Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 412

Chapter 412 Doctor Tan Yi

Chapter 412 Doctor Tan Yi

Chu Mochen lay in bed quietly.

Song Yunxuan wiped his hair and considered some things.

Chu Mochen’s hair was almost dry. He reached out his hand and grasped Song Yunxuan’s waist.

Song Yunxuan collected her wits.

Chu Mochen turned over and lay down. He looked at Song Yunxuan with a pair of beautiful eyes, “My hair has almost gone for your wiping.”

Song Yunxuan looked at his damp hair. She smiled helplessly, “It’s still wet.”

“It’s fine. You come here and sleep with me.”

Song Yunxuan was pulled to the bed by him. She was still about to get up, “Your hair is still wet. You will have a headache tomorrow.”

“It doesn’t matter. It will be dry after a night.”

“But it will be disordered. It’s better to dry it up.”

Song Yunxuan took away Chu Mochen’s hand on her waist. She got up and wiped Chu Mochen’s hair again.

Chu Mochen followed.

He rested his head on Song Yunxuan’s leg and let Song Yunxuan wipe his hair.

After drying it up, Song Yunxuan took the towel away.

Chu Mochen reached out his hand and held Song Yunxuan’s waist. He whispered to her, “Do you remember Mr. Mogu I found for you?”

A master from Thailend invited by Chu Mochen occurred to Song Yunxuan.

“I forget it.”

Chu Mochen lowered his voice, “He talked a lot with me. Although you probably don’t want to know our conversation, he told me that you couldn’t live long unless you took good care of yourself.”

Song Yunxuan burst out laughing, “What a weird person you’ve found! He even cursed me.”

Chu Mochen got up from Song Yunxuan’s leg. He released her and watched Song Yunxuan’s eyes seriously, “I’m serious. It’s true.”

Song Yunxuan also looked at him seriously, then she responded, “The foretelling may not come true. You needn’t believe it totally.”

“I won’t believe other predictions. But I can’t ignore any predictions or foretelling about you.”

Chu Mochen’s words made Song Yunxuan stunned.

Then she lay in bed and reached out to turn off the lamp.

The bedroom fell into darkness.

Song Yunxuan said, “Well, let’s have a rest. Don’t talk about those awful things anymore.”

Chu Mochen was about to say something.

While Chu Mochen got close to Song Yunxuan, Song Yunxuan got his hand first. Then she turned over and overlapped him to let him lie back.

Chu Mochen was stunned because of Song Yunxuan’s sudden movements.

Then Song Yunxuan kissed at Chu Mochen’s lips gently.

“Alright. Let’s sleep. Good night, my dear.”

Song Yunxuan had never been so gender or attractive before.

These movements made Chu Mochen forget what he was going to say seriously.

Song Yunxuan saw Chu Mochen get quiet. Then she came down from him.

With her face on the pillow, Song Yunxuan sighed slightly.

This sigh was too slight to be heard.

But it darkened Song Yunxuan’s eyes in the dark.

Of course Song Yunxuan knew Chu Mochen was worried about her safety.

However, Song Yunxuan would rather take a risk than stop at this moment.

She would keep going without any hesitation.

She would push Shao Tianze, Song Yunjia, and Gu Changle into an endless abyss one by one.

All she wanted was to revenge those who had killed her.

Song Yunxuan was a devil from hell.

She would be willing to go back to the hell as long as she made it.

Song Yunxuan closed her eyes, waiting for the next day.

She was flying to Itali tomorrow.

Yuncheng would get into trouble for a short time.

Song Yunxuan would leave Yuncheng, but she attached great importance to those troubles all the time.

She would see Song Yunjia lose everything with her own eyes.

She would see Shao Tianze lose everything he got from Gu Changge gradually.

Song Yunxuan would send them to hell.

The grapevines went quickly in Yuncheng.

The news that Gu Changle was in hospital had been known to everyone in Yuncheng because of the reports from Fanxing Magazine and other magazines.

Shao Xue was upset at home.

The people in People’s Hospital had begun to check Gu Changle’s diets and daily supplies, including medicine.

The dean had seen Gu Changle as trouble when she went into this hospital. But Shao Tianze had sent her in. The dean could not have her driven out.

The dean could do nothing but take in Gu Changle.

While Gu Changle was sent out from the operation room, Shao Tianze rushed over and asked anxiously, “How is Changle?”

The doctor was wearing the medical mask and surgical gowns. Hearing Shao Tianze’s question, he answered, “She is fine now. But she needs to be in hospital to accept treatment.”

Hearing those, Shao Tianze nodded. He seemed to remember something and asked the doctor, “Are you new here?”

