Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 491

Chapter 491 His Doubts

Chapter 491 His Doubts

After glancing at Mei Qi and seeing Song Yunxuan sit on the sickbed, Chu Mochen asked her, “Are you well now?”

“I feel uncomfortable in the hospital.”

Song Yunxuan answered indifferently.

“You will be more uncomfortable if you go back home.”

As Chu Mochen said, he approached the bed.

At this moment, Song Yunxuan found that there was a person behind Chu Mochen.

The person was a little strange, wearing a piece of light-white clothes.

The dress was made of loose cotton.

He was aged, probably in his sixties, and looked very kind.

However, after he saw Song Yunxuan, he kept sizing her up.

Noticing the person looking her up and down, Song Yunxuan frowned lightly and looked at Chu Mochen with confusion, “Who is he…”

“This is my partner. He heard that you are sick, wanting to visit you with me.”

Hearing the explanation, Song Yunxuan smiled and nodded at that person.

He also nodded in a friendly way and asked her, “Mrs. Chu, do you often have nightmares?”

Song Yunxuan felt the question was strange, “What’s up? Do you know a cure for headaches?”

After being asked, the one smiled and said, “One of my friends knew some folk prescriptions, so I asked you about it. I can ask my friend for the prescriptions later.”

“Thank you for your concern. Although I have a headache, I don’t usually have nightmares. I only have nightmares occasionally.”

People dreamed. It was not strange to have a nightmare once or twice.

Hearing such an answer, the person only smiled.

After listening to the conversation between the two, Chu Mochen introduced the person to Song Yunxuan, “This is Mr. Yao.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “Hello, Mr. Yao.”

The man nodded and smiled kindly.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan had become much better than yesterday, Chu Mochen looked at Mei Qi and said, “Yunxuan can’t go back to the company recently. She will go back after full recovery.”

Facing Chu Mochen, Mei Qi didn’t feel uncomfortable. He nodded and smiled, “The Song enterprise is Manager Song’s. I will follow Manager Song’s arrangements.”

Chu Mochen pursed his lips, “What are you coming here for today?”

“In addition to visiting, I have something to report to Manager Song.” Mei Qi replied smoothly.

Song Yunxuan knew that Chu Mochen was jealous when she heard Chu Mochen’s question.

That was normal. Mei Qi had been following Song Yunxuan all the time. Of course Chu Mochen felt jealous.

After all, Mei Qi had helped her a lot, and she also gave Mei Qi a lot in return.

The incredible connection between them was a friendship of dj vu.

In other words, it was a kind of subtle hatred.

Song Yunxuan’s aim was Shao Tianze.

And Mei Qi also wanted to defeat Shao Tianze.

Therefore, the two people had quickly become partners.

She could not lack Mei Qi’s assistance in dealing with Shao Tianze. And without her, Mei Qi could not resist Shao Tianze.

That was a mutual benefit.

Therefore, no matter how upset Chu Mochen was with Mei Qi following her, she would not let Mei Qi leave.

“Mochen, I have something to discuss with my assistant Mei Qi. If you don’t mind, could you and Mr. Yao leave us for a little while?”

Chu Mochen knew that Song Yunxuan was ordering him to leave.

Song Yunxuan had thought Chu Mochen would be angry about her attitude. Unexpectedly, after hearing her words, Chu Mochen said, “It’s time for Mr. Yao to go back. I’ll show him out first and then go back to accompany you.”

Song Yunxuan smiled and nodded.

Chu Mochen gently kissed her forehead.

Then, he left with Mr. Yao.

After they had left, Song Yunxuan stopped smiling and lowered her eyes to ponder.

Mei Qi didn’t say anything and waited for Song Yunxuan to speak first.

After considering, Song Yunxuan asked Mei Qi, “Do you think Mr. Yao is familiar?”

Mei Qi had thought Song Yunxuan would say there was something wrong with Mr. Yao. However, Song Yunxuan asked him if he was familiar with Mr. Yao.

Mei Qi had felt suspicious about Mr. Yao when he appeared in the ward. However, he couldn’t directly say to or wink at Song Yunxuan because of Chu Mochen.

Song Yunxuan was smart. After feeling suspicious, she asked Chu Mochen to leave.

When there was only Mei Qi, she asked Mei Qi whether he was familiar with Mr. Yao.

“Why do you think Ive seen this person, Manager Song?”

Mei Qi asked Song Yunxuan, feeling strange in his heart.

Song Yunxuan laughed, “Don’t you think he is familiar? I thought you would know a lot of people and had seen some weird things after venturing out into the world for so many years.”

Song Yunxuan’s words made Mei Qi silent for a moment.

“Its true. I have seen strange things once or twice.”

Song Yunxuan put her sight on him because of his words, “Talk about them. Maybe Mr. Yao was involved in those weird things.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Mei Qi couldn’t help but laugh, “Nothing can be hidden from you, Manager Song.”

“Don’t praise me like that. I don’t see who Mr. Yao is.”

