Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Hypocritical Answer

Chapter 93: Hypocritical Answer

Su Youyu apparently has got the answer he wants.

Song Yunxuan looks a little unpleasant.

Su Youyu takes a piece of paper out of his pocket. It is very thin and even the writing is going to pierce it.

However, it is this paper that makes Song Yunxuan shocked: This is

I thought you would need it, so I made a copy for you.

After that, the folded paper is pushed towards Song Yunxuan along the table.

She can clearly recognize that this is Song Yans handwriting, very fierce slender gold font.

This is the will of Song Yan.

Or, it is a will with a clear division of property.

She reaches out and takes the piece of paper.

Su Youyus beautiful woman-like fingers press the paper and he raises his eyes slightly. He smiles and looks at Song Yunxuan: It took me lots of efforts to get this will. Do you want to thank me by treating after reading the will?

I will ask you out when I have time.

After that, Su Youyu lets her take the paper satisfactorily.

She takes the piece of paper and unfolds it.

There are dozen lines of words. It is actually an appropriate distribution of all the property of the Song Family.

Su Youyu obviously has seen the content of the will. Now seeing Song Yunxuans eyes wide open to see the will, Su Youyu smiles and analyzes: I guess your big brother and your big sister get the same share because that your father wants to see which child is more likely to success.

After reading, Song Yunxuan puts the paper on the table and denies: No, you are wrong. My dad definitely doesnt think so.

What does he want to do?

He wants to sacrifice one of my big brother and big sister.

Su Youyu pours the tea which has a golden yellow color into the transparent tea cup in front of Song Yunxuan and asks her with interest: How?

My eldest brother is the only son of the Song Family, but he doesnt have the ability to manage the company. Although my older sister is smart, she has never paid her attention on the business. My second sister has already married into the Xue Family. The daughter who has married is an outsider. My dad has kicked her out of the ranks of the master of the Song Family. Thats why he gives my big brother and sister the same share.

You havent made the point yet.

Point? Song Yunxuan smiles and asks Su Youyu in turn. Her smile contains a beautiful seriousness.

She sneers, My dad just doesnt want the Song Family to decline after he dies, so he gives my big sister and my brother the same property. So my big brother will definitely be dissatisfied and will think that my dad is partial. Song Yunjia is going to marry anyway, but he still gives her so much property. He obviously gives my older sisters future husband an opportunity to take over the Song Family. So after my fathers death, he will definitely try hard to get back the property from my older sister. If my older sister doesnt want to lose everything, she will definitely quit her doctors job to take care of her assets, and then fight with my brother until one of them fails completely.

Who do you think will win?

Song Yunxuan tears up the piece of paper slowly. In the clear sound of the torn paper, she says calmly like a demon: In my fathers opinion, no matter who wins, it proves that the winner has the ability to take over the Song Family and can hold the Song Family in his or her hands.

What do you think of your dads last ditch?

Song Yunxuan snorts and throws the shredded paper in her hand into the trash can. She squeezes out four words: It is a mistake.

Su Youyu is slightly stunned.

Song Yunxuan has already got up and walks towards the door.

Su Youyu calls her: Yunxuan

I have to go back to take care of my dad, lets talk about it another day.

She walks quickly and her ambition seems to float.

She seems to give Su Youyu a clear answer in her equivocal words.

Su Youyu takes the teacup and looks at the ripple in it quietly.

Sure enough, Song Yunxuan has the qualification to trade with him.

It seems that it is worthwhile to take a risk for her under the eyes of Chu Mochen.

Getting this woman is like getting a treasure.

Today, the tip of the iceberg only makes her unique.

If he gets her permanently, she will definitely help to improve the Su Family in the business world of Yuncheng.

However, it is still difficult to take her away from Chu Mochen.

Moreover, Chu Mochen will never let her go easily.

When Song Yunxuan goes back, Song Yunying and Song Yunqiang are sitting on the sofa outside the ward.

As soon as she comes back, Song Yunqiangs face shows a little smile: Yunxuan, you are back.

Seeing the smile on his face, Song Yunxuan turns to look at Song Yunying. Song Yunying just snorts.

She feels a bit strange: Has father woken up?

He has woken up.

Then I will go to see him. She is about to go to the bed to see Song Yan.

Song Yunqiang grabs her arm: You are really anxious, and I havent finished talking yet.

Song Yunxuan is a little embarrassed: Ijust worry about father.

Dont worry too much. When Dad woke up, you were not there. We asked the doctor to come over. The doctor said that fathers situation is very good. Maybe he can move out of the ICU ward after being observed for a few days.

