Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 486

Chapter 486 Having No Alternative

Chapter 486 Having No Alternative

Mrs. Du got Du Qi away from their son’s intensive care unit.

Du Qi saw that his wife pulled him from his son’s ward. He couldn’t help frowning and called his wife in a low voice, “Nuanfang, what are you doing?”

“I just want to tell you the person who is hurting our son.” Mrs. Du looked around and confirmed that there was no one around the corridor before she said to her husband worriedly, “Youyu has always been very sensible. You know his temperament well. He has always been clever. He is impossible to get into trouble.”

“However, Youyu was shot and assassinated. He has not yet woken up.”

“It can’t be determined that it is the enemy that Youyu forged outside.”

Du Qi somewhat sighed that his wife was so naive that she didn’t know those unexpected attacks on the commercial field since she was at home in these years.

Du Qi got serious and said, “Youyu has sought to steer a course in business circle. He can’t get on well with everyone. There must be some conflicts of interest.”

“But Youyu has been well before, hasn’t he?” Mrs. Du looked at her husband. She frowned, “I think it is Guo Yuyue, that vicious woman, who did this.”

Hearing the name of Guo Yuyue from his wife, Du Qi, Du Youyu’s father, became surprised and puzzled.

Seeing her husband remember it, Mrs. Du went on, “You see. Youyu won’t make enemies with others. He has been safe before and has never got injured. Therefore, this assassination was directly against Youyu, but not just against Youyu.”

Hearing his wife’s words, Du Qi couldn’t help frowning, “What do you mean?”

“Although Qinger has been sent abroad safely, you can’t forget that Qinger killed a person, Guo Yuyue’s son.”

“I have found someone to pretend to be the perpetrator, taking the initiative to plead guilty for sentence. Can Guo Yuyue know these things?”

“It’s okay if she doesn’t know. If she knows, not only does she hate Youyu to the core, but also Qinger is not safe abroad.”

Du Qi heard that his wife was worried. He frowned, “Qinger should be blamed. She drove so carelessly that she knocked someone to death.”

“Qinger didn’t mean to do it.” Mrs. Du heard her husband’s complaints about her daughter.

She spoiled her daughter, so she interrupted Du Qi immediately, “Do you think Qinger did it on purpose?”

“If she hadn’t driven while drunk, she wouldnt have knocked Guo Yuyue’s son to death.”

Mrs. Du frowned, “Anyway, I won’t let our daughter go to jail. I have only one precious daughter in my whole life. Even though she made a mistake, why do you always blame Qinger since it can be dealt with money?”

Madam Du was so anxious to protect her daughter.

Though Du Qi didn’t agree with it, his wife had said so.

He had to do according to his wife. Otherwise, his wife would have cried all day if he had sent his daughter to jail.

That would hurt him more.

Seeing his wife’s reddish rims, Du Qi knew that his wife was about to cry.

He walked towards his wife and clapped her shoulder, reminding her, “It’s better not to say this anymore. Anyway, someone has taken the blame for our daughter.”

“Youyu has got shot. If they had planned to hurt Youyu and Qinger, I’m afraid Qinger’s life will be in danger abroad if she does not return home.”

Mrs. Du had lived with Du Qi all her life. She had only this pair of children. No matter what happened, she didn’t want her children to be hurt.

“Call Qinger tonight, and let her return home as soon as possible.”

Du Qi was a little startled by Mrs. Du’s proposal. Then he said, “I will send a bodyguard to look after her first.”

“You have to get her back.”

Mrs. Du’s eyes were full of expectations.

Du Qi saw that his wife’s emotions had been gradually stabilized. Then he said, “It’s not good to pull me away from the intensive care unit suddenly. We should go back soon.”

Mrs. Du heard her husband’s words. She nodded and followed her husband back to the intensive care unit where Do Youyu was.

Seeing Mrs. Du’s eyes covered with tears, Song Yunxuan turned her gaze.

There werent parents in the world didn’t care about their children.

Mr. and Mrs. Du wanted to protect their daughter, while Guo Yuyue who lost her son wanted the one who killed her son to be punished.

The couple of the Du Family waited outside Du Youyu’s intensive care unit for a whole night.

Song Yunxuan had planned to wait here with them.

However, Chu Mochen did not allow her to wait with them.

Chu Mochen pulled her away.

Chu Mochen took her forward. They left the intensive care unit to the elevator where there were only them.

“Why were you pulling me?”

“You and Du Youyu were neither relatives nor friends. What’s the point of staying with him?”

Song Yunxuan asked him, “Don’t you think it makes sense?”

“I don’t think it makes sense.”

Chu Mochen answered coldly.

