Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Can You Kiss Me Again?

Chapter 79: Can You Kiss Me Again?

When the driver takes Song Yunxuan to Yuncheng Private Primary School, it is already dark.

But the snow has not stopped yet.

Song Yunxuan goes directly to the waiting hall of Yuncheng Private Primary School.

There are a few children who are playing the piano and reading books wearily.

The driver is waiting in the car.

As soon as she enters the waiting room, she is welcomed by a short-haired woman wearing a blue batwing jacket.

You are here, Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan smiles and holds her hand: Shao Xue, does Gu Changle still treat you badly?

Shao Xue shakes her head: No, it is much better. I would have spent the night with her. She asked me to go back to pick up the two children. So, I called you to come and accompany me for Christmas.

Seeing the dark circles on Shao Xues face, Song Yunxuan feels sorry: You must be very tired and couldnt sleep well these days.

Shao Xue reaches out to touch her face and smiles bitterly: It doesnt matter. Thinking about my parents, what does it matter if I didnt sleep for a few nights?

Shao Xue feels like to cry. She cant help crying when she talks about her parents.

If when my parents were dying, Shao Tianze also had taken care of them like he took care of Gu Changle, my parents wouldnt die

Shao Xue covers half of her face and her eyes begin to turn red.

Looking at her appearance, Song Yunxuan doesnt know how to comfort her.

If Shao Tianze had treated Gu Changge like he treated Gu Changle, then she also wouldnt die.

However, there is no if in the world.

Once things happen, they will never be reversed.

She must go ahead.

Always, she cant go back.

Shao Xue is the same.

Shao Xue covers her face and her eyes are full of tear.

At this time, a child grabs her clothes suddenly and says softly: Aunt, are you crying?


Hearing this voice, Song Yunxuans heart suddenly tightens.

Then, she looks directly at the little girl who is suddenly standing next to Shao Xue.

Being asked, Shao Xue immediately sucks her nose and grabs the arm of the little girl in red dress, pushes her forward and introduces her to Song Yunxuan: This is the daughter of Shao Tianze and Gu Changge. Her name is Gu Miaomiao.

Song Yunxuan wants to smile kindly. But looking at the child, she finds that she cant move for a long time.

She is Shao Tianze and Gu Changges youngest daughterGu Miaomiao.

The child she conceived for nine months.

She looks at the child.

The child also looks at her with a pair of big black eyes.

She has the illusion that she is still her mother and the child will call her mommy.

The tears are gathering in her eyes.

Seeing her is going to cry, Gu Miaomiao wants to say something.

When Miaomiao is going to speak, Song Yunxuan squats down, holds the child in her arms, puts her chin on her shoulder and pretends to be calm with a smile: Hello, Miaomiao.

Hello, sister.

The voice is still very young. The six-year-old child is well protected from all the bad things.

This child will never know that her mother was killed by her father.

Song Yunxuan holds her tightly and wants to bring the child home.

Shao Xue is a little shocked: Yunxuan? Do you know this child?

Song Yunxuan realizes her excitement, releases the child and stands up: No, I didnt know her before. Now I know her.

Shao Xue nods and points to the little boy who is sitting in the chair in the distance and looking at them: That is the eldest son of my brother, Gu Yi.

After that, she says to the child: Gu Yi, come here and say hello to sister Yunxuan.

The child is sitting on a chair not far away, and there is a table in front of him. It is strange that the book on the table is the Money and Banking which only college students will read.

Song Yunxuan looks at the child.

The boy frowns, as if trying to identify Song Yunxuan.

She knows that her eldest son is very intelligent and inherits the dual advantages of her Gu Changge and Shao Tianze.

Seeing her eldest son, she does not have the fragile maternity and warmth she had when she meets Miaimiao.

She stands up and smiles naturally at the child: Hello, Gu Yi.

Gu Yi jumps from the chair and the Money and Banking is held in his arms.

He comes over, stands by Shao Xue and greets her: Hello.

Song Yunxuan smiles and turns to see Shao Xue: Today is Christmas Day. I meet the two children for the first time so I wants to take them to eat, is that Ok?

Shao Xue smiles, squats and holds the small hands of Gu Yi and Miaomiao: Xiao Yi, Miaomiao, say thanks to this sister.

Gu Yi and Miaomiao both say thanks to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan smiles and stretches out her hand: Miaomiao, can I hold your hand?

