Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 410

Chapter 410 A Fratricidal War

Chapter 410 A Fratricidal War

Song Yunxuan made such a command to Mei Qi before leaving, and it was considered a plan B.

On this trip to Roume, she was not sure she could convince Family Sophia to help her.

She could not guarantee that she could help Lu Xia become the hostess of Family Sophia.

Perhaps it would take some time for her to return.

During this time, many changes might occur.

In case accidents happened too fast, she must let Mei Qi find the whereabouts of the two children in advance.

Those two children needed to be protected.

After Mei Qi nodded and agreed, he entered his car.

Song Yunxuan stood at the door, watching Mei Qi’s car leave the gate of the Song Family.

Not long after Mei Qi’s car left, a blue Porsche drove into the Song Family’s courtyard in the dark like a cheetah.

Song Yunxuan remained calm and waited for the man in the car to get off.

She knew that the person walking down the car must be Chu Mochen.

The door of the car opened, and a tall man came out.

The man’s expression was cold, and his eyes were as deep as ink.

As soon as he got off the car, he put his eyes on Song Yunxuan’s face.

Song Yunxuan smiled at him and asked him, "Why are you coming at this time at night?”

“So what? You dislike me?”

Chu Mochen came over and stretched his hands to embrace Song Yunxuan’s waist.

Song Yunxuan didn’t resist but smiled sweetly, “No. I’m thrilled.”

To show that she was genuinely pleased, Song Yunxuan even took the initiative to stand on her feet and gently kissed on Chu Mochen’s thin lips.

The kiss stirred Chu Mochen’s heart. He wanted to embrace the little woman in his arms and kiss her as much as he liked.

However, after getting into the living room, he found that all the servants were waiting in the room.

Seeing his expression showing pity and displease, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but laugh. She took him to the living room, “Did you have dinner?”

“I have eaten a little.”

“Knowing that you were coming, I asked the kitchen to prepare some dishes you like. If you have an appetite, eat some.”

Chu Mochen had not seen her for several days. He was abnormal this time.

When he was sitting down, he even pulled her into his arms and let her sit on his lap.

Song Yunxuan had wanted to struggle to free herself. However, when she thought that she was going to leave Yuncheng for Roume tomorrow and might not see this man for a long time, Song Yunxuan became softhearted and allowed him to hold herself like this.

Chu Mochen put his chin in the pit of her neck. His breath was so hot that Song Yunxuan felt her heart beating faster.

However, she calmed down quickly and was even able to playfully tease him, “Are you eating food or me?”

Chu Mochen’s thin lips touched gently on her neck, and then he took a light bite.

Feeling the heat from his lips, Song Yunxuan knew it was apparent that this man didn’t want to eat food indeed.

“Hey. You eat first and take a bath before you go to bed.”

“Are you with me?”

“Of course, I will be with you.”

Chu Mochen’s fingers moved gently to her belly.

Song Yunxuan’s heart jumped suddenly.

There was a dull look in her eyes.

Lies would always be disclosed in the end.

If her pregnancy had been a fact, her belly would have been swollen now. However, so far, the stomach had not bulged.

It seemed that Chu Mochen was very skeptical.

Song Yunxuan had thought that Chu Mochen was going to mention her pregnancy. She hadn’t expected that he stuffed the spoon and chopsticks on the dining table into Song Yunxuan’s hands and said to her, “Please feed me.”

Holding the spoon and chopsticks in her hand, Song Yunxuan felt ridiculous, “You are not a child.”

“Then what about I feed you?”

There was hot titillation in his eyes.

His fingers were on her thighs.

Song Yunxuan stopped his next move in time. Then she reached out and put a piece of chicken with glutinous rice in Chu Mochen’s mouth, “Let me feed you.”

She didn’t want him to do something improper in the dining room.

She had to catch the plane tomorrow morning, and she couldn’t afford to waste time.

She fed Chu Mochen a piece of chicken with glutinous rice.

Chu Mochen’s mouth was blocked, but his hands didn’t stop.

Feeling his fingers touching her waist, Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows, “If you don’t want to eat, let me go to pack my baggage.”

Hearing what she had said, Chu Mochen stopped his hands while a pair of handsome eyebrows also frowned, “Why are you going to pack up?”

Song Yunxuan felt that she should tell him that she was going to Roume.

After she left Yuncheng, the Shao Family might harm the Song enterprise. By then, only Chu’s could help the Song Family.

If she had secretly gone to Roume and not told him, this man would have been angry.

It would be terrible that he didn’t help when the Song enterprise was in difficulty.

She acted to be more hospitable as she thought.

However, Chu Mochen’s frowned eyebrows didn’t loosen. She scooped the sweet soup to his mouth.

He wasn’t willing to open his thin lips.

Song Yunxuan felt helpless and said, “I’m going to Roume.”

Chu Mochen looked at her with his dark eyes, “What are you going to do in Roume?”

In a big family as the Chu family, he knew something about Itanian power, not to mention Roume was Family Sophia’s sphere of influence.

Since Song Yunxuan said she was going to Roume, it was hard for him not to associate it with Family Sophia.

