Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 478

Chapter 478 Threatened The People's Hospital

Chapter 478 Threatened the People’s Hospital

Song Yunxuan was right about this.

Shao Tianze was the person in charge of the Shao Family.

And Shao Xue was Shao Tianze’s younger sister.

Even if Shao Xue were willing to marry Liang Ziting, she would have to get Shao Tianze’s permission.

And if Shao Xue had been unwilling to marry Liang Ziting, she would have also had to ask for Shao Tianze’s opinion.

Song Yunxuan’s words stupefied Liang Ziting.

Seeing that Liang Ziting was stupefied, Shao Xue immediately withdrew her hand and stood up from the chair and ran to Song Yunxuan.

Seeing that Shao Xue ran to Song Yunxuan, Liang Ziting reached out, trying to stop her.

Yet when he reached out his hand, he found that it was too late to stop her.

Shao Xue ran to Song Yunxuan, and Song Yunxuan helped her to keep her balance. Then Song Yunxuan said, “Mei Qi saw that you were bundled into Liang Zitings car when he was out on business, so we followed you all the way here.”

She had anticipated that Liang Ziting would do something to remedy it, so Song Yunxuan asked Mei Qi to keep an eye on Liang Ziting.

Yet out of her expectation, Liang Ziting actually dared to do this after his plan failed to work out. He even dragged Shao Xue into his car and drove her here to force her to marry him.

Seeing that Shao Xue had already stood beside Song Yunxuan, Liang Ziting frowned and asked her, “Don’t you think that you can poke your nose into everything just because Chu Mochen has got your back.”

“I can really poke my nose into everything as Chu Mochen has got my back.”

Song Yunxuan was not being diffident at all.

She was telling the truth.

No one dared to offend her as Chu Mochen has got her back.

Liang Ziting was speechless with fury.

Song Yunxuan smiled briefly, “If you want to be outstanding, strive on your own. Taking advantage of other people’s life is doing evil. Are you not afraid to go to hell after death?”

But Liang Ziting didn’t want to listen to this at all and sneered at Song Yunxuan’s words, “You think I’m taking advantage of her? It’s just mutual support between couples. Besides, Shao Tianze got all that he owns today because he married Gu Changge, didn’t he?”

Liang Ziting spoke in such a loud voice.

And he said it with emotion.

However, after that, he saw Shao Tianze entering from the door.

Shao Tianze’s sudden appearance made Liang Ziting speechless. Words failed him as if he was dumb.

Shao Tianze narrowed his eyes and looked at him. He didn’t say a word.

Yet the expression on his face showed that he was quite unhappy.

Liang Ziting’s words implied that Shao Tianze got all this today because of a woman.

If Gu Changge had not married him, he would have been a nobody in Yuncheng.

How could he be the chairman of the Shao enterprise?

Seeing that Liang Ziting was speechless, Song Yunxuan knew that Shao Tianze had arrived.

She turned her head and saw Shao Tianze appeared at the door as expected.

Looking at Liang Ziting, who was dumbfounded, Song Yunxuan shook her head and smiled, “Watch your mouth in the future, or you will have no future.”

What Liang Ziting said was Shao Tianze’s sore spot.

No successful men would like others to say that their success relied on women.

And Liang Ziting’s words reopened Shao Tianze’s old wounds.

Seeing Shao Tianze, Shao Xue moved from Song Yunxuan to Shao Tianze. Then she called him after seeing his clouded face, “Brother…”

Shao Tianze stared at Liang Ziting darkly, asking, “Did he do anything to you?”

Hearing Shao Tianze’s question, Shao Xue shook her head, replying, “No. Mr. Liang proposed to me, and I didn’t say yes.”

“Such a man like him doesn’t deserve you.”

Shao Tianze looked at Liang Ziting with disdain as if he was looking at a lump of mud.

“I’ve got something else to do. Have a nice chat.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t feel like continuing to stay here to teach a lesson to Liang Ziting on seeing that Shao Tianze had arrived.

Anyway, Shao Tianze would not help Liang Ziting as Liang Ziting had said such words.

No matter what efforts he made, Shao Tianze would not help him.

Not to mention marrying Shao Xue to him.

Liang Ziting’s heart was wretched instantly. But when seeing that Song Yunxuan was walking outside, he suddenly flew into a rage.

He took two quick paces forward and wanted to grab Song Yunxuan’s clothes.

However, Mei Qi, who was standing next to Song Yunxuan, had already stood in his way when noticing that Liang Ziting rushed over.

Mei Qi questioned him with great seriousness, “Mr. Liang, what are you doing?”

“It’s all the b*tch’s fault! We are not enemies. Why did you meddle in this?”

Liang Ziting broke out into curses.

Yet Song Yunxuan just slightly turned her head to take a look at Shao Tianze when hearing that he was scolding her.

Why did she meddle in this?

That was a long story.

Because his deeds were just like Shao Tianze’s.

He was such an evil person, so wasn’t it reasonable for her to ruin his plan?