Mei Qi said with a smile, “Mr. Yao is from Thailend.”

With this hint, Song Yunxuan realized Chu Mochen’s plan.

She fell silent for an instant.

After they got out of the door, Chu Mochen asked Mr. Yao, “Did you see what evil things possess my wife?”

“I didn’t say any evil things, but…”

Mr. Yao paused. It was hard to explain in a few words.

Chu Mochen frowned, “But what?”

“Childe Chu, how long have you known Mrs. Chu? Compared with when you first met her, is there any change in her? Such as personality or interests?”

Chu Mochen tightened his brows, “Why did you ask this?”

When he met Song Yunxuan, Song Yunxuan had arrived in Yuncheng from Qingcheng.

Since he first met Song Yunxuan, he knew all about Song Yunxuan’s personality and preferences, but nothing was unusual.

Mr. Yao squinted his eyes and touched his beard, “Childe Chu, you said that Mrs. Chu’s headaches are getting worse recently, and she has done the examination in the hospital, but nothing has been found. Therefore, I suspected someone cursed Mrs. Chu.”

Chu Mochen knitted his brows while listening.

The mans surname was not Yao. He was a clairvoyant in Thailend.

He was very famous and was called the Xuanshui Dragon King.

He studied under the White Dragon King.

When Chu Mochen asked the White Dragon King for help, the White Dragon King, thinking himself was too old, recommended his last student to have a look.

He indeed saw something.

Recalling his time with Song Yunxuan, Chu Mochen frowned, “If someone wants to hurt her, it must be the Du Family. The Du Family and Yunxuan’s feud is because of Du Qinger. However, Yunxuan had a headache before Du Qinger came back from abroad. The Du Family couldn’t curse Yunxuan before.”

Chu Mochen was meditating.

The Xuanshui Dragon King smoothed his beard and shook his head, “Childe Chu, things are not like this. In my opinion, no one cursed Mrs. Chu.”

Chu Mochen furrowed his brows, “Do you mean that she only gets a normal illness?”

The Xuanshui Dragon King shook his head again, “No.”

Chu Mochen frowned tightly and looked at the Xuanshui Dragon King with a puzzled expression.

At this time, the Xuanshui Dragon King asked him, “Childe Chu, do you believe that someone in this world can return to life after death?”

The Xuanshui Dragon King’s words made Chu Mochen feel cold and dreadful.

Such a strange thing was nonsense. How could anyone in this world come back from the dead?

“What do you mean?”

Xuanshui Dragon King’s eyes were full of contemplation, “I think Mrs. Chu is a bit different. However, after so many years, not all legends can be trusted.”

“Do you suspect that my wife is a person who has come back from the dead?”

“I’m just guessing. My master once told me that those who came back from the dead are full of resentments when returning to the world because they were murdered instead of passing away peacefully. They will always take revenge after reviving…”

“This is impossible.” Chu Mochen interrupted the Xuanshui Dragon King, “There are no ghosts in this world, let alone such a ridiculous thing as coming back from the dead.”

“Childe Chu, this sounds unbelievable, but let me finish it first.”

“There were unborn children’s spirits in Thailend. How can we deny the theory of ghosts and spirits in this world?”

Chu Mochen had nothing to say in reply.

The Xuanshui Dragon King continued, “When my master was young, a famous actress’s husband sought medical advice from my master. The actress was like Mrs. Chu, having severe headaches. The more successful her career became, the more serious her headaches got.”

“What happened then?”

“When the actress was dying, my master asked her whether she believed people could return to life after death. She told my master that she had been reborn from the dead. Then, my master asked her what regrets and wishes she had before she died. She only laughed crazily, telling my master that she had finished her revenge and had no nostalgia and regret for this world.”

Hearing the Xuanshui Dragon King’s words, Chu Mochen felt cold and horrified in his heart.

Song Yunxuan was a young girl from Qingcheng Town. However, when she came to the Song Family, she already had unusual means and composure and coldness beyond her age.

She and the Shao Family had no feud.

However, she hated Shao Tianzes guts.

She had no blood relationship with Gu Yi and Miaomiao, but she overly cared for them.

It seemed that she was the two children’s mother, worrying about their safety all the time.

At first, she didn’t like Chu Mochen and rejected him.

She only wanted his power and support.

At present, she aimed to destroy the Shao enterprise.

And she had removed Shao Tianze’s right-hand men one by one.

Why had she done these?

Seeing Chu Mochen lost in thought, the Xuanshui Dragon King said, “Revival used to be nothing more than a legend. However, my master told me that the purposes of those who returned to life after death were to revenge. As soon as they complete revenge, they will vanish like smoke. The closer they are to success, the closer they are to death.”

Chu Mochen tightened his brows, and his fingers cramped for no reason. After some time, he said in a low voice, “Nonsense!”

He didn’t believe there were such strange things in this world.

He also didn’t believe that Song Yunxuan’s life was about to come to an end.

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