Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 91

Chapter 91 The Purpose Of Having The Song Family In Hand

Chapter 91 the Purpose of Having the Song Family in Hand

Song Yunying drags Song Yunqiang out and goes not far away before Song Yunqiang shakes off Song Yunyings hand.

“Why did you drag me out? Song Yunqiang says angrily.

Song Yunying draws her hand back, and her delicate eyebrows gradually smooth out. Being yelled by Song Yunqiang, she cant help laughing out: “Big brother, why are you angry?”

Song Yunqiang turns to look at Song Yunying: “Shouldnt you be crystal clear about that?”

Song Yunying certainly knows why Song Yunqiang is angry, but she does not want to speak out. She just blames: “No matter what you are angry for, you shouldnt shake father so hard. Fathers condition is rather bad. You might make him go into coma again by doing that.”

“You worry that I will shake him into a coma again, but I am afraid that although father has woken up, his mind is not clear.” He raises his hand, takes a cigarette from his pocket then reaches out to fumble for lighter restlessly but fails to find it.

Song Yunying takes out her lighter from her bag and snaps open to light the cigarette for Song Yunqiang. “Brother, you are so small-minded. You are angry for dad calling Yunxuans name first after waking up?”

Song Yunqiang takes a hard draw on his cigarette: “You also know that Dad dislikes Yunxuan. How did he wake up and then call her name?”

“Yunxuan is also his daughter. It is not surprising that Dad called Yunxuan’s name first.”

Not surprising? Song Yunqiang shakes the ash into the metal trash bin next to him. It shocks me a lot.

“Father has already written his will. What we will get is pretty clear. Father called Yunxuan’s name probably because he gave Yunxuan the least property and then felt a little guilty.”

Song Yunqiang takes another draw: “Thats exactly what Im worried about.”

Song Yunying comforts him: “Brother, you are thinking too much. Father has given the will to his lawyer. He wont bother to rewrite it for Yunxuan.”

Song Yunqiang is in a fret: “That is not impossible.”

“Brother, you dont have to worry about it,” Song Yunying tries hard to appease Song Yunqiang. “Although Dad has just awoken from coma, he is still reasonable. He will never re-divide the inheritance. Besides, even if he has the intention, he won’t do that for Yunxuan as long as we three don’t agree with that.”

Song Yunyings soft words make Song Yunqiang calm down a lot.

Song Yunqiang stands in the hallway and smokes his cigarette.

Song Yunying sees he calm down and then says: “I am going to call the doctor. You just smoked, so you should stay outside until the smell of cigarettes is gone.”

Song Yunqiang does not follow Song Yunying up.

Song Yunying goes alone to find the attending doctor of Song Yan.

When she is about to arrive at the doctor’s office, the mobile phone in her hand suddenly rings. She looks down and finds the call is from Xue Tao.

She hesitates for a moment and decides not to pick it up. After entering in the doctor’s office and telling the doctor about her fathers condition, she finally finds a quiet place to answer the phone.

Xue Tao over there is very impatient: “Have your father woken up?”

“Yes, he has just woken up.”

“Since he has woken up, you don’t have to stay there anymore. My mother is going to the United States tomorrow. Come back and go with my mother.”

Song Yunying breathes out to calm herself down: “Tao, listen to me.”

“What are you going to say? No one has forced you to marry into the Xue Family. If you dont even want to accompany my mother to the United States, then you shouldn’t be so desperate to marry me!”

Song Yunying feels her temples beating quickly and becomes restless.

However, its rather quiet in the hospital. She can only lower her voice and try to speak with Xue Tao peacefully: “Tao, after my father woke up, he called my sisters name first.”

“Your sister?” Xue Tao really changes his attitude and asks with uncertainty, “Song Yunxuan, that little bitch?”

Song Yunying nods: “Yes.”

“What do you mean by saying that?” Xue Tao also becomes alert.

Song Yunying takes a few steps towards the window, and her voice is still low: “If what I guess is not wrong, my father might consider that he gave too little property to Yunxuan.”

Xue Tao immediately responds: “You mean, your father, this old guy, wants to re-divide his property?”


“Song Yunying, you only get 20% of his property. Is it possible that your dad still wants you to give half of it to Song Yunxuan?” Xue Tao says with sarcasm, “Are you Song Yan’s biological daughter?”

Song Yunying turns to look back and finds no one is looking at her. She continues: “You can rest assured. I only get 20% of my father’s property. Even if he wants to give my share to Yunxuan, he can only give 5% to her, so that both of us will get 15%. When people find out that, they will think my father is partial to my eldest daughter.”

Xue Tao doesnt forget to pour oil on the flame: “It is reasonable for your dad being partial to his eldest daughter because Song Yunjia is the daughter of his legal wife, while you and Song Yunxuan are both illegitimate children.”

Song Yunying certainly understands that.

