Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 407

Chapter 407 Fax From The Lu Family

Chapter 407 Fax from the Lu Family

After having switched the medicine bottle successfully, Shao Xue sent a message to Snog Yunjia.

Song Yunjia was in a good mood but she swallowed her smile after seeing the man in the living room.

Shao Tianze and Gu Changle were saying good night to each other.

Shao Tianze still came to her place these days. Though he never stayed for the nights, yet he would talk to her when he came.

For her, such conversations would be enough.

At least, it was better than Gu Changles present life as she could only watch this.

Gu Changle could not even see Shao Tianze, and she could only work off her loneliness by calling Shao Tianze every night.

Seeing Shao Tianze cope with Gu Changles phone calls neither coldly nor warmly, she was neither delighted nor mad in her heart.

After all, though Shao Tianze answered Gu Changles calls, he still stayed with her.

Compared with Gu Changle, who could only hear Shao Tianzes voice, she clearly enjoyed a better life.

She did not disturb Shao Tianze when he was speaking to Gu Changle on the phone, acting as if she had been quite generous.

After Shao Tianze hung up the phone, Song Yunjia came out of the kitchen with chopped watermelons.

Seeing that she came out of the kitchen, Shao Tianze made some room for her and motioned her to sit next to him.

Song Yunjia was naturally quite delighted, so she picked up a piece of watermelon and put it to Shao Tianzes mouth after sitting next to him.

Shao Tianze was being nice enough to eat it.

Noticing that Shao Tianze barely ostracized her, Song Yunjia was overjoyed.

"Is Changle asleep?"

"Yes. She will call me every night before she goes to bed, so." Shao Tianze took the initiative to explain it to her.

Song Yunjia also acted as if she had been tolerant, generous, and not envious at all, "I understand. Changle always feels insecure and regards me as a purported enemy, but actually."

She took a look at Shao Tianze and then she continued, "Actually I only want to be around you. I dont want to fight against her at all."

Shao Tianze smiled, and his pupils behind the glasses appeared a bit cold, yet his smile always made one feel like bathing in the spring breeze.

It was so warm that Song Yunjia only saw his raised lips instead of noticing the coldness in his eyes.

It was rare for Shao Tianze to be this close to her tonight, so Song Yunjia would never let such a great opportunity slide. After having some fruit, she asked him shyly, "Will you return to the hotel tonight?"

"Where else can I be if I dont go back to my hotel?"

Shao Tianze was like throwing bait through his words.

And Song Yunjia willingly took the bait, and she immediately replied, "You can stay here for the night."

Shao Tianze looked at her, "Stay here?"

Song Yunjia promised him, "Ill not tell Changle."

Shao Tianze slightly raised his lips.

Song Yunjia thought that Shao Tianze would simply agree.

Yet out of her expectation, Shao Tianze raised after smiling gently, "Ill come tomorrow. I have something important to deal with, so I have to return now."

The atmosphere had actually become quite romantic, and it was a good time to snuggle up to each other.

Yet she did not expect that Shao Tianze just raised and prepared to leave.

It was out of Song Yunjias expectation.

However, she felt that she had no way to made Shao Tianze stay when seeing that he was about to leave.

Finally, she could only watch Shao Tianze left with his assistant.

After Shao Tianze had left, Song Yunjia sighed in disappointment and sat on the sofa, covering her forehead with her hand.

Then she reflected on herself to see if she had done anything wrong.

Wenwen next to her brought her a glass of boiled water.

Seeing Wenwen, Song Yunjia seemed to find someone to talk to. She asked Wenwen, "Wenwen, can you tell me how to make Tianze stay for a night?"

Wenwen pressed her lips, feeling quite embarrassed, "Mr. Shao is an adult and he has his own plans. So if he wants to leave, no one can stop him. Unless."

Hearing the first part of Wenwens words, Song Yunjia already felt uninterested in what Wenwen was about to say next.

But Wenwen stopped when she was about to say the next part of her words.

This made Song Yunjia involuntarily fix her eyes on Wenwen again, asking her, "Unless what?"

Then Wenwen continued, "Unless Miss Song uses some other tricks."

Hearing Wenwens words, Song Yunjia began to think.

Song Yunjia could have really used some other tricks if Shao Tianze had been unwilling to stay.

As for what the tricks were, Song Yunjia needed to think hard.

Seeing Song Yunjia frowning, Wenwen took her responsibility to exclude the difficulty and anxiety for Song Yunjia, "Miss Song, now as you see, though Mr. Shao still has feelings for Miss Gu, yet she can never have babies. And its impossible for the two children born by Gu Changge to inherit the Shao Family. Therefore, as long as you can give a baby to Mr. Shao, will you be worried that you cant make Mr. Shao be around you?"

"This is such a silly way." It appeared that Song Yunjia disliked the lousy idea.

Yet she knew quite well in her heart that this was the only way to make Shao Tianze stay.

Shao Tianze had known her for years, and he had never been a man being indifferent to fame and wealth.

