Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Confession Of Chu Mochen

Chapter 94 Confession of Chu Mochen

It is because that Chu Mochen knows her well.

So when Chu Mochen says this sentence, her smile becomes slighter. She just keeps her smile and raises her lips: “I don’t understand what do you mean.”

“You are afraid that I will not support you at this moment, right?”

Song Yunxuans fingers are fair. She holds the cup and recalls the night she gave herself to him: You said you will help me win the entire Song Family if I give myself to you.

“I can keep my promise.”

“That’s enough.”

“What about you?”

Chu Mochen asks her.

Song Yunxuan says faintly: “I have already given myself to you.”

“Did you really give yourself to me?” Chu Mochen asks her.

Song Yunxuan suddenly feels that this sentence is very contradictory. She raises her eyes and looks at him: “Havent you already gotten me many times?”

“I am tired of only getting your body.”

She smiles and says: “So you went to Yao Mimi?”

Chu Mochen nods: “Yes.”

Song Yunxuan gives him a smile. Her fingers clench without being seen by Chu Mochen.

Men, they are all the same.

Chu Mochen, like Shao Tianze, is a jerk!

She quietly lowers her eyes and suppresses the desire of raising her eyes to stare at him.

“You are very angry?”

Song Yunxuan releases her fingers and her voice is calm: “No, I have never expected a man to love me all his life, so you are no exception. I wish you and Yao Mimi love each other deeply. But don’t forget your promise.”

After saying that, she doesnt want to continue talking with him. She gets up and leaves: “I have something to do. Goodbye.”

When she walks out, she has a feeling that the Chu Mochen will pull her back violently and kiss her forcibly in his arms.

She is even on the alert.

However, until she steps out of the coffee shop, there are no footsteps of the man behind.

She pauses in front of the coffee shop and looks up at the sky, finding that the sky is a bit gloomy.

She cant help whispering: It will probably snow again tomorrow.”

She speculates that.

As expected, the white fluffy snow flutters from the sky the next day.

She gets stuck in a traffic jam on her way to the hospital, so she has to get off the car near the hospital and walk to the hospital.

There is chicken soup brought from home which is still hot in the insulation box in her hand.

When she arrives at the hospital, Song Yan has just woken up.

She gives the chicken soup to him gently and feeds him filially.

Song Yan looks at her with a strange expression but does not say anything for a long time.

Song Yunxuan gives him a leg massage: “Dad, do you feel comfortable being massaged like this?”

Song Yan half leans on the hospital bed wearily and seems to have no strength to speak.

Song Yunxuan is very quiet. Although Song Yan doesnt answer her, she does not feel annoyed but massages his legs with her fingers skillfully.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying are both taking care of Song Yan. Song Yunjia comes over occasionally. After greeting Song Yan, she does not stay for a long time.

After spending another five days in the ICU ward, Song Yan’s complexion begins to be better.

On the sixth day, the doctor agrees that Song Yan can move from the ICU ward to the general ward.

Many people in the business circle who have contacted with the Song Family have come to visit.

Xue Taos parents also come.

After Xue Taos mother met Song Yunxuan last time, she always thinks that Song Yunxuan will marry Chu Mochen successfully.

However, when she comes over this time, she cant help asking her: “Yunxuan, I heard that Childe Chu has rarely asked you out these days?”

Song Yunxuan nods: “Mochen has been busy working recently.”

Xue Tao’s mother smiles softly, pulls her hand kindly and pats her hand with pity.

Then, she looks at Song Yan who is awake and says sympathetically: “Yan, I have known you for so many years. Your second daughter married into our family, so I will take care of your children as my own children.”

“Thanks for your care, aunt.”

Xue Taos mother sighs: Yunying is alright. You are too simple and kind. It seems that you havent known the rumors outside?

Song Yunxuan knows that Xue Taos mother must want to talk about the gossip between Chu Mochen and Yao Mimi.

As expected, seeing the slightly surprised expression on Song Yunxuans face, Xue Taos mother cant wait to say: Yunxuan, do you know that some paparazzi reported that Chu Mochen is dating an obscure star in the entertainment circle?

Song Yunxuan turns her head, knowing that she is not speaking to her.

Instead, she is speaking to Song Yan.

She quietly observes the expression of Song Yan.

As expected, Song Yans eyes change a bit and he is obviously unprepared.

Then, he looks at Song Yunxuan with a little disappointment.

His daughter really cant catch Chu Mochens heart.

Now, it is not easy to let Song Yunxuan marry into the Chu Family.

Moreover, it is unlikely to come true.

He seems to be disappointed.

Song Yunxuan sees clearly, so does Xue Taos mother.

After doing that, Xue Taos mother releases Song Yunxuans fingers with satisfaction and seemingly comforts her: Yunxuan, you are young. Even if you break up with Chu Mochen, you can marry a good person. Don’t be too sad.”

Song Yunxuans face is without smile, as if she has been shocked by this fact.

Xue Tao’s mother sighs again and again. When she returns home with Song Yunying, she asks Song Yunqiang to comfort his little sister, lest she takes things too hard and wants to suicide.

On the way back home, Song Yunying talks with her mother-in-law harmoniously, which is rare.

