Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Song Yunxuan Is Unusual

Chapter 49: Song Yunxuan is Unusual

Song Yunxuan goes to bed, ignoring Chu Mochen.

With Chu Mochens long and beautiful fingers holding the chess made of ivory, he finishes the game. Turning around, he sees Song Yunxuan turn over, puts down his chess pieces and goes to help her pull up the quilt that slipped off her body.

Song Yunxuan has not fallen asleep yet. When she is touched like this, she immediately turns her head to look at him vigilantly.

He stares at her with a faint smile in his dark eyes. He says lovingly and gently: Youre awake.

You woke me up.

I just pulled the quilt for you.

Song Yunxuan disagrees: The air conditioning in this room wont cause me flu even if the quilt slips down.

Chu Mochen smiles faintly: I will catch a cold.

Song Yunxuan frowns as if being ridiculed. She pulls the quilt on his body and closes her eyes tightly.

Chu Mochen feels that Song Yunxuan must have understood his meaning.

A pun.

Her figure is also very beautiful when she is sleeping on her side. It turns him on at a glance.

However, according to her temper, she would not snuggle up into his arms.

Its really a woman who doesnt know how to please a man.

He turns back and looks at the pieces on the chessboard.

Song Yunxuan doesnt sleep well. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, Chu Mochen sleeps beside her without any sexual behavior towards her.

She reaches out and helps him pull up the quilt. When she comes to her consciousness, she grabs her own hand and feels like she had done too much.

Clearly, no one will catch a cold in this room. Why did she do so?

She rolls over and goes sleep, twisting around.

But a powerful arm pulls her to the mans broad chest.

Being frightened, she wants to get rid of his hug.

The mans voice is quite sober: Be good, dont move around.

She frowns with embarrassment. Embraced by him, she really dares not move again.

Men are lower-body animals. If they are carelessly turned on, she is not sure whether she can break away.

In the latter half of the night, Song Yunxuan actually sleeps soundly.

The next morning, she is given a gentle kiss on the cheek when she turns over.

A servants voice comes softly: Childe Chu, how about Miss Yunxuan

She stayed up late last night. Dont wake her up now.

Receiving the ambiguous response, the servant turns around and goes away with a peaceful smile.

Not until 9 AM does Song Yunxuan get up with her hands supporting her head when someone just opens the door.

Wake up?

Its Chu Mochens voice.

Song Yunxuan wakes up and turns her eyes to Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen seems to be going out, wearing formal suit pants. The white shirt wraps his broad and strong chest. He has dark hair, black eyes, and a slight smile on his lips.

Looking at his elegant features, Song Yunxuans fingers are a little hot.

She unconsciously grasps the quilt covering her body. Chu Mochen clips the silver cufflinks on the white shirt before he comes to sit on the bed and kisses her on the cheek.

This time, the kiss is gently but simple that lets people feel being spoiled.

Frowning, Song Yunxuan raises her hand to cover the place she had been touched. And her big eyes are still misted over because she just woke up.

Chu Mochen looks at her glazed, clear and moist eyes. He opens his thin lips, staring at her and reminding her, Your eldest brothers people are waiting outside.

She is startled. She suddenly sobers and hurries to take off her pajamas and get dressed up.

When she is just about to start, she suddenly turns her head to look at Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen smiles mildly: Never mind, I turn around.

Song Yunxuan bites her lower lip, feeling somewhat disgusted. She picks up her clothes and goes to the bathroom to put them on.

Chu Mochen has no choice but to shake his head and wait for her to change her clothes.

When she comes out, she is decent. Although she does not wear makeup, her plain little face is still beautiful and delightful.

Chu Mochen takes her downstairs to breakfast.

She is afraid of meeting Chu Mochens parents, but Chu Mochen first says, My parents went out this morning. You should enjoy breakfast before you leave.

Song Yunxuan declines politely: Since my eldest brother has sent someone to pick me up, there must be something urgent. So, I wont have breakfast here today.

After that, she walks towards the gate.

As a result, she is caught by Chu Mochen: Dont be capricious. Its bad for your stomach if you dont eat breakfast.

My eldest brother

Chu Mochen interrupts her: I found out that your eldest brother sent someone to spy on you.

Song Yunxuans eyes dim and her face turns cold for a moment.

Has Song Yunqiang begun to doubt her?

No, not Song Yunqiang. According to Song Yunqiangs personality, he would not do such a thing.

It must be Song Yan, the father of Song Yunxuan.

She slightly restrains herself and restores her calm look. Then Ill leave after breakfast.

Her mood changes quickly. She rejected him like an eighteen-year-old girl in the last second, but in the next second, she is calm as if she has been used to the scene.

Chu Mochen watches her walking toward the restaurant with confusion in his eyes.

When she enters the restaurant, Chu Mochen asks the servant around him, Who told her that the restaurant is over there?

The servant looks at Chu Mochen whose eyes are cold and serious, and face, pale. He shook his head. No, I dont know.

