Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 431

Chapter 431 Sanctimonious

Chapter 431 Sanctimonious

Song Yunjia didn’t know what she had said when she was drunk.

Hearing Song Yunying say that she talked about the cause of Gu Changge’s death when she was drunk, Song Yunjia felt panic in her heart.

Song Yunjia’s pale face and stiff movements attracted Song Yunying’s attention.

Song Yunying looked at Song Yunjia and asked unbelievably, “My eldest sister, are you really involved in Gu Changge’s death?”

Song Yunjia could have rebutted immediately. However, she felt her tongue knotted for no reason, and she couldn’t say a word.


Seeing Song Yunjia not speaking, Song Yunying frowned and called Song Yunjia.

Being called by Song Yunying, Song Yunjia started to think quickly.

She immediately retorted, “What did the death of that b*tch have to do with me!”

She tried to deny but forgot to pay attention to her language when she spoke.

She called Gu Changge b*tch.

Song Yunjia’s evasion did not dispel Song Yunying’s suspicion.

Instead, Song Yunying believed it more firmly, “How did Gu Changge die?”

Song Yunying asked Song Yunjia.

Being asked, Song Yunjia felt that she was too irritable to say anything.

“How can I know how she died?”

“You were her attending doctor.”

“It was not just that I was Gu Changge’s attending doctor, and so was Shao Tianze.”

“You two killed her. Right?”

Song Yunying tightly asked Song Yunjia.

Being asked like that, Song Yunjia spoke without careful diction, “How is this possible? I was Gu Changge’s friend! Shao Tianze was Gu Changge’s husband. We had such a good relationship with Gu Changge. How could we kill her?”

“However, my eldest sister, you just called Gu Changge b*tch!”

Song Yunjia felt that she could not refute Song Yunying’s question.

She felt the thing that she and Shao Tianze killed Gu Changge was about to be revealed.

Song Yunjia said bluntly, “Gu Changge was a b*tch! Am I wrong? Tianze didn’t like her at all! Shouldn’t she die?!”

“Sister…” Song Yunying frowned.

Song Yunjia had wanted to continue to curse Gu Changge.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, a cold voice faintly sounded, “So, you killed Gu Changge?”

“It’s me! She deserved to die!” Song Yunjia spoke without thinking and admitted without hesitation.

Hearing Song Yunjia’s admission, Song Yunying looked incredulous.

After confessing, Song Yunjia realized that it was not Song Yunying who asked her.

She looked at the bathroom door in horror.

She saw Song Yunxuan standing coldly at the door.

Standing beside Song Yunxuan was Chu Mochen with sharp eyes.

Chu Mochen and Song Yunxuan appeared abruptly in Song Yunjia’s home.

Seeing these two people, Song Yunjia took a step back in fear as if she had a nervous breakdown in an instant.

“My eldest sister, you admitted it so simply. It seems to be true.”

Song Yunxuan stared at Song Yunjia coldly.

Song Yunjia’s body began to tremble slightly.

Seeing Song Yunjia trembling with fear, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but shake head and sigh, “My eldest sister, you have killed people. Why are you afraid of being discovered?”

Song Yunjia knew Song Yunxuan was hostile to her. Now that Song Yunxuan got the evidence against her, Song Yunjia tried to consider every means to deny it.

"Do not slander me!” Song Yunjia pointed at Song Yunxuan and shouted angrily.

Song Yunxuan slightly shook the mobile phone in her hand and asked Song Yunjia, “My eldest sister, don’t you think the recording can also deceive, do you?

After saying, Song Yunxuan turned on the speaker of the phone and played the voice of Song Yunjia’s confession.

Hearing her clear voice, Song Yunjia almost broke down.

She looked at Chu Mochen in terror.

She found that Chu Mochen’s stern face was as cold and oppressive as an iceberg.

She knew a long time ago that the Chu Family had a connection with the Gu Family to some extent.

It was because Song Yunjia once heard Shao Tianze mention that Chu Mochen wanted to marry Gu Changge.

Therefore, at that time, they had scruples for a long time before killing Gu Changge.

However, she couldn’t control her desire to get close to Shao Tianze. She was willing to do everything for Shao Tianze and undergo the most severe trials and never decline.

Song Yunjia didn’t care about Gu Changge’s worthless life.

After she acted, she got rid of Gu Changge as she wished.

However, she had always been a little scared of the Chu Family.

It was because she believed that Chu Mochen wouldn’t be indifferent to it as long as he knew the real cause of Gu Changge’s death.

And the reality was as she had expected.

Now Chu Mochen knew the real cause of Gu Changge’s death. As expected, his face was as cold as Cerberus.

He seemed to be about to tear and chew Song Yunjia into pieces.

“How did you kill Changge?”

Chu Mochen walked towards Song Yunjia step by step.

Seeing Chu Mochen approaching her step by step, Song Yunjia involuntarily moved back.

However, the space behind her was limited.

Song Yunjia only took five or six steps back before her whole body leaned on the bathroom’s glass door. She had nowhere to go.

Chu Mochen stared at her, his eyes like bloodthirsty wolf eyes, “Why did you kill Changge?”

Song Yunjia shook her head in panic.