Xue Tao’s mother looks leisurely: “I really havent expected that Chu Mochen of the Chu Family, who treats your sister so well, goes for another woman who is an obscure star in the entertainment circle.”

Song Yunyings voice is gentle: Mom, these obscure stars in the entertainment circle always want to marry into the rich and powerful family, and that Yao Mimi is no exception.

“This time your little sister from the countryside will suffer from that.”

Song Yunying is very respectful and filial: “Mother, Yunxuan is originally a bumpkin. How can she deserve to marry into the Chu Family?”

Xue Taos mother nods. Its true. When I said this today, Yunxuan was stunned immediately. I am really worried that your sister cant get over it.

Seeing her mother-in-law’s hypocritical look, Song Yunying agrees: “Mother, you dont need to worry about my sister because she is not the kind of person who is willing to die for a man.”

Song Yunxuan is much more capable than she looks like.

However, it is not appropriate for her to say that.

Xue Taos mother smiles leisurely: Now Song Yan knows that his little daughter is of no use, so he will not think about to give her more inheritance.

Song Yunying nods: “Thank you for reminding my father. Otherwise my father still thinks that my sister will marry into the Chu Family later and then give her more inheritance.”

“Now your father absolutely wont give her more inheritance.”

“For my father, giving her 10% is already doing charity.”

Song Yunying knows that Song Yunxuan still has tens of millions yuan.

She also knows that Song Yunxuan is not a weak person, so she has to do everything possible to kill her in the cradle.

However, Song Yunxuan is not as helpless as Song Yunying imagines.

When she returns to the Fanxing Magazine, she finds all the videos and pictures about Chu Mochen and Yao Mimi and then carefully looks them one by one.

Shao Xue stays with her: “I heard that Chu Mochen was originally going to attend the 18-year-old birthday party of the son of the Xiao Family. However, he met Yao Mimi at the banquet.”

Song Yunxuan looks at Yao Mimi’s face and smiles: “Yao Mimi is a beautiful woman.”

“Have you met Chu Mochen?”


“Have he said anything to you?”

“He admitted.”

“He admitted it?”

Song Yunxuan nods: “He admitted that he does have contact with Yao Mimi.”

“What do you want to do?”

Song Yunxuan thinks for a moment and her voice is still calm: “If Chu Mochen still treats me well, my older brother and sister will definitely think that I will ask for more inheritance because of Chu Mochen. Now he has an affair with another woman, so I have become isolated and helpless. They wont think that I am a threat. This is a good thing.”

“But Yunxuan, in fact, you should let Chu Mochen help you. I heard from Shao Tianze…”

Shao Xue stops for a moment.

“What did he say?” Song Yunxuan turns to ask her.

Shao Xue says awkwardly: Shao Tianze asks Gu Changle to persuade Song Yunjia to take over the Song Family and he also plans to help her get the Song Family.

It isnt beyond Song Yunxuans expectancy that Shao Tianze will do this.

In the business circle, there is a tendency to constantly expand territory just like the in the battle field. If you don’t expand and annex others, then others will expand and annex you.

Shao Tianze has ambition and will not abandon the Song Family which is profitable.

As long as he helps Song Yunjia master the Song Family, then the Song Family will soon become part of Gus. When he makes people admire his ability voluntarily by expanding Gus, he can change Gus to Shaos justifiably.

Then, the entire Gus will be completely obliterated in Yuncheng.

Of course, the children left by her Gu Changge will have nothing.

Because when Gu Changle gives birth to children for Shao Tianze, she will never allow Gu Changges children to fight with her children for Shao Tianzes property.

Song Yunxuan quickly thinks of a series of consequences. Then, she moves the phone towards herself and raises the microphone to call Xiao Hong.

“Miss Xiao?”

Xiao Hong answers the phone and quickly reports the thing that they talked about last time: “Miss Song, I have dialed the phone number you gave me last time. But the person refused my commission to investigate all the information about the Song Family.”

“You dont need to do that. I have already done it.”

Last time she just wanted to let Xiao Hong ask the detective agency to find out the content of her fathers will.

However, Xiao Hong couldn’t get through the phone a few days ago. However, when she has gotten through, she said that the detective agency refused to do so.

She frowns, turns to look at Shao Xue and suddenly understands that even if the Song Family did not block the information, Shao Tianze must had blocked the information about the Song Family when he was planning to help Song Yunjia.

Fortunately, Su Youyu has already found out the content of the will in advance.

Moreover, he gave it to her.

She speaks again: “How is the interview of cover person of ZUI Queen and ZUI Prince Charming going?

“Yao Mimi promised earlier. Although she wanted to go back on her words after the rumors about her and Chu Mochen became a public concern, she still accepted the interview yesterday.”

Song Yunxuan smiles: “This Yao Mimi is really smart. She knows to prepare for different situations.

Shao Xue is shocked a little. “What is her preparation?”

“It is not easy to marry into a rich and famous family. She is not sure if she can marry Chu Mochen. That is why she still wants to show on the cover of our magazine with Su Youyu at the same time, so that the public will think that she is still with Su Youyu.”

“But I think it’s strange that she has affairs with two men.”

“What’s so strange?”

“Maybe she wants to marry both of them and neither of them likes her very much.”

The words of Shao Xue let Song Yunxuan stop what she is doing.

Chu Mochen doesnt like Yao Mimi?