Seeing his frown, Song Yunxuan believed he knew everything about the Lu Family.

She pursed her lips and asked, “How much do you know about the Lu Family?”

Chu Mochen answered in a cold voice, “A little.”

Song Yunxuan nodded and was about to leave his arms.

As soon as she began to move, she was pulled back by Chu Mochen’s hand.

Chu Mochen stared at her eyes and asked her solemnly, “Are you going to Roume because of the Lu Family?”

Song Yunxuan did not conceal but nodded frankly, “Yes.”

Chu Mochen decisively said, “I don’t allow you to go.”

This forced speech frowned Song Yunxuan, “This is not something you can stop.”

Song Yunxuan knew that Chu Mochen would not agree on her trip to Roume even if they continued the discussion. Therefore, she wanted to leave him.

However, Chu Mochen’s big hands clasped her waist and would not let her leave anyway.

Song Yunxuan still wanted to struggle. Chu Mochen was very overbearing. He raised his hand directly to clamp her clean and small chin and pressed the lips.

Chu Mochen’s lips were thin but full of unparalleled heat.

And irresistible oppressive force.

His kiss suppressed Song Yunxuan’s intense struggle.

A maid was going to serve the dish. However, she saw Chu Mochen kissing Song Yunxuan so passionately that she immediately withdrew from the dining room silently.

Song Yunxuan wanted to break free, but there was no way to leave Chu Mochen’s restraint.

She could only be forced to accept Chu Mochen’s kiss.

Chu Mochen didn’t release her until she was hard to breathe while kissing.

Song Yunxuan touched her lips that he bit. There was a faint mist in her eyes.

“Do you still want to go to Roume?”

Chu Mochen looked at her and asked flatly.

Song Yunxuan looked up at him and said with stubbornness, “I want.”

“Do you have to go?”

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips, giving her tacit answer.

Chu Mochen went silent. Song Yunxuan had thought that Chu Mochen would continue to stop her from going to Roume.

However, the next second Chu Mochen said, “I will go with you.”

Song Yunxuan wondered if she had heard it wrong.

Chu Mochen pecked on her lips and repeated, “If you have to go, I’ll go with you.”

Song Yunxuan felt a little unbelievable and looked at him, “Are you sure?”

Chu Mochen bent his lips. He felt a little resigned and could not conceal his love, “Yes.”

He wrapped her waist by hands and covered her belly with his fingers, “It is my child in your stomach.”

The uprising sweetness in Song Yunxuan’s heart was suppressed a lot by Chu Mochen’s words.

She lowered her eyes without speaking.

After a while, she moved in Chu Mochen’s arms, “I want to have a bath and go to sleep.”

Chu Mochen nodded and let her go, “Let the maids help you pack your luggage. I will call someone to pack mine.”

Song Yunxuan nodded.

She left the dining room. As soon as she walked out of the dining room, she saw Nurse Wang came hurriedly with a wireless phone.

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips and asked Nurse Wang calmly, “Who is calling?”

Nurse Wang handed the phone to Song Yunxuan and whispered a name, “It’s Miss Shao.”

Song Yunxuan’s heartbeat became slightly faster.

Shao Xue’s call at this time apparently showed that something happened in the Shao Family.

She turned her head to look at the door of the dining room and told Nurse Wang, “Serve Childe Chu well.”

Nurse Wang nodded.

After ordering, Song Yunxuan took the wireless phone and walked away to answer it.

Shao Xue’s voice came over the other end of the phone, “Gu Changle has fallen ill.”

Hearing that Shao Xue said Gu Changle had fallen ill, Song Yunxuan felt that thrill flooded her heart, “Who is the family doctor?”

Shao Xue lowered her voice, “Dr. Wilson couldn’t handle. Gu Changle has been sent to the People’s Hospital.”


The person who succeeded Song Yunjia as Gu Changle’s personal doctor?

She bent her lips and said, “Very well. You can’t relate to this matter. Don’t be involved with Song Yunjia.”

Shao Xue nodded, “I know.”

Thinking of her schedule, Song Yunxuan said, “I’m going to Roume tomorrow. It may take me a long time to come back.”


Song Yunxuan worried that Shao Xue was too anxious, so she said, “If you are in any danger, call me. I can take you away from the Shao Family.”

Shao Xue shook her head, “I’m fine. Don’t worry. I can handle it.”

"Don’t force yourself to endure.”

Shao Xue nodded, “I know.”

Song Yunxuan instructed Shao Xue more before hanging up the phone.

After she ended the phone, Nurse Wang hurried over to remind her, “Childe Chu has finished eating.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, handed the wireless phone in her hand to Nurse Wang, and then turned around, “I’ll go back to the room.”

Nurse Wang accompanied her back to the room.

Song Yunxuan knew Chu Mochen would sleep in the same room, so she prepared the bathwater for him after she finished bath. Then, she waited for him on the bed.

There was some fluctuation in her heart.

Not because she would share one bed with Chu Mochen.

But because Gu Changle had fallen ill.

Could Gu Changle’s illness eradicate Song Yunjia this time?

She was anticipating their final war.

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