Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Fantasy

Just as Yang Siru was about to unleash her fury, she was interrupted by Old Lady Shen again. Her heart felt bitterly stifled.

Yang Siru knew how shrewd Old Lady Shen could be. The old woman meant every word she said, and Yang Siru had suffered her fair share of grievances in the past. However, she had always poured out her displeasure on Yun Muzhong.

Yun Muzhong had a timid personality. He neither retaliated when hit nor argued back when criticized. If he didn't return home today, she wouldn't be able to release all her anger. She felt that she was close to going berserk.

"Mom, Yun Mengshi is still your granddaughter after all. It's already so late and she only just got back. I'm only worried about her. She's been all dolled up recently, and I don't want her to be deceived by those rich playboys."

Yun Mengshi's face turned pale, and she stomped her feet. "Mom, what are you saying?" As she spoke, she clutched tightly onto her handbag and peered at Yang Siru in disbelief. She was her mothershe had never treated her like this before.

Old Lady Shen's head throbbed. More and more issues had been piling up recentlyher maternal family was in a state of chaos, and even the Yun family was entangled in many issues. She couldn't enjoy even a moment of peace. Slamming down with her walking stick, she said, "It's already late, don't you want to sleep? Yun Mengshi is my granddaughter, and I naturally care and dote on her. She has already matured, so there's no need for her to report her whereabouts to you."

Watching how Yang Siru was instantly stupefied, Old Lady Shen continued speaking, "Enough, stop making things difficult. Isn't it just because Muzhong isn't back yet? He's really swamped with work, but you can simply call him and ask him to come home. There's no need to be like this."

Yang Siru replied anxiously, "Mom, don't you know that he hasn't been coming back no matter how much I call?"

"Just inform him that I'm feeling unwell. He will definitely return."

Yang Siru beamed as she approached Old Lady Shen to support her. She said, "Thank you, Mom." When Yun Muzhong returned, she would deal with him. She felt uneasy. Could the rumors be true? Was Yun Muzhong really keeping a mistress outside?

Yun Mengshi's face turned even paler. Her eyes widened suddenly, and she watched Yang Siru and Old Lady Shen as they walked up to the second floor. She opened her mouth, but no words came out of it.

She was aware that her father was having an affair. She had seen proof of it once when Yun Bixue brought her to the shopping mall. Since he hadn't been coming home lately, it already proved her right.

Her mother hadn't found out about it yet. She had just been scolded, so she decided that it would be better to not disclose the news today. Even though it involved her parents, she was ultimately still self-centered.

Grabbing her bag, she hurried to her room. Thinking of the person she met today, the corners of her lips curled up to show a sweet smile. Young Master Su was truly lovely and was so gentle and elegant.

Her thoughts had never been skewed towards that direction before, but Yun Bixue had turned her attention towards him. Yun Bixue failed to entice Young Master Su, and if she could make him fall for her, it would confirm that she was more charming than her elder sister!

Just wait, she would surely get together with Young Master Su. She fantasized about the day when she could hook her arm through Young Master Su's. If Yun Bixue learned about this, she would undoubtedly be devastated.

In the midst of her fantasies, Yun Mengshi fell into a deep slumber.

Since the Jia family was at their wits' end, they had no choice but to seek help from the Shen family. However, the Shen family had turned a blind eye and had already abandoned the Jia family.

Old Master Shen's reason was that his family could always buy back the Jia family's mining business, but he couldn't compromise the Shen family's reputation by dealing with the Jia family.

However, to Old Master Shen's surprise, a shocking piece of news had been blasted all over the Internet. The IP address that first attempted to eradicate the Jia family belonged to the Shen family, and the transactions between the two families were published too.

There was an entire list of outgoing transactions, and they were all performed by the Jia family to the Shen family.

All the netizens could tell at a glancethe Jia family was a money-making tool for the Shen family.