Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 473

Chapter 473 The Plan Failed

Chapter 473 The Plan Failed

When Shao Xue entered the Shao Family, she didn’t feel like staying around Shao Tianze as she detested him.

At that time, she felt reluctant to do this.

However, after all this time, Shao Xue had already figured out how to survive in the Shao Family.

And she also knew how to handle affairs well here.

She had learned to keep a poker face both in life and business. She knew that she must never show her feelings.

Even if she had sensed something unusual, she could pretend to be completely ignorant of it.

Song Yunxuan preferred such kind of girls.

And she began to have great expectations for Shao Xue from the bottom of her heart.

Song Yunxuan expected that she could control her own future and she had hope for the future. She didn’t want Shao Xues life to be filled with the hatred for Shao Tianze.

Seeing Song Yunxuan watching Shao Xue and pondering, Mei Qi reminded her gently, “There she comes.”

Being reminded by Mei Qi, Song Yunxuan immediately looked out of the window.

Sure enough, a gorgeous lady in dress slit to the thigh entered from the restaurant door.

The girl has beautiful curly chestnut hair. Though her gown was pure black, yet it served as a foil to her slim build.

Undoubtedly, the girl was the one Song Yunxuan and Mei Qi had been waiting for.

Ye Xinyu walked in gracefully. No sooner had she entered than a waiter stepped forward to ask her how many in her party.

She answered gently. After getting her answer, the waiter took her to her seat.

Yet on the way to her seat, she passed Shao Xue and Liang Ziting’s table.

Women would always pay attention to someone who looked gorgeous, and Shao Xue was no exception.

She turned to look at Ye Xinyu, which drew Liang Ziting’s attention. Liang Ziting still wore a smile, asking her, “What are you looking at?”

"There is a nice-looking girl who looks like a star.” Though Shao Xue seldom watched the idol dramas on TV, she was somewhat familiar with Ye Xinyus look.

After all, pretty girls could always leave a deep impression on people.

Not to mention the outstanding ones in the biz.

Shao Xue’s eyes fell on Ye Xinyu.

Liang Ziting also turned to look at the girl. No sooner had he looked at her than his pupils suddenly constricted as if they were stabbed by a needle.

Why was she here?

Liang Ziting felt a bit nervous.

However, he just remained nervous for a couple of seconds, and then he banished the feeling.

Because he knew well about Ye Xinyu.

Ye Xinyu was a lady who wanted to make a name for herself in the biz.

Besides, she did not even ask him to make their relationship official for the sake of her career.

Since their relationship wasn’t official, she could not show that she knew him in public.

Neither could she make a scene when she saw him dating another woman.

Because she knew clearly how much harm negative news could do to an actress who had just begun her career.

He calmed down and stopped paying attention to Ye Xinyu, smiling at Shao Xue, “The girl must be pretty in your eyes, right?”

Shao Xue asked him in reply, “Isn’t she pretty?”

In her eyes, Ye Xinyu was indeed a beautiful girl.

She had long hair and a slender waist. She was quite plump and had good taste in dressing. Besides, her every single move was graceful.

When she entered the restaurant, her grace lit everything up.

She might be exaggerating. However, Ye Xinyu was indeed a pretty woman in the eyes of anyone.

At least, she thought she was quite beautiful.

Liang Ziting slightly curled up his lips and looked at Shao Xue smilingly, “Different people have different opinions. As for me, I think you are much more beautiful than that woman.”

No women would not be touched once being admired. And Shao Xue was no exception.

Hearing his words, Shao Xue pressed her lips and appeared a bit shy.

“You are really good at saying honeyed words, Mr. Liang. I’ve just got a common face.”

“Haven’t you heard of the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Miss Shao?”

He both flattered Shao Xue and expressed his love to her through these words.

Shao Xue was not a fool. Hearing these, she raised her head and looked into Liang Ziting’s eyes.

Liang Ziting also looked straight into her eyes, and it seemed that he wanted to let Shao Xue know his love for her through his eyes.

Shao Xue looked at Liang Ziting’s pupils and was enthralled.

Just at this moment, Ye Xinyu walked past Liang Ziting.

Before Ye Xinyu arrived at his table, Liang Ziting had already sensed the perfume on Ye Xinyu.

It was the smell of rose, which was quite faint. But as she had been with him for a long time, so he could easily smelt it when she approached him.

He remained calm and waited for Ye Xinyu to pretend that she didn’t know him and walk past him.

And then he would continue bonding with Shao Xue.

However, Ye Xinyu did not act that calmly as he imagined.

Ye Xinyu had already begun to slow down a few steps before him. When passing Liang Ziting, she frowned and stared at Liang Ziting as if she wanted to make sure if it was him. Then she completely stopped.