After having taken charge of the Shao Family which was such a great property, he would surely groom an inheritor.

Gu Changle was the one he liked most, and he surely hoped to groom the babies born by Gu Changle most.

But now Gu Changle could not give him babies.

So as long as Song Yunjia could be pregnant, everything would be going as she expected.

She pondered.

A servant told her gently from a short distance, "Miss Song, there was a strange call."

When Song Yunjia heard that it was a strange call, her eyes lit up. Then she reached out and said, "Give it to me."

The phone was handed over to Song Yunjia.

No sooner had Song Yunjia taken the phone than she heard Shao Xues voice came from it, "Ive handled the things you asked me to do."

"Tonights medicine." Song Yunjia felt delighted in her heart.

However, Shao Xues answer did not satisfy her very much.

"The medicine will probably work tomorrow. The medicine she had tonight is correct."

Though Song Yunjia was not happy, yet she felt that things were going quickly and smoothly when hearing Shao Xues reply.

So she nodded, "Thank you. Wait for the show."

Shao Xue remained silent.

After being silent for a while, she ended the call.

Hearing that Shao Xue hung up on her, Song Yunjia did not feel angry. She just put the receiver in front of her, took a look at it, and sneered.

Seeing that Song Yunjia suddenly smiled, Wenwen frowned slightly.

Song Yunjia did not explain to Wenwen why she smiled. She just told Wenwen, "Dont ever mention that lousy idea you said tonight."

Song Yunjias insincerity made Wenwen a bit surprised.

Then Wenwen quickly nodded.

Seeing that she nodded, Song Yunjia said, "Its late. Go to sleep."

And then Wenwen left.

After all the servants had gone back to their rooms to sleep, Song Yunjia opened a bottle of Lafite and drank by herself.

Recalling that Shao Xue hung up on her after being silent for a while, she smiled gently.

Why did Shao Xue do this?

Did she not agree with the idea that she gave her?

Or did she regret after handling the matter?

Anyway, her attitude was not important after the thing was settled.

As long as the medicine was switched, Gu Changle would no longer be a roadblock.

And Shao Xue was the one who switched the medicine, so it was impossible for her to spill out the whole thing which was asking for trouble.

In this way, even if Shao Xue had not contacted her, it would not have mattered.

Her roadblock had been wiped out.

Now she only needed to wait for the medicine in Gu Changles body to work and gradually wither her heart which originally belonged to Gu Changge.

News from the Shao Family continually reached Song Yunjias ears in the following days.

Not to mention how many messages Shao Xue had passed on to Song Yunjia, just by asking Shao Tianze about Gu Changles physical condition, she could know that Gu Changle led a hard life.

And after living without Shao Tianze for a few more days, Gu Changle began to keep a close eye on what and how Song Yunjia was doing.

Nurse Li told what and how Song Yunjia had been doing to Gu Changle in detail.

But as for Gu Changle, Nurse Lis words were not quite useful.

She could not find a way to defeat Song Yunjia once for all, so she called Song Yunxuan, asking her, "What should I do now?"

When receiving Gu Changles call, Song Yunxuan was reading a fax from Roume.

In the fax were things about Lu Xia.

She scanned the fax and then said to Gu Changle, "At this moment, Miss Gu still doesnt know what to do?"

Gu Changle sneered, "Though I bought off a servant in the Champs-Elysea as you suggested, yet the messages passed on by the servant I bought off were not quite useful."

Hearing it, Song Yunxuan slightly curled up her lips, saying, "So you mean you have no way to deal with my elder sister, right?"

Song Yunxuan precisely pointed out the problem.

Gu Changle didnt want to hide anything from her and said directly, "I want to ruin her but I cant find a way to do this. Can you tell me what to do, Miss Song?"

Song Yunxuan smiled and refused, "Since you are resourceful but have no good ways, then how could I, an innocent little daughter of the Song Family, have any better ways?"

She was belittling herself.

Hearing Song Yunxuans words, Gu Changle felt that it was reasonable.

But when she thought it over, she found that Song Yunxuan had done lots of things which could only be done through tricks though she said that she was innocent.

She pressed her lips and said to Song Yunxuan, "Youre being modest, Miss Song. I still hope that you could give me some advice."

"Miss Gu, you dont have to be this polite to ask me for advice. As long as you can maintain your position in the Shao Family, recover and constantly be focused by Shao Tianze, then you can just wait for the moment to deal with my elder sister to come."

Song Yunxuan thought about what Song Yunxuan really meant after hearing her words.

Then Gu Changle replied, "Then thanks for the reminder, Miss Song."

Song Yunxuan talked about nothing else with her. After hanging up the phone, she put her palms together and put them under her jaw, saying to Mei Qi next to her, "The rumors outside had almost been quelled. Now you may do as I said."

Hearing Song Yunxuans order, Mei Qi grunted in response, turned around, and left.

Meanwhile, Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes to see the fax about Lu Xia on the desk, lost in thought

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