Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 479

Chapter 479 Changle Pretended To Be Sick

Chapter 479 Changle Pretended to Be Sick

Hearing that Song Yunxuan was inquiring about Gu Changle’s condition, the dean looked a bit embarrassed.

He looked flustered, and it seemed that he was thinking about how to fob her off.

Seeing that he was flustered, Song Yunxuan said gently, “Don’t fob me off. I want to know how she is doing now.”

The dean had talked with Song Yunxuan, Gu Changle, and some others.

And he had met Song Yunxuan several times.

He thought that he could not afford to offend any of these women.

So he answered the question with great care.

Song Yunxuan waited for him to tell her the truth.

After pondering for a while, the dean of the People’s Hospital said finally, “Theoretically, I shouldn’t tell others about any patient’s condition because it’s confidential…”

While saying it, he took a look at Song Yunxuan’s expression.

Seeing the sneer on Song Yunxuan’s face and the coldness in her eyes, he changed his way of talking and said frankly, “But you came all the way here, so you must care about Miss Gu very much. Now let me tell you about Miss Gu’s condition.”

Looking at the dean, Song Yunxuan appeared a bit satisfied.

The dean sighed gently, and then he said sadly, “Actually, there is nothing serious with Miss Gu.”

“Nothing serious? So she must be a little bit sick, right?”

Song Yunxuan would not leave the dean’s office unless the dean told her about it in detail.

The dean understood what Song Yunxuan wanted, so he said, “Actually, Miss Gu is not sick at all.”

The dean’s answer confirmed Song Yunxuan’s speculation.

She pondered and said, “It turns out that Miss Gu pretends to be sick. I was worrying for nothing.”

The dean nodded as well, replying, “Yeah, I don’t understand why Miss Gu does this. She told me to tell Mr. Shao that she was seriously ill, so….”

“So you help her to hide her condition and cooperate with her in the show?”

More cold sweats oozed from the dean’s forehead. He nodded, replying, “Yeah, that’s right….”

Song Yunxuan gave a smile.

Though she only gave a brief smile, it still drew the dean’s attention.

Seeing the smile on her face, the dean felt something was not right instinctively.

He heard Song Yunxuan asking him right after he frowned, “Dean, do you think Miss Gu’s acting skill is good enough to deceive Shao Tianze?”

The dean couldn’t understand what Song Yunxuan meant, yet he still told her the truth, “I’m afraid she can’t. After all, Chairman Shao was a doctor of cardiology of the People’s Hospital. It should be easy for him to tell whether she is sick or not as he had been a doctor for so many years.”

Gu Changle had just been in hospital, and no one could tell whether she was sick or not in a short time.

However, as time went by, someone might see through her.

Shao Tianze was a doctor of cardiology, so it was easy for him to see through.

Song Yunxuan said in a low voice, asking, “Dean, what do you think Gu Changle pretends to be sick for?”

The dean had some opinions of his own. But he didn’t want to tell Song Yunxuan all about his speculations when she asked him.

So he shook his head, saying, “I have no idea.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t press him and nor did she force him to tell her why.

Seeing that the dean was unwilling to tell her his opinion, she speculated, “Miss Gu has always been loving Shao Tianze. Maybe she wants to use such a way to draw Shao Tianze’s attention because Shao Tianze hasn’t cared about her much recently.”

Women always did something sentimentally for love.

Though Gu Changle had been working on ways to set up Shao Tianze, she did like him.

So not only did she want to make sure that Shao Tianze cared about her by pretending to be sick, she was planning something.

But Song Yunxuan was not clear about her purpose.

She pressed her lips and sighed, “I envy Miss Gu, who is smart enough to think of such an idea to make Shao Tianze pay attention to her and care about her.”

The dean was getting on in years, and he couldn’t care less about the love between the young. While Song Yunxuan was stating her opinion, he just echoed smilingly.

Seeing that the dean had been standing while talking with her and he looked embarrassed, Song Yunxuan said, “Don’t treat me as an outsider. I came by to inquire about my friend’s condition. Please sit down.”

The dean thought that Song Yunxuan wouldn’t stay here for too long and she would leave after asking the questions.

Yet out of his expectation, Song Yunxuan still showed no inclination of leaving after talking about so much with him.

He had started grumbling in his heart.

But he couldn’t show it.

He could only accompany Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan didn’t feel like staying here to chat with the dean.

Seeing that the dean sat down, she said, “I suppose that it’s not easy for Miss Gu to keep acting like this. I want to give a hand to Miss Gu. I wonder if you want to help Miss Gu with me?”

The dean thought that he was set up on hearing the words.

And he felt like leaping to his feet right after sitting on the chair.

He had been the dean of the People’s Hospital for about ten years.

But among all the patients, the only one he felt that he didn’t know how to deal with was Song Yunxuan.

