Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 85

Chapter 85 The Swimming Poor Has Been Filled In

Chapter 85 The Swimming Poor Has Been Filled in

All the way home, Song Yunxuan is in a bad mood. She doesnt want to sleep at all.

At night, Chu Mochen has called her more than a dozen times, but Song Yunxuan does not answer even one call.

However, seeing Chu Mochen call over and over again, Song Yunxuan feels better.

Wearing a white bathrobe after taking a shower, Chu Mochen calls Song Yunxuan while reading a book.

As expected, Song Yunxuan does not answer.

Seeing this, the servant who comes to send milk tells Chu Mochen’s father immediately.

His father knocks at the door of his sons room and asks him with concern: “What happened? Is there something wrong with the company?”


“The servant said that you have been calling someone all the time but still can’t get through.”

Entering in, he sees the phone which Chu Mochen has put on the desk.

Chu Mochen, a little surprised, cant help smiling: “Dad, these are my personal affairs, which are not related to the company. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Hearing this, his father nods.

But just before leaving, he adds: “If the Song Family’s little daughter is too willful…”

“Dad, Yunxuan is not willful at all.” He interrupts before his father finishes the sentence.

In fact, since the Chu Family is so rich, if they want to find a woman to marry their only son, she must be perfect.

At the very least, she must be learned and sensible and live in a rich family like the Chu Family.

However, although Song Yunxuan is the daughter of the Song Family, which is a rich family like the Chu Family, she has been living in a small town until this year when she is 18 years old.

Such a young girl is not as attractive as women who are over twenty.

Besides, she is willful.

“Mochen, you shouldnt spoil her, or she will be willful forever.”

“Dad, I know what you mean.”

Chu Mochen sends his father back, returns to his room and continues to call.

He has called about 30 times until he stops.

In fact, at that moment, Song Yunxuan has fallen asleep and her mobile phone is turned into vibration mode.

But if Chu Mochen doesnt call her repeatedly, she will probably not forgive him, and she will stay up all night.

Chu Mochen has a dream this night.

In his dream, both he and Gu Changge are young.

Chu Mochen is playing chess with her. He takes a step but wants to repent.

Gu Changge stops him: “You cant undo what you have done. If you take this step, you can’t repent.”

“We are just playing chess.”

“My father said that playing chess is the same as being a man. If you are wrong, you can only make up for it. There is no time machine for you to go back and change everything.”

Chu Mochen is speechless.

After finishing the round of chess calmly, Gu Changge looks up: “You have to apologize for the thing you did.”

“But you have won this game anyway!”

But you still have to apologize for your mistake.

“What mistake?”

“Dont come to house before you apologize to me.”

Then, Chu Mochen leaves. He calls Gu Changge dozens of times, but she does not answer any of them.

When he pays a secret visit to the Gu Family, he finds that Gu Changge is waiting by the phone and watching the phone. She rubs her temples and says: “I have not answered it dozens of times, but he is still calling. Since he is so sincere, I will forgive him.”


Song Yunxuan wakes up the next day and takes the ring off to see the dent on the ring finger.

Chu Mochen bit this finger yesterday. Now, the dent has disappeared after a night.

But when she looks at the ring finger, she can clearly recall the heat of his lips and the strength of his teeth when Chu Mochen bit her.

She raises her hand to touch her earlobe and gets up to wash her face.

After eating breakfast, Song Yunqiang goes out.

Song Yunxuan goes to Song Yan’s room to see him.

Song Yan’s condition is stable, but he doesnt seem to get better.

Song Yunxuan stays with him for a few hours until a nurse comes to help Song Yan take medicine.

Song Yunxuan does not know what medicine Song Yan has been taking. She doesnt know whether Song Yan will recover or not.

Song Yunxuan knows little about the Song family.

Her brother and sisters all know their father’s condition well.

However, when she is asked about her fathers condition, she doesnt know anything about that. Others may consider her as a ruthless child because of that.

In fact, she doesn’t care.

She has her way to deal with it.

After leaving Song Yans room, she packs up her things and goes to the Fanxing Magazine.

Xiao Hong has not seen her for ten days. When she sees Song Yunxuan come to work, she greets her warmly: “Miss Song, you come to work.”

Song Yunxuan nods and says gratefully: “These days I havent been in the magazine and you have been dealing with everything for me. Thank you, Miss. Xiao.”

Xiao Hong responds shyly: “Miss Song, since you pay me, I should do everything for you!”

Song Yunxuan cant help laughing out loud: “Miss. Xiao, you are so dedicated.”

They walk to the office together. The staff members of the magazine greet Song Yunxuan with nodding.

Song Yunxuan smiles and nods to them.

On the way to the office, she sees that Shao Xue holds a few new magazines. Seeing her come to work, Shao Xue is a little surprised. Then she goes into the office together with them.

Xiao Hong presents the reader’s survey statistics to Song Yunxuan: “Readers think highly of ZUI Prince Charming. The number of readers and sales has exceeded that of ZUI Queen. Last issue of ZUI Prince Charming, we interviewed Luo Xi. Which people should we interview in this issue?”

