Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 422

Chapter 422 Mrs. Sophia

Chapter 422 Mrs. Sophia

Song Yunjia knew that Gu Changle would not let her off easily.

She had figured this out after being sent to the police and held in custody.

She had fought against Gu Changle for so long, yet she actually failed to beat Gu Changle in the end.

She was completely defeated by Gu Changle.

She felt amused, yet she also felt like crying.

In the lockup, she waited for the people outside to convict her of murder.

In the meantime, Shao Xue felt relieved after Song Yunjia had been sent to the police because of being accused of such a crime.

She called Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan stayed in the hotel owned by the Family Sophia in Roume.

After communicating with Lu Xia, she was sent over by the Family Sophia.

Hearing what happened to Song Yunjia, she paused for a moment. Then she asked, “How is she doing now?”

“She shouldn’t be doing well. Shall I go to see her?”

Song Yunxuan frowned, “Stay away from her at this moment. There is no need to see her now.”

“I see, Yunxuan.”

“Okay.” Song Yunxuan nodded and told her not to act rashly. Then she hung up the phone.

Seeing that she hung up, Chu Mochen slightly pressed his lips, asking her, “The things in Yuncheng have settled down?”

Song Yunxuan knew that Chu Mochen must know the thing that she fought against Song Yunjia.

So she was not going to hide it from him anymore. She nodded and replied, “Everything is settled.”

Nothing should make a difference now.

“Before Song Yunjia is taken to prison and brought to justice, I want to have a private word with the woman.” Chu Mochen made such a request.

Song Yunxuan was slightly stupefied and gave an oblique look to him, “What do you two have to talk about?”

Chu Mochen’s pupils became deep. He replied, “A lot of things.”

At least, he needed to ask her about how Gu Changge died.

While Gu Changge was alive, she had a good relationship with Song Yunjia. Besides, Song Yunjia had been Gu Changge’s attending doctor. If Gu Changge had suddenly died, Song Yunjia must have known something.

Song Yunxuan seemed to know what Chu Mochen would ask Song Yunjia. She twitched her lips, sneering, “I don’t know what you will ask Song Yunjia, but I’m sure that Song Yunjia will say nothing no matter what you ask her.”

Hearing this, Chu Mochen turned to look at her, asking, “How can you be so sure?”

Song Yunxuan twitched her lips, replying, “I don’t know about others, but I know quite well about how much she loved Shao Tianze.”

Song Yunjia was dead set on marrying Shao Tianze and she had deep feelings for him.

In order to make Shao Tianze pay attention to her, she was willing to take risks to help Shao Tianze kill Gu Changge.

In order to stay with Shao Tianze, she even became Gu Changle’s doctor. During all these years, she watched the intimacy between Gu Changle and Shao Tianze.

She could bear it.

And she could bear it for so long, which showed how much she was obsessed with Shao Tianze.

“Song Yunjia is now on her beam-ends, so what can she hide others from?”

“My stubborn eldest sister will not mention a single word about anything related to Shao Tianze. If you don’t believe me, just go and try your luck.”

Song Yunxuan pressed her lips.

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Chu Mochen nodded, saying, “I see. I’m going back to see Song Yunjia this afternoon. Do you want to return with me?”

A little sense of loss crossed Song Yunxuan’s mind.

“What do you want to ask Song Yunjia?” She could almost guess what Chu Mochen wanted to ask Song Yunjia about.

But she still wanted Chu Mochen to say it personally.

After remaining silent for a while, Chu Mochen said, “Changge’s death must have something to do with Song Yunjia.”

“You want to investigate the reason why Gu Changge died?”

“She is my old acquaintance.”

“Go ahead. I’ll stay here to help Lu Xia.”

She said it frankly.

She had mixed feelings about the thing that Chu Mochen would investigate the reason why Gu Changge died.

After all, Gu Changge had been dead for so long. Therefore, the only ones who could remember her were Chu Mochen as well as her son and daughter.

It was rare that Chu Mochen still doubted the reason why Gu Changge died considering their family relationship.

After saying that he would leave, Chu Mochen left without staying in Roume for too long.

The flight would go back on tonight.

The Family Sophia felt somewhat strange about the thing that Chu Mochen suddenly left.

George even called in person to ask Song Yunxuan, “Why did Mr. Chu leave in such a hurry?”

“He needs to deal with some domestic affairs.”

“Won’t you return to your country with Mr. Chu?” George’s words were with some contempt.

Yet Song Yunxuan smiled when sensing that there was some contempt in his words, asking, “Why? You don’t think that I can help Sister Xia marry into Family Sophia, Mr. George?”

“Without the mastermind Childe Chu, I really doubt if you can turn the tide, young Miss Song.”

“What tide?”

George came straight to the point, “Our family had already asked me to marry the youngest daughter of the Family Louis.”

“The youngest daughter of the Family Louis?”

“Yeah. She’s a quite beautiful and sweet woman. Her blood and family background are very fit for our Family Sophia.”

“A perfect match?”

George nodded, “Yes.”


