Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Becoming Homeless

Chapter 98 Becoming Homeless

As Song Yunying puts it so bluntly, Song Yunqiang gives up the thought of making a grand excuse.

They sit quietly in the car.

However, they are thinking to themselves.

If they cast Song Yunxuan out of the Song Family, they can get more property.

Anyway, they were not born by the same mother. Their family ties are not as strong as it seems to be.

Before arriving home, Song Yunqiang gives a call to a servant at home.

The servant takes the key to Song Yunxuan’s room and opens the door without asking Song Yunxuan. Then, she takes out all the clothes in Song Yunxuan’s closet and puts them into Song Yunqiang’s suitcase.

Song Yunxuan knits her brows and asks the servant coldly: “Nanny Zhang, what are you doing?”

The middle-aged woman called Nanny Zhang by Song Yunxuan has served Song Yunqiang for many years. Now asked by Song Yunxuan, she doesnt seem shocked at all. It seems that she is doing something she ought to do.

“Childe Yunqiang told me to pack the luggage for Miss Yunxuan.”

“My brother told you to do it?”

Nanny Zhang nods: “Miss Yunxuan, if you have any doubts, you can wait until Childe Yunqiang comes back and talks to him. I am going to help you pack up now.”

After saying that, she goes around Song Yunxuan and begins to gather her clothes quickly.

Song Yunxuan usually forbids other people to enter her room. Now, this ordinary servant has found the key and broken in freely.

It is obvious that she is considered unimportant in the Song Family.

She squints: “Nanny Zhang, the clothes you are gathering are all mine.”

“They are indeed Miss Yunxuans.”

“Did I permit you to do that?”

“But Childe Yunqiang told me…”

She breaks in: “Will you kill yourself if Childe Yunqiang asks you to do it?”

Nanny Zhang, being shocked, stops taking clothes out of the closet.

Song Yunxuan is standing behind her. Her voice is calm. It sounds like she is not angry at all. The words she said are really hurting.

“Nanny Zhang, I am the daughter of my father. My father still has not dead yet. My brother still cant call the shots. If my brother wants me to pack up my luggage, he must tell me personally. You are not qualified to touch my things. Now get out of my room right away.”

Nanny Zhangs old face becomes stiff.

Song Yunxuan makes a step forward: “If Nanny Zhang wants me to ask you to go out personally, I wont be as polite as I am now.”

Song Yunxuan has always been well-mannered in the Song Family.

The servants in the Song Family do not know her well.

Following Song Yunqiangs instruction, Nanny Zhang comes to cast Song Yunxuan out of the Song Family.

Now, she is in a dilemma.

She doesnt know what to do now. If she keeps following Yunqiang’s instruction, she must quarrel with Song Yunxuan openly.

However, if she does not do as Song Yunqiang asked, when Song Yunqiang returns, he will blame her for certain.

She hesitates and stops taking Song Yunxuans clothes out.

Song Yunxuan, who is standing right behind her, seeing Nanny Zhang stop for a while and then want to continue to pull down the clothes in the closet, scolds in a low voice: “Get out!”

Nanny Zhangs fingers tremble, and she turns and sees Song Yunxuans expression.

When she sees Song Yunxuan, there is a murderous look on Song Yunxuans face.

Its so depressing that Nanny Zhangs heart throbs: “Miss… Miss Yunxuan…”

“Yunxuan, why do you talk to a servant in such a harsh tone?”

Song Yunqiangs voice comes from far away in time.

Song Yunxuan turns slowly. After a while, Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying come in successively.

Song Yunqiang, seeing the serious look on Song Yunxuans face, comes over and holds her shoulder: “My dear sister, what are you angry for?”

“Brother, why do you still defend her?”

Song Yunying takes a step forward and sneers at Song Yunxuan: “Yunxuan, we dont know what dad thought about. He made his decision to leave you no money and asked us to throw you out of the Song Family.”

Song Yunxuan looks calm: You are seriously taking about the words Dad said when he was gravely ill?

“You also saw it. Dads situation is pretty good. Otherwise, how can he divide property for us?” Song Yunying walks over, takes a look at Song Yunxuans cabinet and the clothes inside and says. These clothes were bought for you using the Song Familys money. But your sister, I, dont want to let you go out of the house empty-handed, so I asked Nanny Zhang to pack up these clothes for you to take away. Dont you want them?

Song Yunxuan casts a look at Song Yunqiang.

Song Yunqiang lowers his head to avoid her burning eyes: “Yunxuan, you know… we dare not violate dads order…”

Song Yunxuan nods: “Okay, I see.”

Song Yunying reaches out to pack up clothes personally for Song Yunxuan: “I tried to dissuade dad for you, but no matter what I said, father was not willing to change his mind. In this way, we have no choice but to ask you to leave the Song Family now. These clothes”

“Ill leave these clothes here for the time being.” Song Yunxuan says faintly.

