Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1002

Chapter 1002 Putting On Her Heels With His Hands

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Yun Bilu really loved this kind of gown. When she stood still, the hem was still and relaxed, but when she moved her body, the skirt would twirl and spread out like flowers and waves rolling around her.

She absolutely loved it.

The moment Yun Bilu came out, a glimmer of surprise flashed across Huang Yize’s eyes. He had always concealed his emotions well, so this reaction came and went almost instantly without Yun Bilu noticing it.

Yun Bilu jumped around in front of him, waiting expectantly to hear a few praises from him. “How is it? How is it? Does it look nice?”

She could not see through his emotions at all and could not tell whether he thought it was nice or not.

A woman would dress herself up for the man she loved. She thought the dress was pretty, so she also wanted him to see her in a pretty light.

It was as if Yun Bilu would ask Huang Yize ceaselessly if he did not say anything. She desperately wanted an answer from him.

Huang Yize knew very well how this girl was like. Her emotions were all written on her face. He did not give her an answer. Instead, he bent down and placed the heels he was carrying on the floor beside him as he said, “Change out of your flats and put these on.”

Before Yun Bilu could react, Huang Yize had already grabbed one of her feet, so she could only stand there and let him do as he wished.

When Huang Yize put on one of the heels for her, Yun Bilu realized that the size was just right. She could not help but ask excitedly, “These heels are so pretty. How do you even know the size of my feet?”

A dark glow flashed across Huang Yize’s eyes, but he did not say anything.

When Yun Bilu had both heels on, he got up slowly and looked at how she had become taller by a few centimeters, bringing her height to his ears.

Yun Bilu walked a few steps with her heels and said excitedly, “Huang Yize, even though the heels are very sharp, they don’t hurt my feet at all!”

Huang Yize merely smiled. He found a professional designer to design her shoes, so of course it would be of good quality.

As Huang Yize watched Yun Bilu with a hint of gentleness in his eyes, Yun Bilu hugged him at once and said, “Huang Yize, I realized now that you’re really nice to me!”

Huang Yize’s expression hardened a little as a dark glow flashed beneath his eyes. He merely said, “You must keep this understanding with you next time.”

There were some things he could not tell Yun Bilu, but he always hoped that she would be a little smarter.

Yun Bilu did not know what Huang Yize was thinking about and only focused on her happiness at this moment. “Haha! I’m taller now. Let me see… Wow, I’m at the tip of your nose now. Hehe! I’m at your eyebrows now…” Yun Bilu touched her head as she measured her height against Huang Yize’s face with her hand, purposely exaggerating her height.

“Stop fooling around. You’re only at my ears even after wearing high heels.”

“You’re a guy anyway. I’m a girl, and I’m not that short either. I’m a small and cute kind of girl.”

Huang Yize rubbed the space between his brows, as though he was trying to hold something in.

“Why? I don’t look like it?” As she said that, Yun Bilu tried to lean on Huang Yize in a weak and helpless manner. However, she felt uncomfortable and awkward no matter how she did it.

Huang Yize was quite done. Given the wild and bubbly nature of this girl, he really could not see how she was a small and cute kind of girl. He replied, “Use your words only when you know what they mean.”

After playing around for a while, Yun Bilu became hungry, so Huang Yize cooked porridge and an omelet for her.

“Can’t I eat until I’m full?”

“There will be a lot of your favorite food during the ball. Eat some first, but don’t stuff yourself full, or else you won’t be able to eat your favorites later.” As he said that, Huang Yize rubbed Yun Bilu’s stomach.

Actually, he was worried that even after eating now, Yun Bilu would start stuffing herself at the ball. It would be bad if she really ate too much and upset her stomach later on.