Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007 Only Be Bilus Dance Partner

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Yun Bilu looked at Huang Yize, who seemed as though he was troubled by something. She pursed her lips as well, looking as though she was burdened.

She knew that she couldn’t be stubborn at such an event. However, she thought that he must have something important that he hadn’t told her.

When the old man stopped talking, dance music began to ring through the hall. Many people joined in the dance, and the hall instantly became livelier.

Seeing that scene, Yun Bilu felt as though she was drifting outside. She didn’t fit in that place at all.

She held Huang Yize’s arm tightly and moved along with him. Occasionally, someone would approach them to strike up a conversation, but Huang Yize would merely smile in response.

In fact, many people didn’t even know who this young man was. They hadn’t heard of him in Country E as well. However, that young lad radiated an innate dominating aura even just by standing there. It was impossible for one to ignore him.

The old man’s granddaughter went down to join in the dance and stood right beside Huang Yize. Raising her head, she looked provocatively at Yun Bilu.

Her gaze was focused on Yun Bilu holding onto Huang Yize’s arm.

The look in Yun Bilu’s eyes was cold, and all the aura that she had suppressed within her were released in an instant. In a split second, her dark, murderous air engulfed everyone.

She unleashed her dominance, something that she had built up from getting into fights since she was a child. She suppressed the young lady in front of her almost instantaneously.

A vague smile appeared on Yun Bilu’s lips as she glanced at the lady indifferently. Her name was Zuoqiu Zimei or something like that.

Huang Yize’s expression was indifferent, as though he didn’t notice the clash between the two ladies beside him.

In the hall, many people turned their attention towards the two ladies, and they couldn’t help but break out into a cold sweat.

Although they didn’t know who the lady in the pale yellow gown was, they could tell from the necklace on her neck that she held a high status and was someone that they couldn’t afford to offend.

The old man’s granddaughter had clearly been spoiled and didn’t understand at all. Therefore, they were all worried for her.

Zuoqiu Zimei smiled at the man in front of her and asked, “May I have a dance with you?”

Nobody knew who the man in front of her was, and she thought that with her status, it was his honor to be invited to have a dance with her.

As Zuoqiu Zimei spoke, Yun Bilu could hear her breath hitch loudly. Her grip on Huang Yize’s arm also tightened.

She was not sure what she was feeling, but her heart simply felt stifled. At that moment, she simply glared at Zuoqiu Zimei, not wanting to lose to her.

However, she had already called Huang Yize’s name repeatedly deep down. If he were to embarrass her here now, she would never talk to him again.

Just as she held her breath, Huang Yize answered calmly, “I’m sorry, I brought my girlfriend here. I’ll only dance with her.”

Huang Yize’s tone was calm, but it sounded cold. Hearing those words of rejection, Zuoqiu Zimei’s face immediately turned pale.

When Yun Bilu heard those words, her cold gaze lit up instantly. She cheered up and felt like she could fly.

Just because of those words, she decided that she would protect Huang Yize wholeheartedly today. Even if she had to dance all night long, she wouldn’t even complain about being tired.

She was exceptionally displeased with Zuoqiu Zimei. He was clearly accompanied by his partner, yet she still approached him. She was clearly rude and disrespecting her.

Yun Bilu had also seen how Zuoqiu Zimei had provoked her. Seeing how pale her face was now, she felt pleased deep down.

If they were in school now, she would have lost her mind. However, she had to bear with it for Huang Yize’s sake.

Nevertheless, Zuoqiu Zimei ought to keep herself in check. Otherwise, Yun Bilu wouldn’t even try to control her temper.