Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 452

Chapter 452 Yunjia Passed Away Pt. 2

Chapter 452 Yunjia Passed Away Pt. 2

Song Yunxuan didn’t refuse and nodded briskly, “OK. I’ll wait for you to come to the hospital to pick me up.”

If she had gone to the Shao Family by herself, she would have felt weak.

However, she would have felt better if she had had Mei Qi follow her.

She felt that she was not alone.

And every time she met Shao Tianze and Gu Changle, she wanted to tear them to pieces and burn them to ashes.

If she had failed to control her thoughts, she would have shown the anger on her face.

She didn’t want to be an emotional person. Therefore, she took Mei Qi as a safeguard.

Mei Qi arrived as soon as possible. His car was a bit fast on the highway.

Song Yunxuan looked at the time and waited for Mei Qi.

About ten or fifteen minutes later, Mei Qi walked out of the elevator.

Song Yunxuan was surprised by the fast speed, “Why come here so fast? It’s not a short journey from the Xue Family to the hospital.”

“The green light was all the way, so I came here fast.”

After explaining, Mei Qi asked her, “Shall we go now?”


Song Yunxuan nodded.

“Let’s go downstairs.”

Song Yunxuan had been waiting outside the ward. The dean and the doctor, who had been waiting together with Song Yunxuan, saw Song Yunxuan leaving.

The dean and the doctor were relieved.

However, at the time when everyone was sighing with relief, a person hurriedly walked out of the elevator.

He glanced at Song Yunxuan and went to the dean awkwardly.

The dean knew that the captain of the hospital security team was walking towards him.

The dean vaguely felt that something was not right. However, the dean didn’t dare to think about what was wrong, so he could only wait for that person to come over.

When the security captain came over, the dean inquired him anxiously, “How? Did you find the patient?”

If other patients had got lost, the hospital wouldn’t have been anxious to find them. However, this time, the lost patient was Song Yunjia, Song Yunxuan’s blood-related sister.

People knew the sisters had long been at daggers drawn with each other, but Song Yunxuan’s coming this time was enough to show that she valued her biological sister. With Song Yunxuan’s presence, the hospital had to make every effort to find Song Yunjia.

After taking a look at Song Yunxuan, the security captain whispered a few words in the dean’s ear.

Hearing the security captain’s words, the dean was stunned and asked him with panic eyes, “You can’t be kidding about this. Is it true?”

The captain nodded with certainty, “It’s true, although it’s hard to believe.”

Seeing the captain’s arrival, Song Yunxuan knew there was news about her eldest sister. She had thought the security captain would have immediately informed her after telling her elder sister’s whereabouts to the dean.

Unexpectedly, after the security told the news to the dean, the dean didn’t tell her the information immediately but clasped his fingers together with a hesitant expression.

Song Yunxuan frowned, “Dean, did you find news about my eldest sister?”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s question, the dean nodded gravely, “Miss Song, we have found the patient.”

“Where is she?”

“At Xima Bay.”

“Have you brought her back?”

Song Yunxuan looked at the security captain.

Being glanced by Song Yunxuan, the security immediately lowered his eyes, seemed to be afraid of her sight.

Song Yunxuan felt something wrong by instinct, “What’s wrong? Didn’t you bring my eldest sister back?”

“Well…” The dean was very embarrassed and didn’t know how to tell Song Yunxuan.

The security captain saw that the dean could not explain, so he had to say, “Miss Song, you’d better come with me.”

Since the security said that she should go there in person, things might be tricky.

She had such a hunch, so she nodded, “Let’s go over and take a look.”

The location was Xima Bay. It happened that Mei Qi was right by her side.

Therefore, Mei Qi could drove her there quickly.

However, on the way, Song Yunxuan felt the situation was far from good.

The security captain’s and the dean’s cars followed behind them. Song Yunxuan saw the dean’s car from the rearview mirror. She pursed her lips, and there was displeasure in her eyes.

This hospital hadn’t taken Song Yunjia seriously.

When they were not paying attention, Song Yunjia went missing.

Could such a hospital continue to exist?

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes. There was a cold look at the end of her eyes.

She didn’t like the People’s Hospital because it was in the People’s Hospital that she underwent the operation which sent her to hell.

However, she was a devil who wasn’t accepted by the hell king. After she died, she still had a chance to return to this world.

She had become another identity, but that identity still allowed her to retaliate against those who had killed her.

Song Yunjia was in a dead end. If Song Yunjia had wanted to live, she would have needed Song Yunxuan’s protection without a doubt.

If this time Song Yunjia had gone to see Shao Tianze, the situation would have been more manageable.

To Shao Tianze, Song Yunjia was already an abandoned pawn, and Shao Tianze had no conscience or sympathy.

