Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 476

Chapter 476 Her Ambition

Chapter 476 Her Ambition

Gu Changle and Gu Changge were both daughters of the Gu Family, who were both surnamed Gu.

However, the impression they left was vastly different.

Gu Changge had always been a dominant figure and as proud as a princess.

She was the Gu Family’s beloved daughter. She had experienced being doted on and being through a lot.

But Gu Changle had a totally different life. From the moment Gu Changle entered the Gu Family, everyone paid very little attention to her.

Gu Cheng barely had any hope for her. Even the fight for power in the Gu Family had no influence on her.

Because she was just an adopted daughter of the Gu Family, and she had no right to be a part of it at all.

Gu Changle’s ambition began to grow. Her envy of Gu Changge gradually drove her to follow Gu Changges footsteps after she died.

It drove her to do the things Gu Changge once did.

She wanted to become Gu Changge, who was the household legend.

She had thought about too many things. She felt that what Shao Tianze provided her with couldn’t completely satisfy her no matter mentally or materially.

While being hugged by Shao Tianze, she thought that she wanted much more than just kissing Shao Tianze and letting him dote on her.

She wanted Shao Tianze to allow her to work in the Shao enterprise, entitle her, and enter the top management.

And she wanted to be a woman who was in charge of the Shao enterprise.

Song Yunxuan got up early the next morning.

After watching the goldfish in the fish tank in satisfaction, she went to the dining room for breakfast.

Chu Mochen got up a bit later. However, he could still make it to breakfast.

While eating, Song Yunxuan said, “It seems that today is the Shao enterprises morning meeting day.”

The Shao enterprise had morning meetings every Monday and Wednesday.

Just like the Song enterprise that also had two morning meetings every week.

While Gu Changge was in charge, she set the rules that the Shao enterprise had two morning meetings every week. Even though Gu Changge had died and the Gu’s had turned into the Shao enterprise, the rules had not been changed.

Hearing her words, Chu Mochen slightly pressed his lips and continued with his breakfast, saying, “You seem to be quite concerned about the Shao enterprise.”

“I have to.” Song Yunxuan replied with a smile, “It’s not easy to get hold of such a large business like the Shao enterprise.”

Chu Mochen didn’t object. Not only didn’t he object, but he also reminded her, “Don’t be too greedy.”

“I won’t. The Shao enterprise will collapse sooner or later. I’m better than any other incapable people to take control it of.”

Chu Mochen slightly looked up at her, asking, “How can you be so sure?”

The Shao enterprise and the Chu’s were neck to neck in Yuncheng, balancing each other. It was such a large business.

In all these years, its profits had never gone down.

The flourishing Shao enterprise not only ran its own industry but also had been expanding its influence and reach.

It was unconvinced to say such a business would collapse.

“The Shao enterprise once belonged to Gu Changge. If Gu Changge were alive, the Shao enterprise would not go downhills or collapse.”

If Gu Changge had always been in control of the Shao enterprise, she could have made the business larger instead of ruining it as she was quite competent.

However, times were different.

Now Gu Changge was not in charge of the Shao enterprise. Shao Tianze was the chairman.

And it was quite interesting that Shao Tianze had approved of Gu Changle’s working in the Shao enterprise.

Song Yunxuan knew what Gu Changle was capable of.

Hearing her answer, Chu Mochen said, “Though Gu Changge has gone, Shao Tianze is not a useless man. At least, the profits of the Shao enterprise hasn’t gone down since Gu Changge passed away. And he succeeded in maintaining its market share.”

“But he doesn’t make it larger.”

Song Yunxuan took a mouthful of porridge and motioned to a servant next to her.

Seeing that, the servant immediately handed her the Yuncheng Morning Post.

After taking it, Song Yunxuan took a look at the headline.

Then she explained to Chu Mochen, “Gu Changle is not for business. Once she enters the Shao enterprise, she will not bring benefits to the Shao enterprise even if she does not ruin it.”

Seeing that Song Yunxuan fixed her eyes on the newspaper, Chu Mochen smiled.

He also spread out the newspaper at hand.

The headline showed up in front of his eyes.

Song Yunxuan was not surprised to see the headline on the Yuncheng Morning Post.

Chu Mochen pressed his lips, saying, “In this case, Liang Ziting’s efforts were in vain.”

“If he is quick-witted, maybe he would think of ways to win the Shao Familys favor again.”

Her words were with some sarcasm.

The headline of the Yuncheng Morning Post was about what happened in Baxian Restaurant yesterday.

Liang Ziting’s and Ye Xinyu’s photos were enlarged, and people could recognize their faces.

Yuncheng people had already been buzzing with the news as they loved to gossip.

Song Yunxuan heard that some employees were gossiping about it in whispers in the company.

