Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1006

Chapter 1006 He Looks Troubled

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This necklace was a hint from Young Master Huang to all the rich and powerful in Country E. He believed that even if he was not there, no one would dare to find trouble with Yun Bilu.

Conversely, after seeing this sign, everyone still had to give in to Yun Bilu secretly and give her as much protection as possible. Even if she was running a business, they had to support her as much as possible.

Yun Bilu did not understand why Huang Yize insisted that she had to wear this necklace. She felt that this necklace looked jarring and did not go well with the dress.

However, she still had to listen to him. If she did not, she would see that deep, dark expression of his that could swallow a person whole. She could not handle it, so she could only listen obediently.

Huang Yize lowered his head and stared at Yun Bilu today. She was so beautiful and alluring. She sparkled radiantly, so much so that he could not bear to let go of her.

He even felt that he should not present such a beautiful girl before the eyes of others. He really felt like hiding her away and keep her to himself.

Yun Bilu was still waiting for Huang Yize’s answer. He did not reply to her for a while, and when she looked up at him, her heart shuddered. At this moment, Huang Yize’s expression was really strange. It was as if he wanted to cuddle her in his arms and take her away.

However, when she blinked, Huang Yize had already brought her inside. She caught up with his steps as she wondered if her eyes had just played tricks on her just now.

In fact, Huang Yize’s heart was not at ease.

Yun Bilu was already in her third year of university now, while he was in his fourth year. Many people would start leaving school in the first half of their fourth year.

There were not many classes in that year, and many people merely waited to attend their graduation ceremony.

As the young master of the Black Dragon Gang, he had to return home as well. There were still many things waiting for him to settle once he returned.

Now was not the time for him to bring Yun Bilu back with him, so they still had to wait. However, these were not words he could say to her.

Given her view of the world, how was he to explain to her the existence of the Black Dragon Gang?

Furthermore, they had a mission today, and he was needed to cover up for them.

“Huang Yize, are you listening to me?” Yun Bilu was a little angry that Huang Yize was ignoring her, so she pinched his elbow quietly.

Huang Yize was calm. He gently patted the hand Yun Bilu had on his elbow, as though he was comforting her silently.

“Be good. When you’re in here, speak less. Look around and listen more, alright?”

Yun Bilu pouted. As much as she did not want to, she could only listen to Huang Yize. Actually, she felt that it was really boring here. It would have been better if she stayed at home with him to talk.

Just as she was sulking in her thoughts, a white-haired old man walked out with a walking stick. He said a whole bunch of words before introducing his beautiful daughter, saying that it was his daughter’s birthday and that he was throwing this party for everyone to enjoy themselves and have fun.

“The Old Master actually came personally today.”

“I know, right? The Old Master hasn’t been seen for more than twenty years. No one knew where he went. Who knew that we will see him here today?”

“The Old Master didn’t even throw a banquet for his own birthday. He actually held a ball for his granddaughter. He must really dote on her.”

“Yeah, it would be amazing if an outstanding young man married the Old Master’s granddaughter!”

The old man’s granddaughter was called something-something Zimei. Yun Bilu did not actually catch her name. She did not know exactly how powerful this family was—she only cared about Huang Yize.

Seeing Huang Yize’s expression, she stepped on his foot under her dress as she asked in a low voice, “Is she prettier than me?”

Huang Yize knew that this girl must be jealous. However, in such a scene right now with the mission at hand, there was no way he could comfort her and joke with her. He could only squeeze her hand.

Yun Bilu felt that Huang Yize’s expression was a little strange after coming here, as though he looked troubled.