Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 444

Chapter 444 Solved It With Money

Chapter 444 Solved It with Money

Song Yunjia could not stand Song Yunxuan talking cryptically.

Thus she yelled at Song Yunxuan, “What do you want to say?”

Seeing Song Yunjia yelling at her furiously with her eyes red, Song Yunxuan threw her a faint smile, “Nothing.”

“Nothing? Then why did you suddenly mention Gu Changge?”

The cold sweat on her face fell uncontrollably.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes fell upon her, and she asked, “Is there a problem? Are you afraid of my mentioning Gu Changge?”

“What’s the point of mentioning that bitch? In which way was she better than me?” The only thing making her self-contempt was that she was a total loser when compared with Gu Changge.

Though she herself came from a rich family, she still envied everything Gu Changge owned.

However, Gu Changge was like a rare treasure in Yuncheng.

Her brilliance shone among the upper-class business families and overshadowed every single daughter of honorable families in Yuncheng.

Song Yunjia could even remember the infatuation and fanaticism in Shao Tianze’s eyes when he said that he wanted Gu Changge.

She had once chased Shao Tianze and told him that she could give him everything she owned.

However, all her efforts were wasted on Shao Tianze.

And he even solemnly rejected her love one day before he proposed to Gu Changge.

She had never forgotten it and would never forget it.

“Changge is very special. I like her not just because of her family background.” He said.

“I want to marry Changge and be with her for the rest of my life.” He said.

He said so sincerely. And the more sincere he was, the more she envied and hated Gu Changge.

And she hated her guts.

As a result, when she grew an idea of murdering Gu Changge, she was able to make such an impeccable and flawless plan.

It was just because she detested Gu Changge that she could be this merciless.

However, she had never mentioned to anyone that she both hated Gu Changge and feared her.

After killing Gu Changge, she had been dreaming about Gu Changge’s pale face for quite a long time.

She continually had nightmares.

She detested everything about Gu Changge, and she always got nervous at the mention of Gu Changge.

Seeing that Song Yunjia remained silent, Song Yunxuan spaced each word for emphasis, “I remember that our father murmured he saw Gu Changge’s ghost when he was dying. Sister, do you think that our Song Family owes something to Gu Changge?”

Hearing this, Song Yunjia’s pupils shrank, and astonishment appeared in her eyes.

Their family did owe something to Gu Changge.

They owed a life to Gu Changge.

Song Yunjia knew well about why Gu Changge died. Recalling that her father saw Gu Changge’s ghost before he died, her blood froze.

“Eldest sister, do you think that Gu Changge will come after you? After all, you are the one who killed her.”

“Don’t you sling mud at me!”

“Eldest sister, you have admitted it yourself. How am I slinging mud at you?”

Being reminded by Song Yunxuan like this, Song Yunjia felt that the spooky feeling constantly rose from the bottom of her heart.

She pressed her mouth hard and then said, refusing to say uncle, “Hum! There’s nothing left when someone dies. Our family owes her nothing.”

“Our family owes Gu Changge a life.”

She knew that Song Yunjia would not say uncle.

So she was willing to take the trouble to remind her of the history repeatedly.

Song Yunjia immediately glared at her, “Song Yunxuan! Are you really from the Song Family?!”

"Of course I am. Sister, you’ve seen the paternity test of our father and me? I’m undoubtedly his daughter. Otherwise, how can I be in charge of the whole Song Family’s industry now, right?”

Song Yunjia was mad at every word Song Yunxuan said.

And Song Yunjia’s face reddened with rage.

She pressed her lips hard and glared at Song Yunxuan murderously.

Seeing that her eldest sister glared at her murderously and it almost made her eyes pop out of her head, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help giving a pleased smile, saying, “What’s the need to be this furious, eldest sister? The thing that you murdered Gu Changge was not spilled out by some other people. You said it yourself. Now I say our Song Family owes Gu Changge a life. Isn’t that true?”

It was because it was true that Song Yunjia was scared.

If she had not been the person who killed Gu Changge, she would not have been scared now.

Song Yunjia looked a little flustered.

But Song Yunxuan felt quite amused on seeing how scared Song Yunjia was.

“Eldest sister, you should take good care of yourself. I have to leave now. Be sure to eat regularly and have enough sleep.”

"None of your business!”

Song Yunjia’s shout made Song Yunxuan even happier.

She looked at Song Yunjia smilingly, saying darkly, “Eldest sister, I’ve heard that people will see the ghosts of the dead when they are seriously sick. So, do you think you will be haunted by Gu Changge’s ghost if you get sicker?”

Hearing this, Song Yunjia shuddered slightly.

She was a doctor, and she shouldn’t have believed in such unnatural things.

However, his father did cry that he saw Gu Changge’s ghost before he died.

Besides, Gu Changge’s ghost was around Song Yunxuan’s body.

