Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 453

Chapter 453 Yunjia Passed Away Pt. 3

Chapter 453 Yunjia Passed Away Pt. 3

Song Yunxuan was a little stunned while hearing Mei Qi’s words.

Then, she asked him, “What did you say?”

Mei Qi knew this news was a shock for Song Yunxuan. Therefore, he repeated, “Manager Song, calm down, please.”

“I’m asking you what you just said.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes were fixed on Mei Qi.

Mei Qi found her serious. He answered again, “Song Yunjia passed away.”

Song Yunxuan felt drumming in her temples.

She had such mixed feelings that she could not express them or control them.

Song Yunxuan should be relieved and happy for Song Yunjia’s death.

After all, Song Yunjia was one of those who had killed her. Her resentment would reduce because of Song Yunjia’s death.

However, she did not feel happy.

Nor did she feel relieved.

Mei Qi saw her still. He was a little worried, “Manager Song, it happened suddenly. But…”

“Are there any clues?”

Song Yunjia deserved it. Song Yunxuan was displeased because Song Yunjia’s death made her lose a clue and an opportunity.

An opportunity to let Shao Tianze be destroyed.

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes, which was mixed with pity and anger.

At the same time, somewhat annoyance uncontrollably rose from her heart.

If she had visited Song Yunjia earlier, if she had Song Yunjia watched for 24 hours by the doctors and nurses, and if she had not allowed Song Yunjia to run out from the hospital, the clue would not have been cut down at this key point, would it?

Song Yunxuan thought in the car.

However, people outside had seen her face through the half-open car window.

Some people recognized her soon.

Some reporters of them walked towards her with microphones and photographers.

Mei Qi realized that people behind him started to gather around Song Yunxuan. He couldn’t help reminding Song Yunxuan, “Manager Song, you’d better come home first. The reporters have got the news and come here gradually.”

Song Yunxuan looked at Mei Qi’s back and saw reporters and photographers walking towards her.

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips. People could not tell whether she was really sad in her heart. But she was definitely in a bad mood.

Song Yunxuan opened the car door with her fingers.

Mei Qi found the door to be opened. He was surprised and shut the door immediately to let Song Yunxuan be in the car.

Song Yunxuan frowned, “Can’t I get off the car?”

Mei Qi tried to convince her, “Manager Song, it’s improper to get off the car right now.”

The reporters in Yuncheng were gossip. Besides, the magazines and newspapers had been waiting to report this big news. Therefore, they wanted to interview Song Yunxuan.

Now, if Song Yunxuan had accepted the interview without preparation, the reporters would have embroidered the truth no matter the attitude Song Yunxuan had shown.

The best way was to avoid the interview at this time and accept it until everything went well.

Song Yunxuan pursed the lips. She did not listen to Mei Qi. Instead, she pushed the door again, “I want to see her.”

“Manager Song, so many people here. If you come to…”

Song Yunxuan knew Mei Qi was worried about her, but she must see Song Yunjia’s death.

Song Yunjia had seen Gu Changge’s death.

Song Yunxuan could not let off every single detail of her revenge. Why couldn’t she see Song Yunjia’s last appearance in this world?

Mei Qi saw her determination.

He could do nothing but open the door for Song Yunxuan. He cleared the way for Song Yunxuan from the crowded reporters.

Song Yunxuan got off the car. Then Mei Qi blazed a trail for her.

Song Yunxuan was appreciated and looked at Mei Qi.

Mei Qi saw her sight and nodded slightly, signing that she could see Song Yunjia.

Just as Mei Qi’s expectation, Song Yunxuan’s appearance caused a sensation of the reporters.

Seeing Song Yunxuan out of the car, the reporters rushed to ask Song Yunxuan’s attitudes towards her eldest sister’s death.

Song Yunxuan ignored all questions.

Mei Qi protected Song Yunxuan to arrive where Song Yunjia died.

The reporters behind them would not give up as they did not get an answer.

Facing with the reporters’ questions, Mei Qi tried his best to help Song Yunxuan answer, “No comment. Please give us a way, please.”

Mei Qi helped Song Yunxuan walk ahead.

It was hard to get there.

Song Yunxuan squinted slightly when she approached the cordon and small alley.

After they arrived at the cordon, not only did Mei Qi stopped the reporters, but also the present police started to help Song Yunxuan.

Although the reporters wanted to follow Song Yunxuan, they had to give up because of the police’s restrictions.

Song Yunxuan crossed the cordon, pursing her lips and saying nothing.

The police were about to take the transcript with Song Yunxuan. But after answering the phone, they put away the transcript book for the time being.

Obviously, it was Chu Mochen who got the news and called the police.

Song Yunxuan walked towards the alley.

