Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 423

Chapter 423 Miss Louis

Chapter 423 Miss Louis

Song Yunxuan’s answer silenced Chu Mochen.

Waiting until all was over?

Song Yunxuan had so many secrets. How many things did she need to do?

How much longer did he need to wait for her?

Chu Mochen could have found an outstanding woman to marry and then had children. If he had treated another woman half as much as he did to Song Yunxuan, he would have made that woman be dead set on marrying him.

However, Song Yunxuan refused to marry him many times.

Song Yunxuan knew that if she had gone on talking, she would have made the subject quite embarrassing.

She changed the subject, “How’s my elder sister?”

“I went to see her yesterday. She was not willing to say anything or meet anyone.”

“Wait till I get back.”

“Shao Tianze should not let her off. After all, Gu Changle….”

Chu Mochen did not finish his words, but Song Yunxuan could understand what he meant.

As long as Gu Changle stayed with Shao Tianze, Song Yunjia would certainly come to a sticky end.

After all, not a single woman would have mercy on her rival in love.

Besides, Song Yunjia once wanted to kill Gu Changle.

How could Gu Changle let off Song Yunjia easily as she finally had a chance to crack down on her?

Song Yunxuan pressed her lips, “Wait until I get back.”

Chu Mochen nodded, “No matter what, she is your elder sister. Before you return, I will not allow the Shao Family to send your elder sister to prison.”

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Thank you.”

She had lots of questions for Song Yunjia.

Now Song Yunjia was not in her most desperate time.

Shao Tianze would let Song Yunjia feel more desperate as time went on.

Song Yunxuan was sure that the scumbag Shao Tianze would kick anyone when he or she was down.

She pressed her lips and hung up on Chu Mochen. Then she followed the housekeeper sent by Lu Xia to Lu Xia’s villa.

Coincidentally, there was not only Lu Xia nourishing the fetus in the large luxury villa when she arrived this time.

There was also a gorgeous and willowy beauty with blonde hair and big blue eyes.

The beauty looked to be twenty-four or twenty-five years old.

When she looked at Lu Xia’s bulging belly, her face suggested that she was quite disgusted with her.

Song Yunxuan startled the women when she entered.

Lu Xia introduced her for Song Yunxuan, “This is Louis Tracia.”

Lu Xia was not quite disgusted with the intruder.

It was probably because Lu Xia barely had feelings for George.

Seeing Song Yunxuan, Louis Tracia became more discontented.

As if she felt uncomfortable about all the people’s presence, she left with her head up after casting a glance at Lu Xia.

After Louis Tracia had left,

Song Yunjia asked Lu Xia in a tongue-in-cheek manner, “Is this miss here to swagger?”

“It appears so.”

Lu Xia did not take it seriously.

“It seems that she likes George very much. Otherwise, she will not come here to swagger.”

Song Yunxuan smiled and sat down.

Lu Xia let a family servant offer Song Yunxuan tea.

The tea was premium and was the West Lake Longjing Tea brought from her homeland.

Song Yunxuan smelt it gently, smiling, “Mr. George has devoted so much. Please treat him well when you are with George, Sister Xia.”

Lu Xia remained silent.

Song Yunxuan could not see that Lu Xia was deeply in love with Shao Tianze or obsessed with him from her face.

On the contrary, Lu Xia had been quite calm from the beginning.

She seemed to know what she needed to do and what choice she should make.

She asked Song Yunxuan, “Have you thought of a proper solution?”

“Didn’t Miss Louis come to swagger?”

Lu Xia frowned, “So you mean?”

“That means Miss Louis falls in love with Mr. George. Therefore, Mr. George’s words will have a greater influence on Miss Louis than our efforts.”

Lu Xia pressed her lips, “George cannot unite the Family Louis by marriage openly as it will draw much attention and will be a big blow to the Family Sophia.”

Lu Xia’s analysis made Song Yunxuan narrow her eyes. She could not help curling up her lips, “Sister Xia, as you said, I feel that you care much about Mr. George in your heart.”

Lu Xia took a look at Song Yunxuan and did not deny it, yet she did not admit that she cared about George.

She did not admit or deny it, and Song Yunxuan naturally thought that Lu Xia acquiesced in it.

She felt that she might be free for a while and could return to see her broken-down elder sister.

She gently put her lips to Lu Xia’s ear and whispered, “You should let Mr. George do this…”

Her voice was low. After hearing a few words, Lu Xia began to frown.

However, the housekeeper next to them did not hear a single word.

Lu Xia looked at Song Yunxuan doubtfully after hearing her words, “Can this really be OK?”

“Sister Xia, you have to trust me. If I have no confidence in it, I will not give you such lousy advice.”

Lu Xia pressed her lips.

Song Yunxuan looked at her, “Sister Xia, this is a great opportunity. You must let Mr. George try harder. If any link goes wrong, you will fail completely.”