The doctor heard that. He smiled and took off the mask.

After the doctor took off the mask, Shao Tianze immediately recognized the young doctor.

He was young and had a handsome face.

But he was a very famous cardiologist.

He had done the surgeries for some important people, and he had good a reputation throughout the whole country.

Now, this young doctor was in the People’s Hospital. And he had just done the surgery for Gu Changle.

Shao Tianze had known how much importance the hospital attached to them.

The youngest and most reliable cardiology expert Tan Yi had been invited to the People’s Hospital.

The hospital paid high attention to Gu Changle’s surgery. They might have known why Gu Changle had this attack.

Shao Tianze didn’t follow Gu Changle to the ward. Instead, he stepped forward to catch Tan Yi.

Since Tan Yi was an expert, the people in the hospital would not neglect him.

Shao Tianze must have a talk with Tan Yi for Gu Changle’s condition.

Tan Yi walked and took off his surgical suit. Then he threw the surgical cap and mask into the trash can.

When Tan Yi raised his hand to open the door, he heard Shao Tianze’s voice from his back.

“Dr. Tan, please wait for a minute.”

Being called, Tan Yi looked back indifferently.

He just saw Shao Tianze running towards him.

Tan Yi stopped to ask Shao Tianze, “Anything else I can help you?”

“I have some private things to talk with you.”

Seeing Shao Tianze’s serious expression, Tan Yi lowered his eyes. He said, “Come in, please.”

As expected, Shao Tianze went into Tan Yi’s office.

There were some pictures on the wall with all kinds of human organs in Tan Yi’s office.

In the cupboard, there were all kinds of honors and certifications of Tan Yi.

Shao Tianze had no mood to see those certifications. He just entered the office and closed the door.

He said to Tan Yi who sat at the desk, “Dr. Tan, do you know why Changle had this attack after seeing her condition?”

Tan Yi was young but experienced. Hearing Shao Tianze’s question, he said, “Have you seen Miss Gu’s diets?”

As for Changle’s diets, the test report had come out.

Shao Tianze had seen the report in this morning.

Hearing Tan Yi’s question, he said, “I have seen it. There is no problem.”

Tan Yi looked over the medical report in his hand. It was not Gu Changle’s report, but the other one’s.

Shao Tianze was very unsatisfied with Tan Yi’s attitude.

Tan Yi looked over the medical report and asked him, “Then, what medicine does Miss Gu take?”

Tan Yi suddenly asked about Gu Changle’s medicine.

That set Shao Tianze straight.

Indeed, Shao Tianze had never thought of checking Gu Changle’s medicine.

Did she have an attack because of the medicine she took?

If the medicine had no problems, Gu Changle’s condition could have been better. It was impossible to have a paroxysm like now.

Shao Tianze turned around to go out before he could say more to Tan Yi.

Tan Yi wore a pair of black-rimmed glasses and looked calm. His eyes were light-colored, which made him looked very indifferent and conservative.

After Shao Tianze left, Tan Yi raised his hand to adjust his glasses.

Then he used the phone in his office to call the dean.

The dean answered Tan Yi’s phone politely. After all, the People’s Hospital was honored by the expert’s arrival like Tan Yi.

Tan Yi asked the dean in a light tone, “Could I be the attending doctor of Miss Gu?”

The dean got stunned for a while. He did not take it.

Tan Yi didn’t get the dean’s response. He continued, “I can easily handle Miss Gu’s condition. To get her recovered as soon as possible, I hope I can be the attending doctor of Miss Gu.”

The dean began to take it by Tan Yi’s words. He said with some doubts, “However, Director Tan, Miss Gu has a family doctor. Her family doctor has been participating in treatments all the time. Director Tan, did you mean…”

“I’m the best choice to be Miss Gu’s attending doctor.”

Tan Yi’s words made the dean surprised. He didn’t understand why Tan Yi was willing to be Gu Changle’s attending doctor.

Besides, Gu Changle was not a heavenly beauty.

Even though she was pretty, the affairs between Gu Changle and Shao Tianze were enough to drive Tan Yi away.

How could Tan Yi fall in love with Gu Changle at first sight?

The dean thought a lot, but he could not refuse to answer Tan Yi’s question.

The dean temporized, “You’d better discuss with Chairman Shao about this. Chairman Shao has been looking after Miss Gu. It is him who decides who can be Miss Gu’s attending doctor.”

Tan Yi heard the dean’s words. He nodded and hung up the phone, “I see. Thank you for telling me about that.”

The dean heard the busy tone. He felt that things became complicated.

Why did this young talent in medical circles suddenly apply for a job in this hospital? And why did he want to be Gu Changle’s attending doctor?