The environment of the alley was not bad. There was no rubbish. The ground was flat cement road.

Because there was an 18 floors tall building next to it, Song Yunxuan had a flash of thought in her mind when entering the small alley. She asked, “Did my eldest sister commit suicide by jumping off the building?”

“She committed suicide by hitting the wall.”

Mei Qi’s words made Song Yunxuan stop her steps for a while.

“Hitting the wall?”

Could people die of hitting the wall?

Mei Qi probably thought of what she was considering. He explained to her, “She made the final determination. The doctor said that her skull was smashed.”

Song Yunxuan did not say anything, but her eyes darkened.

Final determination.

The skull was smashed.

Song Yunjia had been muttering and mumbling to Shao Tianze, but she was so cruel to herself.

The police saw Song Yunxuan pausing and walking slowly. He thought Song Yunxuan was afraid of the bloody scene. Then he asked Song Yunxuan, “Miss Song, we have recognized the death. Are you still going to see the spot?”


She wanted to see Song Yunjia’s death anyway.

Hearing her answer, the police had to show her the spot.

Song Yunjia seemed to die miserably. A piece of white cloth had been covered on her body.

Song Yunxuan walked close and saw blood burst on the wall. The blood strains spread down the wall and dropped. It was not as bright as it first came out, but it did not dry up.

Song Yunxuan walked to the white cloth. She bent down slightly. Pinching a corner of the cloth, Song Yunxuan lifted the white cloth gently.

It was not as miserable as she imagined.

Song Yunjia seemed not to die in peace.

Her face was already pale. The body that had not yet stiffened seemed to be slightly warm. She opened her eyes wide and refused to close, looking hollowly at the person who appeared above her.

Her eyes were gloomy. The blood flowed from her head with a hole. The blood flowed down her eyes, like the tears of blood. It looked frightened and shocked.

Mei Qi saw Song Yunjia’s body. He covered his mouth with a handkerchief and coughed slightly.

Song Yunxuan heard his cough. She glanced at Mei Qi slightly and found Mei Qi’s uncomfortable symptoms.

“Are you sick of the blood or the body?” Song Yunxuan asked Mei Qi.

Mei Qi had seen the blood many times in his life.

But this was the first time he had seen a woman smashed herself with a hole on her head.

What was stranger was that this woman opened her eyes wide and refused to close it when she died.

Song Yunxuan saw Song Yunjia’s eyes. She did not feel scared.

Instead, she felt pity and compassion.

Of course Song Yunxuan did not believe Song Yunjia would run out to commit suicide.

If Song Yunjia had wanted to commit suicide, she could have jumped from the hospital’s top floor. Why did she run out of the hospital and come here?

Judging from that, she was probably murdered.

Song Yunxuan only saw Song Yunjia’s head and face. Thinking that Song Yunjia probably had been killed, Song Yunxuan removed the entire white cloth.

The police saw that Song Yunxuan was about to remove the entire white cloth. He couldn’t help but stop her, “You can’t remove it to see the corpse.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t listen to the police’s persuasion at all. She pulled the whole white cloth away at once.

The police were very displeased, but the cloth had been removed. It was useless for them to be displeased.

Besides, Song Yunxuan had the reason to watch Song Yunjia’s body.

After all, Song Yunjia was her sister by blood.

In addition to Song Yunxuan’s kinship with the deceased, Chu Mochen was supporting Song Yunxuan behind her.

Chu Mochen called the police as soon as he heard the news and signaled them to let Song Yunxuan take a closer look.

Although they wanted to expressly stop her, there would have been no need if they could not.

Song Yunxuan removed the cloth. She carefully inspected Song Yunjia’s body from the head to toe.

If Song Yunjia had been killed, she would have tried her best to struggle before her death.

Song Yunxuan reached out to turn over Song Yunjia.

However, when she reached out, Mei Qi said by her side, “Don’t you know she committed suicide?”

“She can be killed, can’t she?”

Mei Qi frowned, “You have seen a big hole on her head because of smashing. She must die for it.”

“But as a woman, how can she hit herself with so much strength? It is likely that someone grabbed her collar and slammed her against the wall, which finally caused her death.”

Song Yunxuan finished. Then she called Mei Qi, “You come here to help me turn her over.”

“It’s not good to move the deceased without authorization, right?”

“Some evidence can only be collected by moving the deceased, for example…”

Song Yunxuan and Mei Qi turned Song Yunjia over gently.

They did not directly put her face against the ground but exposed her back and neck.

Mei Qi had already felt uncomfortable with Song Yunjia’s death. Now he touched her body and even wanted Song Yunxuan to leave immediately after a look.

However, before he said anything, he saw Song Yunxuan staring at Song Yunjia’s neck.