Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Overbearing And Scary Love

Chapter 95 Overbearing and Scary Love

The light in the box of Yuncheng Yese Bar is dim.

A woman wearing a light blue short skirt walks towards the man, hugs his waist and acts in a spoilt way: Childe Chu, why are you drinking alone?

The long, straight eyelashes of the Chu Mochen droop unhappily. His voice is cold and indifferent: Loosen your hands.

The woman acts spoilt with grievances: Childe Chu, you dislike me?

I said, loosen your hands!

His voice is faint, as if with no strength. However, it makes the entire dim room a pool of ice water.

The woman hesitates for a moment, bites her lower lip and takes back the arm wrapping around Chu Mochens waist.

Childe ChuI

You dont have to talk. Just sit here quietly.

Yao Mimi blinks her big eyes and then lowers her eyelashes slowly.

The thick eyelashes cast a shadow on her white face like a small fan. And the shadow is as thick as her worry.

As it rumors, she did meet Chu Mochen at the birthday party of the 18-yer-old son of the Xiao Family.

It was a great social opportunity. She grabbed it tightly and thought she could change her destiny by this.

But it is a pity that no matter how she pleases Chu Mochen gradually, he is always so cold to her.

He did so even at the night that they spent together.

Chu Mochen made her drunk but did not touch her.

She is good-looking, virtuous and elegant. She can be a fair lady or a sexy woman.

But Chu Mochen is still so indifferent to her. She is confident every time she is called out to accompany him but comes back despondingly.

She cant develop a closer relation with Chu Mochen, so she is so anxious.

She sits on the sofa next to him quietly and sighs silently.

Then she signs again.

Miss Yao

Suddenly, Chu Mochen speaks.

Yao Mimi immediately straightens her back and her eyes become bright. Then she adjusts her smile and intends to respond to him with the most beautiful look.

Unfortunately, Chu Mochen does not even lift his eyelids. He stares at the wine in the glass and asks her: Tell me, what can make a woman want to marry a man?

Yao Mimi thinks that this issue is very connotative and probably contains an innuendo.

So she carefully thinks about it before answering: Love!

If a man loves a woman, will that woman change for him?

Yao Mimi suddenly becomes famous for performing the costume idol drama, so she immediately recalls the various love affairs that failed because of money, car and house and then answers hypocritically: Love can change everything!

It is correct! If she is now loved by Chu Mochen and then marries into the Chu Family, which is also a really rich and famous company, everything will change!

She feels that her words are very reasonable.

But Chu Mochen suddenly laughs out loud.

Yao Mimi is shocked and her big eyes stare at Chu Mochen strangely: Childe Chu, did I speak something wrong?

No, I think you are right. He turns to smile at Yao Mimi in a good mood.

Yao Mimi looks at the smile of Chu Mochen and is shocked, as if her soul were leaving her body.

But if the woman doesnt love that man, how can they get married?

This problem pulls Yao Mimi back in time.

The woman doesnt love him?

Why doesnt the woman love him?

If Chu Mochen wants to marry a woman, that woman must be blessed by God.

So she says: In the costume drama, the man usually grabs her.

Chu Mochen takes back his sight and looks at his glass: I have thought about grabbing her home.

Yao Mimi is shockedhe is really talking about himself!

Yao Mimi pulls the short skirt that she deliberately wears. No wonder he doesnt like her. It turns out that he is in a bad mood because he hasnt gotten someone.

Chu Mochen notices her movements and asks her to go out: Go back.

Oh well, Yao Mimi walks to the door with her bag and reminds him with concern. Childe Chu, Dont drink too much. It is not good for your health.

Chu Mochen nods.

Yao Mimi sighs and returns unsuccessfully.

After Yao Mimi walks out of the private room, a slender teenager knocks at the door.

Chu Mochen says inside: Come in.

Rong Six pushes the door open and walks towards him: Childe Chu, why did you let Miss Yao leave again tonight?

Go and chase her if you like.

Rong Six quickly waves his hand: I dont like her. I just think that you are too lonely.

You introduced me the woman who is with Su Youyu because I am lonely?

Rong Six is very embarrassed: In fact, it is totally a misunderstanding. The person originally wanted to introduce her to me at the birthday party. No one knew that Yao Mimi was so ambitious and she loved you at the first sight.

So you suffer a loss.

I am only seventeen. I am too young to date.

Chu Mochen will not tell him that the Rong Family has already chosen a wife for him when he was nine years old. As long as he is 18 years old, they will immediately let him marry the girl and he cant refuse.

Therefore, no matter how good his love relationship is, he has to marry the fiance that his family chose for him in the future.

But he is different.