And she was quite curious about what Liang Ziting would do to remedy the situation.

Such a man like Liang Ziting would stop at nothing to be successful.

His elaborate scheme had been ruined by such a silly woman. It was natural for him to be angry. However, now what he needed to do most was to remedy the situation.

Song Yunxuan believed that he would think of a way quickly to reverse such a situation.

However, the news Mei Qi got made Song Yunxuan felt interesting.

“After breaking up with Shao Xue, Liang Ziting didn’t go to the Shao Family to explain to Shao Xue instantly.”

Song Yunxuan clicked her mouse and read the postings about Liang Ziting’s gossips on the screen.

“In such a circumstance, he still didn’t go to the Shao Family to explain himself. Does he really want to lose the help from the Shao Family?”

Hearing this, Mei Qi said, “It’s not that he didn’t want the help. It’s just that the Madame of the Liang Family stopped him from going to the Shao Family to explain himself.”

Hearing what the Madame of the Liang Family did, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help chuckling, saying, “The Madame of the Liang Family is really heartless.”

“The Madame of the Liang Family has always been a witch. After her husband cheated on her and brought back the love child, Liang Ziting, she has always been strict with her husband.”

“That’s good.”

Song Yunxuan appreciated how the Madame of the Liang Family controlled her husband.

Mei Qi continued, “Now, Shao Tianze should get the news and know what Liang Ziting did.”

Song Yunxuan thought that he had got the news.

Shao Tianze was well-informed. Besides, now the city was agog with the gossip, and all the people in the Yuncheng knew about the thing.

So it was quite natural for Shao Tianze to get such news.

In the Shao enterprises morning meeting, Shao Tianze didn’t allowed Gu Changle to sit next to him.

He let her hand out some materials and sit in on the meeting. Then the meeting was over.

After the meeting was over, Shao Tianze immediately called Shao Xue over to ask her what happened yesterday between her and Liang Ziting.

Being asked, Shao Xue told him about what happened in the Baxian Restaurant in detail.

After hearing the story between Liang Ziting and Ye Xinyu in the restaurant yesterday, Shao Tianze frowned.

After ordering someone to investigate Liang Ziting’s background, he remained silent.

Liang Ziting wanted to be Shao Xue’s boyfriend because he wanted the Shao Family to help him.

Thinking of this, Shao Tianze recalled his marriage between Gu Changge.

There were a great number of men in this world who wanted to become outstanding.

And many of them wanted to get help from their wives.

Shao Tianze was one of them, and so was Liang Ziting.

They were the same kind. If Liang Ziting’s target had not been Shao Xue, who was his younger sister, Shao Tianze would have turned a blind eye to this.

However, Liang Ziting’s target was Shao Xue.

Shao Xue was his younger sister. If she had married Liang Ziting,

she wouldn’t have been much better off than Gu Changge.

Thinking of Gu Changge, he began to feel upset.

He looked up at Shao Xue and said, “Liang Ziting was not a good person. Don’t you like him? I’ll get you another date some other day. Or if you like someone, I’ll make some arrangements.”

Shao Xue pressed her lips, replying, “I don’t like Liang Ziting, and I don’t have a sweetheart now.”

Shao Tianze stopped persuading her. Instead, he just nodded.

Shao Xue got back to her work.

After getting back to her desk, Shao Xue turned her computer on and read the comments and disclosures from some insiders on the internet.

The internet was both useful and useless.

It was quite useful when it was used to spread gossips and dig someones secrets.

In less than one morning, someone had dug out the exact time when Liang Ziting and Ye Xinyu started to be a couple and their travel photos.

Besides, someone had begun to speculate Liang Ziting’s motive.

Shao Xue expected that Liang Ziting would call her to explain himself.

So she had already put his telephone number into the blacklist early in the morning.

But she didn’t expect Liang Ziting would come to her company in person to see her.

While having lunch at noon, Shao Xue was told that Liang Ziting came to see her.

The staff might be unfamiliar with the name Liang Ziting and didn’t know him a day before.

But because of the gossips, almost everyone who had read the postings and gossips could recognize Liang Ziting at first sight.

Being told by a colleague that Liang Ziting came to see her, Shao Xue slightly frowned and prepared to have lunch with some colleagues in the canteen.

Yet on the way to the canteen, a courier came in from outside with a bunch of red roses.

The bunch of roses was almost as large as a man.

Some female colleagues began to envy, exclaiming, “Wow, what beautiful roses!”

“Nine hundred and ninety-nine roses?”

“Probably. So pretty! I wonder who sent those to Shao Xue.”

The colleagues next to her were discussing in hushed whispers.

Shao Xue got the name card in those roses held by the courier.

Sure enough, Liang Ziting was the one who sent the roses.

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