She curled up her lips gently and looked at Liang Ziting, who was furious, saying calmly, “Well, about the reason. Probably is that you are very similar to a lame person I know.”

Her calm voice drew Shao Tianze’s attention.

Shao Tianze fixed his eyes on Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan continued unhurriedly, “I once knew a man who killed his wife right after using her to get hold of such great family property.”

Shao Tianze clenched his fingers when hearing Song Yunxuan’s words.

He felt that the man Song Yunxuan mentioned was no other but him.

Seeing that Shao Tianze clenched his fingers, Song Yunxuan appeared a little bit happy.

No matter how, Shao Tianze could achieve this much because of Gu Changge.

If he hadn’t got the help from Gu Changge, he would have been a nobody.

“It’s none of my business. Why should I care?”

Liang Ziting still seethed with rage.

Yet Song Yunxuan just asked him smilingly, “Aren’t you going to let the Shao Family help you take over the Liang Family after you marry Shao Xue? But what will happen after you take charge of the Liang Family? By then, Shao Xue will not be useful anymore, and you don’t love each other at all. So what will you do to her?”

Words failed Liang Ziting.

Song Yunxuan continued compellingly, “Are you going to divorce with her or kill her so that you can officially marry another woman?”

Liang Ziting took a pace backward as Song Yunxuan had guessed what he was thinking about.

Seeing that he took a pace backward, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but sneer. Then she turned around and prepared to leave.

Shao Xue and Shao Tianze witnessed that Song Yunxuan cold-shouldered Liang Ziting.

After Song Yunxuan left, Shao Tianze also felt ashamed as if he was slapped by others on the face.

After failing to force Shao Xue to marry him and being considered as a shame of the Liang Family, Liang Ziting was transferred to a branch office in Biancheng.

Liang Ziting’s future seemed bleak.

And all the presses of Yuncheng began to discuss it.

Most people thought that Liang Ziting had been abandoned by the Liang Family.

And some people even dug out the evidence which showed that Liang Ziting was not Mrs. Liang’s own son.

For a while, it made the gossip in Yuncheng increasingly dramatic.

Meanwhile, Ye Xinyu, who betrayed Liang Ziting, had a promising future.

Mei Qi let her play in Nine States as he promised.

Though she was just the third supporting female.

Yet it was enough for her to show it off to her peers.

Because the crew of Nine States were star-studded.

Any green actress with no reputation could not enter the crew even if she was beautiful and good at acting.

Yet she was different. The investor, Chu’s, ordered the crew to take her in.

Thus after entering the crew, she became famous.

Before the film was completed, she enjoyed great popularity and many people envied her.

Shao Xue had finally settled down.

Yet Gu Changle went to hospital as she had always stayed up late to handle files.

Shao Tianze didn’t allow her to get home late because of working overtime in the Shao enterprise.

Yet out of his expectation, Gu Changle had been a hard-working office worker right after she started working in the Shao enterprise.

Shao Tianze had been accompanying Gu Changle since she went to hospital.

After knowing it, Song Yunxuan weighed the cons and pros. And finally, she decided to go to the hospital to see her.

It was just that she didn’t ask Mei Qi to go with her, nor did she tell Shao Tianze about it before she set out.

She went to the hospital alone.

As it was autumn already, the weather got chilly.

She left in a wind-breaker. After entering the dean’s office, the dean even mistook her for someone else when seeing that she was wearing a long wind-breaker because he could only see her back.

He walked forward, greeting, “Miss Gu…”

“Miss Gu?”

Song Yunxuan repeated the call and slowly turned around.

Seeing her face, the dean of the hospital immediately realized that he mistook her for someone else.

He felt quite embarrassed.

Seeing that he was embarrassed, Song Yunxuan knew that the dean had already talked to Gu Changle.

She pressed her lips and looked at the dean. Her eyes were cold, “Are you afraid because you mistook me for someone else?”

“What are you talking about? I just want to apologize to you.”

“Yeah, you should. You have done so many deals with Gu Changle and have kept so many secrets for her. You even don’t want to spill out the secrets when I ask you.”

The dean broke out in a sweat on his forehead, replying, “I’m getting on in years, and I really don’t understand what you mean.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t want to dwell on the details of the matter, replying, “Whatever. I didn’t expect that you could tell me anything. As my eldest sister died, those insiders who knew the real reason of Gu Changge’s death would be more afraid of being killed. So how can they tell me the truth? Right?”

The dean lowered his head and reached out to wipe the sweat on his forehead.

Gu Changge’s death had always been the People’s Hospital’s time bomb.

Even the dean himself wondered why Song Yunxuan repeatedly threatened the People’s Hospital with it instead of using it to reverse Gu Changge’s verdict and hold the People’s Hospital responsible for it.

He couldn’t figure it out.

He could only ask Song Yunxuan what she wanted from him this time.

“I wonder what you want from me this time, Miss Song.”

“Nothing. I just heard that Gu Changle is sick and is in this hospital. I want to know how serious her illness is.”

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