The one that he really loved and his father had chosen for him had already married someone and died.

Today, without Gu Changge, he only sees Song Yunxuan.

However, Song Yunxuan still chooses the same way as Gu Changge.

Like Gu Changge, she doesnt care about anything. She is cold with no feelings and only cares about interests.

Seeing that Chu Mochen doesnt say a word, Rong Six is worried: Childe Chu, in fact, Miss Song really needs help now. If you help her, she will appreciate you. If she appreciates you, she will definitely marry you in the future.

Chu Mochen smiles: You dont know her. She is very greedy. If she has the Song Family, she will want the Xue Family and the Zhao Family. She will also want to become stronger step by step and get rid of me.

When he cant control her, she will leave him inversely.

Therefore, he is thinking if he should break her leg from her first step and let her give up.

Rong Six frowns his two thin eyebrows and says: But, Childe Chu, if you allow Yao Mimi to have a gossip with you now, Song Yunxuan will only get away from you further and further.

She doesnt trust me at all.

She doesnt trust you?

Chu Mochen takes a sip of alcohol unhappily: If she trusts me, she will not make a friend with Su Youyu secretly.

Rong Six smiles faintly: Everyone will do this in every business circle. A good interpersonal relationship is good for improving ones strength.

Chu Mochens voice is low and cold: I promised to help her get the Song Family, but I did not say that I will let her be the head of it.

Rong Six is shocked and suddenly raises his voice: You want to annex the Song Family?!

Chu Mochens eyes are dark and he doesnt deny.

Rong Six suddenly feels a cold wind blowing into his bones and he cant help quivering.

He suddenly thinks to himself: If Song Yunxuan knows what Chu Moshen said today, will she immediately break with him?

Rong Six knows a little about Song Yunxuans temper, but he cant guess much of it.

The plan of Chu Mochen is exactly the bottom line of Song Yunxuan which she will not tolerate.

He wants to trap Song Yunxuan around him. In order to stop her from betraying him, he doesnt want her to become stronger.

What a scary and overbearing love.

Rong Six looks at Chu Mochen who is looking down and drinking, and he says tremblingly: Childe Chu is that good?

Chu Mochen doesnt answer him. His eyes are as deep as obsidian.

Song Yunxuan goes home and rests for a day, sleeping from morning until three oclock in the afternoon.

When Song Yunqiang calls her to come, she is in a trance in bed.

The ring of the phone pulls her gossamer-like thoughts back from the scattered air. She immediately pays attention to cope with Song Yunqiang.


Dad feels good today. He wants to announce something. Get ready quickly and come here.

Song Yunqiangs words are serious and contain faint excitement.

Song Yunxuan gets this information from his slightly uprising tone.

She feels that Song Yan is going to announce his will.

This is what the announcement means.

She lowers her eyelids and puts away the phone. Then she gets up to wash, changes clothes and drives to the hospital.

When she arrives at the hospital, she sees Song Yunjia wearing a white fur coming out of a black car.

Song Yunxuan does not see clearly the person inside the car.

However, she can be sure that the person is not Shao Tianze.

After Song Yunjia gets off the car, she happens to see her.

They see each other and Song Yunjia is slightly shocked.

Song Yunxuan smiles gently and kindly.

Song Yunjia lowers her eyelids coldly and turns away. She even doesnt want to greet her, as if she has completely regarded her as air.

Song Yunxuan does not care. Her sister has always disliked her, so it is normal for her to treat her like this today.

If one day, Song Yunjia takes the initiative to smile and greet her, she will feel that Song Yunjia is insane.

She walks into the hospital behind Song Yunjia.

Song Yunqiang is talking with Song Yunying when they arrive at Song Yans ward.

When Song Yunjia arrives, Song Yunying comes to her and greets her: Sister, the car which you just took seems to belong to the Xie Family?

Song Yunxuan raises her eyebrows.

The Xie Family?

In the business circle of Yuncheng, the Xie Family is just in the middle level. It cant compare with the family like Gus and Chus that can cover half of the sky, but it is just a little stronger than the Song Family.

In other words, it is above the average.

Song Yunxuan slightly changes her view about Song Yunjia.

Her big sister doesnt disinterest in stepping into the business circle. Now when Song Yan distributes the property and the Song Family is in a mess, she knows to contact with the family which can help her.

It seems that she is also very concerned about how much property she can get.

Song Yunxuan walks forward to the door of the ward. As expected, she sees Song Yan holding a piece of paper in his hand.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang enter the ward first.

Song Yunxuan follows closely and finds that there is a lawyer this time after entering.

This time, Song Yan really wants to distribute the property clearly at one blow.

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