Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 433

Chapter 433 Suppressed The News

Chapter 433 Suppressed the news

Hearing Song Yunying’s words, Song Yunxuan instantly got stupefied.

She even wondered if she had misheard.

Noticing that Song Yunxuan remained silent for such a while, Song Yunying asked her again, “Yunxuan, what should we do now?”

“Song Yunjia, she….” she faltered as the news was a little unexpected.

So when she began to speak, she could not help calling Song Yunjia by her name.

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Song Yunying thought that she paused because she felt quite shocked. Thus she told her the whole story again, “The eldest sister is now in hospital. She was caught by three punks and insulted by them.”

Song Yunying had been weighing every word as carefully as she could.

To make it short, she was raped by three men.

“I’ll be right there.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t know about the details, and the only thing she could do was to get to Song Yunjia’s hospital and sort things out.

Song Yunjia could not remember the details.

However, the police who took dictation must be clear about it.

After hanging up, she went back to her room to change clothes.

Seeing that she was in such a rush, Chu Mochen realized something happened.

“Is Song Yunjia going to spill out the secret?”

“No, she’s been raped by turns.”

The weather was still cold in April and May this year.

Shuffling on a coat, Song Yunxuan strode to the door in a flurry. Meanwhile, she explained to him, “I have to go there now and sort things out.”

“There is something strange about what happened to your eldest sister.”

“Gu Changle was probably the prime mover. Now that Song Yunjia is in distress, she will definitely retaliate. Even if Gu Changle failed to send Song Yunjia to prison, she would make Song Yunjia leave Yuncheng.”

They walked to the door as they were talking.

The driver of the Song Family drove Song Yunxuan to the police station.

After entering the police station, Song Yunxuan saw Song Yunying waiting there.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan arrived, Song Yunying immediately rushed to her as if she found a helper, “Yunxuan, so nice to see you here.”

“Did the chief of the police station find anything?”

“He has found the video of that day. And several policemen have gone to search for the three suspects.”

Song Yunxuan asked the police something about the case after arriving.

And the police let Song Yunxuan look over the information of the three suspects.

Seeing that there was a nasty man in it, Song Yunxuan puckered up her brows.

Seeing that hideous nasty man, Song Yunying also frowned in disgust, “Someone deliberately set the trap, right?”

“There is no bar around there, so it was really strange that three men suddenly appeared in such an ordinary residential area. No one will believe that they went there for nothing.”

Song Yunying pressed her lips and couldn’t help imagining the rumors that would arise in Yuncheng the next morning.

“The eldest sister is a member of the Song Family, and such a humiliating thing happened to her. If we don’t send the magazine a heads-up, I’m afraid that the news on the headlines tomorrow will be all about our Song Family.”

Of course, Song Yunxuan had also thought of this.

She raised her hand, took the mobile phone from her assistant’s hand and then called Fanxing Magazine.

Coincidentally, Fanxing magazine also happened to get the breaking news, which was that Song Yunjia was raped by turns.

“Manager Song, we were just about to ring you up to tell you that we had received contributions related to what happened to Miss Song Yunjia.”

“Suppress the news. All the magazine publishers of the Song enterprise are forbidden to print or publish anything about the matter.”

Not only did she do this for Song Yunjia.

The Song Family was the one she cared more.

If this had been exposed, the whole Song Family would have forever been the talk of the town in Yuncheng.

Xiao Hong knew how to behave. She immediately promised when hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, “Rest assured, Manager Song. I will not let anyone publish it.”

“Your effort is appreciated, Editor Xiao.”

After hanging up on Xiao Hong, Song Yunxuan habitually raised her hands to rub her temples.

Chu Mochen also knew that this thing was not worth spreading for the Song Family, so he asked his own industries to help suppress the news as well.

When they both got off the phone, Song Yunying pressed her lips, asking, “Do you want to see the eldest sister now?”

Song Yunxuan looked askance at her, asking, “She’s awake?”

“I don’t think so. But as she is in hospital now and was seriously injured, let’s go and see her if you want.”

Song Yunying was now quick-witted. No matter what she was going to do, she would always bring Song Yunxuan along.

She could also know about Song Yunxuan’s attitude towards a certain matter and what she might plan to do.

At this time, whatever Song Yunxuan would do, Song Yunying would follow her.

And Song Yunxuan could sense Song Yunying’s attitude.

She said, “It’s not a good time now. Call me again when she wakes up tomorrow. And I will go to see her.”

Song Yunying knew that Song Yunjia held a grudge against Song Yunxuan.

And their relationship was not good.

Considering what happened now, Song Yunjia would have probably thought that Song Yunxuan came to make fun of her if Song Yunxuan had abruptly visited her.

It was not worth for Song Yunxuan to fight with her in the hospital.

Song Yunxuan was right. At this time, it was not appropriate for her to see Song Yunjia.

Thus Song Yunying went to the hospital alone.

