Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 445

Chapter 445 Got The Evidence

Chapter 445 Got the Evidence

The people Gu Changle bought with money were always obedient.

It was because the power of money was strong enough to drive others to take risks.

The doctor was not famous in People’s Hospital but was in the same room as Yan Xue.

Yan Xue regarded him as a senior. She respectively called him, “Mr. Chen.”

After being called by Yan Xue, the person coughed and said with embarrassment, “Yan Xue, a patient wants to see you.”

“See me?” Yan Xue pointed at herself and laughed, “My patient?”

Yan Xue had been in the hospital for some years. She, who was fundamentally different from other doctors, obeyed medical ethics and never took bribes for surgery.

However, she was not conservative or stupid.

For example, when Dr. Chen wanted her to meet a patient now, she first asked which doctor was responsible for this patient.

If it had not been her patient, she would have refused on the spot and ignored the patient.

Who knew why this patient who was not within her medical responsibility approached her?

She understood it clearly.

Dr. Chen also knew a little bit about her thoughts.

He coughed gently, approached her, and said, “Yan Xue, it’s not an ordinary patient but a VIP in our hospital.”

The more Yan Xue heard Doctor Chen’s words, the more she felt strange.

She pursed her lips and asked Dr. Chen, “Mr. Chen, please do not keep me guessing. Who is this patient?”

Dr. Chen knew that Yan Xue wouldn’t be willing to meet Gu Changle if he didn’t say it.

Therefore, he plucked up the courage to tell her, “It is Miss Gu Changle of the Gu Family.”

Yan Xue had smiled before. However, when she heard the name of Gu Changle, the smile on her face disappeared.

She said with a sneer, “Isn’t she a VIP patient under the charge of Dr. Tan Yi?”

“Yeah. However, Miss Gu wants to see you.”

Yan Xue shook her head, took a casebook, and walked outside, “She is Dr. Tan’s patient. It’s no use meeting me. You should ask her to see Dr. Tan.”

It was unpleasing that Yan Xue set in her ways as usual.

Dr. Chen failed to make an appointment with Yan Xue for Gu Changle after trying for such a long time. He could only call Gu Changle to tell her that things had failed.

In fact, he had hoped that Gu Changle would not be angry with him on the phone.

However, it was obviously an extravagant hope.

As soon as Gu Changle heard that Dr. Chen failed to make an appointment with Yan Xue, she sneered with sarcasm, “Why? Is it so difficult to meet her?”

“Miss Gu, I have told you that she is not easy to make an appointment with.”

“Anyway, I need to see her. You have to help me and arrange it.”

Dr. Chen was embarrassed and speechless.

Feeling that Gu Changle was going to hang up, he hurriedly said, “Miss Gu, you are creating difficulties for me. It is too difficult to make an appointment with Yan Xue. You may be able to see her if you come here in person.”

Hearing Dr. Chen’s words, Gu Changle was very unhappy.

However, Gu Changle remembered that she had to rely on Yan Xue to drive Song Yunjia crazy.

Therefore, she planned to condescend to go to the hospital and talk with Yan Xue in person.

Dr. Chen was pleased to hear that Gu Chang was willing to come to the hospital in person.

He said eagerly, “Miss Gu, as long as you get into the hospital, I promise you can see Yan Xue.”

Gu Changle disapprovingly said, “Can she fly away after she knows that I’m coming?”

Dr. Chen rapidly said, “No. No. No way could she fly away.”

However, half an hour later, when Gu Changle arrived at the hospital, Yan Xue disappeared from the hospital as if she had flown away.

Dr. Chen was sweating with anxiety. He searched upstairs and downstairs several times but failed to find Yan Xue as he wished.

Gu Changle kept a poker face and waited in Dr. Chen and Yan Xue’s office room.

However, after Gu Changle waited for two hours, Dr. Chen still did not find Yan Xue.

Seeing the upset Dr. Chen, Gu Changle couldn’t help but sneer, “Yan Xue refused a mild measure and wants to be mistreated.”

It was natural that she couldn’t hurt Song Yunjia without meeting Yan Xue.

However, Gu Changle hadn’t thought of it before she came to the hospital. After arriving, she immediately remembered that one person in the hospital could help her.

It was Tan Yi, who willingly asked to be Gu Changle’s family doctor a few days ago.

Tan Yi enjoyed a high status in the hospital. The dean admired him very much, let alone his colleagues.

As long as Tan Yi was willing to help, Song Yunjia would not escape the fate of going crazy.

Gu Changle couldn’t find Yan Xue and didn’t feel like keeping waiting in Dr. Chen’s office.

She left to look for Tan Yi directly.

Tan Yi entered his office after an operation. Before he could sip hot tea, he saw Gu Changle push the door in, even without knocking.

The doctor who followed Tan Yi in after the operation was slightly stunned when seeing Gu Changle come in.

After all, among the patients he had seen so many, few were so aggressive.

After seeing Gu Changle, Tan Yi knew that she would have driven the other doctor away for him if he hadn’t asked him to leave right now.

