Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 475

Chapter 475 Stepped Into The Shao Enterprise

Chapter 475 Stepped into the Shao Enterprise

Song Yunxuan slightly pressed her lips.

Though she didn’t reply to him, she had begun to think about his words.

The study was indeed similar to Gu Changge’s.

Because she had once been Gu Changge.

She entered the study and asked him in displeasure, “Why did you enter my study without my permission? It’s impolite.”

Chu Mochen slightly raised his brows and walked to her, replying, “I give you that. But I didn’t meddle with your things.”

Song Yunxuan chuckled and walked to the desk. When seeing that the three locks of the drawers were untouched, she said, “Entering my study without my permission is impolite, and meddling with my stuff is unforgivable.”

Hearing that she said the words unforgivable, Chu Mochen couldn’t help but give a smile, “If it’s unforgivable, how are you going to punish me?”

He leaned his chest against her back and trapped her in front of the desk.

Though they all wore clothes, Song Yunxuan still felt the warmth coming through his clothes.

Song Yunxuan didn’t turn her head. She just allowed him to get closer to her and let him breath close to her ears.

“What can I possibly do?”

“You don’t know how to punish me?”

“No. Except for breaking up.”

Hearing she said to break up, Chu Mochen looked quite unhappy.

However, he was clear that it was just a joke.

Now she had become submissive to him. How could she suddenly turn against him and leave him?

He approached her and pecked her earlobe.

The feeling of kissing her skin made him want to scoop her into his arms.

Being hugged by him, Song Yunxuan raised her hand and rested it on his, asking, “Have you had dinner?”

“No. I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Let’s have dinner now.”

“No rush.”

Chu Mochen turned her around, hoisted her up, and put her onto the desk.

Facing him, Song Yunxuan raised her brows, “It’s too early. Don’t you tell me you want to make out now.”

“Why not?”

“It’s too troublesome. I will have to take a shower. Besides, I haven’t had dinner yet.”

Song Yunxuan steadied herself against his chest, saying, “Have dinner first. I have something interesting to tell you.”

“About Liang Ziting?”


Song Yunxuan’s eyes lit up.

After her plan worked out, she had always been looking alight.

He liked her smile.

And he also liked the happiness in her eyes.

“Then tell me over dinner.”

He knew she detested Liang Ziting.

And he expected that she would make a move on Liang Ziting sooner or later.

But he didn’t expect that she would take the initiative to tell him about it.

Song Yunxuan got down from the desk, and Chu Mochen held her hand.

They walked hand in hand from the study to the dining room, and Song Yunxuan had been quite delighted on the way.

She told the thing that she let Mei Qi ask Ye Xinyu to ruin Liang Ziting’s date to Chu Mochen in detail.

In the end, Chu Mochen came to understand why Song Yunxuan brought this up first.

“What benefit have you promised Ye Xinyu to let her betray Liang Ziting?”

Chu Mochen’s answer was just the one Song Yunxuan had been expecting.

She slightly curled up her lips, and a smile barely touched her eyes. She said, “Guess.”

“The crew of Nine States?”

Hearing that he guessed it so easily, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help clapping her hands, “You are really smart. That’s the correct answer.”

Chu Mochen looked at her lightly, asking, “Does she want to play the lead role or the supporting role?”

Hearing this, Song Yunxuan knew that Chu Mochen had approved Ye Xinyu of entering the crew of Nine States.

She pondered for a moment and replied, “I don’t think she is able to play the lead role.”

“Then let her be the supporting role.”

Anyway, the major investor of Nine States was the Chu Family. Chu Mochen could decide who played the lead role, not to mention the support role.

Hearing Chu Mochen’s words, Song Yunxuan shook her head, saying, “No, I don’t think she can be the supporting role, either.”

Seeing that Song Yunxuan refused this quickly, Chu Mochen knew that she had opinions of her own. He asked her, “Then tell me what role she can play.”

“The third or the fourth supporting role.”

Chu Mochen slightly looked askance at Song Yunxuan and couldn’t understand why.

Song Yunxuan just smiled, explaining, “It’s true that Mei Qi agreed that she could enter the crew of Nine States. But he didn’t tell her clearly about what role she could play. On the one hand, if she is the female lead, it will have a bad influence on the box office. After all, if the female lead is just eye candy with no acting skills, no audience will see the movie. And on the other, it’s a good choice for her to play the supporting role, but I’m afraid that she will become popular too quickly, which she can’t handle.”

Such a woman like Ye Xinyu was smart and sensible, yet she still had many shortcomings which people hated.

So it was not a good choice to let her shoot to stardom. However, it was not good to let her not be famous either.

In this case, she had better let her be the third or fourth supporting role and gradually make her known to the public. Then she could make herself known through her own abilities.