She wanted to defend herself.

However, her head was like flour paste. She couldn’t think of any words to defend herself.

It was true that she killed Gu Changge.

It was an indefensible fact.

Chu Mochen pressed forward step by step.

He seemed to approach Song Yunjia and choke Song Yunjia to death with his hands.

Song Yunxuan watched the scene indifferently.

Song Yunxuan watched Song Yunjia’s body trembling out of fear.

Song Yunxuan watched the panic and weakness in Song Yunjia’s eyes because of her fear of death.

Song Yunxuan just watched indifferently and didn’t want to help Song Yunjia at all.

Seeing this situation, Song Yunying couldn’t help but call Song Yunxuan in a low voice, “Yunxuan, Childe Chu…”

“Sister, don’t worry. Childe Chu is not as stupid as our eldest sister. He knows the truth that a murderer should pay with life.”

Song Yunxuan said in a frigid manner.

However, Song Yunxuan’s words brought Chu Mochen to his senses at this critical moment.

Chu Mochen was furious. He wanted to choke Song Yunjia to death.

Because of this woman, Gu Changge passed away, leaving behind a daughter and a son.

What reason did this woman have to kill Changge?

“My eldest sister, I believe it was not easy to kill Gu Changge, so I want to ask you how you murdered Gu Changge.”

Song Yunjia’s body was trembling. Her eyes were flustered, and her tongue got knotted.

Even if she heard what Song Yunxuan said, Song Yunjia couldn’t explain with her shivering lips.

Song Yunxuan was patient and waited for Song Yunjia to organize her language.

“My eldest sister, take your time. You could think slowly. Think back to every detail of the murder of Gu Changge. And recall all the accomplices and chief plotters. Then, we can discuss who is responsible for this murder.”

Song Yunxuan’s words made Song Yunjia a little sober.

However, the first sentence Song Yunjia said was, “None of this had anything to do with Tianze, and I did everything in my way!”

Song Yunying heard it, and she was stunned.

At this point, because of the nervousness, Song Yunjia was in a trance and said what she shouldn’t tell.

As soon as Song Yunjia said Shao Tianze was not involved, Chu Mochen squinted and uttered this name word by word, “Shao Tianze!”

Song Yunxuan shook her head and felt pity, “My eldest sister, I know you want to protect Shao Tianze. However, before you protect him, you should think carefully about what you are going to say. You directly said it was not related to Shao Tianze. It is a poor lie that reveals the truth.”

Song Yunjia also knew that she had said something wrong.

However, she couldn’t explain and defend herself.

Out of fear and anger, Song Yunjia got power from nowhere.

All of a sudden, Song Yunjia reached out, pushed Chu Mochen away, and ran out of the bathroom.

Chu Mochen subconsciously wanted to seize Song Yunjia.

However, he saw Song Yunxuan shook her head to him. She did not want him to chase Song Yunjia.

Chu Mochen obeyed Song Yunxuan’s suggestion and did not catch Song Yunjia.

And Song Yunxuan also prevented Song Yunying from chasing Song Yunjia.

“Our eldest sister has lost control. I’m afraid something bad will happen to her if we let her go like this.”

Song Yunxuan glanced at Song Yunying’s belly and said, “It’s not appropriate for you to chase out like this.”

Song Yunying looked at her belly and stopped. Song Yunxuan was right.

Now she was about to give birth. She shouldn’t do things like chasing people.

If accidents had happened to her while she was chasing, her long-time efforts would have been useless.

Although Song Yunying stopped, she still felt worried, “But our eldest sister…”

“She is not a child. She will come back after figuring it out. Don’t worry.”

Since Song Yunxuan said like this, Song Yunying had no way but nodded.

However, Song Yunying was a little puzzled about what to do next.

“Yunxuan, will you help our eldest sister conceal that she murdered Gu Changge?”

Song Yunxuan frowned lightly, “A debtor must pay with money, and a murderer must pay with a life. She has killed a person. Why should we help her conceal it?”

“But everyone believes that Gu Changge has died of illness. Wouldn’t it be better to let our eldest sister get off?”

Song Yunying’s words made Song Yunxuan amused for no reason.

The smile in Song Yunxuan’s eyes was a little tender.

Then the tenderness gave way to the fierceness.

Song Yunxuan raised her hand to touch Song Yunying’s belly and asked her, “If I force you to be induced and kill the child in your stomach now, would you forgive my wrongdoings and let me get off because I am your sister?”

Song Yunying took a step back in fright because of Song Yunxuan’s words and stopped letting Song Yunxuan touch her belly.

After Song Yunxuan saw Song Yunying’s attitude, the smile on her face couldn’t help becoming bigger.

Song Yunxuan took back her hand and said with laughter, “If you can’t forgive me, is there any reason for Gu Changge to forgive Song Yunjia?”

Song Yunxuan’s words made Song Yunying silent.

Song Yunxuan felt more antipathy against Song Yunying.

“Sister, even if you start to have maternal instincts because of pregnancy, you can’t take care of everyone. You can’t always be kind to everyone and blur the line between right and wrong.”

Song Yunxuan’s words were drifting.

The one who heard these words felt blood freeze.