Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 489

Chapter 489 A Fair Deal

Chapter 489 A Fair Deal

Hearing Du Youyu’s words, Song Yunxuan smiled and turned to look at him.

“You think your sister can be released after killing a person?”

It was windy on the rooftop, and a gust of wind snatched at Song Yunxuan’s hair while she was turning around.

Du Youyu narrowed his eyes and looked at Song Yunxuan. It seemed that he felt less angry because of the wind.

Song Yunxuan’s rhetorical question made him realize that his younger sister ought to be punished by law.

Though there was much injustice in the world, the national legal system was relatively sound.

People on this land had always believed that one should answer for what he did.

Now Qinger killed Guo Yuyue’s only son in an accident.

Guo Yuyue would never let the Du Family off.

Guo Yuyue could not make the Du Family surrender the murderer without Shao Tianze’s help.

Therefore, Song Yunxuan stepped in.

Du Youyu knew well that Song Yunxuan and Guo Yuyue must have made a deal.

But he felt he could still threaten Song Yunxuan.

“My younger sister’s life is in your hands, isn’t it?”

Hearing his words, Song Yunxuan curled up her lips again. Her eyes lit up, and she replied, “I’m not that powerful.”

“No, you are.”

“How can I be that powerful?” Song Yunxuan still wore a smiling face, but her voice was cold, “If I’m that powerful, I can bring back the dead and eradicate those who should die, right?”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Du Youyu subconsciously felt a chill up his spine.

Though Song Yunxuan was smiling, there was coldness lying at the bottom of her eyes which made people feel uneasy.

“You did it to avenge for Guo Yuyue.”

Song Yunxuan did nothing but looked at him.

Du Youyu continued, “But if Shao Tianze knows that you are aiming at Jiacheng, will Shao Tianze ruin your plan?”

Song Yunxuan was speechless.

She was willing to avenge for Guo Yuyue because she wanted to get Jiacheng’s share from her.

But if Shao Tianze had known the deal between her and Guo Yuyue, he would have placed obstacles in the way.

By then, it would be difficult for her to purchase Guo Yuyue’s share.

And she might fail because of this.

Du Youyu said this to threaten her.

However, she appeared more confident, and her eyes looked colder.

“Did you say this to threaten me?”

Du Youyu did not deny it and said directly, “I just want to make sure that my younger sister won’t go to jail. She is now young and beautiful. She has never had a relationship with anyone. How could she go to jail?”

Song Yunxuan sneered.

There were so many young and pretty people in the world who were not able to enjoy life, and Du Qinger was just one of them.

Guo Yuyue’s son, who died in the accident, was only twenty. He was killed by Du Qinger before finishing university.

Was it so hard to let Du Qinger pay for what she did?

“So what do you want?”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s question, Du Youyu said, “It’s easy. Our family has found a scapegoat for my younger sister. As long as you don’t step into this, I can get my younger sister out. And I won’t tell Shao Tianze that you are going to purchase Guo Yuyue’s share.”

"But Guo Yuyue asked me to do the opposite thing.” Song Yunxuan looked at Du Youyu’s furrowing brows and said calmly, “She told me that she would give all her shares to me if I let your younger sister go to jail. So if I let your younger sister go, I can’t get what I want, right?”

“If Shao Tianze knows about it, even if you let my younger sister go to jail, you can’t get what you want, either.”

Du Youyu’s voice was cold, and he wanted Song Yunxuan to think twice before making a decision.

Song Yunxuan slightly pressed her lips and replied, pretending to be worried, “You are right about that, but…”

She paused for a moment and looked up at Du Youyu, asking him, “Childe Du, what do you think your younger sister will be like if there is a lose-lose situation?”

The words suddenly stupefied Du Youyu.

Then his face clouded.

Song Yunxuan wanted Guo Yuyue’s share, so she would never let off his younger sister.

However, Du Youyu didn’t want her younger sister to go to jail after the Du Family was fooled. So he would tell Shao Tianze the deal between Guo Yuyue and Song Yunxuan.

In this way, Song Yunxuan could not get Guo Yuyue’s share.

Meanwhile, the Du Family could not save Du Qinger.

The lose-lose situation would have a bad influence on Song Yunxuan’s plans. In anger, Song Yunxuan would do something to the Du Family.

Du Qinger would suffer a lot in jail as the Du Family could not protect her.

Song Yunxuan said this to tell him something.

She reminded him that she would have let Du Qinger suffer in jail if he had said something to Shao Tianze.

She was really mean.

