Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 406

Chapter 406 Switched The Medicine Successfully

Chapter 406 Switched the Medicine Successfully

Nurse Li returned after having bought some vegetables, and she felt that the shopping bag was burning her hand along the way.

When she was about to reach the Shao Family, she drew out the cheque Gu Changle gave her and took a look at it.

The number, five hundred thousand, was clearly written on it.

She looked blankly at the cheque, thinking that her salary never reached five hundred thousand after so many years working in the Gu Family.

Yet now Gu Changle generously gave her five hundred thousand just because she needed to send a message to Gu Changle.

It was really confusing.

Nurse Li gently took a breath and calmed herself down as she was quite excited about the huge fortune from heaven. Then she put the cheque back into her pocket.

After arriving at the Shao Family, she went straight into the kitchen with the vegetables in the shopping bag and started to cook with the other two servants.

Wenwen was Song Yunjia’s lackey, and she did quite a good job in flattering Song Yunjia.

Thus Song Yunjia treated Wenwen a lot better than she did to other servants.

Wenwen had worked in the kitchen before. But after becoming Song Yunjia’s personal maid, she didn’t want to go into the kitchen at all for fear that she might be covered with the odor of cooking oil.

The servants were murmuring about their grudge against Wenwen while cooking.

Yet Nurse Li had been remaining silent and listening to the nearby servants’ conversation.

Nurse Li barely believed Gu Changle’s words.

Yet when Gu Changle said that Song Yunjia murdered Gu Changge, Nurse Li believed her.

Because the relationship between Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze was the best proof.

If the relationship between Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze had not been that close, then she would not have believed that Song Yunjia murdered Gu Changge.

When thinking about it, she began to feel sorry for Gu Changge.

While Gu Cheng was alive, Gu Changge, the eldest daughter, was simply the apple of Gu Cheng’s eye.

But now Gu Changge, a legendary eldest daughter of the Gu Family, actually died too.

And hardly anyone knew the real reason why she died, making her death quite tragic and pitiful.

Shao Xue opened the elegant gift box Song Yunjia gave her.

When seeing the delicate medicine bottle inside, she could not help smiling.

She reached out to take that medicine bottle and slightly shook her head, “She is really worthy of being the signature doctor of the People’s Hospital.”

Song Yunjia had already found out what medicine Gu Changle had been taking. Even the bottle filled with the medicine she prepared was well-forged.

Looking at the medicine bottle in her hand, Shao Xue felt that Gu Changle could have really killed by Song Yunjia if she hadn’t helped her.

To win the catfight needed not only tricks but also such medical knowledge which could really make a difference to the final result.

She held the medicine box in her hand.

When thinking about it, she heard a servant calling her outside.

The servant said impatiently, “Miss Shao, time for dinner.”

Hearing the servant’s words, Shao Xue looked down at the medicine bottle in her hand, saying gently, “Coming.”

It looked as if she had had a high status in the Shao Family, but she was actually in a quite awkward position in the Shao Family.

At first, Shao Tianze took charge of the Shao Family. But Shao Tianze began to stay in hotels because of the recent rumors.

Shao Tianze was not at home, so the family servants naturally regarded Gu Changle as the madam of the family.

Gu Changle had always felt that it was neither logical nor reasonable for Shao Xue to live in this Shao Family, and she felt that Shao Xue was an eye sore every time she saw her.

But considering that she had been taken care of by Shao Tianze all the time, Gu Changle could not drive her out of the Shao Family.

Now that Shao Tianze was not in and she took charge of the Shao Family, thus she naturally treated Shao Xue quite badly.

And all the family servants saw that the madam treated Shao Xue badly.

They naturally took no notice of Shao Xue, and they even thought it was a waste of time to tell her to come downstairs for dinner.

But Shao Xue did not take offense at the servants’ bad attitude.

The servant did nothing but call her. Then she walked away from the door.

Shao Xue walked out of the room and went downstairs to the dining room to have dinner.

It was rare that Gu Changle kept silent and did not scold anyone during this dinner time.

She even wore a smile while having dinner.

Shao Xue couldn’t help taking a few more looks at Gu Changle, and Gu Changle also noticed that her behavior was somewhat different from that in normal times.

She looked up and saw that Shao Xue was looking at her, so she explained, “Your elder brother called me today and said that he would hang out with me on Saturday.”

Shao Xue smiled, “Then have a good time.”

No wonder Gu Changle wore a smile. It turned out that Shao Tianze agreed to take her out to get some air.

It was quite natural as Gu Changle could do nothing but stay in the Shao Family and hang out once in a while as she was ill.

Now she definitely felt quite happy since Shao Tianze agreed to hang out with her.

Shao Xue buried herself in dinner and did not say anything else to Gu Changle.

Gu Changle also immersed herself in dinner, and Shuang beside her continually put food into Gu Changle’s bowl.

Gu Changle had more delicate dishes than ever.

It was just that she had poor health.

Because her organs had been changed into another person’s, she had to take anti-rejection drugs throughout her life.

And she had to take them every single day.

After having finished her dinner, Shao Xue drew a napkin and gently wiped her mouth with it.