Song Yunying persuades her with a mocking look: “Be sensible, sister. Pride is worthless these days. Take these clothes away and resell them to East Door. You can get a lot of money.”

Song Yunxuan looks at Song Yunying and smiles faintly. She says clearly: “That will be unnecessary. I will come back.”

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying are shocked.

She does not say anything else but turns and goes out.

Song Yunying and Song Yunqiang have been stunned for a while before coming to themselves.

“Ha…” Song Yunying laughs and turns to ask Song Yunqiang. “How does this little fool think she can come back?”

Song Yunqiang looks gloomy: Unless dad changes his mind.

“But there are only a few days left to dad, right?”

Song Yunqiang doesnt reply, but he begins to plot something in his heart.

Song Yunxuan comes out only with a date red cashmere coat.

There are heavy dark clouds gathering far away. When the sun sets and the night falls, the sea wind finally brings the thin rain.

It is getting cold and damp.

Song Yunxuan holds the date red cashmere coat closer to her. Then she sees a man holding an umbrella in front of her pull a slim girl into his arms and run to the supermarket nearby.

The rain on the ground, being stepped on, splashes in all directions. Song Yunxuans shoes are splashed with water.

In the distance, a black Mercedes-Benz sedan drives up. The glare of the car light shines directly at Song Yunxuan.

Her eyes squint a little.

The car screeches to a halt before her.

The car door opens. Someone gets off from the driver’s seat without umbrella. He comes around and grabs her arm: “Why don’t you go home?”

Hearing this voice, she looks up and says with confusion: “Su Youyu?”

The man wears a light gray coat, straight casual trousers and a velvet lined white shirt. He looks sharp and smart.

Su Youyu pulls her into his arms, opens the door of the passenger seat and stuffs her in: “Get on the car first.”

Song Yunxuans eyes twitch. Getting on the car, her fingers hold the edge of her shirt.

Then, she takes down the ring on the ring finger. It seems ordinary, but in fact it is quite expensive.

No one will understand what she thinks at the moment.

Even if herself doesn’t understand.

She is very clear that there is nothing she mustnt do but something she must do.

She looks up at the rearview mirror in the Mercedes-Benz off-road vehicle. The people inside is young and pale, calm but helpless.

She lowers her head and looks at some other place. She is as quiet as an orchid in the valley.

However, there are a myriad of thoughts in her mind.

In fact, she mistook Su Youyu for Chu Mochen since she had thought Chu Mochen would be the first one to find her.

Unfortunately, the one is actually Su Youyu.

It seems that Chu Mochen wants to go back on his words.

He doesn’t want to help her get the Song Family.

Su Youyu goes around the front of the car, opens the door and gets in the drivers seat.

It drizzles outside the window. When they drive forward, the outside rain is getting heavier and heavier.

Song Yunxuan keeps her eyes closed.

Su Youyu says after driving for a while: “Would you like me to send you back?”

“You are so well informed that you should know that I am homeless.”

Su Youyu glances at her and smiles silently: “You are smarter than I thought.”

She just knows him well. After all, she, Gu Changge, has known Su Youyu for 20 years.

Su Youyu cares for nothing but money. Now that he can find her so quickly, he must have heard that Song Yan had seen ghosts in the hospital and he must have been paying attention to the Song Familys affairs.

Su Youyus eyes sweep across her right hand casually, and then he asks her naturally: “Would you like to go to my house?”

“I dont think it will be appropriate.”

If Su Youyu takes her home at this time, it will be considered that Su Youyu is unsatisfied with the Song Family, which will affect the relationship between the Su Family and the Song Family.

Su Youyu thinks about it then says: “I have rented a presidential suite for a long time in the Yuncheng Business Club. How about you going there to take a bath and change your clothes?”

Song Yunxuan turns to look at the rain outside: “Will you get another room for me? I don’t want to live in the room that you use to have fun with others.”

Su Youyu, whose presidential suites usage has been looked through, is surprised. Then he agrees: “I will check out that room as soon as possible. If you don’t like it, Ill book another for you, or… I can change a hotel?”

Song Yunxuan answers indifferently: “Whatever.”

Su Youyu probably worries about letting Song Yunxuan live in his presidential suite, so he not only rebooks a room, but also deliberately rebooks it from another hotel.

Song Yunxuan makes a big yawn when she goes upstairs. Su Youyu takes his coat off and drapes on Song Yunxuan.

She wants to refuse it, but when she touches the coat, she changes her mind. She lowers her thick eyelids and holds the coat silently.

Although it is not the most critical moment, it is a major turning point. Success or failure hinges on this one action.

She must get the Song Family.

Although she has already been cast out of the Song Family, she will find a way to go back.

Moreover, she wants to be the master of the Song Family.

Everything has been disrupted in an unexpected order, but she is always able to put it back in order.

As long as she is Gu Changge, as long as she is still alive.

There is nothing she can’t do.

Chu Mochen has quitted, but she can cooperate with others, for example… Su Youyu.