George was slightly stupefied when hearing her congratulations so easily. He became angry, “Didn’t you say you would help Lu Xia marry into Family Sophia?”

"Don’t worry. I’ll try my best, and I already have a solution.”

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Nevertheless, please get on well with Miss Louis these days and pay less attention to Sister Xia.”

She and George were both smart, so he naturally knew what she meant.

The Family Sophia did not allow George to marry Lu Xia, and they were quite resistant to it.

As the Family Sophia had been entrenched in Roume for so long, they would surely use various ways to stop George to marry Lu Xia.

They would use both the aboveboard and underhanded tricks.

And at this moment, there was even someone suggesting the Family Sophia and the Family Louis should unite by marriage. It showed that the Family Sophia wanted George to marry the youngest daughter as soon as possible to stabilize the family situation.

And they wanted George to give up on Lu Xia first.

If George had acted violently and shown that he wanted to continue staying around Lu Xia instead of associating with the youngest daughter of the Family Louis, Lu Xia’s life would have been at stake.

The Family Sophia would probably eradicate Lu Xia through cruel tricks.

For them, Lu Xia was just a woman who was pregnant with a baby with impure blood of the Family Sophia.

Though the child in her belly was valued by George.

Yet in the eyes of the other seniors in the Family Sophia, Lu Xia was nobody.

Though George had already become the head of the Family Sophia, yet he could not do things as he wished without listening to others’ advice.

As the head of the family, he still had to listen to the advice of the elder members who were of noble character and high prestige.

Thinking of this, Song Yunjia suddenly laughed, asking, “Mr. George, may I have tea at your place tomorrow?”

“Always welcome! And you can chat with Lu Xia when you come.”

Getting George’s permission, Song Yunxuan hung up the phone after a few civilities.

After she hung up the phone, her eyes became dull.

The Family Sophia’s matters were tricky.

But they were not so tricky that she could not handle them.

She could help Lu Xia marry into the Family Sophia. She was both helping Lu Xia and herself.

Song Yunxuan had mixed feelings this night.

She was thinking about the plan related to the Family Sophia and was also hoping that Song Yunjia could do something for her as she got into such a plight.

If Song Yunjia had known what kind of person Shao Tianze was after this and become disappointed with Shao Tianze,

Would it be an opportunity for her to use Song Yunjia as a breakthrough and make her testify, making the real cause of Gu Changge’s death known to the public?

But the thought just flitted through her mind like a flash of lightning.

Because Song Yunjia had persistent deep feelings for Shao Tianze which were almost twisted herself.

Making her testify against Shao Tianze was no different from making her betray Shao Tianze.

Song Yunjia would never allow herself to betray Shao Tianze.

Song Yunxuan pressed her lips and sighed gently. Then she turned over and closed her eyes.

She felt asleep.

Maybe it was because of messages about Song Yunjia, she dreamed about many things happening in the past this night.

But the knock on the door on the next morning woke her up and shattered the illusions in her dreams.

She got off the bed, wore a coat, and went to open the door.

At the door stood the housekeeper of the villa where Lu Xia lived.

Seeing Song Yunxuan, the housekeeper smiled, saying, “Miss Song, Miss Lu asked me to invite you over to our villa.”

His language was poor.

Song Yunxuan nodded, “Please wait a second. Let me get washed first.”

Actually, Lu Xia did not invite her for nothing.

She invited her over because George wanted her to think of a solution as soon as possible.

After the bath, she changed into another coat and went out.

When she just reached the door, she saw that there were four or five foreign bodyguards around the housekeeper.

Song Yunjia slightly frowned and burst into a laugh, “Mr. George sent these people to protect me?”

The housekeeper felt strange, “Aren’t they the bodyguards left by Mr. Chu?”

Song Yunjia frowned. One of the five bodyguards looked shorter than the other, but he looked quite stable.

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s question, the bodyguard replied fluently to Song Yunxuan, “Miss Song, we are bodyguards sent by Mr. Chu to be responsible for your personal safety.”

Song Yunxuan could not fully believe him as there was no proof.

She could only call Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen picked up the phone and asked her, “Have you seen the five bodyguards?”

Song Yunxuan nodded and said, “There is no need for you to have so many people protecting me. George will send bodyguards to keep me safe.”

“His protection cannot be better than mine.”

Song Yunxuan did not refute. Indeed, Chu Mochen’s protection for her was better than others’.

She curled up her lips, saying, “Thank you.”

She was not used to saying thank you to others, and little had she said thank you to Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen had helped her a lot both directly and indirectly.

However, not until now did he finally hear Song Yunjia say thank you to him.

He remained silent for a moment. Then he said, “If you really feel grateful, marry me as soon as possible. I can’t wait to give you a status and let you become my wife.”

He had always been doting on her, which was extremely warm.

And Song Yunxuan’s mindset had begun to change after all she had been through.

She pressed her lips, promising, “When this is all over, I’ll marry you happily.”

Only after Shao Tianze fell from grace and she had her revenge could she enjoy life with Chu Mochen in peace.

By then, she would treat Chu Mochen very well.

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