Song Yunxuan… Gu Changge…

She fixed her eyes on Song Yunxuan.

It seemed that she wanted to chisel a hole in Song Yunxuan’s body with her awl-like sight.

However, Song Yunxuan took no notice of her aggressive sight.

She just wore a smile as if she was waiting for Song Yunjia to make a scene.

However, coldness and gloom stayed in her eyes.

Song Yunjia frowned tightly and felt like continuing berating Song Yunxuan.

However, the feeling of guilt still stayed in her mind.

Seeing that she remained silent, Song Yunxuan began to walk outside, “I’ll come to see you when I’m free. Take good care of yourself, sister.”

Song Yunjia didn’t reply in the behind.

When Song Yunxuan had walked into the hospital corridor, Song Yunjia suddenly seemed to think of something, flung things outside with great anger, and broke out into curses, “Get lost! You get lost!”

Song Yunxuan gave her a backward glance.

And she didn’t care about how Song Yunjia was cursing her.

She just gave a cold smile, covered up the pleasure on the corner of her eyes, and walked out of the hospital.

The thing that Song Yunxuan visited Song Yunjia in the hospital made Song Yunjia quite emotional.

However, Song Yunjia began to eat regularly after cursing Song Yunxuan this time.

And she began to recover day by day.

After things had been going on like this for three or four days, Gu Changle finally got discontent when getting the news, questioning, “Why does she still not go crazy?”

She questioned the doctor in the hospital.

Though the doctor was not Song Yunjia’s attending doctor, he worked in the same office with Yan Xue, who was Song Yunjia’s attending doctor.

Except for Yan Xue, he was the one who knew best about Song Yunjia’s physical condition.

Originally, Song Yunjia’s attending doctor was him. But no one had expected that Song Yunxuan changed him after visiting Song Yunjia for the first time.

As the whole Chu Family backed the Song Family up, the dean respected Song Yunxuan to some extent.

Song Yunxuan said that she wanted to change Song Yunjia’s attending doctor, and the dean replaced him with the one Song Yunxuan designated without any thought.

And the former attending doctor didn’t even have the right to enter Song Yunjia’s ward.

He had a lot to complain to Gu Changle, “Miss Gu, you don’t know how bad the situation is now. Since Song Yunjia’s attending doctor has been changed, everything that happened to Song Yunjia has been instantly passed on to Song Yunxuan.”

“Though the lady Song Yunxuan is Song Yunjia’s half-sister, she also holds a grudge against Song Yunjia.”

“However, what she said really made a difference to Song Yunjia.”

Hearing this, Gu Changle puckered her brows and gave a light “oh”.

The doctor naturally knew how unhappy Gu Changle was, so he hastily added, “It may be a bit hard to drive Song Yunjia crazy, but it is very easy to keep her in hospital for now.”

“If I just want to keep her in hospital, won’t my money be wasted on you?”

Gu Changle was being aggressive.

The doctor broke out into a cold sweat.

“However, Song Yunjia’s mentality is not too terrible. Even though she has been raped by turns, she does not grow the idea of committing suicide except for the first day when she tried to jump off a building. In such a circumstance, I can’t make her crazy as a doctor.”

“You are a doctor! Are you saying you can’t do it?”

Gu Changle obviously wanted the doctor to play a key role in helping her drive Song Yunjia crazy.

But not only was the doctor incapable, but he also didn’t dare to run the errand.

“The doctor Song Yunxuan changed was Yan Xue.”

Gu Changle was not interested in this strange name at all, asking, “What’s the point of mentioning Yan Xue to me?”

“Miss Gu, Yan Xue is such a stubborn doctor. If I want to do something under her nose, the whole Yuncheng will know what I do once I’m busted.”

“You mean she is such a blabbermouth?”

The doctor nodded, saying, “She even does not take bribes for surgery.”

Such a stubborn woman could always make things tricky. Even Gu Changle got upset because of the doctor Yan Xue.

“Money talks. Ask her how much reward she wants.”

Gu Changle was so rich that she felt that no doctors in this hospital could not be bought off. Thus she instantly wanted Yan Xue to name a price.

As long as the reward Yan Xue asked for was not too much, she would definitely make Song Yunjia crazy and send her to the mental hospital.

And the negotiator who could help to buy off Yan Xue was the one who was speaking with her on the phone.

Hearing Gu Changle’s words, the doctor on the other end couldn’t help gasping, “Miss Gu, isn’t it inappropriate? What if…”

“What?” Gu Changle had full confidence in herself, saying, “I don’t believe there are people who can’t be bought off.”

“But Yan Xue, she…”

The doctor felt scared.

Gu Changle frowned, saying, “Ask her out for me. I’ll meet her in person when I’m available.”

Sensing that Gu Changle was determined, the doctor on the other end had to agree.

Then he went to ask Yan Xue out.

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