If he had thought she had value, he would have treated Song Yunjia kindly to make her feel there was hope.

However, if he had believed Song Yunjia had no value, it would have been hard for Song Yunjia to see him again.

No one knew whether she saw Shao Tianze this time she ran out.

However, Song Yunxuan wanted to see what kind of attitude Song Yunjia had now.

After knowing Shao Tianze’s ruthlessness towards her, did Song Yunjia completely give up on Shao Tianze?

Song Yunxuan thought a lot on the way. She even felt that she could persuade Song Yunjia and rout Shao Tianze after arriving there.

It was because Song Yunjia would have been able to offer a lot of evidence if she had been willing to testify against Shao Tianze.

No one could be more useful when making Shao Tianze feel panic than Song Yunjia’s testimony.

Song Yunxuan was so immersed in her thoughts that she didn’t even notice the situation outside the car window when the car had reached Xima Bay where Song Yunjia was.

Mei Qi drove the car in. However, after the crowd dodges, they saw an alley entrance where a cordon had been pulled up. Police officers continually appeared, and some officers had taken photos of the scene.

Mei Qi frowned and looked at Song Yunxuan through the rearview mirror.

He found Song Yunxuan was looking down and did not notice the situation outside. He called her, “Manager Song?”

Hearing Mei Qi’s calling, Song Yunxuan recovered from meditation and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Mei Qi motioned Song Yunxuan to look out the car window, “We have arrived.”

Song Yunxuan followed Mei Qi’s line of sight and looked out of the car window.

She quickly saw the police officers holding the camera and the whispering crowds hiding in the surrounding.

Mei Qi frowned and reminded her, “Manager Song, things may not be as optimistic as you have predicted. You may stay in the car first. I’ll go down and have a look.”

Song Yunxuan had put her fingers on the door handle. She had wanted to get off the car. However, when she saw the police officers and onlookers, she stopped opening the car door.

Maybe, before Mei Qi told her the result, she really shouldn’t open the car door.

She pursed her lips and looked at the small alley where the cordon was pulled up.

Xima Bay.

This place seemed familiar to them.

When they were in college, there was an excellent coffee shop with very delicious desserts.

Gu Changge didn’t like desserts, but Shao Tianze thought all girls loved sweets. Therefore, every time on vacation, Shao Tianze brought Gu Changge here for dessert.

At that time, Gu Changge didn’t want to marry Shao Tianze and didn’t want to accept Shao Tianze’s invitation.

She thought that going back to the company to audit the R&D team meeting was much more interesting than having dessert when she was free.

However, there was Gu Changle by her side at that time.

And Song Yunjia.

After her father, Gu Cheng, died, her only relative was Gu Changle, who was adopted from the orphanage.

She ruthlessly used harsh means to eliminate the illegitimate sons and daughters who wanted to fight her for the family property one by one.

Gu Changge only kept the sickly and harmless younger sister, Gu Changle.

Gu Changle didn’t fight for anything. In the Gu Family, she looked like she didn’t pursue anything and lived very contentedly.

However, it was not until Gu Changle and Shao Tianze killed her that Gu Changge knew how well and deceptively Gu Changle could act.

Gu Changle was Gu Changge’s younger sister, and Song Yunjia was Gu Changge’s friend. When Shao Tianze invited Gu Changge, they would try their best to persuade Gu Changge to accept Shao Tianze’s invitation.

Gu Changge felt it was ridiculous as she recalled now.

Both Gu Changle and Song Yunjia loved Shao Tianze. However, the two women persuaded another woman to go to Shao Tianze’s appointment with a kind face.

How were their feelings when Gu Changle and Song Yunjia persuaded her to go to the appointment?

Gu Changge was afraid that they had wanted to kill her.

After all, they loved Shao Tianze.

It was an unforgettable place.

She didn’t know why the cafe she and Shao Tianze often dated in the early years was still well run. While the surrounding shopkeepers had changed, this coffee shop’s owner remained the same.

Gu Changge and Shao Tianze came here once after their marriage.

However, she couldn’t remember what coffee she ordered with Shao Tianze and what they said.

It was because when Shao Tianze caused her to lose her legs and life, the time spent with Shao Tianze turned into the deep hatred.

Between them, there was no love, only hate.

That kind of bloody hatred could never be forgotten.

Song Yunxuan looked at the small alley and the cafe next to it from a distance.

Mei Qi passed under the cordon and entered the alley.

After several minutes, Mei Qi came out of the alley.

He walked straight towards the car in which Song Yunxuan was.

Seeing Mei Qi, Song Yunxuan lowered the car window and asked, “What happened to my eldest sister?”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s question, Mei Qi frowned and uttered two words gently, “She died.”

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