Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Visiting Han Rujia

Chapter 68: Visiting Han Rujia

Xue Taos parents speak a lot with Song Yunxuan during the dinner.

Song Yunxuan always answers with a smile, which makes Xue Taos parents have a good impression of her.

While they are eating fruit after dinner, Song Yunxuan picks out the longan and puts it aside: “You are too careless, sister. How can a pregnant woman eat longan?”

After that, she asks Xue Taos mother casually: Am I right, aunt?”

Xue Taos mother immediately throws the longan that is picked up by Song Yunxuan on the table into the wastepaper basket next to her. She calls and blames the servant: How can you do that? Yunying is pregnant, and how can you choose the fruit so carelessly? Can she eat longan?”

The servant quickly takes the plate away: “I am going to change some other fruits right now. I am sorry, Mrs. Song.”

Song Yunying is not angry about that but just nods blandly.

Song Yunxuan puts the chopped apples on a small plate and puts them in front of Song Yunying: “My second sister is too careless. She acts the same at home, so my dad said that my eldest sister used to bully her when she was a child.”

Xue Taos parents smile and say: Yunjia becomes very gentle when she grows up.

Song Yunxuan nods: “But my second sister has not changed. Will the second brother-in-law bully my sister?”

Xue Taos father immediately denies: It is impossible. After people get married, the man will always take good care of his wife. He can bully anyone but his wife, let alone Yunying is still bearing the child of the Xue Family.

Song Yunxuan nods: “Thats right, Mochen also told me like that.”

Xue Taos parents are smiling. But immediately, Song Yunxuan asks: Where is the second brother-in-law? Hasnt he come back?

Xue Taos father is a bit embarrassed. Xue Taos mother answers quickly: Xue Tao is busy with his business. He said that he would raise his son himself. We cant stop him from earning money for his own child.

“The second brother-in-law is really a good husband,” Song Yunxuan says, “If there is anything about brother-in-laws business I can help, please let me know.”

After hearing this, Xue Taos parents immediately give a laugh. And the topic turns directly from Song Yunying and Xue Tao to the official business.

I heard that Childe Chu had just taken the land of a science and technology city project in Yuncheng. I wonder Childe Chu will choose which company to build this project?

Song Yunxuan is shocked for a while: “I can’t tell you this. He said that it is a business secret. I cant reveal any information before the decision is made.

Hearing that, Xue Tao’s parents’ eyes become bright.

There is a big loophole in her words. The first half of the sentence shows the secret cant be revealed. The latter part of the sentence indicates casually that this matter has not been settled.

Xue Taos father takes the opportunity to say: Yunxuan, your second sister has married into the Xue Family and became the hostess of our Xue Family. The whole Xue Family will belong to your second sister. You need to help us in front of Childe Chu. We also intend to bid for the construction of this science and technology city.”

Song Yunxuan promises: “I will. It is a gift for my nephew.”

She says it casually, but Xue Taos parents are ecstatic.

When Song Yunxuan is about to leave, they are still planning.

Song Yunxuan also jokes when she says goodbye: “Uncle, aunt, you need to remind my brother-in-law to go home early, so that other women with bad purposes wont take him away from my second sister. My second sister cant defeat other women.”

Xue Taos fathers face becomes serious: Xue Tao will not do this. If he does this, we will punish him first. Xue Tao will only have your sister as his wife for a lifetime. We will not accept other women.

Song Yunxuan nods: “Sister, you see, uncle and aunt are so kind to you.”

Song Yunying nods and shows a half-true smile.

Song Yunxuan makes her in-laws become her supporters.

As long as Xue Taos parents feel that she is useful to the Xue Family, they will protect her. Once she is useless, they wont protect her any more.

Now, Xue Taos parents think that her little sister is going to become rich and powerful. They treat her well and accept her because they want to ride on Song Yunxuans coattails.

After Song Yunxuan leaves, Song Yunying says: “Dad, Mom, Yunxuan is just a little girl in front of Childe Chu. Her words wont be useful. Youd better not to hold out much hope.”

Xue Tao’s mother is happy: “Your little sister is so cute that no wonder Childe Chu likes her so much.”

“She is too innocent. I am afraid that her words cant change Childe Chus mind.” She feels uncomfortable when she says that Song Yunxuan is innocent.

Song Yunxuan has nothing to do with innocence.

Xue Taos father shakes his head: I think that Childe Chu loves her very much. Her words must be useful.

Song Yunying shakes her head but says nothing to the two old people as they are cheated by Song Yunxuan.

At 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, Xue Tao is called back by his parents.


For the first time in his life, he sleeps together with Song Yunying on the same bed.

However, smelling other womens strong perfume on Xue Tao, Song Yunying feels so angry.

After lying in bed and staying awake all night, she goes out very early next day with her pregnant belly.

Song Yunxuan goes to the magazine on the day that Song Yunying goes out. She finds that the group of people who has been following her suddenly disappear.

In the magazine, Shao Xues face is pale. Song Yunxuan stays in her office for a morning.

