Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 1096

1096 Benefactor Or Enemy?

Demonic Fox knew that nothing she could say would change his mind. In fact, she wanted to fight as well.

"I won't try to talk you out of it. If you win, I will laugh with you. If you lose, I will die with you!"

 "Don't say things like that! I didn't know that you are so weak!" Chen Xiaobei grinned. "C'mon, let's go. Let's find you a place where you'll be safe. It's going to inconvenient if you tag along."

 "I know a place! It's one hundred percent safe!"

 "Alright! Let's go check it out!"

Chen Xiaobei took Demonic Fox to the place on the Somersault Cloud.


That place was a cave in Kurosaki Yama.

It was obscured by large rocks, very well hidden and it was really high up. It had the perfect view of the Divine Sovereign Sect!

 "How did you find this place? A good hiding place where you can observe your enemies. There's nothing better than this!"

 Chen Xiaobei was pleased.

"I came across this place while I was training in Divine Sovereign Sect. No one else knows about this place!"

 "Alright! Wait for me here. If everything goes well, I will be able to settle everything by tomorrow!"

 "If you don't come back by sunrise tomorrow, I will end my life!" 

 "Silly fox!" Chen Xiaobei smiled at this. "Because of what you just said, I will make sure I come back on time!"

After he left the cave, Chen Xiaobei went on to deploy his plan.

First, he went back to Bei Xuan faction to mark the forest behind it with the Returning Bracelet.

Then, he went back to Shallow Grass Temple to look for Phantom Rain.


After the battle, Phoenix Enigmatic Ninja was eliminated and Green Dragon Enigmatic Ninja became his loyal dog.

It was quiet there in Shallow Grass Temple.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Chen Xiaobei tapped on the door.

Phantom Rain came to the door almost immediately. When she saw that it was Chen Xiaobei, her eyes widened in surprise.

 "Chen… Why are you showing your face… Hurry, come in!"

In a panic, Phantom Rain pulled Chen Xiaobei in.

 "How's your wound?"

Chen Xiaobei eyed her waist.

 "Your medicine works like magic. My wound is nearly completely healed…" Phantom Rain shook her head then said, "No! Now is not the time to talk about me! Why did you show up here? Do you know that Nikkawa Uchu has ordered a nationwide manhunt?! Even the Americans are getting involved! If they find you, you are a goner!"

Chen Xiaobei merely smiled at her.

"You're saying all these because you see me as your friend!"

"I am not an ungrateful person!" Phantom Rain said. "You protected me in the Abyss, saved me from Green Dragon and Phoenix, and then healed my injuries! Even if I'm heartless, I don't want to see you die!"

 "At least you have a conscience!" Chen Xiaobei grinned. "I need to ask you for help as a friend!"

 "I know. Otherwise, you wouldn't have come." Phantom Rain frowned. "Say it! What is that you want me to do?"

Chen Xiaobei changed his demeanor and said in a serious manner, "I want you to arrange a meeting with the Emperor God! I have to kill him or I'll die!"

 "You? Kill the Emperor God? Er, did you forget to eat your pills today?"

Phantom Rain rolled her eyes at Chen Xiaobei, thinking that he was just pulling her leg.

 "Nikkawa Uchu and Kitagawa Heiya are both my dogs now. I am not kidding when I say that I want to kill the Emperor God."

 "What… How do you plan to do that…"

Phantom Rain gave him a strange look.

Even though she found it hard to believe, the manner in which Chen Xiaobei spoke about it shook her to the core. She could tell that he was being honest with her.

 "Are you helping me or not?" Chen Xiaobei asked.

 "I…" Phantom Rain's face crumpled.

It took a while before she nodded and said, "I can't help you with that! I don't want you to die! The Emperor God is my elder Shixiong and he saved my grandfather's life. I don't want to cause him any trouble!"

Disappointment flooded Chen Xiaobei's dark eyes.

"I understand. I will come up with another way to do this."

 "Listen to me. Don't go after my elder Shixiong!" Phantom Rain warned. "He is the strongest person in Japan. He has already mastered S-tier Ninjutsu! There's no way you could beat him!"

 "I don't want to trouble you but only one can live!"

Phantom Rain was kept quiet for a while before saying, "Then, let me just tell you now that I will notify my elder Shixiong so that he will keep an eye out for you. I don't want the both of you to become enemies!"

 "You…" Chen Xiaobei was crestfallen. "I shouldn't have come here today… But I understand your decision. Until we meet again!"

Phantom Rain pouted, and her forehead wrinkled.

It was a very difficult decision for her.

 "Wait, Mr. Chen!"

Uzuishi Akaihi walked toward them.

 "Old man, what do you want to say to me?" Chen Xiaobei asked.

 "I want to ask you a question: are you really going to kill the Emperor God?" Uzuishi Akaihi asked.

 "I will do my best. I have at least a 30% chance of winning."

 "Good!" Uzuishi Akaihi turned around to look at his granddaughter and said, "Yasai, do as Mr. Chen says and ask the Emperor God to meet with you!"

 "Huh?" Phantom Rain looked puzzled. "Grandfather, are you alright? How could you say something like that? Elder Shixiong saved your life!"

 "Saved my life? Please!" Uzuishi Akaihi spat. "He is our family's nemesis! He is an animal!"


The elder Shixiong she respected for more than ten years, the person she was grateful toward for more than ten years was now her biggest enemy?

How could she believe that?

Even Chen Xiaobei was shocked.

This was such a twist!

Uzuishi Akaihi took in a deep breath and said in a slow, calm manner, "Yasai, from the day you were born, all of our family knew that your eyes are different from others. That you have Demon's Vision! Your parents and I hoped that you would live a long and peaceful life but your talent was spectacular so that the Tenshou noticed you even when you were at a very young age! He came many times, asking for you to be discipled under him but we've always rejected him! Gradually, the Tenshou lost his patience and announce that whoever could help him make you his disciple will receive a handsome reward! The Emperor God wanted it so badly that he poisoned us! Your parents and about sixteen other family members died… Then he appeared out of nowhere and cleared me of the poison! He did all that so that you would feel indebted to him and agree to become the Tenshou's disciple!"