Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 463

Chapter 463 The Coquettish Secretary

Chapter 463 The Coquettish Secretary

Song Yunxuan read this resume over and over again. She looked carefully at the woman’s identity and work experience.

She finally summed up, “She looks like a beauty with rich work experience. She should have some schemes and means. We just don’t know her purpose and plans to be Shao Tianze’s secretary.”

Chu Mochen had been smiling, but he did not talk about the woman with Song Yunxuan.

The only woman he was interested in now was Song Yunxuan.

Except for Song Yunxuan, he had no interest in other women.

After reading the resume, Song Yunxuan started to think, “You see, why does Lily Yuan want to be Shao Tianze’s secretary?”

“Isn’t it simple? She wants to either improve her position or her economic life.”

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Maybe you are right.”

After saying that, Song Yunxuan thought of Gu Changle. She leaned backwards on the car seat languidly and said, “However, facing Gu Changle, the rival in love, she is hard to win in this competition.”

“Well, are you worried about her?”

“Of course, I am worried about her.” Song Yunxuan said with a smile, “If this woman becomes Gu Changle’s new rival in love, I will be more relieved and happier.”

“Will you help her with it?”

Chu Mochen’s question made Song Yunxuan smile more happily, “It depends on herself whether she can go higher. How can I help her?”

The fact that Shao Tianze found a new secretary has spread through the whole Shao enterprise on the same day.

Even Shao Xue did not expect that Shao Tinaze would get a new secretary so fast.

Besides, what surprised Shao Xue most was that Shao Tianze’s secretary was her colleague Lily.

When she was at the party, she was still wondering what kind of method Lily would use to become Chairman’s secretary as she wished.

To her surprise, Lily had achieved her goal within a night.

Such a woman really impressed her.

Lily packed up her things from the Personnel Department to take up the position of Chairman’s secretary. Before she left, she deliberately appreciated Shao Xue, “When I wrote my self-recommendation letter, I felt hopeless. I did not expect that I succeeded. Shao Xue, you must have put in a good word for me, right?”

Shao Xue swore that she never said a good word about Lily to Shao Tianze.

However, Lily was so lucky that she became the Chairman’s secretary, which was so confusing.

Confused as she was, Shao Xue knew that there must be some inside stories. Therefore, Shao Xue sent Lily’s resume to Song Yunxuan.

She hoped that Song Yunxuan could find some problems.

It was a pity that Song Yunxuan received the resume but did not find anything useful.

After Shao Xue went home in the afternoon, she called Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan made an appointment with Shao Xue in the cafe.

Shao Xue ordered the coffee. She said to Song Yunxuan, “Shao Tianze often goes to the hospital recently. He devotes all his energy on Gu Changle since Gu Change was hospitalized.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, sympathizing, “It is normal. After all, Gu Changle is Shao Tianze’s heartstrings. There is no surprise that Shao Tianze takes care of her all day.”

“But he suddenly chose Lily in our department as his secretary, which made me puzzled.”


Song Yunxuan questioned.

Shao Xue nodded, “Well, is it possible that Gu Changle chose the secretary for Shao Tianze?”

Song Yunxuan would not have thought of it if Shao Xue had not said so.

Now that Shao Xue mentioned this, Song Yunxuan started to think it over, “It’s not impossible.”

“However, if it was Gu Changle who chose this secretary for Shao Tianze, what is her purpose?”

Shao Xue did not understand that.

Song Yunxuan knew that clearly in her mind. She answered Shao Xue, “It is simple. Gu Changle wants this position.”

Shao Xue became more confused.

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Although Gu Changle wants this position, Shao Tianze doesn’t want Gu Changle to work in the Shao enterprise. Gu Changle needs to find another way.”

“Find another way? You mean…”

Song Yunxuan was not hurried to explain Shao Xue. She just said, “Wait and see. You will know what it means very soon.”

Song Yunxuan let Shao Xue wait. Shao Xue naturally paid more attention to Gu Changle and Shao Xue.

Shao Tianze had been in the hospital for three days. As his sister, Shao Xue had to visit them.

Therefore, Shao Xue went to the hospital and visited Gu Changle with some gifts after work in the afternoon.

By coincidence, arriving there, Shao Xue found there was another person in Gu Changle’s ward that she was familiar with.

It was Lily Yuan, Shao Xue’s previous colleague in the Personnel Department.

Lily Yuan saw Shao Xue entering and was also surprised. She greeted Shao Xue with a smile, “Shao Xue, what a coincidence!”