Song Yunxuan explained to him, “It makes sense. At least it convinces the Du Family that I sincerely wish Du Youyu to wake up.”

“He will wake up sooner or later. At that time, your sincerity will be the reason that you and Du Youyu fall out.”

Chu Mochen frowned at her.

Hearing Chu Mochen’s words, Song Yunxuan raised her lips, “What’s the matter? It’s fine as long as I get what I want.”

“But…” Chu Mochen wanted to say something more.

However, Song Yunxuan interrupted him, “There is no but. Even though I reckoned Du Youyu, Du Qinger deserves it if she is extradited and sent into jail because of hit and run as well as getting a scapegoat.”

She never thought of the process of her plan.

It was enough for her to get what she wanted.

Du Youyu’s parents acted very fast, probably because they were worried about their daughter’s safety. On the night that Du Youyu was admitted to the hospital, they had sent their bodyguards to find Du Qinger.

Du Qinger booked a flight ticket to return home the day after being found.

Song Yunxuan squinted her eyes slightly while looking at the message sent by her assistant in the WK.

Chu Mochen knocked on the door outside the study room.

Song Yunxuan put her fingers on her temples and rubbed them lightly before she said, “Come in.”

She thought it was the servant who came to give her milk before going to bed.

As a result, it was Chu Mochen who opened the door and came in.

She was stunned for a while. Then she raised her lips, “You haven’t slept yet?”

Chu Mochen would come to sleep in the Song Family at night these days.

Probably to make her pregnant earlier, Chu Mochen lived with her.

Their relationship gradually became better.

But Song Yunxuan did not give up the obsession in her heart.

Getting married, having children, as well as being a wealthy lady were not the life she wanted to pursue.

If it had been, Gu Changge, her last life, would have already done it and become a wealthy lady.

However, Gu Changge had not.

She had not given up the Gu enterprise, just like Song Yunxuan was now, she could not give up the Song enterprise.

Chu Mochen walked in and saw her fingers gently rubbing on her temples. He walked behind her and reached out to help her rub her temples, “Haven’t you finished it yet?”

“Not yet. I still have something to deal with.”

“Aren’t you tired?”

“I’m tired.”

The simple answer made Chu Mochen feel weird. He asked her with a smile, “If you are tired, you should take a break.”

“When I finish everything, I will go to rest.”

Song Yunxuan was still flipping through the documents on the desk in front of her.

The smile on Chu Mochen’s lips gradually faded. He watched Song Yunxuan flip through the documents and fell silent.

Song Yunxuan always had an obsession with work which could not be changed.

That was similar to Gu Changge.

Gu Changge worked so hard because she wanted to defend and grow his father’s career. But why did Song Yunxuan work so hard?

“Don’t be so tired after pregnancy, okay?”

He spoke softly in a gentle voice.

He didn’t want Song Yunxuan to continue working like this after she became pregnant.

He wanted to spend more time with her, watching her assisting him and educating their child, being a housewife without too much pressure.

Hearing his words, Song Yunxuan smiled and said, “I am not very tired now.”

“After being pregnant, you can temporarily put things aside.”

Song Yunxuan’s movement of reviewing the documents stopped slightly. Then she went on and replied to him, “I will arrange the working hours after pregnancy.”

“Thats good.”

Chu Mochen stood behind her, watching her review the documents in her hands.

When Song Yunxuan almost finished reviewing the documents, Chu Mochen suddenly asked her, “Is your plan successful?”

Song Yunxuan put down the pen in her hand and turned to look at him, “Du Qinger will appear at Yuncheng International Airport at 3 o’clock tomorrow afternoon.”

“Your plan is foolproof.”

Song Yunxuan smiled slightly, “We don’t know the final result until the last moment.”

Although she felt that Du Qinger was impossible to escape this time, as long as Du Qinger did not return, Song Yunxuan could not be sure whether she could keep Du Qinger in Yuncheng as she wished.

Hearing her words, Chu Mochen felt weird slightly, “You used to be very confident.”

“I was very confident and felt that everything I planned would not go wrong, but now it’s different.”

Now, Shao Tianze must have begun to pay attention to her.

Therefore, there would inevitably be some changes.

When she thought of these changes, she began to think about how to deal with them when they occurred.

“How do you explain to Du Youyu?”

“Let’s talk about it when he wakes up.”

“You made use of him.”

“Since he is a businessman, he should expect that he will be used by others one day.”

Not to mention Du Youyu, even Gu Changge was used by Shao Tianze for more than ten years.

Gu Changge devoted her efforts to the Gu enterprise. But in the end, all her efforts belonged to Gu Changle and Shao Tianze.

It was such a tragedy for Gu Changge.

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