Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Retribution

Chapter 55: Retribution

Han Rujia isn’t kidding. She has been indeed waiting for the letter writers presence.

She wanted to find the person who wrote the letter when she first received it, and she couldn’t wait to see that person, because the writer broke what she had believed for years.

Moreover, her anger is kindled from the bottom of her heart which is like a fire that almost burns her brain.

Song Yunxuan is ushered into the room from outside.

Song Yunxuan finds that her room is small but warm and tidy.

She smiles innocently: “Miss Han, what’s on that letter?”

Han Rujia is shocked. “Didn’t you write this letter?”

Song Yunxuan shakes her head. “Miss Han really overestimates my ability. I am the youngest daughter of the Song family. I just reached the age of eighteen this year. I was picked up from a small town a few months ago.”

Gazing at her, Han Rujia becomes gloomy, and her beautiful eyes are covered with bleakness: “Then who wrote this letter?”

Song Yunxuan wonders, “Hasn’t the letter a signature? Miss Gu signed her name when she handed it over to me.”

Han Rujia frowns. But her forehead is still naked and smooth since she has lost her eyebrows.

She always stays in her house where there even hasn’t been a mirror at home since her disfigurement.

Now, she frowns without eyebrows, which makes people feel wired.

Han Rujia doesn’t care about others impressions of herself, but puts her finger on the table and slowly curls them up after a while: “Surely it was written by Changge.”

Song Yunxuan pretends to be puzzled about her words: “Miss Han, do you know Gu Changge?”

After a moment of silence, Han Rujia nods without saying anything.

She stops talking, just staring at the letter with her eyes fixed on it, her fingers clenching, and her nails seeming to be cutting into the wooden table.

As she keeps silent, Song Yunxuan also considerately stops talking.

In fact, Han Rujia really knows Gu Changge. Because, strictly speaking, Gu Changge is Han Rujia’s rival in love.

At that time, Shao Tianze was well-known in medical college, which made countless beautiful girls take the initiative to chase him.

Han Rujia was one of them. Shao Tianze was a very moral person with excellent academic performance as well as a peaceful personality. His smile is as warm as the sun in winter.

Any girl who had met him would have a deep impression of him.

Because Shao Tianze at that time was like the star actors in the soup operas. It seemed that he would shine like the stars whenever the sun cast light on him.

Such a cute gentleman was like a perfect jade, which attracted people’s attention and made people want to own it.

Unfortunately, many people suffer terribly from this good and harmful piece of jade.

Gu Changge is one of them. Han Rujia, too.

Calmly and silently, she looks at Han Rujia who bows her head inch by inch. After a while, she asks her, “Where is Gu Changge? Since Gu Changge can tell the truth, can’t she come by himself?

Song Yunxuan is slightly surprised. “Miss Han, don’t you know it?”

“What?” She turns her head and asks.

Song Yunxuan says, “Gu Changge has been dead for several months.”

Han Rujia suddenly stares at Song Yunxuan without blinking her eyes, “She’s dead?”

As if that is a piece of unbelievable news, Han Rujia numbly gazes at Song Yunxuan. She immerses herself in reflection for quite a while, murmuring, “Gu Changge is dead… She died…

She repeats this sentence over and over again which does not bother Song Yunxuan though.

She just calmly watches all the reactions of Han Rujia.

Finally, Han Rujia couldn’t help slowly curling her lips. And then she madly bursts into laughter: “As a powerful woman, Gu Changge should die young! That’s ridiculous!

She used to regard Gu Changge as her number one rival and oppose her in every aspect. Now that Gu Changge has died, she is certainly happy.

It’s just…

“Do you want to know how did she die?”

Sitting under the lamp, Song Yunxuan suddenly asks her aloud.

Han Rujia stops laughing: “Spare me the details about her death as long as she passed away.”

After putting the letter away, Han Rujia turns around and scrutinizes Song Yunxuan’s face. “Are you in charge of Venus now?”

Song Yunxuan nods: “Yes.”

Han Rujia curls her lips and says, “Why should I believe Gu Changge’s words to help you testify against the Gu family?”

Song Yunxuan shakes her head. “No, Miss Han, you misunderstood it. What you have to do is not helping me, nor listening to Gu Changge’s words, but helping yourself.”

She sits in her seat as peacefully as a Buddha with a clear and clean face. She doesnt show any intention of lobbying or any sign of pleasure. Even in a weak voice, like the ice floating on the water surface, she plainly says, “I havent read the contents of the letter. But I remember an old saying in the book, which goes like this, when a man is near death, he speaks from his heart. She wants to help you, or to be fair to you, I think.”

Grabbing the letter, Han Rujia freezes her smile, squints her eyes and says: “Ill let you go.”

Song Yunxuan looks at her and finds that the smile in her eyes slowly disappears. Then she leaves her seat. “Miss Han, I’ll wait for you.”

Han Rujia doesnt reply nor does she get up to see her off.