Song Yunxuan is a little excited: Thats great.

Song Yunqiang also nods with relief: Dad is fine, he seems to be asleep now. Go in and have a look. Be quiet.

Good. Song Yunxuan nods obediently, and then enters the ward. Song Yunqiang smiles and watches her.

Song Yunxuan stays in the ward for a while. She reaches out to hold Song Yans finger and feels the warm on it.

She is a bit sad. As Song Yan wont live for too long, moving him from the ICU ward to the general ward will only accelerate his death.

However, Song Yunqiang is obviously hoping that Song Yan will die soon.

Otherwise, he wont let Song Yan move out of the ICU ward.

She holds Song Yans hand and looks at Song Yans face quietly.

She seems to see the face of her father.

That year, she also holds the hand of Gu Cheng in this way.

However, at that time, she was younger and more innocent.

Now, she knows that as soon as Song Yan dies, the Song Family will face a brutal fight.

Although this fight is the last ditch before Song Yans death, it is a pity that he may not achieve the expected result.

Neither Song Yunqiang nor Song Yunjia is the best and most suitable master of this Song Family.

This Song Family should be given to her Song Yunxuan.

She closes her eyes and calms down. She becomes quiet and gentle.

In this quiet ward, she does not have any traces of fierceness, like a softest cat without any harm.

When Chu Mochen arrives at the hospital, he sees such a quiet and docile Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunqiang is speaking with him outside: Thank you very much for taking time to visit my father.

Chu Mochen pats his arm and comforts him: Big brother, you dont need to be so polite. Yunxuans father is my father.

Song Yunqiang is greatly moved.

Looking at Chu Mochen who is so calm, Song Yunying by his side clenches her back teeth.

Everyone in Yuncheng now knows the heated gossip between Chu Mochen and Yao Mimi.

They didnt expect that Chu Mochen would come to see Song Yunxuan. They think Chu Mochen is dating with Yao Mimi.

Song Yunxuan is holding his fathers hand in the ward. She seems to feel something and suddenly turns back.

Then, outside the glass wall, she sees Chu Mochen smile at her.

A few days without seeing him, he is still very handsome, wearing a dark gray suit and a black cashmere coat.

When she looks at him, he is also looking at her without smiling. His eyes are as deep as a well.

Song Yunxuan turns her head, releases her fathers hand and walks out of the ward.

Chu Mochen walks with her: Have you been in the hospital these days?

Yes. She answers.

They walk away from the ward together.

Song Yans ward is on a quiet floor, so they can easily be heard by others.

Song Yunxuan looks for a coffee shop downstairs to drink coffee with him. Chu Mochen still cares about her: You have dark circles on your face. Drink a cup of milk.

Song Yunxuan nods and says to the waiter: Give me a cup of hot milk.

The waiter quickly brings a cup of coffee and a cup of milk. Song Yunxuan looks down and drinks her milk without words or grievances.

Chu Mochen becomes silent for a moment, and suddenly raises her chin: You have nothing to say to me after so many days without seeing me?

Song Yunxuan looks at his eyes, and there is a little anger in her eyes.

But soon this anger completely disappears after a short time: My father is sick. I dont have time to accompany you. Its my fault.

She suddenly becomes gentle. She not only doesnt ask him what he has done recently with anger and acerbity, but also takes initiative to admit her fault.

This makes Chu Mochen shocked.

His eyes narrow slightly and he seems to see through the eyes of Song Yunxuan to know what she is thinking.

Song Yunxuan is quite calm and doesnt care about his look.

I heard that you were in hospital a few days ago.

Well, Im fine.

Taking sleeping pills?

I accidentally took a few more pieces. Sorry to let you worried.

I didnt worry. His voice is flat.

Song Yunxuan holds the milk cup without any awkwardness.

If you didnt worry, I will be relieved.

Relieved? Chu Mochen frowns.

Song Yunxuan takes the milk cup and takes a sip, then puts the cup on the table and looks at him. She says: I saw the news about you a few days ago when I was discharged from the hospital.

Chu Mochens eyes are calm.

Song Yunxuan smiles, tilts her head and comforts him. Dont worry. Although it rumors that you have an affair with Yao Mimi, I believe you. You will never abandon me, right?

She volunteers to ask him, showing him her trust in him lovely and gently.

It seems that she still hopes that he can affirm her trust.

However, Chu Mochen looks at the smile on her face, but does not respond to her for a long time.

She is waiting for his answer.

After a moment, he asks her: At this moment, you dont want to get in the trouble, do you?

Song Yunxuans smile becomes more enchanting and her eyes are cold and sharp.

He really knows her well.

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