Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 437

Chapter 437 Frustrated

Chapter 437 Frustrated

Song Yunxuan felt that it had been a long time since she heard the name of Gu Changge from others.

Now she heard of it. But she raised her lips bitterly.

“The woman you said has died.”

“I watched her grow up. She is a rare… woman.”

Mei Qi finally used “woman” to end his evaluation of Gu Changge.

“She died suddenly.”

Mei Qi nodded. He did not say anything anymore.

Song Yunxuan did not ask anymore.

She knew that Mei Qi stayed by her side not only because he wanted to help her.

Moreover, Mei Qi had serious doubts about the cause of Gu Changle’s death.

Besides, Mei Qi could see Gu Changge’s shadow in Song Yunxuan.

It was because Mei Qi saw Gu Changge’s shadow in Song Yunxuan that he would stay by her side.

She pursed her lips. Then she looked at the Jepanase courtyard through the telescope again.

Song Yunxuan found that Miaomiao and Yi had gone back to their rooms when they were talking.

Song Yunxuan was a little upset. But thinking that they were safe now, she cheered up.

“Go to the airport and book tickets.”

Mei Qi nodded, “I’ll go.”

Shao Xue had been busy for a whole day. She was exhausted that she had a headache.

When she went home, she heard Shao Tianze quarreling with Gu Changle.

This fight was so acrimonious that the vase on the table was swept onto the floor by Shao Tianze.

All the servants in the house stayed away.

When Shao Xue returned, one servant lowered her voice and told her, “Mr. Shao and Miss Gu are quarreling.”

“For what?”

Shao Xue asked her.

The servant closed her mouth and shook her head, “I have no idea, either.”

Shao Xue looked at the nervous appearance on the servant’s face. She knew that the servant would not tell her reason even she knew it.

The reason was hard to say.

Shao Xue did not enter the living room before she took a deep breath.

Gu Changle was angry. She said with a crying tone and grievances, “Have you to be so angry at me for Song Yunjia?”

Shao Tianze glanced at her slightly. He did not continue to argue with her but went out with his coat.

Gu Changle wanted to go after him.

But Shao Xue was faster than her and ran after Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze went out. Shao Xue followed.

Shao Tianze went to the garage to get the car.

Shao Xue followed.

Shao Tianze went into the car.

Shao Xue gently tapped the window glass of the Porsche sports car.

There were a dozen luxury cars at home.

There were five cars of Gu Changge, which had been covered with dusty.

Shao Tianze could choose whichever he wanted from the left eight cars.

If Shao Xue had not followed him, she would not have found Shao Tianze so easily.

Hearing the knock on the window, Shao Tianze raised his head slightly.

He saw Shao Xue standing beside the car door.

Shao Tianze lowered the window. Pursing the lips, he asked her, “What happened?”

“Brother, did you quarrel with Sister Changle?”

“She is unreasonable.”

“Because of Song Yunjia?”

Shao Xue asked carefully.

When Shao Tianze heard her mention Song Yunjia, he was a little hesitant. He did not answer her, “You came back late. You’d better go back to have dinner first.”

Shao Tianze did not answer, and Shao Xue did not ask him anymore.

Shao Xue could not be so anxious to ask about this. Otherwise, Shao Tianze might find something wrong.

Shao Xue nodded, “I’ll go back first.”

“Well, have dinner and have a rest early.” Shao Tianze was to raise the window.

Shao Xue was a little hesitant. She asked, “Brother, where are you going?”

“Just drive around.” He had a quarrel with Gu Changle just now. He would have burst if he had not gone out.

Shao Xue got Shao Tianze’s answer and did not ask anymore.

She watched Shao Tianze leave and turned towards the living room.

Gu Changle just quarreled with Shao Tianze. She did not have much either.

Gu Changle lost her temper after Shao Tianze left.

The servants around her dared not bother her.

They avoided her like the plague as much as they could. Unless there had been no way to avoid her, they would take care of her.

Gu Changle was so spoiled by Shao Tianze.

She seemed to be the manager of the Shao Family.

Even though Shao Tianze had quarreled with her, he would not take it seriously because of Gu Changle’s body situation.

Shao Tianze was not a big man. But he treated Gu Changle very well.

Shao Tianze would compromise in a proper time even though Gu Changle was unreasonable.

Then he would get out of the quarrel.

For example, it was Shao Tianze who made a compromise and left first in today’s quarrel.

It was Shao Tianze’s compromise that made Gu Changle became insatiable.

Shao Xue went to have dinner.