Her big eyes turn to look at Gu Yi, who is standing next to her. Seeing Gu Yi nod, she puts her small hand in Song Yunxuans hand.

Song Yunxuan takes the childs little hand and picks her up.

The six-year-old girl is light. But when she picks her up, Song Yunxuan feels that she is still Gu Changge.

Her children are still by her side.

She did not lose them.

And also, they didnt lose her.

Outside the window of the waiting room, it is snowing heavily.

Under the beautiful neon light, this city decorated with snow is gorgeous and huge.

Song Yunxuan walks out of the private elementary school with Gu Miaomiao.

Shao Xue holds Gu Yis hand.

They are lit by the street lamp.

In the distance, a black private car parks on the side of the road.

The man in the drivers seat looks coldly at the two women in the distance with the two children.

Rong Six, the Rong Familys handsome youngest son, is sitting beside him.

Childe Chu, in my opinion, this Song familys youngest daughter is really strange.

Chu Mochen doesnt say a word.

Rong Six continues to say: You see, she has no conflict with Shao Tianzes two children, why does she get close to the two children?

Chu Mochen starts the car and accelerates to leave.

Rong Six is a little surprised: Dont we follow them?

Chu Mos voice is clam: She will not be so vicious to harm the two children.

Rong Six nods: It is true.

Seeing the darkness out of the window, Rong Six stretches himself lazily: The project of the construction of the technology and science city that Chus owned is under scorching discussion recently. I heard that there are two same architectural drawings of the bidding.


What companies are they belong to?

The Xue Family and Xuri Construction.

Rong Six has a smile of gloat: Which are you going to give the project to?

Chu Mochen doesnt look at him and says coldly: You get off at the intersection ahead.

Rong Six is disgruntled and protests: You let me get off the car because I asked that?

Chu Mochen frowns: I have a date with Yunxuan.

The expression of Rong Six becomes very subtle.

When he gets off at the intersection, he strangely looks at Chu Mochen turning back in the cold wind.

He shakes his head and murmurs to himself: I really dont understand. Why the woman with the same working style as Gu Changge can attract Chu Mochen?

Of course he wont understand.

Because even Chu Mochen himself is not very clear about this.

He doesnt know the reason why he has to get Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan takes the two children to a very cute fast food restaurant decorated with dolls.

The waiters all dress in doll clothes.

Gu Miaomiao feels surprise about this restaurant, and even Gu Yi cant help looking at the toys placed in the showcase.

Shao Xue feels strange: Yunxuan, how do you know such a childrens restaurant?

Song Yunxuan puts Miaomiao on the sofa and sits next to her: I heard from others occasionally. I think children should like this place very much, so I decide to take them to the restaurant.

Shao Xue and Gu Yi are sitting opposite Song Yunxuan and Miaomaio.

A waiter comes over to send the menu: Kid whose birthday is today can get the black forest cake and a super dollfie for free.

Miaomiaos big eyes light up immediately. She raises her little hand and says softly: Can I have it for my birthday today?

Gu Yi is helpless Birthday is a birthday and it doesnt need others permission.

Seeing the helpless expression on Gu Yis face, Song Yunxuan can know what he is thinking. After taking the menu, she says to the waiter: Please give us the birthday package first.

OK, one moment please.

After ordering, Song Yunxuan turns to look at Shao Xue: We can order extra food later. Miaomiao, do you like here?

Yes. Looking at Song Yunxuan, Miaomiao blushes and whispers I also like this sister.

Song Yunxuan cant help smiling and leans over to kiss her little face.

After kissing, Gu Miaomiao is stunned immediately.

Gu Yis face is unnatural.

Shao Xue feels something wrong. She immediately asks: Miaomiao, what happened?

Gu Miaomiao blinks her eyes and turns to look at Song Yunxuan motionlessly.

Looked by her, Song Yunxuan smiles and asks: Are you happy?

Can you kiss me again?

Yes. Song Yunxuan leans over and kisses her face again.

Miaomiaos small fists clench and her tears fall down.

Then, before Song Yunxuan leaves, the little girl suddenly holds Song Yunxuans neck and bursts into tears.

Shao Xue is shocked by Gu Miaomiaos sudden crying and wants to comfort her hastily.

Gu Yi stops Shao Xue: Aunt, dont worry about her.

Shao Xue is wondering: She was fine just now. Why does she suddenly cry?

Gu Yi licks his lips and says: My mom used to kiss her like this before.

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