Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Xuri Construction

Chapter 73 Xuri Construction

Without finishing her meal, Song Yunxuan sets off to Fanxing Magazine.

Shao Xue looks tired.

Seeing Shao Xue, Song Yunxuans eyes become gloomy. She speaks to Shao Xue coldly: You looks listless these day at work. Dont you want your job anymore? Come to my office.

After saying that, she leaves. Many colleagues cast a sympathetic look at Shao Xue.

After Shao Xue leaves, the colleagues immediately stop working and start to guess what has happened in a low voice.

Shao Xues recent state is bad. Does she have a hard time living in his brothers house after moving?

Thats impossible. Her brother is Shao Tianze, an acknowledged good-natured man. He wont make her sister unhappy.

Then there must be something else that troubles her.

She has a pretty good job and lives in a good house, what trouble can she have?

Someone immediately replies: Maybe she is crossed in love?

Why didnt I see her boyfriend?

Everyone talks about his guess that why Shao Xue has been in a bad state these days.

Song Yunxuan, however, asks directly after Shao Xue enters the office: Did Gu Changle treat you bad?

Shao Xue sits in the chair in front of Song Yunxuans desk and seems to be very tired. She nods: She envies me.

She envies you?

Shao Xue feels awkward: She suspects that I am going to seduce Shao Tianze in Gus Mansion and that I am not Shao Tianzes sister.

Song Yunxuan laughs out, gives Shao Xue a cup of hot coffee, looks at her face for a good while and then says: So you let her bully you without fighting back?

Shao Xue shakes her head: She never shows her jealousy when she is with Shao Tianze.

Song Yunxuan makes a cup of coffee for herself and then sits down to drink it. She asks Shao Xue: What are you going to do?

I cant treat her the way she treated me. Maybe you can give me some suggestion.

Song Yunxuan takes a sip of the coffee in her coffee cup, tastes the bitterness of it and then says slowly: I will give you my advice. But you have to follow it carefully if you want to get along with Gu Changle later.

Shao Xue hears that and her eyes light up: Whats your advice?

Song Yunxuan motions for Shao Xue to get closer.

Then she whispers something in her ears.

After Shao Xue hears what Song Yunxuan said, the look on Shao Xues face changes: Will she die of it?

Song Yunxuan shakes her head and smiles: No, she wont. Gu Changle is much stronger than you think.

Your enemy is always tougher than you think. Gu Changle is an example.

Although she has just finished her heart surgery and was discharged from hospital, she can still envy Shao Xue, which shows that she has recovered very well.

When Shao Xue gets off work and returns home, she sees that Gu Changle who wears a jacket walks down from the second floor assisted by Shao Tianze.

Shao Xue looks up at Shao Tianze and Gu Changle: Brother, sister Changle, are you going out?

Smiling happily, Gu Changle turns to look at Shao Tianze: Fengshui master said that when the swimming pool in the backyard is filled in, we should offer incense to Changge to tell her about it. And we are going to Tianxiang Temple to do this.

Gu Changges ashes were sprinkled on the high seas. There is no tombstone in the cemetery but a memorial tablet in the Tianxiang Temple in Yuncheng.

Hearing that, Shao Xue nods. Be careful then.

Shao Tianze reminds her: Remember to eat dinner at home. We will come back late.

Shao Xue replies awkwardly: Brother, in fact, our colleagues are going to have dinner together today. The year-end bonus is issued. Everyone is going to karaoke. I come back to tell you this. And I am going to set off after changing my clothes.

Shao Tianze does not tell her not to go. But he feels a little worried when he remembers that she got drunk last time: Then dont drink wine, come back early in the evening.

Shao Xue says yes and then sends them out.

When they set off, she goes back to the room to call Song Yunxuan: You are right. They are going out tonight.

Song Yunxuan smiles on the other side of the phone. She isnt surprised since she has expected that: You can set off when youre ready. I have already told them to gather at the Chenguo KTV. Take a cab there to sign in and then you can leave.

Shao Xue answers: Ok.

Song Yunxuan hangs up the phone. She looks out the window with a smile on her face. It is dark outside.

Her guess is right. If Xuri Construction is considered as an opponent by the Xue Family, the Xue Family will play some dirty tricks on Xuri Construction soon.

Now Xuri Construction gets into trouble suddenly, so Shao Tianze and Gu Changle will go for a visit for sure. By the way, they can ask Chen Xuri what has happened.

Her doubt is that what the Xue family has found so that they can use it to throw Xuri Construction in trouble.

It is pitch-dark outside the window.

Gu Changle is sitting in the passenger seat, and Shao Tianze, who is driving, looks depressed.

Gu Changle feels her temples suddenly throb: Why didnt I see Gus has so many troubles when sister was alive?

Shao Tianze looks at the road ahead thoughtfully: When your sister was alive, the company ran well. No one in Gus dared play tricks on her. Now I am the chairman of Gus. Many people arent satisfied with that. They dont think I have the quality.