“Havent we already decided that? Su Youyu, the son of the Su family who returned home recently.”

Xiao Hong moves her lips. It is obvious that she is thinking of something: But Miss Song, Su Youyu is the new chairman of the Su family. Moreover, the Su family always keeps a low profile. Su Youyu may not accept our interview.

Song Yunxuan uses a pen to make a mark on the readership statistical table. After that, she looks through the previous readership survey of ZUI Queen.

After that, she says: “In the readership survey of ZUI Queen, Yao Mimi, the new goddess of the entertainment circle, ranks first. Let her be the person on the color page of the exclusive interview and the cover of the next issue of the magazine.”

Xiao Hong nods: “So what kind of photo of Yao Mimi should we use?”

Song Yunxuan looks up and smiles at Xiao Hong: “Recently, it is rumored in the entertainment circle that Yao Mimi has a relationship with Su Youyu, the chairman of the Su Family who returned home earlier. We will make two magazines in the same time. One uses Su Youyu as the cover and the other uses Yao Mimi as the cover. It is better to use their current photos as covers. Try to make them couple photo.”

Xiao Hong thinks that it is difficult to put it into practice: “Yao Mimi has got along well with Su Youyu recently. People think she might marry him. As for herself, she is an arrogant people. Small magazines like us may not be able to let her take photos in person.”

Song Yunxuan answers Xiao Hong coldly: Famous as Luo Xi, we interviewed him successfully. Is she more famous than him?

Luoxi, the super star in the entertainment circle, spent a day on the exclusive interview with Fanxing Magazine, let alone a female star who has just become popular recently.

She will agree to be interviewed as soon as Fanxing Magazine asks.

Besides, if Yao Mimi really wants to marry Su Youyu, as long as she hears that Su Youyu is ZUI Prince Charmings cover person in the next issue, she definitely will agree to take photos for the cover of ZUI Queen.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan is confidant, Xiao Hong asks: “Miss Song, in your opinion, who should we send to make an appointment with Mr. Su?”

Song Yunxuan hands over the readership survey which she marked before to Xiao Hong: “I will go in person.”

Xiao Hong is shocked.

Song Yunxuan adds: “You go to make an appointment with Yao Mimi.”

Xiao Hong nods and then goes out with the documents in her arms.

Shao Xue closes the door then puts the magazines in her arms on Song Yunxuan’s desk: “When I gave the cake to Gu Yi yesterday, Gi Yu asked me to thank you.”

Song Yunxuan smiles: “Please tell him I have received his gratitude.”

Shao Xue looks at Song Yunxuan and continues: “Miaomiao woke up before 12 o’clock last night and made her wish as expected.”

“She is a serious child, isn’t she?”

Shao Xue nods: “She really made a wish to let her mother come back soon.”

Song Yunxuan is a little surprised and then continues to smile: If her mother knows that she misses her so much, she will be very happy.

Shao Xue, who is upset, says: “Miaomiao and Gu Yi have been sent to Yuncheng Private Primary School today.”

After checking the documents on the computer and the information of Yao Mimi, Song Yunxuan says to Shao Xue: “Is Gu Changle going to be discharged?”

“Yes, in the afternoon.”

“You have to pick her up.You can get off work earlier today.”

“Thank you, but…”

Hearing the word but, Song Yunxuan feels that there is something wrong: “Is Gu Changle still hostile towards you?”

Shao Xue shakes her head: “No, but I am confused. Why has my brother been close to her so fast?”

Song Yunxuan looks down: “It’s easy to understand. Shao Tianze didn’t like Gu Changge in the first place. He likes Gu Changle all the time.”

“But he lived with Gu Changge for more than a decade. He must love her…”

“As time passes by, his affection to her has faded away. It’s more exciting for him to have an affair with other women. Men are all like him, who follows his feelings.”

Shao Xue nods and suddenly says: “There is a swimming pool in Gus Mansion, which was made to bring luck to Gu Changge. The water in it had been circulating round the clock. However, a few days ago, because Gu Changle dislikes it, Shao Tianze let people fill it in.”

When Shao Xue finishes her words, she suddenly hears a snap sound.

When she turns to look at Song Yunxuan again, she finds that Song Yunxuan snaps the pen in her hand.

Shao Xue is a little scared by that and asks: “Yunxuan, what happened?”

Song Yunxuan is very gloomy. Her long eyelashes cant cover the coldness in her eyes: That was built for Gu Changge by her father.

Gu Changges mother died in her childhood. She was brought up by her father.

Her father Gu Cheng only had one daughter, Gu Changge. She had been the apple of her fathers eye since she was a child.

Fortune teller said that she was short of water, one of the five elements. Although she was smart, she would be short-lived. If she wanted to live longer, she needed to live in a house with running water.

Gu Cheng had already had an illegitimate child then.

But he let people dig up the grassland in the back yard and build a swimming pool.

Everyone in the Gu Family knew that Gu Cheng loved Gu Changge most among his kids.

Now, the swimming pool which her father let people dig for her is filled in by Shao Tianze?