Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1008

Chapter 1008 The Two Young Ladies Competition

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Today was Zuoqiu Zimei’s birthday ball, and her grandfather had especially shown up for her. This was supposed to be her day, but she had actually been rejected in front of everyone!

How could she live with such embarrassment?

She looked at Yun Bilu and asked, “Oh? This must be your girlfriend. It’s just a dance. She wouldn’t be jealous about it, right?”

Huang Yize frowned, feeling rather annoyed. Before he could reply, Yun Bilu stopped him. She removed her hand from Huang Yize’s arm and stood in front of him.

Sizing up Zuoqiu Zimei, she finally shouted, “Miss Zuoqiu, you’re pretty narcissistic!”

“What did you say?” Zuoqiu Zimei widened her eyes in disbelief.

It was the Zuoqiu family’s ball, so how dare this unknown person speak to her in such a manner?

Everyone who heard those words gasped in shock. Who was that young lady? How daring of her!

“I dare you to say that again! Narcissistic?”

Yun Bilu shrugged and answered, “You are narcissistic, aren’t you? You should get yourself treated. Why must you dance with my boyfriend? Can you treat yourself that way?”

Zuoqiu Zimei was so furious that she almost passed out. She glared at Yun Bilu and raised her head. “Do you know where you are? This is my house!”

Yun Bilu immediately took out their invitation card from Huang Yize’s pocket. Pointing at the card, she said, “Here, take your invitation back. We didn’t want to be here either.”

Yun Bilu would never allow herself to be taken advantage of. Her past experiences had taught her to fight back at everyone who bullied her. As long as she was strong, she could go against anyone who tried to overpower her.

Since Zuoqiu Zimei tried to provoke her, Yun Bilu would make her regret. No one would be able to stop her.

After all, she had her brother-in-law by her side now. He had said that he and her elder sister would protect her. It didn’t matter even if she got herself into a huge mess.

Therefore, she wasn’t afraid now.

Huang Yize stood still like a sturdy tree and watched his girlfriend. Her words were like thorns, prickling Zuoqiu Zimei. Even though she appeared angry, the look in his eyes was very gentle.

Besides indulging in her, he was also trying to get her to show her wrath in front of everyone. That way, she wouldn’t need to depend on anyone else.

Zuoqiu Zimei had never seen anyone behaving so unexpectedly. Anger started to bubble up inside her, and she didn’t know if she should let it out.

Since many people were staring at her now, she would lose her standing if she were to walk away. Therefore, she tried her best to suppress the anger she felt inside.

The music continued playing throughout the hall, but Zuoqiu Zimei was in a mess. Looking at the young lady in front of her, she had an urge to rip her to pieces.

Since she was a child, she had gotten everything that she wanted, including people. This man caught her eye and made her heart skip a beat, so she must have him no matter what.

Suddenly, Zuoqiu Zimei calmed herself down and smiled softly. “Since you’re my guest, you must have come to dance. It is only reasonable for me to ask your partner for a dance. Isn’t that a normal request?”

As she spoke, Zuoqiu Zimei narrowed her eyes and asked, “Or are you afraid that I will snatch him away from you? Is that why you won’t allow him to dance with me?”

Yun Bilu stared hard at Zuoqiu Zimei’s expression and thought that she was pretty skilled at hiding her emotions. “I’m definitely not afraid. He’s mine, and no one can snatch him away from me. Of course, it would be a different story if that person tries a despicable move.”

While the two ladies contended against each other, Huang Yize was being prevented by Yun Bilu from interfering. That was why he could only watch on.