Gu Changles brows wrinkle: You mean, Chen Xuri, this old man, still considers Gu Changge as her boss and isnt satisfied with you, so he deliberately makes trouble for you?

Shao Tianze does not deny: I am not sure.

Gu Changle becomes quiet.

When Gu Changge was in charge of Gus, Xuri Construction ran well. Now, when Gu Changge is dead, Xuri Construction is in trouble.

Its probable that Xuri Construction wants to separate from Gus.

Gu Changle sighs: As you know, Xuri Construction refused to join in Gus before. It was Gu Changge who forced Xuri Construction to be merged by Gus by controlling its share. Chen Xuri maybe bear grudge because of that. Now Gu Changge is died, so he wants to revenge.

Shao Tianze shakes his head: He wont do that now. I have asked him to bid for the construction of the Science and Technology City which Chu Mochen is in charge of. He is very interested in that project, too. If he succeeds in bidding, Chen Xuri can make a lot of money.

Then how does Xuri Construction get into trouble?

Shao Tianze answers: Maybe we should find out what happened first.

When they arrive at Chen Xuris house, they see all the lights in Chen Xuris house are on, as if they are waiting for Shao Tianze to come.

When Shao Tianze gets off the car, Chen Xuri and a few core employees of the Xuri Construction come forward immediately: Chairman Shao, you finally come.

After getting off the car, Shao Tianze goes to open the door for Gu Changle.

Seeing Gu Changle get off the car, Chen Xuri and his employees feel surprised. It takes them a while to react: Chairman Gus sister comes too.

Gu Changle nods gracefully: Hello.

Hello. Chen Xuri says.

Gu Changle reaches out to shake hands with Chen Xuri. Chen Xuri shakes hands with her perfunctorily, then pulls back immediately and asks them to go into the house.

Although Chen Xuri is nearly fifty years old, he is full of energy. But he looks tired today because he has been stayed up late these days.

Xuri Construction has expanded with the assistance of Chen Xuris old father. The third year after his fathers death, Gu Changge intervened in the companys share controlling and merged Xuri Construction. Its inevitable that he was unsatisfied with that.

However, Gu Changge comforted him personally. She claimed that she would only provide financial information for Xuri Construction and would not interfere with the decision of Xuri Construction.

These years, Xuri Construction has been run normally with Gus profound investment and accurate information. Its profit is very impressive.

Apart from the part of money that was taken away by Gus, Xuri Construction still earns more than before.

Therefore, Chen Xuri himself doesnt want to separate Xuri Construction from Gus.

Shao Tianze enters the living room of Chen Xuris villa. Seeing Xuri Constructions main architects are also here, he turns to ask Chen Xuri: What is going on, Mr. Chen? Why are you all waiting for me here?

Chen Xuri looks worried: Mr. Shao, since Miss. Gu merged Xuri Construction, Xuri Construction has been run normally and our bidding has never failed. But this time we were trapped when we bid for the contract of Chus.

Hearing this, Shao Tianze looks more depressed: What happened?

Gu Changle looks the same.

Chen Xuri asks key architects to display their architectural drawings of the Science and Technology City to Shao Tianze: These are the architectural drawings that we have chosen when we are bidding for the contract of Chus Science and Technology City. This case is very important so I asked these architects to do the best. After several discussions and revisions, we make the architectural drawing for the bidding. Here is it

While talking, he passes a piece of drawing and shows it to Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze himself used to study medicine. He doesnt know much about architectural drawings. He looks at the architectural drawing for a while and then asks Chen Xuri. Whats wrong with the drawing?

Chen Xuris replies in a low voice: It was copied by the Xue Family.

Shao Tianze is shocked. His eyes behind the gold rimmed glasses become very fierce: The drawing is the top secret. How can it be copied?

Chen Xuri shakes his head: Mr. Shao, I should take the blame. The drawing was kept by An Nan before being sent out. An Nans assistant is a college student who has just been assigned there. He is very talented. However, his has born in a poor family. After being bribed by the Xue Family, he stole a copy of the drawing and ran away.

Shao Tianze frowns: How do you know so clearly?

An Nans assistant felt guilty about it. He called and confessed to An Nan before An Nan resigned.

Gu Changle suddenly says: If we find the assistant of An Nan, we can prove that the Xue Family has copied our drawings. Cant we?

Chen Xuri shakes his head: Miss Gu, the assistant has disappeared. We have been searching him for many days without any result. The Xue Family now says that we copied their architectural drawing and asks us to withdraw from the bidding. We have no evidence to refute him. In this desperate situation, we asked Mr. Shao to come over to inform you this. Maybe you can work out a way to save Xuri Construction.

He is not asking Shao Tianze to save Xuri Construction.

He is asking Shao Tianze to save himself.

Because Xuri Construction belongs to Gus, which Shao Tianze is in charge of.

If he cant work out any solution, he will lose Xuri Construction. Since he became the chairman of Gus, he has already lost Tianxiang Salon. If he loses Xuri Construction this time, it will be a huge disgrace for him.

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