Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 461

Chapter 461 Scheme Against Tianze

Chapter 461 Scheme against Tianze

On the third day, when Shao Xue went to join the company, some people in the company already knew her as she had expected.

She was Shao Tianze’s sister. Therefore, employees of the Shao enterprise nodded and greeted to Shao Xue when they saw her.

That situation continued until she entered the Personnel Department.

The personnel director greeted her enthusiastically and introduced her to the staff of the department.

“Attention, please. Let me introduce our new colleague.”

The Personnel Department director clapped his hands and motioned everyone to move closer so that they could hear him.

Seeing their supervisor had something important to say, workers stopped their business, went towards, and listened to the personnel director.

The personnel director coughed lightly and pointed at Shao Xue beside him, “This is the new colleague of our personnel department.”

After hearing the director’s words, other employees whispered to each other. They discussed the relationship between Shao Xue and Shao Tianze because they had the same surname.

Shao Xue didn’t care about the whispers around her.

However, the personnel director couldn’t help but do something as the colleagues whispering and talking.

He clapped heavily. Then, after employees gradually became quiet, he said, “Now I’m introducing the new colleague. Can’t you discuss it after the end of your work? Do you have to talk now?”

Hearing their supervisor’s criticism, the employees stopped talking.

Seeing that everyone has calmed down, the director spoke to Shao Xue with satisfaction, “Everyone has calmed down. You can introduce yourself.”

Shao Xue nodded and then glanced at the colleagues who came to listen to her introduction.

“My name is Shao Xue. I am a new employee here. I will appreciate your help.”

Among the staff, one meddlesome member couldnt help but ask, “Shao Xue, what’s your relationship with our Chairman Shao? Why are you both surnamed Shao?”

Hearing those questions, the director frowned, “I just want to introduce the new colleague to you. How can you inquire about her privacy?”

The meddlesome worker closed his mouth and didn’t ask Shao Xue anymore after hearing the director’s words.

After Shao Xue’s simple self-introduction, the director led Shao Xue to her office cubicle and showed her the environment.

Shao Xue saw a computer, an office chair, and two pots of small green plants in her cubicle. That was fine, and she felt satisfied.

The director was sophisticated and knew that Shao Xue was Shao Tianze’s younger sister. After he arranged her, he told her, “Shao Xue, if you have any dissatisfaction, you can ask me for help at any time. If I can help you change positions, I will surely help you. If I can’t help…”

He didn’t complete what he had wanted to say.

Shao Xue knew his meaning. She should Shao Tianze for help when having more significant trouble. The personnel director could only help her to solve small problems.

After all, Shao Tianze made every strategic decision of the Shao enterprise.

Seeing her office cubicle, Shao Xue thanked the personnel director with a smile, “Thank you, director. I will ask for your help if I have any questions.”

The personnel director laughed and nodded.

Shao Xue entered the job suddenly. That made the staff of the Personnel Department couldn’t help but start gossiping.

Several interfering members came to ask Shao Xue in person to verify their guess.

“Shao Xue, what is your relationship with our Chairman Shao?”

When Shao Xue heard that someone finally asked this question, she answered, “We are the elder brother and the younger sister.”

Shao Xue’s words immediately stunned the staff who came to inquire about the gossip.

“You are Chairman Shao’s younger sister”

The people around couldn’t help but marvel.

Shao Xue had no intention of concealing that fact. After all, she suddenly had a good position in such a big company. If there had been no one to support her, she would have been criticized.

However, if she had made people know that Shao Tianze was behind her, it would have been more convenient for her to do anything in the future.

After learning about Shao Xue’s background, every one of this Personnel Department was very flattering to Shao Xue. Only two days after Shao Xue joined the company, the relationship between her and the employees became harmonious.

Shao Xue knew in her heart that the colleagues maintained a good relationship with her because she had Shao Tianze’s support.

Since they all came to have a good relationship with her because of Shao Tianze, she was glad about that.

When it was close to getting off work, Lily, a colleague of the Personnel Department, knocked on her desktop and talked to her smilingly, “Tonight is the time for our Personnel Department to dine together every month. Come together.”

Shao Xue nodded as she packed her things, “OK.”

After Lily informed Shao Xue, she took Shao Xue’s hand and walked towards outside when they came off duty.

Shao Xue didn’t dislike this colleague. Although she was a few years older than Shao Xue, she was sedate. Being gossipy was her only shortcoming.

Every time they went to the cafeteria to eat at noon, Lily would tell others the gossip she heard.

The fact that Shao Xue was Shao Tianze’s younger sister, spreading through her mouth, had been made clear to several nearby departments.