Gu Changle sat alone on the sofa in the living room.

There might be no one else talking to Gu Changle. As Shao Xue was to go upstairs after dinner, Gu Changle called her.

“Shao Xue, you come here and let’s talk.”

At this time, Gu Changle had calmed a little.

She could barely give Shao Xue a smile when she talked with her.

Shao Xue did not refuse. She sat opposite to Gu Changle on the sofa. She said to her worriedly, “Sister Changle, did you quarrel with my brother again?”

As Shao Xue expected, this question made Gu Changle open her heart immediately.

“Although your brother has always been with me, his heart seems not to be on me.”

Shao Xue comforted her, “Sister Changle, how could you think like this? My brother has been good to you. He really likes you.”

Like comforting a girl in love who argued with her boyfriend, Shao Xue did her best to be a peacemaker like a pro.

“If Tianze really likes me, he will not think of Song Yunjia.”

When it came to Song Yunjia, Shao Xue frowned slightly, “Seems like Song Yunjia suffered something terrible recently. My brother and Miss Song are colleagues and friends. There is no surprise for him to care about her.”


Gu Changle sneered, “I guess, it’s too over. If he feels pity, those three men raped Song Yunjia…”

Gu Changle gushed over and almost told the truth.

She realized something wrong and shut up immediately before she finished.

Shao Xue looked curious, “What happened? Sister Changle?”

Gu Changle shook her head, “Nothing. I just feel uncomfortable. I want to take a shower and have a rest.”

Shao Xue nodded, “Well. Sister Changle, don’t be angry. In my brother’s heart, you are the most important one.”

Gu Changle nodded perfunctorily and then went upstairs.

Shao Xue turned her head to watch her go upstairs. The worry and care in her eyes had already faded away.

Instead, they were full of coldness.

Shao Xue had thought that Gu Changle would say something. But Gu Changle stopped at the key point and said nothing.

Shao Xue was a little disappointed.

She went upstairs to sleep.

When Shao Xue passed by Gu Changle’s room, she listened to Gu Changle’s door to check whether there was something happening in her room.

It would have been nothing if Shao Xue had not listened to it.

She heard some weird sounds when she listened to the door.

Shao Xue pursed her lips and frowned.

The video sound went through the door, which made people feel cold.

A woman’s painful grunts, a man’s rough gasps and disgusting words.

They came through the door faintly.

Shao Xue frowned. She slightly put her finger on the doorknob.

She moved slowly and twisted the doorknob.

As she expected, the door was opened. The sound of opening the door was covered by the video.

Shao Xue followed the crack and looked inside.

She saw a laptop in Gu Changle’s room.

Shao Xue could just see the picture displayed on the computer screen from the side.

Bodies were intertwined, and lips and tongues stuck out.

The dirty words were mixed with a woman’s crying with despair.

Without the personal experience, just a glance made Shao Xue feel terrified.

But this terrible and tragic scenery made Gu Changle pleased and excited.

Gu Changle raised her lips. She enjoyed Song Yunjia’s tragedy with a smile.

Shao Xue pursed her lips. She even felt her teeth cold.

As a woman, she felt terrified when she saw this gross and dirty scenery.

She was afraid to have this terrible experience.

However, Gu Changle was different. She seemed not to be scared of those things.

Instead, she liked and appreciated Song Yunjia’s tragic experience in the video.

She stared at the computer screen intently. The smile on her face was distorted and ugly.

Shao Xue looked at those naked men and Gu Changle’s smile.

She felt sick inexplicably.

Everything she had eaten for dinner seemed to billow out of the stomach.

She could not bear it so that she held back and closed the door slightly. Then she went back to her room fast.

Shao Xue rushed into the bathroom after entering her room.

After vomiting all the food she had eaten for dinner, Shao Xue went to wash her hands.

After finishing it, watching her own face in the mirror, Shao Xue became determined.

Not only Shao Tianze but also Gu Changle was a devil.

Those two were together. They must have done a lot of terrible stuff.

Shao Xue wanted to send them to prison.

They were not allowed to act in collusion with each other anymore.

Shao Xue became determined, while Gu Changle’s video was hard to forget.

During the whole night, Song Yunjia’s suffering crossed her mind.

What if Song Yunjia had known that besides Gu Changle, Shao Tianze was also involved in her suffering? What would Song Yunjia do?

Would she feel desperate?

After all, she always loved Shao Tianze.

The one she had loved for so long, together with the woman she hated most, made her become like this.

If she had known the truth, what would she have done?