Remarry, No Way! Chapter 494

Remarry, No Way! Chapter 494

Xi He nodded: Okay, I will go.

She returned back and printed out the resign letter. She took it with her.

Anyway she should pa.s.s the letter to Huo Si Che, its better.

Xi He took the taxi to the hospital and found Huo Si Che. He was in the hospital. The time she got inside the sickroom, a young nurse were checking on him. He asked the nurse to leave. Theres only two of them on the room.

Xi He came over and pa.s.sed him the letter.

Huo Si Che looked at it: What is this?

My letter to resign.

Huo Si Che took it and tore it. He threw it to the trash bin.

Xi He was startled and frowned: Chief Huo, what are you doing? Why I cannot resign?

Xi He, its my fault. What I did last night is wrong. Huo Si Che took initiative to apologize: Im sorry, but you also make me this way, so shouldnt we be fair? Now you need to pay the compensate for resigning right.

Xi Hes face turned pale, she forgot about that thing.

Huo Si Che looked at her face and shook his head: I guarantee this will not happen again, you just be my a.s.sistant again, okay?

Xi He nodded: Chief Huo, if theres nothing else, Ill go back to work.

Huo Si Che waved his hand: Go back, I will the driver sent you back.

No need.

Hou Si Che didnt say anything more.

Xi He left the hospital room. The time she arrived in the hospital lobby, she heard: A Cheng, Mu Chu Cheng

Her body stiffen and she turned her back. She noticed a fashionable woman paced quickly.

The time she was staring, she felt her shoulder was patted. She turned her back again, Mu Chu Cheng was standing there: What are you doing here?

Xi He pursed her lips and didnt say anything.

The woman, who called Mu Chu Chengs name, came over and hugged his arm. She looked at Xi He: A Cheng, I got the medicine. This is your friend?

Mu Chu Cheng looked at Jiang Xin Yan and just be silent.

Xi He smiled: h.e.l.lo.

Hi, I am A Chengs fiancee, Jiang Xin Yan, you are?

I am Xi He, we are just friend

She said it and Mu Chu Cheng kept on watching her: Are you sure that we are just friend?

Jiang Xin Yans smile turned stiff: A Cheng, why are you joking around?

Xi He tried hard to keep her smile and pretended to not care: Mr Mu, Ms Jiang, I have something to do, I will go.

Jiang Xin Yan took initiative: Mr Xi, its almost afternoon, if not lets have lunch together?

No need. Xi He is a woman too, how can she not notice Jiang Xin Yans feeling.

I have an afternoon appointment, goodbye.

Mu Chu Cheng said: Tell Nuan Nuan. I miss him. After two day, I will take her out for a meal.

Xi He didnt turn her head and just walked away.

All day, her mind was full of Mu Chu Cheng and Jiang Xin Yan. She couldnt concentrate.

Mu Chu Cheng had a fiancee, whats the relation with her.

Xi He felt herself to be bad. How can she be sad.

In the past she came on thinking that she will be his only woman, they will be forever. She will be his forever companion. But now its not her.

At night Xi Nuan Nuan was asleep, Xi He did her work because she couldnt concentrate before.

During her work, she heard the sound of the doorbell.

Who is it?

Her first response was Mu Chu Cheng. But when she looked at the peephole, it was Chen Xian Fei. She just opened the door but not the stainless steel door

What is it?

Xi He, open the door. I have something to talk with you.

Just say it here, Nuan Nuan is sleeping.

Chen Xian Feis face was full of wound: Now you want to avoid me like this?

Yes. Xi He nodded.

Chen Xian Fei pa.s.sed the phone to her, Xi He asked: What is it mean?

Its photo of Mu Chu Cheng and Jiang Xin Yan.

I just want to tell you that Mu Chu Cheng has a girlfriend. Dont you play around with him. He is not sincere.

Xi He said: its not his girlfriend.

Chen Xian Fei said: This is the proof, why dont you believe me? Xi He you are stupid!

Its his fiancee. Chen Xian Fei, thank you to come by. But I dont think its necessary thing to do. I have no relationship with Mu Chu Cheng. Okay, its late. Just go home.

Xi He Chen Xian Fei tried to clutch her wrist: Its been too long. You shouldnt be angry anymore. Let me move back okay? I really miss you, I dont want to leave you.

Chen Xian Fei, dont be like this. We will not have an end. Dont you waste your time on me! Xi He said it and locked the door.