Feeling that Ye Xinyu suddenly stopped beside him, Liang Ziting instantly felt that her blood ran cold.

What on earth did this woman want from him?

Had she always been a sensible woman?

Now her sudden move would ruin his plan and make Shao Xue think that he was an unreliable man and refuse to marry him.

Bits of sweat immediately oozed out of his forehead.

Shao Xue also noticed that Ye Xinyu stopped at their table.

Shao Xue turned to look at Ye Xinyu strangely.

Ye Xinyu was a good actress. Though she was a green actress and had only acted in several idol dramas whose public praise was ordinary, she did a good job making expressions.

She acted as if a girl who loved his boyfriend deeply saw his boyfriend seeing someone else. Her eyes seemed to be able to talk.

She first seemed not to believe it. And then she appeared to be sorrowful, and it seemed that she tried hard to bear it.

Shao Xue seemed to be able to read Ye Xinyu’s mood swings from her eyes. She frowned, followed her eyes, and looked at Liang Ziting.

Liang Ziting had already felt that Ye Xinyu was looking at him. It was just that he didn’t want to see Ye Xinyu’s expression or her face.

“What? You know each other?”

Seeing that Liang Ziting and Ye Xinyu both acted strangely, Shao Xue began to have doubts.

And Liang Ziting could not continue pretending that he didn’t notice Ye Xinyu’s gaze as he was being stared at her.

He turned his head and looked at Ye Xinyu, appearing quite indifferent, “Have we met somewhere before?”

Liang Ziting frowned and looked askance at Ye Xinyu.

The look in his eyes clearly showed that he wanted Ye Xinyu to get out of here immediately.

He wanted her to leave him and Shao Xue alone.

He had promised her that he would give her the best possible life. He would invest in films and make her a star, and let her marry into the Liang Family in style to be a rich lady.

However, when he made those promises, he had one condition that he had to be the real master of the Liang Family.

Though Ye Xinyu was his sweetheart now, she could not offer him help in his future career.

But Shao Xue was different. Shao Xue was Shao Tianze’s younger sister and could help him to be the master of the Liang Family.

And he wanted to dominate her elder brother and titular mother’s life.

He had been waiting for this day for so long. Now that he met Shao Xue and had a chance to make his dream come true, how could he just give up this easily?

Ye Xinyu had been with her for so long, so he believed that she could understand what he meant through his eyes.

However, she didn’t leave when seeing the look in his eyes.

Instead, she frowned and acted like a resentful woman who had been cheated on, asking him in tears, “Ziting, you pretend not to know me because you want to be with this woman?”

Ye Xinyu pointed at Shao Xue.

Shao Xue looked at Ye Xinyu and frowned slightly. Then she pondered for a moment and looked doubtfully at Liang Ziting.

She hoped Liang Ziting could give her a clear reply.

She wanted Liang Ziting to tell her what the relationship between him and the woman was.

Seeing that Ye Xinyu didn’t act as he wished, Liang Ziting turned to look at Shao Xue.

And he found that Shao Xue was also waiting for her explanation.

So he made a quick decision and asked Ye Xinyu smilingly, “Miss, when did we meet?”

“We’ve been together for over a year. Now you actually pretend not to know me?”

Ye Xinyu puckered up her brows, and her look was quite pitiful.

Though Liang Ziting didn’t show it, he began to feel that something was wrong.

Ye Xinyu shouldn’t have acted like this. She should have pretended not to know him and left immediately.

Why did Ye Xinyu act this strangely?

He frowned and looked at Ye Xinyu. His eyes gradually became fierce.

Ye Xinyu saw the fierce look in Liang Ziting’s eyes and felt a bit afraid.

But thinking of the things Mei Qi promised her, she could not help but continue looking at Liang Ziting resentfully.

“You don’t love me anymore?”

Liang Ziting looked at her, and his eyes were cold, replying, “Miss, I really don’t know you. Is it a prank or something?”

In such a circumstance, the only thing he could do was to disassociate himself from Ye Xinyu.

Only in this way could he be with Shao Xue.

And distinguish himself with the Shao Family’s help.

After he distinguished himself, he could make up for Ye Xinyu doubly.

He could even divorce with Shao Xue and marry her.

He could dote on Ye Xinyu as much as he could. However, he didn’t want Ye Xinyu to counteract his effort now.

Nor did he want her to ruin his plan completely.

If he had been in Shao Xue’s black book and lost the Shao Family’s help, how could he have been able to get and control the whole Liang Family?

He had been dreaming of getting the whole Liang Family.

He would never allow Ye Xinyu to ruin his plan.