Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 436

Chapter 436 Just Like Gu Changge

Chapter 436 Just Like Gu Changge

What Song Yunxuan thought was actually what Shao Xue thought.

What Song Yunxuan wanted most now was the evidence that Shao Tianze and Gu Changle caused Song Yunjia to be gang-raped.

Shao Xue also thought of evidence.

“I will find the evidence as soon as possible.”

“I’m waiting for your good news.”

Shao Xue nodded, “OK.”

It was a simple but meaningful conversation.

Shao Xue understood what Song Yunxuan was thinking and what she wanted through the call.

What Song Yunxuan needed was what Shao Xue needed.

What Song Yunxuan wanted to do was what Shao Xue wanted to do.

Both of them were targeting Shao Tianze.

They wanted Shao Tianze to get the punishment he deserved.

They wanted Shao Tianze to pay the price he deserved for the people he killed. That was right.

As long as their aim could be achieved, Shao Xue was willing to do her best to help Song Yunxuan. Since she lived in the Shao Family now, she had the advantage of contacting Shao Tianze and Gu Changle.

Only when Shao Xue got close to them could she find their flaws and know the truth they leaked.

Then, let them be doomed forever.

After finishing the discussion with Song Yunxuan and hanging up the phone, Shao Xue gave it back to Xiao Hong.

Xiao Hong didn’t know what they said during the call. However, she could vaguely understand that the relationship between Shao Xue and Song Yunxuan was closer than the typical relationship between the superior and the subordinate.

Xiao Hong wasn’t a gossipy person.

After getting her phone, she left to work.

And Shao Xue still thought hard how to get the evidence from Shao Tianze and Gu Changle that they harmed Song Yunjia.

Song Yunxuan booked a morning ticket.

She arrived at her destination before noon.

Mei Qi came with Song Yunxuan this time.

In the early spring season, the sea breeze here was still a bit cold.

However, as the sakura season was approaching, many tourists were coming and going.

Song Yunxuan’s dress was no different from ordinary tourists.

The address information given by George was very detailed.

However, when they arrived at the destination, they found it was impossible to get in to see the two children.

Next to Song Yunxuan, Mei Qi observed the terrain and said, “You can see the situation in the yard from the building over there.”

The address given by George was an antique Jepanese courtyard.

With wooden doors and low walls, it was in a slightly remote place of the bustling city. However, the greening of this house was very good, and the surrounding yards were similar.

There was only a tall building further away.

Song Yunxuan could see the Jepanese courtyards in this area were expensive.

In this fast-paced country, such a quaint and quiet courtyard showed the owner’s unusual status.

George did not give much information.

Song Yunxuan didn’t dare to alarm the enemy.

Mei Qi carefully observed the surrounding terrain. After seeing the courtyard, Song Yunxuan went with him to the high residential building nearby.

When they climbed to the fourth floor, with a telescope, they could clearly see the pond in the yard, the cobblestone path, and the clean yard floor paved with white gravel.

In the wooden corridor, a young girl in a national costume walked forward, holding a small wooden table with food.

“Are Yi and Miaomiao staying in the room all day without coming out?”

Even though Song Yunxuan could see the yard’s situation through the telescope, she did not see the two children.

Song Yunxuan was upset.

Mei Qi also took a telescope in his hand and looked at the courtyard with Song Yunxuan.

He was talking to Song Yunxuan while observing the situation in the yard.

“Didn’t you say that you would go back after just a glance? You still need to go back to Yuncheng and deal with the affairs, Manager Song.”

“Shao Xue called me this morning. It’s not good for me to stay in Yuncheng at this time. I should stay abroad and make Shao Tianze off guard.”

“According to Gu Changle’s thoughts and opinions, she must think you will not help Song Yunjia.”

“I didn’t plan to help Song Yunjia either.”

“Aren’t you helping her now?”

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but laugh because of Mei Qi’s question, “Is she worthy of my help? Even if all the things she got today are miserable, she only has herself to blame. I am helping her find out the truth just to let her see the real Shao Tianze.”

“If you find out the truth for her like this, it may upset her badly.” Mei Qi reminded her.

“Are you afraid that I will drive her crazy?”

“If she is distressed and mad, the gain is not worth the loss.”

“If she keeps the secret and refuses to testify against Shao Tianze, it will not be a pity whether she is crazy or dead.”

Song Yunxuan’s voice was indifferent.

It was so indifferent that she didn’t seem to be a young woman but like an outsider who had seen the social snobbery and drastic changes in life.

Mei Qi turned his head to squint at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan didn’t notice that Mei Qi rested his sight on her.

She was still looking at the yard with a telescope.

She seemed to see someone appear in the yard.

She curled her lips slightly, “It seems that Miaomiao and Yi have come out.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Mei Qi raised his telescope again.

He looked through the telescope.

As expected, Yi and Miaomiao came out of the house.

The two siblings seemed to be in a bad mood.

After they came out, they sat on the wooden corridor.