When Song Yunxuan is going to leave in the afternoon, Xiao Hong suddenly comes with the planning case: “Miss Song, Gus held a press conference about the slander of Venus. They claimed that Gu Changge had bribed Yi Xiaoning and Han Rujia arbitrarily when she was in power.

How did Yi Xiaoning and Han Rujia respond?

Xiao Hong shakes her head: “They havent responded yet.”

“They really want to let Gu Changge take all the responsibilities,” Song Yunxuan sighs and gets up: “Xiao Hong, you drive. let’s go to visit Han Rujia.

They put their coats on, walk out through the back door and gett on the car. Before they drive out of parking lot, they are stopped by Shao Xue.

Xiao Hong lowers car glass: “Why do you come here? You should have gone home.”

“I want to go with you.”

Xiao Hong turns to look at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan nods: “Let her get on.”

Shao Xue eventually gets on the car, but she doesnt speak immediately.

Seeing that her expression is a little unnatural, Song Yunxuan asks her: “Do you feel comfortable living in Gus mansion?”

Shao Xue smiles awkwardly: “Gu Changle doesn’t like me.”

Song Yunxuan looks out through the window: “It is normal. She is easy to get jealous. If she raises a dog, it must be a male dog. That is the only way to make her unworried. It is natural for her to dislike you because a woman suddenly moves in her house.”

“But I am Shao Tianze’s sister.”

Song Yunxuan smiles: “Are you real relatives?”

Shao Xue shuts her mouth up immediately.

Song Yunxuan asks her: “How much did Gu Changle give you to let you leave Gus mansion?”

Shao Xue is very surprised: “How do you know she gave me a check?”

Song Yunxuan speaks without thinking: “Gu Changle only has Shao Tianze and her money. She can’t give Shao Tianze to you. So, she can only use money to let you leave.”

What Song Yunxuan said is absolutely true, which makes Shao Xue feel a bit strange: “Why do you know her so well?”

“I know her because I have just met her.”

Shao Xue doesnt understand what this sentence means.

Song Yunxuan doesnt explain it anymore because she knows what it means. She used to consider Gu Changle as a gentle and kind girl in the past ten years until she saw Gu Changle in her true color on the day she died.

Gu Changle knows to hide her inner desire when she faces difficulties. She even has pretended to be kind for more than ten years.

To some degree, she is the same as Shao Tianze. They are both restrained.

However, Gu Changles goal is to expel the women around Shao Tianze and then own Shao Tianze completely.

Shao Tianzes goal is to get rid of Gu Changge and then take control of Gus.

On the surface, one person gains benefit for love and the other gains love for the sake of profit.

But what is the truth?

She still cant work it out completely.

They leave Yuncheng and rush towards the eastern suburbs.

At the same time, the luxury car of Gus is also rushing towards the eastern suburbs.

In the luxury car, Gu Changle admires the scenery outside the window quietly. Seeing buildings in the eastern suburbs out of the city which are about to be demolished, Gu Changle sighs: “Tianze, do you know when I was young, I lived with my mom in a same dilapidated house?”

Shao Tianze drives and looks at the road ahead. He just takes a glance through the window and says: “The house you live in now is a hundred times better than those houses.”

Gu Changle’s eyebrows stretch: “My sister has lived in such a good house since she was born while I went back to Gus when I was a teenager.”

“She is the only child of Gu Chengs wife.”

“She has been proud for so many years just because she is the child of Gu Chengs wife?

Shao Tianze doesnt speak.

Gu Changle doesnt talk any more. Looking at the street scene flashing away outside, she smiles: “I don’t know how much Han Rujia wants this time.”

“If she knows the truth, she probably wont ask for money.”

Gu Changle laughs at him: “Tianze, in this world, money can solve any problem. Gu Changge was so powerful just because she had money and good luck.”

Nowadays, she has got everything of Gu Changge. And she can have the same money and good luck as Gu Changge.

Gu Changle has lived for twenty-nine years. And she always cant compare with Gu Changge.

From the day she entered Gus mansion and saw that this huge family all belongs to Gu Changge, she felt that the world is unfair.

Why does everything belong to Gu Changge, and why does she have nothing?

She has to endure that because she doesnt have a good father with power?

She has to endure that because her mother is not a fair lady?

No, she is not willing to accept that.

She must get what Gu Changge owned.

She not only wants to get everything that Gu Changge owned, but also wants to ruin Gu Changge.

Even Gu Changge died, she will ruin her reputation.

Her hands are clenched unconsciously. Looking at the scenery outside the window, she involuntarily squints her eyes.

It is already noon when they arrive at the place where Han Rujia lives.

Gu Changle gets off the car and looks up at the overcast sky. She feels a little annoyed.

However, Shao Tianze holds her shoulder with his hands and whispers to her: “What are you going to say when you meet Han Rujia?”

Gu Changle smiles: “Take it easy. If others can bribe her to testify against Gus, I can also convince her to target at Gu Changge.”

She is confident in dealing with Han Rujia.

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