“I wonder… what you meant.”

“Since you don’t know what I mean, I have to be straight with you.” She sat down on the chair opposite to the dean. She said, “Gu Changle claimed to be sick, right? As she is pretending to be sick, someone will eventually see through her. So we’d better make Gu Changle sick now, or Shao Tianze will find out that you are working with Gu Changle to fool him.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, the dean asked her inconceivably, “You mean… you want us to make Gu Changle sick?”

“Isn’t it easy?” Song Yunxuan didn’t think that it was difficult for the People’s Hospital to do so. “Gu Changle wanted to be sick, so let her be. You only have to change her medicine.”

“But Miss Gu’s identity and condition are very special. What if someone finds out?"

Seeing that the dean hesitated, Song Yunxuan slightly raised her brows, warning, “Gu Changge’s identity and condition were very special. Why didn’t you worry that someone would find it out at that time?”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, the dean was speechless.

After a while, he nodded reluctantly, “OK, I agree.”

Song Yunxuan smiled, replying, “Then I’m waiting for your good news.”

The dean’s heart seemed to block his throat.

Even if he was unwilling to do this, he still had to nod in agreement and let Song Yunxuan wait for his good news.

After making a deal with the dean, Song Yunxuan left the hospital.

Meanwhile, in Gu Changle’s ward.

Shao Tianze was recalling what Song Yunxuan said to Liang Ziting while holding Gu Changle’s fingers.

Gu Changle found that Shao Tianze was thinking about something while holding her fingers when she woke up. She felt a bit strange and asked him, “Tianze?”

Hearing Gu Changle calling him, Shao Tianze roused himself and asked, “You wake up?”

Gu Changle nodded.

She was not sick. Going to hospital was just a part of her show.

She wanted Shao Tianze to believe that she was working hard in the Shao enterprise.

And she wanted Shao Tianze to know that she was also outstanding compared to Gu Changle.

However, she also needed Shao Tianzes care and love.

Therefore, she wanted to see if Shao Tianze would come to accompany her every day and night.

She loved Shao Tianze. Even if she couldn’t follow Gu Changge’s footsteps, she would not allow Shao Tianze to love her less because of his work.

She needed Shao Tianze. She needed him to love her as he always did.

“What were you thinking about?”

Gu Changle asked him.

Seeing that his mind drifted off, she was wondering what he was thinking about.

Shao Tianze turned to look at Gu Changle and gave a brief smile, replying, “Something about Shao Xue.”

“The thing between Shao Xue and Liang Ziting?”

Shao Tianze nodded.

Gu Changle pressed her lips and pretended that she cared about Shao Xues future happiness, saying, “Such a man like Liang Ziting is not a fine match for Shao Xue. Let Shao Xue meet another man. Young people should socialize more, and love will come in time.”

“That’s not what I was thinking about…”

“So what were you thinking about?”

Gu Changle felt more curious.

If Shao Tianze had not been thinking about this, what would he have been thinking about?

“Yesterday afternoon, Liang Ziting drove Shao Xue to an isolated cafe in the suburb to force her to marry him. It was Song Yunxuan who informed me to go there.”

Gu Changle didn’t go there with him, so she wasn’t clear about what happened.

She pressed her lips and asked him, “Did Song Yunxuan say anything special?”

“No. It was just that…” Shao Tianze paused for a moment and then continued, “She drew an analogy when talking about Liang Ziting…”

“What analogy?”

“She said that she once met a man who killed his wife after marrying her and getting her family property.”

Shao Tianze’s words made Gu Changle’s heart skip a beat.

Wasn’t the analogy about Shao Tianze and Gu Changge?

It was just that…

Song Yunxuan was an unlawful daughter from a small town. How could she know this much?

Besides, Song Yunxuan was not in the Song Family when Gu Changge died.

She shouldn’t have known anything about it.

For a fleeting moment, Gu Changle felt a bit flustered.

She grabbed Shao Tianze’s arm and asked him in a low voice, “Did Song Yunxuan get the inside story?”

“She shouldn’t have known anything about Changge.” Shao Tianze thought so, too.

And Gu Changle continued, “Could it be Song Yunjia told her something?”

“Song Yunjia….”

Shao Tianze frowned while calling Song Yunjia’s name.

“It wasn’t possible for Yunjia to tell her the secret.” He trusted Song Yunjia in his heart.

Yet Gu Changle disagreed, “Yunjia was on her last pins at that time, and she acted like a lunatic. How can you be sure that she did not let it slip? She might have told Song Yunxuan about the real cause of Gu Changge’s death.”

“Song Yunxuan and she were incompatible. Even if she had let it slip, she wouldn’t have told it to Song Yunxuan.”

“But Song Yunxuan’s words were implying that she knew the real cause of Gu Changge’s death.” Gu Changle felt scared while talking about it.

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