A young girl wearing a Jepanese national costume and holding a cute doll in her hand talked to Miaomiao gently.

Miaomiao glanced at the doll and then at her brother.

Finally, she snatched the doll from the maids hand and threw it into the pond.

The maid felt pity, and the smile on her face disappeared for a moment. She seemed to be exhausted from taking care of the two children.

Seeing the two children’s expressions, Song Yunxuan felt displeased, “Shao Tianze is strange. Why did he bring the two children to Hoccaido? It will be better to let them stay in Yuncheng, won’t it?”

Mei Qi answered her doubts, “No. Firstly, if the two children stay in Yuncheng, you may find and take them away at any time.”

“He killed Gu Changge. How much affection can he have for these two children? The two children should be taken away by me rather than staying beside him.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t trust Shao Tianze at all.

Even though Shao Tianze was the two children’s father, Song Yunxuan didn’t believe he would be kind to them.

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Mei Qi told her the second reason, “If the two children stay in Yuncheng, they will be surrounded by danger.”

“If I take the two children away, I will not harm them.”

Mei Qi agreed.

And he said, “Although you won’t harm these two children, Gu Changle will. Now Shao Tianze has sent them to Hoccaido. At least, it is sure that Gu Changle couldn’t do anything in Hoccaido.”

Song Yunxuan was silent for a while.

Mei Qi’s words were reasonable.

However, Shao Tianze murdered Gu Changge.

Song Yunxuan didn’t trust Shao Tianze’s moral quality.

She didn’t believe that Shao Tianze would care about these two children in his heart.

Nevertheless, she saw these two children live a comfortable and safe life in Hoccaido.

She set her mind in rest for the time being.

“Since we have seen the two children, we will go back in the afternoon.”

Mei Qi didn’t oppose, “I’ll do anything you said, Manager Song.”

Song Yunxuan was amused because of Mei Qi’s obedience, “In a way, you are my teacher and friend. If you have any thoughts, please tell me.”

“Are you revenging?”

Mei Qi asked her.

Song Yunxuan was silent for a while after hearing Mei Qi’s blunt asking.

She didn’t know how to answer Mei Qi’s question.

Song Yunxuan couldn’t say that she had been Gu Changge. Song Yunxuan had died, and Gu Changge’s soul borrowed Song Yunxuan’s body and came to life again.

If she had said so, it would have been ridiculous.

Not to mention whether Mei Qi would have believed or not,

she would have felt like she was deceiving without sincerity.

After pondering for a moment, Song Yunxuan nodded at last, “Yes.”

It was the first time that she had frankly admitted she was taking revenge.

Mei Qi was not surprised.

“On Shao Tianze?”

“And everyone around him.”

“I thought you would keep hiding it and wouldn’t say it.”

Mei Qi looked at her.

Song Yunxuan smiled, “What I have been doing shows that I am taking revenge on Shao Tianze, doesn’t it?”

“What hatred do you have for him?”

Mei Qi started asking too much.

Song Yunxuan felt if she had continued to answer, she would have had to tell the unnatural story about Gu Changge’s resurrection sooner or later.

She pursed her lips and thought of Shao Xue.

“I want to help Shao Xue.”

She had no choice but to use Shao Xue as an excuse.

Mei Qi was not easy to be deceived.

And he was capable by her side.

Song Yunxuan didn’t want to lose this assistant and couldn’t give him a reason to help her.

Therefore, Song Yunxuan used Shao Xue as an excuse.

“What’s the matter with Shao Xue?”

“Shao Tianze murdered Shao Xue’s parents with tricks. And Shao Xue found out the real cause of her parents’ death, so she asked me to help her.”

“I don’t think you will help others seek revenge at all costs.” Mei Qi smiled.

Song Yunxuan had known that Mei Qi was not easy to deceive.

She had no choice but to say, “I want the Shao enterprise.”

If the former excuse that she wanted to help Shao Xue hadn’t been convincing, this reason would have been persuasive enough.

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s answer, Mei Qi kept quiet and didn’t say anything for a while.

Song Yunxuan raised her lips’ corners slightly, “Although I have got the Song enterprise, I couldn’t match Chu’s. Instead of marrying a member of the Chu Family, depending on a man, and living for his joy and sorrow, I should make myself stronger, have enough wealth, and live at the top of the social pyramid.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Mei Qi lowered his eyes.

The appearance of a sixteen-year-old girl appeared in his deep mind.

She was a tender and gentle girl with short black hair.

Her eyes were like black jade, but the profound meaning in her eyes shocked experienced adults.

She became a sharp dagger in the family full of infighting when she was so young.

It would have been ordinary if she hadn’t got out of the sheath. Once out of the sheath, she could cut off others’ glory.

Seeing Mei Qi not speak, Song Yunxuan asked, “Why don’t you speak? Do you think my goal is absurd?”

Mei Qi shook his head, “No. I just think you are too much like someone I knew.”


“Gu Changge.”