Seeing that Du Youyu’s face clouded, Song Yunxuan knew that Du Youyu understood what she meant.

Her face softened as she spoke to Du Youyu in front of her in a calm voice, “Stop bargaining with me, Childe Du. If your younger sister is safe in jail, it will be better for her instead of suffering with the Du Family.”

Du Youyu frowned and glared at Song Yunxuan.

Seeing that he was glaring at her, Song Yunxuan smiled again, “However, if your younger sister goes to jail and you do not threaten me, your family will have a good life as usual.”

Du Youyu pressed his lips, and he could not help clutching his hands.

Song Yunxuan saw that he remained silent.

She knew that he acquiesced in the deal.

It was satisfying to make such a deal with Du Youyu.

She looked at Du Youyu, saying, “If you acquiesce in the deal, I’m leaving."

Song Yunxuan turned around and walked to the stairs.

When she was about to leave the rooftop, she seemed to recall something. Then she turned around and looked at Du Youyu, “By the way, the assassination was just a show. I’m sorry that we put a high dosage of tranquilizers on you and locked you in the ICU. But I must do it.”

If she hadn’t done it, how could she have spread the news that Du Youyu was assassinated?

And how could she make the Du Family worry about their daughter and bring her back from abroad in the shortest time?

If she had not arranged the fake assassination,

it would not have been possible for her to close the deal between Guo Yuyue smoothly.

Though she set up her former friend.

However, there had always been drastic changes in the business field, and men’s hearts were always hard to fathom.

Even a husband and a wife could hurt each other. How could friends be trusted?

She entered the elevator, and her head hurt even more because of recalling such things.

Chu Mochen was waiting for her beside the elevator, and he quickly walked towards her when seeing she got out of the elevator as if he was worrying something might have happened to her.

“Are you alright?”

Song Yunxuan smiled, “How could something happen to me?”

“When a man is fooled, he may get excited. I worried that…"

He worried that Du Youyu might do something wrong to Song Yunxuan because Du Youyu was a man.

No man would like to be played by a woman.

Song Yunxuan smiled gently and replied to him, “Don’t worry. Du Youyu is not a man of impulse.”

It was because she had seen through Du Youyu that she listened to Chu Mochen’s idea and made the following plans.

If Du Youyu had not been a thoughtful person, she would not have come in person to talk with Du Youyu about how to deal with his younger sister.

Song Yunxuan put her hands on her temples and gently rubbed them.

Seeing her action, Chu Mochen couldn’t help frowning, “Your head seems to hurt more seriously lately.”

Song Yunxuan took no notice of it, “Maybe it’s because I’ve been thinking about too many things lately.”

“Let me take you to the cardiology.”

Chu Mochen reached out to hold her fingers and wanted to take her to the cardiology.

Hearing the words cardiology, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help feeling disgusted and afraid.

In the previous life, when she was Gu Changge, she detested the words cardiology.

“I won’t go there. It’s a minor problem. Nothing serious.”

She pressed her lips and smiled. Then she turned to look at Chu Mochen, “Everything is settled. Let’s go home. The smell of the disinfectant makes me feel disgusted.”

Chu Mochen saw that she covered her nose with her hand.

Then he took a clean handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to her, saying, “Cover your nose with it.”

Song Yunxuan took it smilingly and covered her nose with it. The handkerchief had a faint aroma of perfume.

It was faint but warm.

It was like the feeling Chu Mochen gave her now, which was simple, warm, but reliable.

Previously, she thought that it was better for them to make use of each other without starting a relationship.

But now she didn’t think that way.

Though Chu Mochen was born in such a rich family, he was different from other childes.

He was a loyal person.

Even though she had been reborn and changed into a totally different person, Chu Mochen had always loved her soul.

And it was the soul that became enamored.

She pressed her lips without speaking. She put the handkerchief on her nose, took Chu Mochen’s fingers and walked out of the hospital with him.

When Song Yunxuan held his fingers, Chu Mochen was slightly stunned.

Then he calmed down, grasped Song Yunxuan’s fingers, and walked out of the hospital together with her.

Song Yunxuan had thought her headache resulted from the pungent disinfectant in the hospital.

However, she still felt her head hurt after returning home and airing the room.

Her fingers rubbed her temples. After getting home, she felt there was an eddy in her head which was getting larger and larger.

And it began to mix the things in her head.

The pain made her lips pale.

Chu Mochen frowned, asking, “Are you having a bad headache?”

“I only need some rest.”

“I’ll send for a doctor right away.”

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