Shao Xue nodded. She glanced at Gu Changle and then greeted Lily Yuan, “Indeed. You’re visiting Sister Changle?”


Lily Yuan saw Shao Xue here. She left after some greetings.

Lily Yuan had worked with Shao Tianze for several days. Just within these days, she had some incredible changes.

Lily Yuan used to be dressed as a common office lady and wore light makeup.

But now, Shao Xue almost could not recognize Lily Yuan when she met her, since Lily Yuan’s dressing style and makeup had changed greatly.

Now her makeup was mature and coquettish. She often wore gorgeous clothes, which highlight her bosoms and bottom.

As a woman, Shao Xue felt a little jealous and envious when she saw Lily Yuan’s figure.

Lily Yuan’s figure was so good.

Gu Changle could pretend to be calm when Lily Yuan was here.

After Lily Yuan left, Gu Changle said directly to Shao Tianze while Shao Xue was still in the ward, “She is really pretty in those clothes.”

It seemed to be praising Lily. But Gu Changle said it with envy.

Shao Tianze also got the meaning of this word. He said, “If you don’t like her, I will fire her at once.”

Gu Changle looked at Shao Tianze. She seemed to make a compromise, saying, “You need to contact at work. It’s fine if she works hard.”

Shao Tianze reached out his hand and held Gu Changle’s fingers. He promised to her gently, “The only one in my heart is you, Changle.”

Gu Changle saw Shao Tianze’s fingers on hers. Her eyes avoided, “Then I felt relieved.”

Shao Xue heard the conversation between Gu Changle and Shao Tianze. She didn’t believe that Gu Changle would recommend Lily Yuan, as this secretary, to Shao Tianze.

Gu Changle was a woman easy to be jealous. She must have been boiling mad if the seductive woman like Lily Yuan had been around Shao Tianze all day.

How could Gu Changle be willing to recommend her to be Shao Tianze’s secretary?

Shao Xue denied the possibility that Gu Changle introduced the secretary for Shao Tianze. She thought of the director of her department.

If it had been the personnel transfer, the Personnel Department must have known the reason.

Lily Yuan was promoted by three levels form the Personnel Department. It was the director who knew the reason why she became Shao Tianze’s secretary.

Shao Xue saw Shao Tianze and Gu Changle flirting with each other. She felt a little uncomfortable and found some excuse to leave the ward.

Just leaving the ward, Shao Xue called her department director.

The director had left the Shao enterprise and gone home after work.

Receiving the call from Shao Xue after work, he felt confused and asked Shao Xue, “What happened?”

Shao Xue was Shao Tianze’s younger sister. Even though he had finished his work, he had no reason to reject her request.

Shao Xue smiled. She said with an apology, “Director, sorry to bother. It’s not a big deal.”

“As long as you call me, I will tell you everything you want to know, no matter how small it is.” The director was kind and considerate.

Shao Xue knew that it was because of Shao Tianze that the director treated her with a good attitude.

Since the director was so sincere, Shao Xue asked directly, “Director, in fact, I want to ask you why Lily, a staff in the Personnel Department, became my brother’s secretary suddenly.”

Hearing this question, the director couldn’t help laughing, “Well, you are Chairman Shao’s sister. Are you jealous of Lily’s good luck?”

Shao Xue smiled, “Yes, even though I’m my brother’s sister, I can’t be his secretary. Therefore, I want to ask you if Lily has some secrets to be promoted successfully.”

The director guffawed, “To be honest, Shao Xue, since Lily was promoted, many people have called me for the secrets, not just you.”

Of course, Shao Xue knew that she was not the only one who called the director for the secrets.

After all, Lily Yuan was promoted so soon and so suddenly. The people in the company regarded her as the lucky dog.

Some people were jealous of Lily Yuan’s good luck, while others reacted quickly and wanted to find her secrets of promotion.

“Director, are you going to tell me the secrets or not?”

Shao Xue asked the director.

The director laughed immediately, “Well, I can conceal it from everyone in the Shao enterprise except you.”

“Director, please tell me what kind of secret Lily has.”

Shao Xue took a deep breath and concentrated on listening to the reason.

However, the director said, “In fact, Lily has no secrets. She just requested me and the director of the Public Relations Department to write recommendation letters for her. Then Chairman Shao promoted her as his secretary.”

Shao Xue frowned.

Lily Yuan had already begun to have recommendation letters prepared before she asked Shao Xue.

However, it was normal that the director of the Personnel Department wrote the letter for her. What about the Public Relations Department? Why did they help her?

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