She looked at Lu Xia.

In Lu Xia’s eyes lay worry because of Song Yunxuan’s idea.

Song Yunxuan did not plan to stay here for too long. After this, she finished the superior West Lake Longjing Tea.

Then she exclaimed, “What good tea!”

Lu Xia still frowned slightly.

Song Yunxuan put down the cup and excused herself, “My elder sister called me at home this morning and told me to hurry back. I’ll return to attend the wedding between you and Mr. George.”

“You will have to wait for about one year.”

“Mr. George is so clever. Maybe in less than three months, he can marry you.”

She looked at Lu Xia, smiling.

Lu Xia did not say anything else.

Though Song Yunxuan stayed in Roume for less than a week, George still came to send her to the airport when it was time for her to leave.

George did not quite fancy Song Yunxuan’s lousy idea, “You want me to be nice to Louis?”

“Mr. George, it’s just a sleight-of-hand. Anyway, you should wait until Sister Xia gives birth to her child, and then you can contend with your family openly.”

“But I feel disgusted with Louis every time I see her.”

“Think about it in a different way. Actually, Miss Louis is a rare beauty. Please treat Miss Louis well.”

When she left, she smiled at George.

George did not feel like smiling at all, and there was no sign of a smile on his face.

Seeing that George did not smile at all during the time he saw her off, Song Yunxuan just shrugged and left.

When she boarded the plane, Chu Mochen heard about it.

The bodyguards he left behind had been following Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan’s every move would be reported to Chu Mochen.

So when Song Yunxuan was returning, Chu Mochen got the message instantly.

Chu Mochen came to meet her plane.

No sooner had Song Yunxuan got out of the Customs than she saw Chu Mochen walking over to her.

Song Yunxuan took off her glasses and began to tease Chu Mochen, “Miss me?”

Chu Mochen scooped her into his arms and kissed her forehead with his thin lips, “One day apart seems like three years.”

Hearing that he overstated his feeling, Song Yunxuan could not help smiling.

Though they were just honeyed words, yet Song Yunxuan began to like them.

She was in a good mood probably because everything had been going quite smoothly recently.

Mei Qi also came along to meet her plane with Chu Mochen.

Though Song Yunjia had only been away for a few days, Mei Qi still missed her very much when seeing her.

Yet Song Yunxuan did not forget what she needed to ask though Mei Qi missed her very much, “Have you found Yi and Miaomiao’s whereabouts?”

Mei Qi frowned as if it had been a long story.

Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows, and dissatisfaction appeared in her eyes. Yet when thinking of the matters going on in the Shao Family, she felt that nothing would happen to Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

So she did not press Mei Qi for now. Instead, she told him, “You’d better find them as soon as possible.”

Mei Qi nodded.

Song Yunxuan asked him again, “How is my elder sister doing?”

“I suggest you see her in person, Manager Song.”

Mei Qi’s words hit the spot.

Song Yunjia was in a hard time. If Song Yunxuan had just asked briefly about how she was doing, outsiders would have felt that there was barely a relationship between the sisters.

Though her relationship with Song Yunjia had already become deadlocked when she took over the Song Family.

Yet now she needed to visit her. Even if this had been just a show, she would still have had to put it on.

Moreover, it was not just a show.

She had waited so long for Song Yunjia to fall on evil days.

She slowly calmed herself down.

Mei Qi and Chu Mochen were both around her.

Mei Qi knew how to behave. He knew that Song Yunxuan didn’t want him to play gooseberry as Chu Mochen was with her, so he took the initiative to say that he had to return to the company and make preparations for the regular meeting.

Song Yunxuan agreed and allowed him to return.

The Song enterprise was not big, yet it was definitely not a small one.

During the time she was in the Harbor City, Mei Qi took care of the affairs in the Song enterprise.

There would be a meeting as she came back this time because she wanted to see if Mei Qi had misconducted anything or taken the liberty to decide on anything.

Mei Qi returned to prepare for the meeting materials.

Song Yunxuan went to the lockup together with Chu Mochen.

“The Shao Family just sent Song Yunjia to the lockup, yet they had not said how they would deal with her.”

Song Yunxuan showed disapproval, “At this moment, Gu Changle will definitely destroy my elder sister. If Shao Tianze allows it, my elder sister will probably stay in jail for the rest of her life.”

After all, intentional murder was a big deal.

To add insult to injury, many witnesses turned against her.

Song Yunxuan really wanted to go to the lockup to see how Song Yunjia was doing now.

Song Yunjia had been loving Shao Tianze for all these years and had helped Shao Tianze a lot. She used the scalpel to end Gu Changge’s life.

Now she ended up like this.

How pathetic she was!

A trace of excitement appeared between her eyes and eyebrows.

She gradually began to feel happy because she was about to get her revenge.

She increasingly looked forward to seeing Song Yunjia.