Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009 Invincible

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Huang Yize’s gaze was filled with gentleness, and he didn’t look worried at all. It was because he knew that his girlfriend would never allow anyone to take advantage of her. If she had reached her limits, he would still interfere, even if she were against it.

The despicable move that Yun Bilu had mentioned was undeniably directed at how shameless Zuoqiu Zimei was.

Throughout this, the music continued to play in as everyone swayed slowly. Occasionally, they would turn around and look at the clash between Zuoqiu Zimei and Yun Bilu.

Zuoqiu Zimei remembered that her grandfather had told her that she had to rein all her anger before finally attacking her opponent’s weaknesses.

Therefore, she merely smiled and answered, “You’re around my age, aren’t you? Are you so sure that he is yours? Everyone knows that one’s fiancé can change easily. He’s just your boyfriend, so how can you be so sure that he’ll be yours in the future too?”

Women knew other women best, and Zuoqiu ZImei could tell that the woman before her eyes cared a lot for that man. Therefore, she believed that her words would fluster the other party.

Yun Bilu held Huang Yize’s hand coolly and flaunted it in front of Zuoqiu Zimei. “I’m satisfied with him being mine now. At least he doesn’t belong to someone else.”

Yun Bilu had always been confident and witty with her words, and those very words were a slap to Zuoqiu Zimei’s face.

Meanwhile, Old Master Zuoqiu stood nearby and watched everything unfold with narrow eyes. As he looked at Yun Bilu, a wicked glint flashed across his eyes. He gestured at his subordinate beside him and asked, “Who are they?”

“I don’t know, but they did receive an invitation.”

“Hmph. The invitation card could have been stolen or forged!”

“What should I do, Old Master?” He had served Old Master for many years and naturally understood that Old Master was vicious. Since Old Master had already asked a question, it showed that he must have some plans.

Old Master Zuoqiu asked sinisterly, “Settle that lady quietly. Zimei seemed to be fond of that man, so spare him for now. When Zimei grows tired of him one day, kill him.”

Those two were insignificant to Old Master Zuoqiu. They didn’t come from any spectacular families, so it was easy to take care of them.

Despite merely standing there, Huang Yize was still aware of what was happening in the hall. In particular, he had glimpses of Old Master Zuoqiu’s actions and could see what he was doing. A dangerous curve appeared on the corners of his lips.

Old Master Zuoqiu hadn’t come out of obscurity for more than two decades, and it seemed like he had overestimated his abilities.

That sly fox!

After relaying orders to his trusted subordinate, Old Master Zuoqiu put on a friendly smile and said, “Zimei, they are our guests. Both of you are young ladies, so take the chance to dance together tonight.”

Hearing her grandfather’s reply, a cold glint flashed across Zuoqiu Zimei’s eyes. That’s right. Why hadn’t she thought of that? A dance competition was the best way to settle this.

“Since you came to join this ball, I’m sure you must be pretty good at dancing. Do you dare to compete with me?”

Yun Bilu was stunned, but she could feel how tightly Huang Yize was holding her hand. Feeling the warmth and strength through his hands, she knew that she shouldn’t back off.

Yun Bilu hesitated for a moment and smiled radiantly. “Why not? I’m here to dance. I have a partner, do you?”

As she spoke, Yun Bilu even raised her brows and snuggled against Huang Yize. It was her turn to spite Zuoqiu Zimei.

Zuoqiu Zimei almost bit off her tongue in anger. She looked around and couldn’t help but think that no other handsome man could compare to the one in front of her now.