Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 429

Chapter 429 Being Helpless

Chapter 429 Being helpless

Never had Shao Tianze expected that Song Yunjia, who always kept her mouth shut, said this aloud without a second thought.

Hearing those words, Shao Tianze immediately frowned and covered Song Yunjia’s mouth. Then he closed the door, berating her, “Are you crazy?”

He glared at Song Yunjia and felt somewhat nervous.

His main worry was that Song Yunjia might spill out the secret.

As long as Song Yunjia began to say something crazy, he would become more worried.

And the more worried he felt, the more he wanted to eradicate her.

However, every time he wanted to make a move on Song Yunjia, he always put it off.

Perhaps there could be another chance.

A chance that he could continue keeping the secret in the dark without killing anyone.

He had once told Gu Changle how they could keep things in the dark without killing Song Yunjia.

However, the reply Gu Changle gave him was quite simple and cold-blooded.

Gu Changle replied to him, “Didn’t you say that only the dead could keep secrets?”

Gu Changle was different from Gu Changge. Though Gu Changge always settled matters with finesse, yet she knew where to draw the line and always protected someone or something stubbornly.

Yet Gu Changle was quite different. She would show no mercy as long as a matter concerning her personal interests.

She would stop at nothing to get what she wanted.

This time, her target was Song Yunjia.

And she persuaded Shao Tianze to eradicate Song Yunjia every time he hesitated.

As Song Yunjia’s mouth was covered by Shao Tianze, she goggled at him.

Shao Tianze met her eyes and saw that tears gradually filled her eyes.

He calmed down and gasped. Only by then did Shao Tianze slowly remove his hand from Song Yunjia’s mouth.

And he admonished her, “Don’t you ever mention this again. If some outsiders hear it, we will be in real trouble.”

“Real trouble?” Song Yunjia sneered. “Now there’s nothing left of Gu Changge, so who can shake your position in the Gu Family?”

Speaking of Gu Changge, Shao Tianze’s face tightened as if it had been frozen.

“Anyway, it’s better for you to keep the secret. The reason that I come today is… ”

“I know that you come to drive me away from Yuncheng.” Without letting him finish, Song Yunjia took the initiative to say, “I know what my position is now and the reason that you come. You can rest assured. I can bite my lip.”

“It’s better for you to go to Switserland to live with your mother.”

“I’m not leaving.” Song Yunjia was extraordinarily stubborn.

She looked at Shao Tianze, and the stubbornness and determination in her eyes made Shao Tianze feel that she was immovable.

“It’s meaningless for you to stay on in Yuncheng. I will not be with you. I’ve exerted so much effort to make Changle stop trying to hold you responsible for attempting to murder her.”

Hearing Shao Tianze’s words, Song Yunjia could not help sneering, “Thank you for your painstaking effort.”

“Yunjia, don’t speak in a voice dripping with sarcasm.”

“Dripping with sarcasm? I just feel that I didn’t see through you. Why did I never see you treat Gu Changge this nicely?”

Song Yunjia mentioned Gu Changge repeatedly, making Shao Tianze feel that Song Yunjia’s words were quite biting.

“Don’t mention Gu Changge anymore. She is already dead.”

“Will you forget Gu Changge even if I don’t mention her?” Song Yunjia asked him, “Gu Changle is Gu Changge’s younger sister. You and Gu Changle are always inseparable, so haven’t you thought of Gu Changge when you are with Gu Changle?”

Song Yunjia’s voice trembled with emotion.

And what she said seemed to touch Shao Tianze’s softest spot.

“Stop it.” Shao Tianze looked up at Song Yunjia, “If you go on talking about her, I’ll not visit you anymore.”

For Song Yunjia, this was something she feared most.

Though she acted pettily, yet deep in her heart still stayed her desire and love for Shao Tianze, which could not be spilled out.

She stopped talking.

She refused to take the plane ticket Shao Tianze handed her.

So Shao Tianze put the plane ticket onto a nearby desk.

“Tell me when you prepare to leave. I’ll see you off if I’m not busy.”

Song Yunjia frowned and watched Shao Tianze walk out of the door. Yet she finally broke the silence and said, “I’ll not leave.”

Hearing her words, Shao Tianze halted.

Then he turned his head to look at her.

Song Yunjia’s eyes were fixed on him, “I’ll stay in Yuncheng. This is my hometown.”

She was so stubborn and would not listen to him.

Shao Tianze had no other way, so he turned his gaze back and left.

After staying in Song Yunjia’s apartment for less than half an hour, Shao Tianze went back into his car and drove away.

In the meantime, Song Yunxuan’s car was not far outside the community, and she was waiting to see when Shao Tianze would leave.

Seeing Shao Tianze’s car leave the community, Song Yunxuan pressed her lips and told the driver in the front, “Let’s go.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s order, the driver drove away from the community.

Along the way, Song Yunying stroked her belly, thinking about Song Yunjia’s expression.