So, Tan Yi turned to say to his colleague, “My patient has something to ask me. Could you please go out first?”

The doctor looked at Gu Changle and Tan Yi with strange before he left the office.

Although he had a lot of questions, he knew he shouldn’t ask.

After driving the colleague away, Tan Yi locked the door, pointed to the chair in the office, and said to Gu Changle, “Miss Gu, you must have something vital to tell me. Now you could sit down and talk slowly.”

“How do you know that I have something very important to tell you?”

Gu Changle sat on the chair that Tan Yi pointed to.

Then, she smoothed her hair, inadvertently revealing her coquetry.

That made Tan Yi enchanted for a moment when he was watching her.

And Gu Changle successfully captured that moment.

Her smile became bigger, gentler, and smoother. Her voice was soft as if it was mixed with honey, “Actually, in addition to an examination, I have something important to ask you for help this time.”

Tan Yi pretended to be curious and asked her, “Miss Gu, what do you want me to help?”

“You say whether you will help me first.”

Gu Changle’s eyes turned on the charm and stuck to Tan Yi.

Tan Yi was silent for a while before speaking carefully, “Miss Gu, you should make it clear first. If it is about Miss Gu’s health condition, I will surely help. If it’s something else, I might just…”

Before Tan Yi could finish his refusal, Gu Changle began to act in a pettishly charming manner, “Dr. Tan, would you please say yes first? Then I will tell you. OK?”

Tan Yi pursed his lips and shook his head in silence.

When Gu Changle saw Tan Yi shook his head and refused, she was a little unhappy. However, Gu Changle still insisted on acting coquettish and asked him to help her.

“Dr. Tan, please promise to help me.”

She looked at him with an irresistible and romantic manner.

Tan Yi looked at her as if he was attracted.

Gu Changle saw the change in his eyes, showing that he was hovering. She felt complacent.

She could guarantee that Tan Yi would promise to help her in the end.

That was because she felt that this young man seemed to be fascinated by herself.

When Gu Changle looked at Tan Yi, she could see his obsession with her in his eyes.

Gu Changle believed that as long as she softened her attitude and kept begging, Tan Yi would surely agree to her request.

“Dr. Tan, are you really unwilling to help me?”

As Tan Yi saw Gu Changle’s eyes fixed on him, he hesitated more and more.

Gu Changle stretched out her hand and gently grasped Tan Yi’s white uniform. Her voice was as gentle as a cute little cat, “Dr. Tan, as long as you promise me, I will give you the reward you deserve.”

Tan Yi seemed to have thought of something, and his eyes changed. His sight resting on Gu Changle became hot.

Seeing Tan Yi’s burning gaze on her body, Gu Changle felt very proud.

She liked the feeling that men were obsessed with her.

That made her feel that her charm had doubled and that no other woman could surpass her.

Looking at Gu Changle with hot eyes, Tan Yi slowly opened his mouth, “What kind of reward are you going to give me?”

“I can give you a deposit first.”

As Gu Changle spoke, she took out a check from her bag. Then, she stood up and stuffed it into the pocket of Tan Yi’s white uniform. She seemed to rub her finger on the back of Tan Yi’s hand accidentally.

Being touched by Gu Changle, Tan Yi’s fingers slightly trembled as if getting an electric shock.

Seeing his nervous reaction, Gu Changle couldn’t help but smile, “Dr. Tan, do not be so nervous. I just touched you by chance.”

Tan Yi felt that Gu Changle had put something in his pocket.

So, he took it out of his white uniform’s pocket.

Tan Yi didn’t find that it was a check for one million yuan until he put it before his eyes.

“One million?”

“Is the deposit very generous?”

Gu Changle smiled and looked at him tenderly.

Tan Yi stared at Gu Changle’s face with meaningful eyes, “Miss Gu, what do you want me to do with such a generous deposit?”

“It’s simple. I just want you to help me take care of my good sister.”

Tan Yi asked, “Do you mean Song Yunjia?”

Gu Changle nodded.

Tan Yi returned the check to Gu Changle, “Doctors are responsible for taking care of patients. Even if you don’t say anything, I will take good care of Miss Song.”

Seeing Tan Yi misunderstood her meaning, Gu Changle couldn’t help but laugh and corrected him, “The care I’m talking about is not the kind of care you think.”

Tan Yi was slightly surprised, “What kind of care are you talking about?”

After Gu Changle was asked, the viciousness in her eyes couldn’t be hidden anymore. Gu Changle said to Tan Yi, “I want you to give her medicine to make her deranged and become a lunatic!”

Hearing such a request, Tan Yi didn’t pale with shock. However, he frowned with worry, “Miss Gu, does Mr. Shao know what you want to do?”

To convince Tan Yi, Gu Changle lied easily, “Of course Tianze knows. And Tianze asked me to do this.”

Tan Yi grinned vaguely when he heard what Gu Changle said.

And an unnoticeable pinhole camera in the corner of the office recorded everything.

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