When Song Yunxuan comes out of Han Rujia’s house, she looks up at the full moon slowly covered by dark clouds in the sky, squinting her eyes and smiling.

Han Rujia, I believe you will side with me.

Because I don’t believe in the saying that the one will speak from his heart when he is dying, because I’m still alive.

Since I havent died, I must make you combat against Gus no matter by means of telling the truth or fabricating a lie.

I want you to point the barrel at the man you used to love in secret.

Because he doesn’t deserve you.

He is also not worthy of my mercy.

She stops looking up and then walks slowly along the road in the moonlight, wearing a precious camel cashmere coat and a bright red scarf.

In the cold wind, her figure slowly contracts into a tiny point on the well-lit road as she goes far.

Although the point is small, it seems to be fixed on this picture of the winter which cant be removed.

Late at night.

The candle burns out. And the last light dies after several struggles.

Just in the fading light, the gentleman with a handsome face stops his knife and fork and raises his head. “Aren’t you coming?”

In his eyes, there is an expression as tranquil as the water in a cold well.

But his lips bend up slightly with pleasure.

Just then, there rings the sound of swiping a card.

The man who opens the door is holding a small flashlight, the beam of which hits Chu Mochen’s face like a sword.

Chu Mochen is shone into his eyes by the dazzling light. He raises his hands helplessly to cover his eyes. “Is it done?”

She nods, and her voice is still cold and distant: “It’s done.”

“Then what about the next?” He asks.

She closes the door behind her and walks towards him. “Although the candle burns out, you shouldnt let me accompany you with an empty stomach.”

Chu Mochen puts his hand around her waist and pulls her into his arms. He lets her sit on his lap and puts his chin on her shoulder. “Youd said that you wouldnt come back, had you?”

“It’s cold outside. I don’t have a car.”

“You have money.”

“It has been run out.”

“And then?”

“If you take me out, you should send me back.”

Chu Mochen can’t help laughing. He takes away the flashlight in her hand without any explanation before he slaps it off and kisses her cheek. His voice is as seductive as magic spells: “Do you want me to send back a mother pregnant with her baby?”

Song Yunxuan does not speak, but in the next second she reaches out to hold his neck and uses her lips to block his words.

The man’s body stiffens for a moment in the dark.

The girls kiss is passionate but strange, and lack of proficiency.

But he can still feel that all his blood is flowing fast.

He puts his hands on her back and holds her.

He throws her onto the big bed which was not supposed to be used for sex.

Outside the window, the night breeze blows, and the neon lights flash on the streets of Yuncheng.

Something is brewing in the darkness.

A lot of things may change over that night which can turn the Yuncheng city upside down.

When Song Yunxuan gets up the next morning, she finds herself being watched by the man who supports his head with his hands, wearing his white pajamas.

She feels that the man’s eyes are piercing. So, she turns over impatiently and covers her head with the quilt.

The man just laughs, but does not pick her out of the quilt.

The Song familys number quietly shows up on the screen of Song Yunxuan’s cell phone.

Song Yunxuan stays out the night which makes the Song family begin to speculate.

On the contrary, the Chu family has no intention of questioning Chu Mochen about his absence.

But in the morning when he gets out of the hotel, a young bodyguard who has been protecting him for many years hands him a box of medicine: “Childe Chu, Yu-Ting (a brand of the oral contraceptives).”

Chu Mochen doesnt bother to reach out for it. He says three words only: “Throw it away.”

The bodyguard lowers his voice: “Childe Chu, this is what the madame ordered.”

“Throw it away.”

The bodyguard has to throw it into a dustbin nearby.

Then Chu Mochen goes back to his room and closes the door.

At that time, Song Yunxuan hasnt woken up yet. He hugs her across the quilt and caresses her flat belly. It just makes him feel wonderful when his fingers brush the skin of her belly.

Making Song Yunxuan give birth to the child of the Chu family may not be the best idea but the fastest one.

Didn’t Gu Changge marry Shao Tianze just because she was pregnant with Shao Tianze’s child?

If a woman can use and abandon her children, she must be really steely-hearted and have no weakness.

If Song Yunxuan was such a woman, it would be very kind of him to merely break her fully-grown wings.

Thinking of that, he reaches out to pull her hair from the tip of her nose to the back of her ears.

Then, he leaves the bed and gets washed up in the bathroom.

After coming out of the shower, he turns on the LCD TV in the room.

As soon as he opens it, he hears the host announcing the morning news, “According to the latest news from Xinyun News Agency, two women uploaded audio and video on various Internet forums in this early morning, citing evidence to reveal the truth of the disfigurement of Venus salon three years ago. After the later investigation of them, it is confirmed that they are victims of the Venus disfigurement three years ago, Yi Xiaoning and Han Rujia. Both said that the disfigurement was manipulated by the chairman Gu who bought them for deliberately framing Venus salon.

Still wrapped up in the quilt, Song Yunxuan opens her eyes and grins on hearing that news.

Shao Tianze, the retribution comes!

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