After getting the information she wanted, Song Yunxuan returned to the Song Family.

Chu Mochen returned with her, and he had also learned about much information in the police station.

“So, what is this all about?”

Chu Mochen asked her.

Song Yunxuan shook her head, “I don’t know for sure about why they did this.”

She really did not understand why Gu Changle and Shao Tianze did this to Song Yunjia.

As long as Song Yunjia was alive and sane, the thing that Shao Tianze murdered Gu Changge would be exposed sooner or later.

Yet Song Yunxuan was not angry with their despicable trick. Instead, she just felt a bit disgusted.

After all, Song Yunjia had done so many evil things with them before. Now that Song Yunjia became useless, they used such a dirty trick to get rid of her.

After being through this, Song Yunjia would probably sink for quite a long time, and it was even possible for her to commit suicide.

Song Yunxuan was quite tired this night, and she had a feeling that things were going neither bad nor smoothly.

When she woke up the next morning, she did not receive Song Yunying’s call. That was to say Song Yunjia had not woken up yet.

After having breakfast routinely, she left for the Song enterprise.

However, when she was waiting in front of the traffic light during rush hours, Mei Qi called from the Song enterprise.

“Manager Song, would you mind staying at home today?”

Song Yunxuan felt confused about Mei Qi’s words, asking, “Why? Anything wrong?”

“The gate of the Song enterprise has been blocked by a bunch of reporters.”

Hearing this, Song Yunxuan realized that the media of Yuncheng had already known what had happened to Song Yunjia.

If the media of Yuncheng had not known about it, it would have been impossible for them to block the gate of the Song enterprise.

“How come?”

Song Yunjia puckered her brows, asking Mei Qi.

Mei Qi could not give her a direct answer.

Song Yunxuan continued, “I told Xiao Hong to suppress the news yesterday. Tell me, is it so hard to suppress it?”

“Manager Song, the difficulty doesn’t lie in suppressing the news, but controlling the anonymous contributors.” Mei Qi explained, “Manager Song, it’s easy for Editor Xiao to suppress the news. But every time she suppresses it, the news will be spilled out by some anonymous contributors. No matter how hard we try, we will not be able to suppress news completely.”

Song Yunxuan understood this.

She knew that the news could not be completely suppressed. Nevertheless, as long as it was half-suppressed and did not spread to the whole world, there would always be a chance to continue keeping it in the dark.

And she would be able to carry out her next plan.

“Manager Song, what do you think we should do in such a circumstance?”

“I won’t go to the Song enterprise today. As for the meeting, I’ll hold it at home when I return tonight. Come to the hospital and see my eldest sister with me.”

Mei Qi nodded, replying, “OK.”

Troubles concerning the Song Family had been emerging in an endless stream.

Chu Mochen could not stay in the Song Family forever.

He still needed to deal with things in the Chu Family.

So after Chu Mochen returned to the Chu Family, Song Yunxuan asked Mei Qi to give her a hand.

When they arrived at the hospital, Song Yunying was still blocked outside the ward.

Even the doctors making the morning rounds failed to get into Song Yunjia’s ward.

Seeing this, Song Yunxuan knew that Song Yunjia had woken up.

She went forward.

Song Yunying, the doctors, and the nurses, who were gathering around the door, all made room for Song Yunxuan subconsciously.

When arriving at the door, Song Yunxuan raised her hand to knock on the door.

And Song Yunjia’s angry voice immediately came from inside, “Get lost! Get lost! You get lost!”

Song Yunjia yelled at the top of her voice, which was hoarse and angry.

The doctors and nurses outside the door both felt sympathetic when hearing this.

And some nurses even began to whisper in the distance.

Some of them even suspected that Song Yunjia had gone crazy.

Song Yunxuan turned to look at Song Yunying, “When did she wake up?”

“Three o’clock at night.”

“This early?”

Song Yunxuan felt a bit stupefied.

She thought that Song Yunjia might be unconscious for one day and one night before waking up as she had been hurt so badly.

But out of her expectation, she woke up at three o’clock at night.

In this case, Song Yunjia had been unconscious for less than ten hours.

Song Yunying explained, “Because the eldest sister woke up too early, I didn’t call you as I was worried that I might disturb you. I was going to tell you about it this morning, but she has been crying, yelling, and even swearing since she woke up this morning, so….”

Song Yunying gradually lowered her voice as she was talking.

Song Yunxuan was not a fool, and she knew that Song Yunjia cursed her when she woke up.

Otherwise, how could Song Yunying not call her to come over?

Taking a look at the door, Song Yunxuan said, “It’s not OK for the eldest sister to keep making a scene in the ward. The doctors have to see how she is doing.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, the doctors all nodded in agreement, replying, “Yeah, we have to see how our patients are doing during the morning rounds.”

Song Yunxuan nodded and spoke to the doctors, looking at the door, “Then call in the security guards of the hospital, and let them open the door.”

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