Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 411

Chapter 411 Being Found

Chapter 411 Being Found

It was sudden when Gu Changle had an attack.

Gu Changle and Shao Tianze were in the bathtub. Gu Changle felt hurt in her heart suddenly. Her ragged breathing seemed like brambles scratching her lungs.

Her fingers twitched. The pain of hard breathing made her want to reach out her hands to rip her heart out.

On the attack, even some hallucinations had appeared in Gu Changle’s brain.

Gu Changle saw Gu Changge’s face.

There were countless faces of Gu Changge. She seemed to see Gu Changge in a kaleidoscope.

Gu Changle was to scream, but she couldn’t make a sound.

She could only grasp Shao Tianze’s arms tightly. She implored hard, “Help me… Help… Help…”

Shao Tianze did not expect that Gu Changle would have an attack at this time, either. He reached out to hug her. Shao Tianze put a large towel on Gu Changle. Then he held her out from the tub immediately.

Gu Changle seemed to have a strong and horrible delusion. She screamed ceaselessly, “Don’t come over. It was not me. You b*tch…. You deserve it! You deserve it!”

Shao Tianze did not know its meaning, but he had guessed who Gu Changle saw in the delusion.

Shao Tianze believed that Gu Changge had occurred to Gu Changle’s mind.

Otherwise, Gu Changle wouldn’t have been so excited.

The one Gu Changle hated most in her life was Gu Changge.

Gu Changle hated Gu Changge because they were the daughters of the Gu Family, but Gu Changge could get all properties and care of the Gu Family.

However, Gu Changle could just live under the shadow of Gu Changge.

The more success Gu Changge got, the more hatred Gu Changle towards to Gu Changge.

Gu Changle thought everything Gu Changge got should be shared with her. However, Gu Cheng was partial to Gu Changge.

Gu Cheng just preferred his oldest daughter Gu Changge. He never considered Gu Changle’s feelings.

Gu Changle hated her father and sister.

Therefore, Gu Changle took everything from Gu Changge.

Her heart was so painful that she was desperate to rip her heart out. Shao Tianze was by her side and comforted her, but all these even did not help.

It was not until the people in the Shao Family sent Gu Changle to the hospital that the family doctor Wilson arrived hurriedly.

Shao Tianze was exactly frightened by Gu Changle.

After Gu Changle was sent into the operating theater, Shao Tianze had been waiting outside.

Seeing Wilson coming over now, Shao Tianze burst into anger and gave Wilson a stinging slap.

Wilson was stunned. Tall and strong as he was, he could not help stepping back.

Shao Tianze looked at Wilson, who had been given a slap. He said with red eyes, “What’s up? I let you take care of Gu Changle. Have you checked her on time? Have you paid attention to her situation on time? I’ve paid you a high salary. Is it for you to be an idle man?”

Being scolded unreasonably, Wilson also felt wronged.

Holding back his anger, Wilson could only explain, “Chairman Shao, I have checked on time without any mistake. Besides, I have been watching Miss Gu’s situation every day. She takes medicine on time and recovers so well. There is no reason for her to have an attack.”

Wilson felt confused.

Shao Tianze was also an acute person. Besides, he was an expert graduating from medical school.

Shao Tianze pursed his lips. He calmed down gradually.

Wilson was right. After Gu Changle’s heart transplant, she had been receiving the best medical care.

Gu Changle had recovered very well during half a year and never had an attack.

Why did she have an attack suddenly this time?

Wilson didn’t try to find the key to the problem with Shao Tianze until seeing Shao Tianze calm down.

He looked at Shao Tianze, suggesting, “Are there any problems with Miss Gu’s diets?”

Shao Tianze denied immediately, “That’s impossible. The dishes are made according to your instructions. Besides the servants in the kitchen know clearly what Gu Changle cannot eat. Unless someone wants to kill Changle on purpose, they will never do the dishes that hurt Changle.”

Wilson sounded out Shao Tianze again, “Do you know what Miss Changle had tonight?”

Shao Tianze frowned. He took out the phone and telephoned the housekeeper.

The housekeeper answered the phone. Hearing that Shao Tianze wanted to know the ingredients of the leftovers, he had them checked immediately.

Shao Xue saw the housekeeper have the leftover checked from the second floor. She raised her lips wearily.

Shao Xue went into Gu Changle’s room. She was about to switch the medicine back.

Since Shao Tianze had considered seeking clues from Gu Changle’s diets, he would soon attach importance to her medicine.

While Shao Tianze had not noticed it yet, it was better for Shao Xue to switch the wrong medicine.

Shao Xue went to the room where Gu Changle took medicine to switch them.

After switching the medicine, Shao Xue turned around. She saw Shuang standing in front of the door at a loss.

Shao Xue did not expect to be seen switch the medicine at this time.

Shuang was standing at the door. Her eyebrows frowned tightly. Shocked and terrified, after a while, she stepped back.