Then she got up from her chair in front of the desk, saying, “I’ve had enough and I’m going back to my room.”

Gu Changle nodded and told her to sleep early for the first time.

Shao Xue nodded and then she went upstairs.

Only when she felt that Gu Changle was about to take medicine did she come out of her room again.

The family servants had all finished their dinner by eight o’clock.

Some of the servants had returned to their rooms.

There was no other servant in the house except Shuang who took care of the medicine Gu Changle was about to take.

Shao Xue came just at the right time.

Just at the time, she saw Shuang approaching the door of Gu Changle’s room, holding a tray on which there was a glass of boiled water and medicine.

Just as Shuang was about to reach out to open the door, Shao Xue suddenly called her, “Shuang.”

Shuang’s fingers stopped in front of the door and turned to look in the direction where the voice came from. Just at that time, she saw Shao Xue at a short distance.

Shuang was a little bit different from the other servants in the Shao Family. She was also trusted by Gu Changle, yet she was born wimpy and timid and treated everyone mildly.

Even Shao Xue, who was isolated in the Shao Family, called her, she still went forward to ask her what she wanted.

Shuang stopped at the door.

Shao Xue smiled, “I have a favor to ask of you.”

Shuang turned to look at the door of Gu Changle’s room, saying, “Could you wait after I deliver the medicine to Miss Gu first?”

Shao Xue nodded, “Emm, OK.”

Shuang nodded, saying, “Then please wait for me for a while, Miss Shao.”

Shao Xue waited outside the door, making a gesture of agreement to her.

Shao Xue did not contact with the family servants very often, and Shuang didn’t know that Miss Shao Xue could be this easy-going. Then she smiled at Shao Xue and knocked at the door of Gu Changle’s room.

Gu Changle bought off Nurse Li and was in such a good mood.

Just after Shuang brought over the medicine and Gu Changle had taken it, she hastily dismissed Shuang.

When Shuang retreated from Gu Changle’s room, she happened to see that Gu Changle was calling Shao Tianze.

Shuang closed the door for Gu Changle.

When she turned around, she saw that Shao Xue still remained where she was and waited.

Shuang called Shao Xue gently for fear that she might disturb Gu Changle, “Miss Shao?”

Hearing her call, Shao Xue looked up at her, “Finished?”

Shuang nodded, “What can I do for you, Miss Shao?”

“My period started suddenly. I remember that there are ginger and brown sugar in the kitchen. I searched for them for a while but I still didn’t find it. When I asked other servants, they didn’t want to help me. I really can’t find it, so I come to you for help.”

Hearing Shao Xue’s words, Shuang went straight into the kitchen with the tray without putting back the medicine, saying, “Come on, Miss Shao. I’ll help you to look for them.”

Shao Xue followed Shuang and sighed gently while looking at her back.

Compared with Song Yunjia’s personal maid Wenwen, Gu Changle’s personal maid Shuang was really a good and amiable girl.

She sighed gently. Shuang, who was walking in the front, had no idea what was in her mind. She just walked quickly and said worriedly, “Have you got a sore tummy, Miss Shao? If the pain is too sharp, I have some rose brown sugar for you.”

Shao Xue followed her into the kitchen and shook her head gently, “It’s not sharp. Just some ginger tea will do the job.”

Shuang put aside the tray and bent over to look for ginger and brown sugar in the cupboard.

Meanwhile, Shao Xue quickly switched the medicine bottle on the tray to the one hiding in her nightdress.

Shuang paid all her attention to finding the ginger and brown sugar. After several minutes, she took a pot of brown sugar from the inside of the cupboard.

Then she handed it to Shao Xue, “Miss Shao, here is brown sugar.”

Shao Xue took it and was about to turn to go back to her room.

But Shuang called her, “Miss Shao, please wait for a moment. After I put Miss Changle’s medicine back, I’ll decoct some ginger tea for you. Ginger tea is good for dysmenorrhea because it can relieve the pain.”

Shao Xue nodded, “OK. I’m waiting for you here.”

Seeing that Shao Xue agreed, Shuang went back with the tray.

Seeing that Shuang had left, Shao Xue lowered her eyes.

She took a look at the medicine bottle in her hand.

Then she returned to her room with the bottle.

After coming back into the kitchen, Shuang found that Shao Xue was not in the kitchen.

After having decocted the ginger tea, she went to Shao Xue’s room with it and gently knocked on the door.

Shao Xue opened the door and smelt the rich smell of the ginger tea.

Shuang presented the tray closer to Shao Xue, saying, “I found that you were not in the kitchen when I returned, so I bring it over after having decocted it.”

The expression on Shao Xue’s face was complicated, yet Shao Xue still nodded and said thank you. Then she took the ginger tea and told Shuang to go to sleep.

After closing the door, Shao Xue put the ginger tea onto the desk in front of her.

The screen of her laptop was on, and the composition, price, and effect of the medicine Gu Changle must take were all on the screen.

Her eyes swept over the information.

After reading the full-page introduction, she raised her hand to drink the ginger tea brought over by Shuang sip by sip.

Drinking such a beverage could really make one’s tummy warm.

Yet Gu Changle would suffer after taking the medicine which had been switched.