On the halfway, she was still worried, so she asked Song Yunxuan, “Yunxuan, you said that Shao Tianze might want to eradicate the eldest sister, and now he came to visit her. Should we return to see if the eldest sister is alright?”

Song Yunxuan focused on her cellphone without even looking up, “Why bother?”

“What if the eldest sister got hurt?”

“Shao Tianze is not a fool. If anything happens to the eldest sister, he must have something to do with it. Even if he wants to eradicate the eldest sister, he will not do it himself.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Song Yunying felt that it was reasonable.

So she stopped asking her.

After returning to the Song Family, Song Yunxuan began to deal with matters of the Song Family.

She had been pressing Mei Qi to find Gu Yi and Miaomiao’s whereabouts as soon as possible.

However, after being back from Roume for two weeks, Mei Qi still achieved nothing.

She naturally became antsy.

Even Chu Mochen, who returned in the evening every day to have dinner with her, sensed her mood swings.

“Is there anything troubling you?”

Chu Mochen asked her gently.

Being asked, she had no appetite to eat anymore.

She put down the soup spoon in her hand and drew a tissue to wipe her lips, replying, “I have still got no message from Yi and Miaomiao.”

Hearing this, Chu Mochen slightly looked at her askance, “Still care about the two kids?”


“They are Gu Changge and Shao Tianze’s kids. Even if Shao Tianze has no feelings for Gu Changge, the two kids are still Shao Tianze’s own flesh and blood. Shao Tianze will not make a move on his own children heartlessly.”

“Don’t bet on it.” Song Yunxuan was worried that Shao Tianze would not treat the two kids nicely and Gu Changle might want to get rid of those two kids.

Chu Mochen knew clearly what was in her mind, so he asked her tentatively, “Are you worried that Gu Changle may do something to the two kids?”

“Yes.” she nodded.

“Gu Changle has poor health and cannot be pregnant. Besides, she is infertile.”

“Although she can’t be pregnant and allows another woman to give Shao Tianze a baby, she will never let Gu Yi and Miaomiao inherit everything of the Gu Family.”

“If you want to see those two kids, I can offer some help.”

Hearing this, Song Yunxuan’s eyes lit up, “Do you know where the two kids are?”

She looked at Chu Mochen expectantly.

Chu Mochen shook his head, “No. But the Family Sophia does.”

The Family Sophia was suddenly involved in this matter.

Only by then did Song Yunxuan realize that she had been back from Roume for such a while.

Family Sophia should find some clues.

“I almost forgot the Family Sophia before you mentioned them.”

Song Yunxuan turned to look at the housekeeper awaiting orders next to her.

The housekeeper understood what Song Yunxuan meant when she saw her eyes. She quickly fetched the phone and called the Family Sophia.

When the phone went through, the housekeeper presented the phone to Song Yunxuan.

Chu Mochen could not help smiling when seeing this, saying, “Your housekeeper can really read your mind.”

“Yes. So I can be light as I have such a right-hand housekeeper.”

Chu Mochen didn’t have enough.

While Song Yunxuan was on the phone, he continued eating with his knife and fork.

The phone quickly went through.

She thought that the one answering the call would be Lu Xia as she called Lu Xia’s villa.

Yet out of her expectation, she heard George’s voice.

George was in a good mood. After greeting her, he said thank you to her.

Hearing that, Song Yunxuan felt that her idea probably worked.

And it had taken effect.

So she asked George smilingly, “So when is your wedding?”

“After Xia gives birth to the baby, we will hold a wedding. Now she is pregnant, so she will be tired if we start to prepare for the wedding now.”

George was quite considerate to Lu Xia and cared for her meticulously.

Song Yunxuan smiled, saying, “Since everything goes well, enjoy your life."

“Wait, wait, you want to hang up now? Aren’t you calling me because you have something to ask me?”

Song Yunxuan was satisfied with George’s smartness.

“Huh? Mr. George knew why I called you this time?”

“You call to ask about the two kids of the Gu Family.”

With this, George smiled, “In return for offering me advice, I’ll tell you where the two kids are.”

“Where are they?”


“They’ve gone abroad?”

Song Yunxuan frowned.

George was noncommittal, “After all, it’s safer for them to go abroad, isn’t it?”

“I’ll go there right away.”

“I’m afraid that you will not be able to see those two kids even if you get there. Shao Tianze asked some really powerful people to protect them. Besides, that’s not my territory.”

“Can’t you help me?”

“It appears so.”

George’s words suggested that there was nothing he could do.

Song Yunxuan sensed it and stopped asking him for help. She just asked him one last question, “The two kids are absolutely safe, right?”

“If Shao Tianze doesn’t want to hurt them, they will be safe.”

“OK, I get it.”

Shao Tianze was thinking about how to deal with Song Yunjia at the moment, so he had no extra time to think of a way to deal with those two kids.

So for now, it could be said that Yi and Miaomiao were both safe.