Shao Xue was standing still, holding the wrong medicine in her hand.

Shuang was still in front of the door, while Shao Xue dared not move, either.

Shao Xue was afraid that her action would wake Shuang from the shock.

If Shuang had shouted loudly at this time, everyone in the Shao Family would have known that Shao Xue switched the medicine.

At that time, Song Yunjia would definitely shift responsibility and run away.

Moreover, Gu Changle would try her best to throw mud at Shao Xue by Shao Tianze’s side, driving her out of the Shao Family.

In fact, it was not enough to drive out Shao Xue.

According to Shao Tianze and Gu Changle’s personalities, they might send her into jail.

Currently, it occurred to Shao Xue that everything had been done well so far. She had been rigorous and calm.

However, when she came to the final step, everything was over.

She gave a wry smile, even without a sense of despair.

Shao Xue just grasped the medicine bottle tightly.

Shuang still stood in front of the door, her lips trembling.

Shuang was about to speak, while the voice came from her back, “Shuang, aren’t you going to the hospital? What are you doing here?”

Shuang shook for a while. Then she looked at Shao Xue, frowning.

Shao Xue thought that Shuang would have her caught.

However, to Shao Xue’s surprise, Shuang responded to that voice, “I get some things for Miss Gu.”

Hearing Shuang’s words, Shao Xue was stunned.

After saying that, Shuang went into Gu Changle’s pharmacy.

She then shut up the door.

Seeing Shuang’s actions, Shao Xue didn’t know her purpose.

Shuang closed the door. She turned around and looked at Shao Xue, saying, “Miss Shao, please put the medicine back.”

Shao Xue pursed her lips, without any words.

Shuang went on, “Miss Shao, please put the medicine back. I will pretend to see nothing.”

Shao Xue stared at Shuang with doubts.

Shuang saw Shao Xue without movements. She was a little worried. She snatched away the medicine bottle from Shao Xue and switched the real medicine back.

Shuang opened the door and found no one in the corridor. Then she pushed Shao Xue out from the pharmacy.

Shao Xue was kind of at a loss. After going out of the pharmacy, she thought nothing but running away in her chaotic mind.

Shao Xue did not do anything. She saw no one in the corridor and directly went back to her room.

Shao Xue closed the door. She went to the bathroom to wash her face. She took a deep breath to calm herself down.

She wanted to call Song Yunxuan. She lifted her fingers, wanting to pick up the phone.

She found that her fingers had been shaking.

She took another breath and tried to calm herself down. Then she dialed Song Yunxuan’s phone.

It didn’t go through immediately. Song Yunxuan answered the phone after a long time.

Song Yunxuan asked Shao Xue lazily, “Shao Xue, what happened?”

Shao Xue pursed her lips, “I was seen switching the medicine.”

“You screwed up?”

Shao Xue shook her head, “No, she didn’t say anything, nor call anyone.”

Song Yunxuan fell into silence. Then she said, “Who saw you? Tell me her name. I’ll fix it up.”

As long as she did not say anything when she saw Shao Xue switching the medicine, they could still find a way to hide it thoroughly.

Song Yunxuan just needed to know the name of this person. She had the means to make her pretend to see nothing.

Hearing the question, Shao Xue didn’t speak until she calmed down, “It’s Shuang.”

Song Yunxuan hesitated for a while, and then she asked Shao Xue, “Is it the servant called Shuang by Gu Changle’s side?”

Shao Xue’s heart beat fast because of what happened just now.

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s question, Shao Xue nodded, “Yes.”

Song Yunxuan muttered to herself. Then she said, “Don’t worry. I’ll deal with it.”

Shao Xue’s heart was still beating with a little anxiety.

Shao Xue still wanted to say something else to Song Yunxuan.

However, after comforting Shao Xue for a while, Song Yunxuan said, “I’m going to Roume tomorrow. I can’t talk with you for a long time.”

If it had been usual, Shao Xue could have known Song Yunxuan’s meaning to hang up.

However, Shao Xue was so nervous that her insight became slow.

Not until Shao Xue heard a man’s voice from Song Yunxuan did Shao Xue say thoughtfully, “Are you busy now?”

“I’m not busy. But….”

“Don’t worry. I’m fine. You can go to bed first.”

After saying that, Shao Xue hung up.

Song Yunxuan heard a busy signal on the phone. She grumbled and glanced at Chu Mochen, “Why do you talk to me suddenly?”

Chu Mochen had just had a bath. He took the towel from his neck and threw it to Song Yunxuan. “If I hadn’t spoken to you, you would have talked for a long time.”

Song Yunxuan felt Chu Mochen’s jealousy.

Chu Mochen lay in the bed. He said to her, “Come here and dry my hair.”

Song Yunxuan put the phone down. She looked at the towel in her hand and helplessly wiped Chu Mochen’s wet hair.

Chu Mochen was lying in bed and having a big enjoyable face.

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