Chu Mochen looks at the direction in which she departs as if there is a turbulent whirlpool in his eyes. Since nobody ever told her that the restaurant was there and she had never been to Chus house, how can she know that the restaurant is there?

The location of Chus restaurant is always secret for the newcomers since the design of Chus house is different from that of the ordinary one.

Chu Mochen suddenly feels that Song Yunxuan is unusual.

Chu Mochen says nothing during her dining in the restaurant. Even the tenderness he showed to her in the morning becomes a little cold.

She doesnt care about it. After breakfast, she says goodbye and leaves.

Chu Mochen doesnt drive her in person, instead, he asks the driver to send her back home.

Shortly after the driver left, Chu Mochen calls the secret service entrusted by his staff: Send someone to follow my wife.

The other end feels stunned, tentatively says: Miss Yunxuan?

Watch her close.

Yes, yes, yes.

The secret agency entrusted by his staff is very rigorous. Under the circumstances of Song Yunqiangs sending people to follow Song Yunxuan, they can let their hands continue their works without being discovered by Song Yunqiangs people and the target.

Song Yunxuan notices that Chu Mochens attitude has changed, but does not care about it. She is sent to Fanxing magazine and watches the driver go away before she enters the building.

Xiao Hong inside welcomes: Miss Yunxuan

Take me as a guest today, and you will decide everything for the next three days. When someone comes to ask who is the magazines owner, you will say that the owners surname is Chu. She says in a low voice.

Then, she takes a random copy from a stack of magazines in front of her, and smiles, Remember what I said, tell everyone in our company to repeat that, including the security guard.

Xiao Hong does not know why. But she is older and experienced in the workplace, she guesses that something may happen to the Song family after listening to these words of Song Yunxuan. She nods: Miss Song, dont worry.

Xiao Hong immediately changes her address. Song Yunxuan is very satisfied with her performance. She leaves Fanxing Magazine only after she gets a sample magazine.

Just after she leaves by taxi, someone in a parked black car makes a phone call to Song Yunqiang. Master, Miss Yunxuan leaves Fanxing magazine after she takes several magazines from it. She is on the way back to Songs house.

There, Song Yunqiang says, Since shes on the way home, shell be back in about half an hour, so you dont follow her, lest she finds out and shell make trouble with me.

The people in the black car are ordered to turn the car in another direction.

As expected, Song Yunxuan returns to the Song family half an hour later. As soon as she enters the house, she sees Song Yunqiang going out.

When Song Yunqiang notices her return, he smiles generously: Yunxuan, did Childe Chu send you back?

Song Yunxuan shows a bit of sadness on her face. She changes her shoes and goes upstairs sullenly. Childe Chu was busy. I took a taxi home by myself.

Looking at his sisters figure going upstairs, Song Yunqiang doesnt feel concerned, but shakes his head and smiles, and says to himself, Look at her unhappy appearance, just a little girl in love.

After Song Yunqiang goes out, Song Yunxuan closes the door and changes her dull look with her eyes staring at the opened curtain on the window.

She hurries to pull the double curtains and keep the windows of the whole room tightly closed.

Then she takes out the pen and the letter paper, writes down the name of the recipient, and then write the whole paper in running hand (a type of Chinese calligraphy).

After checking the contents of the letter, she folds it and puts it into the magazine ZUI Queen, which she brought back from Star Magazine.

To prevent letters from falling out, she glues two pages of paper and hides the envelope inside.

When she gets dressed and goes out again, the domestic servant greets her: Miss Yunxuan, where are you going?

When Song Yunxuan sees the servant coming to ask, she knows that it was Song Yunqiang who told his family to keep an eye on her before he left. She cant help but wrinkle her eyebrows and takes out a copy of ZUI Queen from her handbag.

Just now, I bought some magazines from Fanxing magazine. When I came back, I found one was mistaken. Change it for me.

The servant takes it over and nods, Then, may our young lady have a good rest. Ill call you when I get back.


Song Yunxuan nods her head and looks at her leaving before she inadvertently opens her mouth: Is there any snack in the kitchen?

The servant pauses and says kindly, Miss Yunxuan, nurse Liu, who makes snacks, has returned to her hometown today. Let nurse Wang do something for you. She is at the backyard.

Song Yunxuan nods her head with no expression in her eyes.

She finds nurse Wang. After they walk into the kitchen, Song Yunxuan hands her a magazine. Nurse Wang, I want to eat snacks. Theres no sugar powder at home. You go to buy some sugar powder. By the way, give this magazine to Xiao Hong of Fanxing magazine and ask her to send it out. If she asks you, you say that the magazine has the wrong page number. I dont want it. Let her refund.

Nurse Wang nods and goes out with the magazine.

Song Yunxuan calls her, Nurse Wang, the magazine is only for Xiao Hong. No one else can find it.

After hearing that, nurse Wang immediately hides the magazine in her coat.

Song Yunxuan nods with a smile. Nurse Wang, make it quick. Im waiting for your snacks.

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