Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 414

Chapter 414 Medicine Identification

Chapter 414 Medicine Identification

As long as someone said he wanted to have a private word, he probably meant that he had something extremely important to say.

And it was natural for the smart guy Shao Tianze to understand it very soon.

After telling something to Gu Changle, he went out with Tan Yi.

After Tan Yi had left the room, he said to Shao Tianze, “Miss Gu’s not recuperating well enough.”

Shao Tianze pressed his lips, “What do you mean, Director Tan?”

Tan Yi was not going to beat around the bush. He expressed his grudge against Wilson, “Your family doctor seemed to be a bit incompetent.”

Hearing his words, Shao Tianze could almost guess what he meant. Then he replied with a smile, “So what do you think I should do as my family doctor is incompetent, Director Tan?”

Tan Yi looked like a conceited person, and Shao Tianze could almost guess what Tan Yi was going to say next.

As expected, Tan Yi said in the next second, “Doctor Wilson is unsuited to taking care of Miss Gu. Mr. Shao, how about letting me be Miss Gu’s family doctor?”

Shao Tianze didn’t expect that Tan Yi came straight to the point like this.

However, it was not inappropriate for Tan Yi to be this straight.

Indeed, Shao Tianze was also unsatisfied with Wilson.

He enjoyed such a high salary, yet he could not help him to take good care of Changle. Even if he had continued taking care of her, Wilson would have been of no value to Changle.

It was better for Shao Tianze to hire a doctor whose competence was worthy of his fame to take care of Gu Changle than to keep one who was not worthy of his fame.

For example, Tan Yi.

He was quite a good choice.

Tan Yi recommended himself.

And Shao Tianze was not being affected and made a decision right away, “Call me when you are free, Director Tan. We’ll conclude a contract and you’ll be Changle’s personal doctor, Director Tan.”

“About my job in the People’s Hospital….”

Tan Yi slightly hesitated.

Shao Tianze smiled, “Don’t worry, Director Tan. You can still work in the People’s Hospital. It doesn’t matter to be Changle’s personal doctor while working in the hospital.”

After getting the answer, Tan Yi put his mind at ease.

Shao Tianze was a man of his word, and he was quite efficient.

After deciding to let Tan Yi be Gu Changle’s personal doctor, he immediately fired Wilson.

Wilson felt it quite baffling and wanted Shao Tianze to give him a reasonable explanation.

Yet Shao Tianze had been staying in the VIP ward of the hospital because of Gu Changle’s physical condition.

Besides, even if Wilson had wanted to meet Shao Tianze, he would have had to break through the bodyguards’ defense.

Wilson had got high payment.

After giving it a second thought, he decided not to meet Shao Tianze. Instead, he returned to his country with the payment.

After knowing that Gu Changle’s personal doctor had been switched to another person, Song Yunjia asked someone in the People’s Hospital to find out who the new personal doctor was.

Because this was very important to her.

There were not many people in the People’s Hospital who could nose around for her. Even if there had been someone who nosed around for her considering the previous colleague friendship, the messages they got were not that accurate.

After they inquired about information for a whole afternoon, only one colleague called Song Yunjia in the evening and told her, “It seemed that Gu Changle’s family doctor had been switched to Director Tan from our hospital.”

Song Yunjia slightly frowned, “Director Tan? Which Director Tan?”

There was more than one doctor surnamed Tan in the medical circles, and it was quite reasonable for her to be unfamiliar with new-coming doctors as she had been away from the People’s Hospital for such a long time.

Hearing her question, the person on the other end asked her in astonishment, “Don’t you remember Director Tan? Yunjia, the cardiologist came to our hospital this time was the quite renowned one in the circle!”

There were very few doctors surnamed Tan who was renowned in the field of cardiology nationwide. After thinking it over, Song Yunjia immediately recalled who Director Tan was.

“You mean Tan Yi?”

The doctor nodded.

Song Yunjia frowned tightly, “How could the small People’s Hospital invite such an elite?”

Of course, no one knew why Tan Yi came to work in the People’s Hospital.

Though there were many stories about why Tan Yi came to the People’s Hospital, yet only Tan Yi knew the real reason.

The doctor seemed to be bored, so she could not help sighing before hanging up on Song Yunjia, “Director Tan was being really strange. It seemed that he cared much about Gu Changle that he sifted and listed every possible reason which could be the cause of Gu Changle’s illness. He even ran a check on the medicine Miss Gu takes every day.”

The doctor on the other end mentioned this unintentionally.

But Song Yunxuan instantly turned pale on hearing it.

She had a very bad feeling.

Tan Yi ran a check on the medicine.

The thing that the medicine had been switched would soon be found out.

By then, if Shao Xue hadn’t done things neatly and had been caught, would Shao Xue have confessed and said that Song Yunjia was the prime mover?

Song Yunjia’s mind was in chaos.

