Remarry, No Way! Chapter 493

Remarry, No Way! Chapter 493

Mu Chu Cheng came back to his home, when he was about to get in, he felt someone was inside. He is a sharp person. He narrowed his eyes and went to the sofa. He put his legs at the coffee table: Who is it, come out!

Theres a woman came out from the bedroom. She wore his black t-shirt. She didnt wear anything underneath. She just finished taking shower so her hair was wet: A Cheng.

Why are you here? Mu Chu Cheng leant on the sofa.

I came back from abroad. You are here in An City. I asked grandma, she said that you have work here so this period of time you will stay here. I miss you so I come to see you. Jiang Xin Yan said.

She thought Mu Chu Cheng would be surprised. But he was leaning on the sofa and looking at the ceiling. He kept on pondering.

Jiang Xin Yang came over and sat down beside him: A Cheng, what happened to you? Are you unhappy that I came here without calling you? I didnt do it in purpose, I just wanted to give you surprise? Are you angry?

Jinag Xian Yan said cautiously.

Mu Chu Cheng is a dangerous man and uncontrollable man. Although both of them were engaged but actually she knew about her position in his heart.

No. Mu Chu Cheng was thinking about Xi He.

I came here to play around. Temporarily I will stay here okay.

Theres a lot of rooms here, you can choose any room.

Jiang Xian Yan hugged Mu Chu Chengs arm and smiled: I want in a room with you.

Just stay next to my room. Mu Chu Cheng stood up.

A Cheng! Jiang Xian Yang was furious: I want to stay with you.

Dont make trouble Xian Yan. Staying next room with me mean stay with me too. Move your suitcase from my room. I like to sleep alone.

Also, this t-shirt no need to return back to me when you take it off.

Mu Chu Cheng said it and got inside his room. Jiang Xin Yan followed him: A Cheng.

Mu Chu Cheng took off his coat and threw it to the carpet; I dont like to repeat myself.

Jiang Xian Yan looked at him and bit her lips. Finally she bent down and took her luggage.

Xi He woke up. She remembered what happened last night and sighed.

Today she will resign..

She needs to find a job to raise up Xi Nuan Nuan and Xi Hang!

She lifted up her blanket and got inside the bathroom to get ready. She prepared breakfast for Xi Nuan Nuan. Xi Nuan Nuan bit her noodle: Mama, where is Uncle Mu? It seems its already days since last time I met him? I miss him a lot.

Xi He answered: Whats so good about him.

Xi Nuan Nuan immediately answered: Uncle Mu is very good, he is handsome so handsome.

Then, except his handsome face? Is there anything good?

He is tall?


He is handsome and tall.

Xi He: . Xi He just knew it, she shouldnt discuss this with Xi Nuan Nuan. Xi Nuan Nuan couldnt control handsome face.

Where is Uncle Mu? Why is he not appearing?

XI He poked her head with chopsticks: Hurry up finish your breakfast, Ill send you to kindergarten.

She definitely wouldnt let her know that she meet Mu Chu Cheng last night. Xi Nuan Nuan will make a fuss about it.

O. Xi Nuan Nuan ate her breakfast again and reminded her: Mama, if you meet Uncle Mu again, remember to tell him. I miss him and let him to find me.

Xi He: . I know.

Finally she sent Xi Nuan Nuan to the kindergarten. Xi He went to the office. She sat down on her cubicle and typed out a resigning letter.

Chen Xiao Lin came over and stood beside her; Are you resigning?

If not?

Let me tell you. Today that beast doesnt come to office.

Xi He frowned. Is it because of her kick yesterday that make him to be the second Chen Xian Fei?

Chen Xiao Lin said lowly: That beast is a workaholic, he always stays late at night to work. He never be late in the morning so Xi He, I guess its possibly because of your kick.

Xi He nodded.

Xi He wanted to say more but someone came inside the office, its Huo Si Ches a.s.sistant, Chen Zhan Peng. He knocked on Xi Hes table.

Come out with me.

Xi He followed: Xi He, Chief Huo is at the hospital. He said that he hopes to see you.

What is it?

He didnt say precisely what is it. Just go there. It should be about work