These nearby departments had different attitudes. However, some of them were jealous of the good luck of the Personnel Department.

After all, Shao Tianze put his sister in the personnel department, which meant that he was very satisfied with the staff of the Personnel Department.

And if the Personnel Department had made some mistakes, they could have been solved smoothly with Shao Xue pleading with her brother.

In this way, Shao Xue was the Personnel Department’s protection.

Such a good thing naturally made other departments feel envy.

Shao Xue went to the dinner place as agreed.

It was a small but tidy and elegant place.

It was a Jepanese restaurant named Bluestone House.

After Shao Xue sat down on the tatami with Lily, Lily drank two cups of sake with her colleagues and began gossiping with Shao Xue.

“I heard that Chairman Shao dismissed the secretary who had worked for him for two years?”

“The secretary?” Shao Xue knew this matter. Now the whole company knew about it.

Many people paid attention to and wanted to take the position beside Shao Tianze, the chairman’s secretary.

However, Shao Xue didn’t want to mention this matter first. After all, if she had said it, someone would have recommended himself for this position and wanted her help.

It would be troublesome whether she helped or not.

So, Shao Xue pretended to be confused. That successfully deceived Lily and other colleagues around.

“Don’t you know about it?”

Lily held a cup of sake.

Shao Xue frowned, “I have been busy with work these days and have no time to ask my brother.”

“As a younger sister, how could you not care about your brother?”

A colleague around said.

Lily glared at the colleague immediately.

The person who spoke also realized that he had talked out of place, so he closed his mouth and stopped talking.

Lily giggled, “After all, Chairman Shao is a successful man. Successful men don’t like talking about business affairs at home. It is normal that you don’t know the matter, Shao Xue.”

Shao Xue nodded.

Lily eased the embarrassment for her.

She was glad to receive Lily’s help.

Lily still felt bored. After saying, she ate a few sushi and continued to ask Shao Xue, “Do you know your brother’s requirements for his secretary or assistant?”

Shao Xue thought for a while, “I don’t know. I only know that my brother is fond of gentle girls like Sister Changle.”

What she said was no different from not saying it. Everyone in the Shao enterprise knew that Shao Tianze liked Gu Changle’s type of woman.

However, even if one wanted to be Shao Tianze’s secretary, she couldn’t compete for this position by doing a facial plastic surgery according to Gu Changle’s appearance immediately and becoming similar to Gu Changle’s look.

Lily couldn’t get any information from Shao Xue, so she didn’t mention this topic anymore.

However, Shao Xue began to pay special attention to Lily in her heart.

After careful observation, Shao Xue believed that this 28-year-old woman also had a heart that was unwilling to be lonely and wanted to be in a high position under her capable and peaceful appearance.

Nevertheless, when the female employees in the Shao enterprise were able to compete for this good position, they would naturally try their best in secret.

It was hard to tell whether Lily could get this high position smoothly.

In the evening, after Shao Xue returned home, she told Song Yunxuan about this via email.

Song Yunxuan did not comment much after learning about it but asked about Gu Changle’s situation.

Shao Xue said that Gu Changle’s health condition had no serious problem.

Song Yunxuan exhorted Shao Xue to work hard in the Shao enterprise and said goodnight to her before they finished this email conversation.

When Song Yunxuan finished the email conversation, Chu Mochen was by her side. Seeing Song Yunxuan rub her forehead, Chu Mochen lightly pulled her in his arms and raised his hands to massage her forehead, “What did Shao Xue tell you?”

“She said that Shao Tianze dismissed his secretary, Chi Fang, who worked for him for two years. And he doesn’t immediately hire a new one but let the position be vacant.”

“Did Chi Fang make any serious mistakes? Why did he fire her after she had worked for him for two years?”

Chu Mochen asked her.

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Chi Fang has a high EQ. She shouldn’t make any serious mistakes. She was fired because Shao Tianze wanted to fire her.”

Chu Mochen was smart and asked her in another way, “Was it because he didn’t believe her?”

“Yes.” Song Yunxuan nodded.

“Gu Changge recommended Chi Fang to Shao Tianze when she was alive. Shao Tianze almost replaced all the people recommended by Gu Changge. However, he kept this secretary by his side for a long time. Do you know the reason?”

“She acts according to occasions and doesn’t talk nonsense. There was no reason to fire her.”

Hearing Chu Mochen’s answer, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but purse her lips and smiled.

Seeing her smile, Chu Mochen gently caressed her cheek, “Shao Xue told you so much, and you asked Gu Changle’s situation. What else do you infer?”

“I also infer that Gu Changle is planning to scheme against Shao Tianze.”

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