The doctor on the other end found that she remained silent for such a while, so she said, “I have some work to do. Yunjia, I’ll hang up for now.”

Song Yunjia nodded, stupefied. Then she waited for the other end to hang up.

Yet all she was thinking about was the thing that Tan Yi ran a check on Gu Changle’s medicine again.

She frowned and felt quite mad.

Tan Yi really had an oar in every man’s boat.

Shao Tianze had already had Gu Changle’s medicine analyzed.

Why did Tan Yi analyze the ingredients of it again?

She still had some money in hand and some social network in the People’s Hospital.

She gave some money to someone in the hospital to run a correct check on the medicine on knowing that Shao Tianze had someone analyze Gu Changle’s medicine.

Now Tan Yi ran a check on it again.

So the fake ingredients of the medicine would definitely be found out.

By then, the Shao Family would dig deep and find out who switched Gu Changle’s medicine.

And the person was Shao Xue.

She was Shao Tianze’s younger sister.

If Shao Tianze had had mercy on Shao Xue, then she could have protected Shao Xue.

However, if Shao Tianze had insisted on investigating her, Shao Xue might have probably given Shao Tianze her name.

By then, her relationship with Shao Tianze would have nosedived.

Besides, according to the character of the b*tch Gu Changle, she might have probably dramatized it and made Shao Tianze punish her severely.

After putting down her phone, she felt quite worried.

She was thinking all about how to make Shao Xue avoid mentioning her being the prime mover.

But after thinking it over and over again, she still could not figure out a way.

She could only call Shao Xue and let Shao Xue keep her mouth shut and not give up her name.

She called Shao Xue right away.

Seeing that the call was from Song Yunjia, Shao Xue pressed the answering key.

Sure enough, Song Yunjia had already got the message that something happened in the Shao Family.

And she also knew the thing that Tan Yi had displaced Wilson to be Gu Changle’s personal doctor.

After saying something to Shao Xue, Song Yunjia came to the point, “Shao Xue, I have a favor to ask you.”

Shao Xue slightly raised her eyebrows and appeared quite polite. However, she could almost guess what Song Yunjia was about to say in her heart.

Actually, Song Yunjia simply wanted her to hold the bag for her.

Song Yunjia felt embarrassed, so she thought for a while and then told her, “Shao Xue, I heard from my previous colleague in the hospital that Tan Yi had already run a check on Gu Changle’s medicine in person.”

Shao Xue understood what Song Yunjia meant from her words.

Tan Yi took the fake medicine to analyze the ingredients. Soon, the Shao Family would dig deep to find the person who switched Gu Changle’s medicine.

And she would soon be caught.

By then, if she had not kept her mouth shut and had given up Song Yunjia’s name, then Song Yunjia would have been doomed.

She could understand that Song Yunjia hastily wanted her to hold the bag for her.

Therefore, after Song Yunjia finished her words, she took the initiative to guarantee, “Sister Yunjia, don’t worry. Even if I’m caught by the Shao Family, I will answer for what I did. Sister Yunjia, don’t worry. I’ll never give up your name.”

Song Yunjia was relieved after getting Shao Xue’s guarantee.

Yet she didn’t know that there was one thing that happened tonight.

The test on the ingredients of Gu Changle’s life-saving medicine had been handed to Tan Yi.

Shao Tianze was a student of medicine. After he compared the test result in Tan Yi’s hand with the hospital’s test result, his face clouded.

Seeing the two test results of the medicine which were totally different, Tan Yi said, “That’s too bad. The two test results are completely different. I don’t know if you trust me or my hospital, Mr. Shao.”

Shao Tianze looked at Tan Yi meaningfully.

Being stared at by him, Tan Yi smiled helplessly, “Why are you staring at me like this, Mr. Shao? If you don’t believe my test result, you can get a third party to analyze the medicine again.”

Indeed, if Shao Tianze had believed neither of the two test results, he could have gotten another medicine authentication institution to analyze it again.

Shao Tianze could not fully believe the test result of the hospital.

But he could never choose to trust Tan Yi, either.

Tan Yi seemed to be able to guess what was in Shao Tianze’s mind, so he smiled gently, suggesting, “You’d better get a third party to analyze it again. Otherwise, as my test result is different from our hospital’s, the hospital may drive my out.”

He was just kidding.

But Shao Tianze could faintly feel that Tan Yi’s words suggested that he could not fully trust the hospital.

He wanted Shuang to bring the medicine back to analyze the ingredients again.

However, before he could tell Shuang about it, Tan Yi stopped him.

Looking at Shao Tianze, Tan Yi gently smiled, saying, “Things are more complicated than we think. I suggest you tell no one about the thing that we will get a third party to analyze Miss Gu’s medicine before you get the result, Mr. Shao.”

Shao Tianze took his advice agreeably.

When Shuang gave the medicine to Gu Changle, he took it from Shuang’s hand and sent it to run a medical identification.