respect her elder sister Gu Changge at all.

After Gu Changge had died, Gu Changle hooked up with her brother-in-law and filled the swimming pool which Gu Changge liked so much while she was alive.

Moreover, she threw Gu Changge’s ashes into the sea. Thus there was nothing left of Gu Changge. And the person behind all these was Gu Changle.

Now if there had been someone who admitted that he or she had deep feelings for Gu Changge, then god knew how this second daughter would have dealt with the person.

So Nurse Li replied immediately, “I’m the servant outside the main house of the Gu Family and has barely seen Miss Changge, so I have little feelings for her.”

“Nurse Li, if my elder sister had heard your words, she must have felt quite sad.”

Nurse Li didn’t reply.

Gu Changle also felt quite bored. The servant was quite smart. When hearing questions that she didn’t know how to answer, she just remained silent, pretending that she knew nothing.

Even Gu Changle could not guess how good the relationship between the master Gu Changge and the servant Nurse Li was.

Gu Changle let out a sigh, “Though members of the family might hold a grudge against me, yet Nurse Li, you will surely help me when I am in trouble for the sake that I’m Changge’s younger sister, right?”

Gu Changle stared at Nurse Li.

Nurse Li realized that Gu Changle would soon tell her why she wanted to meet her today.

So she also took a look at Gu Changle.

Gu Changle pressed her lips, appearing sullen, “Nurse Li, you have been taking care of Song Yunjia these days, so can you tell me about what Song Yunjia has been doing exactly?”

Nurse Li lowered her head and pondered. It turned out that Gu Changle wanted her to be a spy for her.

The thing that Song Yunjia turned against her because of fighting for Shao Tianze had become increasingly acute, and both sides had thought of various ways to fight against each other.

Song Yunjia felt quite happy during the time, and Shao Tianze came to the Champs-Elysea quite often.

Even the servants in the Champs-Elysea felt that Song Yunjia had the chance to be Shao Tianze’s legal wife. But Gu Changle visited her at this time and asked her to betray Song Yunjia.

Nurse Li really had to think hard about what benefits she would have got if she had done this and whether she had to do it or not.

Most importantly, she had to think about who would be the legal wife at last.

Gu Changle looked at Nurse Li and pondered for a while. Then she gently analyzed the situation, “Nurse Li, now all the members of the Shao Family knew that Song Yunjia wanted to take the place of my elder sister and be the madam of the Shao Family. However, no one knew that the person who murdered my elder sister was Song Yunjia.”

Gu Changle said the sentence quite gently.

However, for others, it was no less than thunder.

Nurse Li looked up in astonishment and slightly opened her mouth, looking at Gu Changle. She even stopped being silent, looked at Gu Changle, and asked her inconceivably with her lips trembling, “Miss Changge… was murdered by Song Yunjia?”

Gu Changle sneered, “Song Yunjia was one of my elder sister’s attending doctors, and she was also her good friend. If she hadn’t done anything, how could my elder sister have died this quickly?”

“But….” Nurse Li was about to say that the ultimate beneficiary was Gu Changle.

But Gu Changle cut her off, saying, “The ultimate beneficiary was me. I survived at the expense of my elder sister’s life. Yet I held the bag for Song Yunjia. If outsiders had known about it, they would have probably thought that I murdered my elder sister. Actually, Song Yunjia schemed all these and set me up. I would rather die than hurt my elder sister.”

It seemed that Gu Changle said these from the bottom of her heart.

Yet Nurse Li still felt quite astonished and remained speechless for such a while.

Was Miss Changge actually murdered by Song Yunjia?

Nurse Li’s hands were trembling slightly, and she didn’t listen to Gu Changle’s babbling at all.

After having told Nurse Li sincerely and seriously about what she thought, Gu Changle looked at Nurse Li’s expression, asking, “Nurse Li, you must be quite astonished, right?”

Nurse Li’s eyes fell on Gu Changle’s face.

Gu Changle slightly raised her eyebrows and felt a bit unhappy on seeing that Nurse Li was stupefied because of astonishment.

Gu Changge had already died.

Yet out of her expectation, there were actually servants in the family who remembered and missed her after almost a year.

She had really had a domineering influence when being the madam of the Gu Family.

Seeing that Nurse Li still did not come to herself, Gu Changle called her, “Nurse Li, do you want to revenge for my elder sister?”

Hearing Gu Changle’s words, Nurse Li slightly frowned, and she gradually came to herself.

Then she looked at Gu Changle, took a few breaths, and said, “What can I do for you, Miss Changle?”

Hearing Nurse Li’s words, Gu Changle immediately felt quite happy in her heart.

Nurse Li’s words meant that she agreed to help her.

She slightly raised her lips and intimately reached out to hold Nurse Li’s hand, saying, “Nurse Li, these were actually old scores between Song Yunjia and me. In fact, I didn’t want others to tread in the muddy water. But I’m really at the end of my rope as Song Yunjia is not easy to deal with. So I come to you for help.”

Nurse Li nodded and was still being polite to Gu Changle, “Miss Changle, just tell me what you want. As long as I can help you, I will not refuse you, Miss Changle.”

Gu Changle nodded and turned around to wink at the driver.

The driver immediately gave her a cheque.

Seeing the cheque handed over by Gu Changle, Nurse Li slightly changed the expression in her eyes and looked up at Gu Changle, “Miss Changle, this is….”

“This is the pension for you.”

Nurse Li felt quite confused and didn’t know what Gu Changle’s words meant.

Yet Gu Changle pressed the cheque into her hands and then ordered Nurse Li in satisfaction, “Nurse Li, take the cheque and don’t overthink. You only need to tell me what Song Yunjia is doing at the appointed time.”

Nurse Li still could not understand. She looked down at the number on the cheque and was a little shocked, “But, Miss Changle, you said it was my pension.”

Gu Changle smiled, “Nurse Li, you are aging. After helping me drive Song Yunjia away from my brother-in-law, you may enjoy your life in peace.”

Hearing Gu Changle’s words, Nurse Li nodded, “I’m all yours, Miss Changle.”

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