Hearing this, Chu Mochen had understood what she meant.

He nodded and said, “Then I’ll do as you advised.”

“Thank you for telling the crew about it for me.”

Song Yunxuan gave a brief smile.

Chu Mochen looked at her and slightly raised his brows, “I don’t want such verbal appreciation. How about thanking me by doing something?”

The words were quite suggestive.

Song Yunxuan knew what he meant, but she still pretended that she didn’t understand his words. She just fixed her eyes on her food and continued eating quietly.

After Shao Xue returned, the postings on the forum were all about the argument between Ye Xinyu and Liang Ziting in the restaurant.

This mattered a star in the biz and the second master of a rich family, so it spread quite fast.

And it soon became the headline of the internet news.

Even Gu Changle, who was having dinner, saw the news.

Seeing this, she frowned angrily.

Shao Tianze noticed it, and he thought that she might be feeling unwell because of the work in the Shao enterprise.

So he asked her worriedly, “What’s wrong?”


“Then why did you frown?”

Being pressed, Gu Changle replied with a smile as she didn’t want Shao Tianze to know what happened between Liang Ziting and Shao Xue, “It’s the first day for me to work here, and I can’t keep up with the work pace. So I have a bit of a headache. Nothing serious.”

“Go to bed early after dinner.”

Shao Tianze finished his words.

Gu Changle nodded and stood up from her chair, saying, “I’ve had enough and I’m turning in.”

Shao Tianze nodded. Then he asked a servant next to him after Gu Changle left, “Did Shao Xue have dinner?”

The servant answered, “Miss Shao said she had had it, and she turned in as she was not feeling well.”

Shao Tianze felt it was a bit strange.

Shao Xue went on a date with Liang Ziting, which was a date between young people. But why did she just come back after dinner? Didn’t they hang out in some other places?”

He was full of doubts.

But Shao Xue had gone to bed, and he couldn’t just wake her up. So he went back to the room to accompany Gu Changle after dinner.

Gu Changle was quite annoyed. She thought Liang Ziting could easily let Shao Xue fall in love with him after being her boyfriend.

Yet out of her expectation, Liang Ziting had affairs.

And the most annoying part was that Liang Ziting’s current girlfriend appeared in the Baxian Restaurant.

Besides, many people saw it, and the news had been all over the forum.

And there had been a large number of viewing and reposting.

Maybe the whole Yuncheng would know about the thing that Liang Ziting committed adultery with Shao Xue during the time he was dating Ye Xinyu.

Shao Xue had only known Liang Ziting for about a week. Even if she had good feelings for him, she would still choose to break off their relationship as Liang Ziting did such a silly thing.

Liang Ziting probably could not continue being with Shao Xue.

She should find someone better to date Shao Xue now.

After all, Shao Xue had always been a thorn in her flesh during the time she stayed in the Shao Family.

The sooner she could drive Shao Xue away from the Shao Family, the happier she would be.

Shao Tianze didn’t understand what Gu Changle was up to. Seeing that Gu Changle had gone to bed, he threw back the quilt and lay beside her.

No sooner had he lain down than Gu Changle turned around and gently put her arms around his waist.

Feeling that she hugged him, Shao Tianze turned around and pulled her into his arms.

Being hugged by Shao Tianze like this, Gu Changle asked him gently, “Do you have a meeting tomorrow morning?”

Shao Tianze gently said yes.

“Can I sit next to you?”

Shao Tianze hesitated for a moment, replying, “You’ve just entered the company, and you need time to break in. You don’t need to go to the morning meeting. Stay at home and have some more rest.”

Gu Changle puckered up her brows, appearing unhappy.

She wanted to enter the Shao enterprise because she wanted to make herself known in business like Gu Changge and become a legend, leaving all other women in the dust.

Gu Changge and her were both daughters of the Gu Family. Gu Changge became famous in Yuncheng because Gu Cheng favored her.

Now Gu Changge had died, and she had a chance to do the things Gu Changge once did.

And she also had a chance to realize her ambition to be a legend in business who impressed all the others.

She could not live in the shadow of Gu Changge forever, and she could not allow others to think of her legendary elder sister every time they mentioned her.

She wanted everyone to see that she could also accomplish what Gu Changge did without any difficulty.

Thinking of this, she made requests, “Since I’ve entered the Shao enterprise, I have to do something. Your former secretary can attend meetings with you, and so can I.”

Shao Tianze looked down at Gu Changle in his arms.

He remained silent.

Gu Changle said that she wanted to sit beside him just now.

In the past, Gu Changge was the one who sat in the front, and he used to sit next to her.

He was her husband, so he could sit next to her.

Now, he was the master of the Shao enterprise.

But who was Gu Changle to sit next to him?

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