“However, only my mother has been with my father for more than 20 years.”

Xue Tao becomes silent for a while then asks: “Are you sure that your father won’t cut your share?”

Song Yunying shakes her head: “I guess even if he plans to rewrite the will, he will cut the share of my brother and older sister but not mine.”

“That’s good.” Xue Tao is slightly relieved. After that, he feels that there is nothing to talk to Song Yunying and says before hanging up. “Since you don’t plan to accompany my mother to the United States, I will accompany her personally. You should keep an eye on your father to make sure he wont do something stupid.”

Song Yunying hears Xue Tao hang up and puts her phone away.

To conclude, Xue Tao is just afraid that Song Yan may give her share of property to Song Yunxuan.

The Xue Family is shrew. Although they dislike their daughter-in-law, they want her to get more share of property.

She raises her hand on her belly and whispers: “Tao, why do you calculate me like that? The child will become the master of the whole Xue Family in the future.”


The doctor arrives soon.

Song Yunxuan walks away in order to avoid coming across him.

The attending doctor is still Ning Yuan. After checking the situation of Song Yan, Ning Yuan turns to ask Song Yunxuan: “What did he say after waking up?”

“He only called my name.” Song Yunxuan is somewhat worried. “After that, no matter what I speak to father, he didn’t say a word.”

Ning Yuan goes to check Song Yans eyes.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying follow him to enter in the room.

After Song Yunqiang enters into the room, he asks Ning Yuan: “Doctor, has my father regained his consciousness?”

Ning Yuan checks Song Yans eyes again and says: He might not fully regain his consciousness since he has been awake for only a short time. He might be more sober when he wakes up next time.

Hearing Ning Yuans words, Song Yunqiang is obviously relieved.

However, Song Yunying is slightly stunned.

Song Yunxuan looks at Ning Yuan gratefully: “Thank you for coming so quickly. I will call you when my dad wakes up again.”

Seeing Song Yan is fine, Ning Yuan nods and leaves.

Song Yunxuan stays in the hospital until midnight.

They all think that Song Yan will wake up again before long. But its three oclock at night now. Song Yan does not wake up.

Song Yunqiang asks the driver to send Song Yunxuan home to have a rest.

Song Yunxuan proposes to take care of Song Yan with Song Yunqiang in turn, but Song Yunqiang rejects that.

Song Yunqiang says to her: “If you want to see father, come over during the day. Don’t come over at night, or both your sister and I will worry about you.”

Song Yunxuan nods.

When she gets home, it is past four o’clock at night.

Because she stays up too late, she sleeps for a long time.

It is already noon when she wakes up the next day.

No one has called from the hospital.

Song Yunxuan has an ominous presentiment. Fearing her father may have woken up but Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying in the hospital may conceal it from her, she calls to ask Ning Yuan.

Ning Yuan tells her Song Yans situation in the hospital Song Yan has not woken up.

Hearing Ning Yuans words, she becomes more restless.

She goes to the Fanxing Magazine at three o’clock in the afternoon.

Xiao Hong, the editor-in-chief of the magazine, seeing that she is rather serious, follows her to the office immediately: “Miss Song, is there something wrong with the magazine?”

No. she opens the drawer, pulls a piece of paper and writes down a phone number on it. You contact the detective agency. I want to ask them to investigate one thing for me.

Xiao Hong, looks at the phone number and feels confused: “Miss Yunxuan, are you going to make an investigation on Yao Mimi?”

“No, not her…” She shakes her head and looks up at Xiao Hong, who is standing before her desk. “Cut down the passage of the scandal between Yao Mimi and Childe Chu. I want you to write a long article about Song Yanchairman of the Song Family. Call this number. I want them to investigate my fathers will.”

Xiao Hong proposes: “Shall we cut the passage about affairs in entertainment cycle?”

Song Yunxuan puts her hands on the table. She looks calm but there is a touch of coldness in her eyes: “Compared with rich families intrigue, the affairs of the stars in entertainment circle are trivial things. Its up to you how much the passage should be cut.”

“I see.” Xiao Hong nods. “I will keep Song’s news on the first two pages of the magazine’s color page.”

Song Yunxuan nods, looks up at Xiao Hong and warns: “Editor Xiao, I am the youngest daughter of the Song Family. If I lose, Fanxing Magazine may not continue to run.”

Xiao Hongs eyes become wide open. She doesnt expect such a serious consequence.

She is confused: “But… Miss Yunxuan, although Childe Chu and Yao Mimi have an affair these days, you have already been engaged with Childe Chu and you will marry into the Chu Family sooner or later. Why should you …?”

“Why do you want to fight for the Song Family?”

Xiao Hong nods reluctantly.

Song Yunxuan stands up and turns to look at the skyscraper which belongs to Gu’s outside the window: “I want the Song Family not because of money.”

In fact, she does it to take revenge on Shao Tianze.